Crying With One Eye Meaning: Right And Left Eye 

Crying is a natural way most people react to various feelings, including happiness, sadness, disappointment, or anxiety.

However, crying with one eye can be more than just letting your emotions out. Many spiritual experts believe there are deeper significances of crying with one eye, either the right or left

It’s time to discover what crying with the left or right eye could mean spiritually and its impact on your spiritual and general life

Crying with One Eye Meaning 

Crying with One Eye Meaning 

A wide range of situations can trigger emotions. However, crying with just one eye could be more than an emotional reaction.

According to various spiritual understandings, crying with one eye could be a positive or negative sign

The interpretation depends on which eye one cries with, whether right or left.

If you cry with your right eye, it’s believed to be a sign of happiness, good luck, and many other positive outcomes. In contrast, crying with your left eye could signify sadness or upcoming negativity

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Spiritual Meaning of Tears from Right Eye 

Tears from Right Eye

The right eye is often linked to spiritual growth. It offers guidance and illumination in many setups, including spiritualism

The right side is strongly associated with good signs in spiritualism and general life.

Below are spiritual meanings of when your right eye cries, waters, or drops a single tear

  • Crying: good events could be approaching if you cry with your right eye. A cry from the right eye symbolizes that you’ll witness good luck in different areas. This interpretation could be more practical if you’ve been praying for a breakthrough on something or experiencing a dark moment;
  • Tearing: it could be a deep spiritual message. The divine uses many ways to communicate with its creations, including tearing with your right eye. Spiritual messages sent through tearing with your right eye means your prayers will be answered;
  • Watering: Watering with only one eye is an unusual occurrence. If it happens to you, it could signify the initiation of a spiritual awakening. Therefore, if your right eye waters, you’ll likely gain a deeper insight into spiritual matters. 

Spiritual Meaning of Tears from Left Eye 

Tears from Left Eye

Like you can tear with your right eye, it’s also normal to cry with your left one.

The spiritual meanings of crying with your left eye differ from its counterpart, and here’s how. 

Crying with your left eye contrasts spiritual meanings with tearing with the right. It is usually associated with negativity and bad news.

Here are the spiritual meanings of crying, tearing and watering from the left eye:

  • Crying: when you cry with your left eye, it could signify a bad omen. This is often associated with events that could bring sadness, pain, or sorrow;
  • Tearing: Tears are a usual way to express one’s feelings but from the left eye? That could be a way of the divine to tell you that an ‘evil eye’ might be following you. Spiritually, an evil eye wishes misfortunes upon someone or their close ones;
  • Watering: When you water with your left eye, many spiritualists interpret it as a symbol of vulnerability in spiritual matters. Maybe you’ve desired to tackle your spiritual journey more confidently but mysteriously slip and fall. It possibly means it’s time to face your emotional vulnerabilities for success

Crying with One Eye: 7 Spiritual Messages 

Crying with One Eye: 7 Spiritual Messages 

Here are seven spiritual messages of crying with one eye. 

1) Need for balance 

Crying with one eye could signify that you need balance in different areas of life.

It could be your spiritual journey, emotional wellness, relationships, profession, friendships, career, and other life experiences. 

The divine universe often uses this sign to remind believers to pay more attention to what they usually ignore. A lack of balance can easily lead to significant underperformance in certain areas

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2) A release of emotional burdens 

Crying with just one eye could symbolize the release of several emotional burdens associated with your life.

Past traumas or failures likely pull you back from achieving your spiritual goals

Therefore, whenever you cry with one eye, you could be shedding tears of cleansing and release of emotional burdens.

After this cry, you’ll likely experience a new life free from self-doubt and more confidence and freedom. 

3) You should let go 

Another spiritual meaning of crying with one eye could be that you should let go of specific people or things that aren’t benefitting your spiritual life.

Sometimes, people care too much about what others think of them, forgetting their true purpose in life

If you suddenly cry with one eye, this could be the time to change the habit and let go of toxic things or people. This message is often passed when you cry with the left eye. 

4) You need more strength 

Crying with one eye could indicate that you need more strength to navigate various challenges.

Sometimes, people sail through life issues without opening up or seeking support from others — which is not safe

The spiritual world may send a cry with one eye to remind you of the need to seek support amid various challenges. 

5) An ongoing internal transformation 

A cry with one eye could symbolize that you’re going through an internal transformation.

Generally, many people will shed tears when they imagine or experience changes in different setups like relocation or certain milestones. 

However, when you cry with one eye, you may undergo an internal transformation that seeks to bring positive changes in your life.

The inner works of the divine are often revealed through single-eye crying. 

6) Clarity and deeper insight 

Crying with one eye could signify that you’re gaining clarity and a deeper insight into various life matters, often spiritualism.

As the tears drop, they tag along a new way of thinking and evaluating multiple situations. 

When you’re done crying, you’ll likely feel a new and unique energy within you that pushes you towards the right path.

Things that previously appeared unsolvable may become easy due to the wisdom the divine fills you with

7) Protection from negative energies 

Crying with one eye could confirm that you’re protected from the negative energy the enemy might have sent you.

This message often arises from the left-eye cry to serve as a barrier between you and your enemies

As the tears flow, they cleanse every evil plot of the devil upon your life or that of your close ones. If you meditate upon this message, you may discover the harmful plans and protect yourself better. 

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Happy Tears vs Sad Tears: Which Eye Do They Come From?

man covering his face

According to spiritual experts, happy tears often originate from the right eye, while the sad ones come from the left.

Therefore, if you cry with your right eye, you’ll likely encounter positive events in your life. Conversely, many spiritualists believe that crying from the left eye may attract bad luck

However, the negative signs of crying with the left eye aren’t necessarily permanent.

By engaging a spiritual expert, you will likely understand the negativity the divine might warn you about and act accordingly. 

Should I Be Concerned? 

woman trying to breathe

Yes, you should be concerned whenever you cry with one eye.

Because it could have a hidden spiritual message. It’s advisable to seek spiritual intervention regarding crying with one eye to understand and incorporate the messages into your life. 

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Final Words

Crying with one eye can have several spiritual messages, from spiritual awakening to good luck, transformation, the need to let go, and protection.

While these spiritual interpretations may vary across various beliefs, the above are the most popular.

You can tap into the energy of crying with one eye by meditating upon your spiritual journey or letting out your emotions by writing them down or talking to a friend. 

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