5 Miracle Prayers to St Agatha for Breast Cancer Healing 

I know it’s devastating and torturous to be diagnosed with breast cancer. While everyone around sympathizes with you and tells you to stay positive, you can’t help but break down.

You ask so many questions, such as why this happened to you, what will happen next, how will you survive, the list is endless. 

Don’t worry, dear child. It’s okay to cry but take your tears to God and St Agatha, the most venerated virgin, who endured the most unimaginable suffering and torture for her faith in God.  

Say these five prayers to St Agatha for miraculous breast cancer healing, and let the peace of God that transcends all human understanding wash over you. 

1) Prayer to St Agatha for Breast Cancer 

Prayer to St Agatha for Breast Cancer
Prayer For Printing

“Oh, holiest St Agatha, I honor You as the greatest martyr and patron of breast cancer. You endured enormous torture and affliction for Your unshaken belief in God. 

Please intervene before the almighty Lord for my breast cancer. I ask that yYu would pray for me that I may be healed. Relieve me of my pain and suffering, oh blessed virgin. Be merciful towards me and give me good health.


St Agatha, also referred to as Agatha of Sicily, is among the most revered virgin martyrs of the Catholic doctrine.

St Agatha is not only in charge of breast cancer victims but also nurses, rape victims, bellfounders, fire victims and Palermo.

When she was persecuted by the corrupt magistrate Quintianus due to standing firm as a virgin and refusing to get married, she often prayed to God for strength to endure the unjust torture.

One of the prayers she made says, “Jesus Christ, Lord of all, You know my heart and my desires. I pray that You possess all of me because I am Your sheep. And help me to overcome the devil.”

You can also say those words after saying this prayer.

As you pray to St Agatha for healing from breast cancer, it is a great time to emulate courage as she did.

Look up to God rather than upon your health condition since the miracle of healing can only come from Him.

You can also say a prayer for inner peace and calm because it’s important that you remain calm during the treatments.

2) Prayer to the Patron Saint of Breast Cancer 

Prayer to the Patron Saint of Breast Cancer
Prayer For Printing

“St Agatha, Patron Saint of Breast Cancer, from your agony, I find hope for my healing. I humbly ask You to pray for me as I am in pain from breast cancer. Please fill me with the courage to endure my affliction. 

Your intervention frees me of my physical wounds as I look forward to eternal life in your bosom in Heaven, where there are no diseases. Wipe away my tears, great woman of value. 

I receive my healing in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Did you know that St Agatha’s breasts were cut off as a way of punishing her for refusing to engage in intimate relations with one of the magistrates?

Worse still, she was thrown in prison without food or medical attention. 

Through it all, she did not grumble or complain but instead, sought God for comfort through prayer. As a result, the Lord healed and protected her. 

This is a wonderful lesson as you trust the Supreme for healing. It is human nature to lament when faced with hardships.

However, you can’t pray and at the same time talk negatively about your difficult situations

Instead let your mouth say powerful words of faith, which will touch God to heal you. Proclaim this out loud:

By the stripes of Jesus, I am healed.” — Isaiah 53:5.

3) Comfort Prayer to St Agatha for Those with Breast Cancer 

Comfort Prayer to St Agatha for Those with Breast Cancer
Prayer For Printing

“Blessed St Agatha, Holy Virgin and martyr, 

Please pray for comfort and healing for all victims of breast cancer. You know how it feels to suffer inhumanity and human cruelty, and therefore I humbly ask that you pray to God to send healing and restoration to your children.

Intervene for their grace to remain holy in such trying times, not letting anger and bitterness get to them.  Pray for us, St Agatha, Amen.”

Therapy groups help greatly to overcome depression when undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Not only do you share experiences, but you can also comfort and strengthen one another.

Saying this prayer with your support members will encourage you to keep on fighting.

It also helps you not focus on yourself as you learn that you are not alone in suffering from breast cancer. 

Let these Bible verses help uplift your next group devotion:

“Have mercy on us, God, for we are faint. Heal us, for our bones are in agony.”Psalm 6:2.

“The Lord lifts us from our bed of ailment and delivers us from illness.”Psalm 41:3.

“Though our might and will might fail, God is the deliverer of our hearts and our destiny forever.”Psalm 73:26.

4) Miracle Prayer for Healing Cancer 

Miracle Prayer for Healing Cancer
Prayer For Printing

“Loving Father, 

I am despaired and distressed by my cancer diagnosis. I cannot seem to wrap my mind around this agonizing situation. Please take away this cup of suffering from me and replace it with comfort and peace. 

Omnipotent God, I know nothing is impossible with You. You have caused the blind to see, the disabled to walk, the deaf to hear, the mute to talk, and even raised the dead. I know a touch from You can cure me of cancer since You are my healer.

I receive my healing testimony right now in Your mighty name, Amen.”

A cancer diagnosis can cause your whole world to crumble, bringing anxiety, confusion and fear.

Just the doctor’s words, “You have cancer“, can drain every ounce of strength in you.

Furthermore, a string of treatments can leave you physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. 

As you await your miracle of healing from the Divine, be sure to keep your loved ones close.

You need their genuine love now more than ever. They can encourage you, take care of your needs and love on you, giving you the strength to keep up the fight. 

Mostly, remember you are not alone in this epic battle. 

You can also say a prayer for strength during difficult times.

5) Blessing Prayer for Breast Cancer Patients

Blessing Prayer for Breast Cancer Patients
Prayer For Printing

“Merciful God, giver of life,

I pray that You may compassionately hold breast cancer patients in Your hands. Have mercy and hear their call for help, oh Lord. Breathe new life into their ailing bodies and bless them with good health.

Grant them hope, patience and peace as they continue to trust in You for healing. I praise You for whom all blessing flow. Thank You for curing their breast cancer. 

I pray, Amen.”

When faced with breast cancer, it is okay to fear.

The journey of breast cancer treatment can be consuming, and even worse, you are uncertain of the survival chances.

Fearing does not mean you do not trust God. However, do not let fear overpower you.

You can look to Jesus through prayer and Scripture for solace. He says in Matthew 11:28 that we should go to Him when we are weak and heavy laden, and He will give us rest.

On top of that, you need the intervention of your pastor or religious leader during such difficult moments.

At times you might not be strong enough to pray for yourself and need a spiritual support system. 

The Word of God says in James 5:14 that if anyone is sick, they should have the elders of their church pray over them and anoint them with holy oil

Who Is the Patron Saint of Cancer?

The patron saint of cancer is Saint Peregrine Laziosi. During his life, he was devoted to the ailing and poor and people called him the Angel of Good Counsel.

God also healed him miraculously of his leg cancer, when faced with amputation. 

Specifically, the patron saint of breast cancer is St Agatha, who persevered over human torture to the point of having her breasts cut off for the sake of her undying faith in Christ. 

Can I send any of these prayers for Someone with Breast Cancer?

Sure you can. Breast cancer patients need all the encouragement they can get.

While people think of breast cancer as a death sentence, you can refuse the spirit of death on behalf of that victim through prayer

Sending breast cancer victims these prayers shows you love and care about them and will give them the strength to overcome.

So do not be shy of doing this selfless act since it can lift the spirits of someone whose faith may be shriveling. 

You can also say a prayer for healing a family member.

Will These Prayers Heal Those with Breast Cancer?

Yes. The Bible is full of verses about God’s healing and saving power.

For example, Psalm 34:18 illustrates that “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

This shows that God hears and answers our call for help.

Final Thoughts

Having you or someone you care about being diagnosed with breast cancer causes unimaginable grief. Your normal lifestyle comes to a halt as you take the treatment road.

I understand your pain. Breast cancer or any form of cancer does not have to be a death sentence with God’s help and St Agatha’s intervention. 

Hopefully, these prayers will help give your eagerly awaited miracle. Receive your healing and restoration in Jesus’ name.

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