How To Remove Bad Luck Using 5 Prayers & Attract Good Luck

Anything is possible through the power of prayer. When seeking guidance or help in any area of your life you need to reach out to God.

Praying is the best way to reach out to God and ask for advice, safety or to remove negative energy from your life.

When struggling with bad luck you can rely on God to help you through the tough times by praying for better days and good luck.

He will show you the best way to remove yourself from these negative energies and regain control of your life.

You’ll remove the bad luck in your life using these 5 powerful prayers that will attract good luck and positive energies into your life.

1) Prayer To Remove Bad Luck

Prayer To Remove Bad Luck
Prayer For Printing

“I pray to God Almighty to open my eyes. Remove me from this darkness and take away this negative energy. Without You, I can’t move forward and will stay stagnant. Show me the way to rid me of this awful luck.

I pray for blessings, I pray for luck, I pray for You to remove this heavyweight. I pray for the opportunity to move forward.

May this bad energy be removed at once so that I can once again flourish under Your hands and light. Support me with courage, strength, and the ability to have luck. I pray this in Your name alone.

Without You, this would not be possible. Amen.”

Before getting started on this prayer to remove bad luck and negative energy it is important to remember that you are going through these difficult times for a reason.

God would not put something on your path if He didn’t think that you would be able to handle it.

Sometimes it can feel draining and like nothing is going your way.

But you are being taught an important lesson. Until you can simply learn from it you will keep going through these situations that God has put on your path.

It could be some evil force constantly filling your path with bad luck or someone who cursed you. So, it’s important to reach God’s help and guidance.

He will shine the light on your path and make sure your life will soon be filled with good opportunities.

2) Powerful Prayer for Good Luck

Powerful Prayer for Good Luck
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“Dear God, I pray for luck, I pray for peace, I pray that You will guide me through these dark times with Your hands of protection over my life.

I ask that You give me luck and take negative energy away from me. I ask You for guidance and strength to persevere through tough times. Show me light. Show me guidance. Show me an opportunity.

I ask this in Your and grace to grant me this blessing of good luck, Amen.”

Prayers for good luck serve as a guideline on how to remove yourself from stagnant situations.

God is always looking out for you and knows of your struggles. He will offer you a hand to go through tough times but He won’t take away the lesson you need to learn.

Show Him that you recognize that you need His help right now. You need His guidance and presence in your life.

As it says in the Bible, those who ask will receive. All you need to do is have faith in the Lord’s power.

 Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” — Matthew 7:7-8.

3) Catholic Prayer To Remove Bad Luck in Life

Catholic Prayer To Remove Bad Luck in Life
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“Father, Lord, I thank You for this opportunity to stand before Your throne. I confess my sin and fear of bad situations that have fallen upon my life.

I ask You to help me clear away this negative energy and cast away the evil that has been inflicted on me. I ask that You give me guidance and open my eyes to acknowledge where these things have come from so that I can remove them.

Oh Lord, I pray that Your presence becomes an all-consuming fire to banish and burn these evils away. I ask not because I deserve it but because Your holy name gives me the strength to fight this with Your mercy.

I pray this in the name of Jesus, Amen.”

This is a powerful prayer to bring safety to unrestful hearts and to break away from the bad luck that has been bothering you in your life.

In this prayer you’re asking for guidance and help not because you are deserving of it but because God is merciful.

He is willing to help you if you confess that you have sinned and want to move forward.

Don’t be afraid to admit that you’ve sinned, it’s okay. I believe that we’ve all done it at some point in our lives.

But as long as you recognize it and show God that we acknowledge our mistakes, He will forgive us and guide us.

Our Lord will help to remove any bad luck in your life. From now on, everything will be better!

You can also say a prayer for protection from evil spirits.

4) Strong Prayer To Attract Good Luck in Work and Life

Strong Prayer To Attract Good Luck in Work and Life
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“Dear Lord, thank You for the blessing I have and blessings to come. I ask You for luck in life. So that I can heal and grow. I ask You for luck in our work so that I may have new opportunities and experiences.

I ask You for good luck so that I can experience all that You have created and I can appreciate Your work.

I ask this with love in my heart to grant me good luck and health. Amen.”

When asking for good luck in life and work it is important to acknowledge how far you’ve come.

Acknowledge all the blessings you have received from God as well as share your excitement about what he still has to offer you.

You start this prayer by thanking Him for all the blessings He has already provided you with.

So, you’re showing Gog that you recognize that most of the good things in your life come from Him. As we must pray all the time and thank Him for his help and guidance.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

5) Prayer To Attract Good Luck and Fortune

Prayer To Attract Good Luck and Fortune
Prayer For Printing

“Loving Father, I thank You for all Your guidance. I thank You for each blessing I have received so far. God, I ask You to grant me good luck in the oncoming months. I ask You to bring new guidance to me so that I can succeed and live joyously through You.

I pray that You grant me good fortune and liberate me from the ties of man so that I can thrive from Your words and healing. Please hold my hand through these tough times and walk with me. Give me guidance and strength as well as the patience to learn from the past.

I ask for luck and fortune from You to grow my being and gain a better understanding of Your work. Amen.”

The biggest thing to keep in mind when praying is to believe the words you are saying wholeheartedly.

  • How do you expect to receive help and guidance if you do not believe in the workings of God?

That is why it is important to believe what you speak into reality.

Believe in the words your saying and God will help you!

You can also say a prayer for guidance.

Will These Prayers Help Me To Remove Bad Luck in Life?

Yes, they will but it is important to believe the words you are speaking.

How do you ask for guidance if you don’t believe that you will receive any?

Being clear about what you want and believing that you will receive it is the key to removing bad luck from your life.

Bad luck isn’t always linked to being cursed or someone speaking badly about you behind your back.

It can also be a clear indication that you don’t have faith in yourself or God to create a wonderful life for you to build upon.

You need to firmly believe that these prayers will help you remove this bad luck as well as trying to get rid of it yourself by removing a negative mindset.

That’s the only way to ensure that it will work in your favor. Just by keeping your faith.

What Are the Signs of Having Bad Luck?

There are lots of ways to see if you have bad luck. For example:

  • Nothing you do is going your way;
  • Your mind is full of negative thoughts;
  • Feeling angry and anxious all the time;
  • Seeing the number 13 in unusual places.

Some numerology has been associated with bad luck or a warning of bad luck.

These are some superstitions that have come with us through the ages. But with that being said the best way to figure out if you have bad luck is if you feel like something is wrong.

Your gut won’t lie to you about something.

If you feel like something is wrong and you’re anxious about everything you can definitely take that as a sign of bad luck.

Can Someone Curse Me With Bad Luck?

Getting a curse is absolutely possible.

People speak negative words to others all the time and never realize the impact it has.

So to put it simply yes it is possible. But you can also remove curses either with help of these prayers.

With that being said we also need to keep in mind that others can use a more harmful or potent type of curse to ensure bad luck upon you for example spells and words with strong intent.

Final Thoughts

Praying is a powerful tool that has been used for many generations. It is a strong resource from God to help us in the struggles of life.

Whenever you need, reach out to God and seek His help. He’s already there to listen to us and help us — all you need to do is have faith and talk to him.

We can make a lot of use by praying for better outcomes, better luck or to remove negative and stagnant energy. The one thing to keep in mind is a strong mindset.

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