Eastern Eyed Click Beetle: 5 Spiritual Meanings

Have you ever seen a beetle and felt a shift in your energy? Whether positive or negative this is an indication of a deeper spiritual message.

This article explores the spiritual meanings and messages of the Eastern Eyed Click Beetle from the perspective of various cultures and beliefs.

Let’s now explore what that beetle may be trying to tell you about your future.

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle Symbolism

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle Symbolism
Source: Wikipedia

The Eastern Eyed Click Beetle is a beetle from Central and Northern America. Very beautiful, yet difficult to spot it as it lives in the forest.

If you encounter this beetle it is believed to be a powerful symbol of strength as well as a reminder of your spiritual power.

Its names come from its ability to make a ‘clicking’ sound when alarmed which sends it jumping into the air. When you encounter this specific beetle keep the followings messages and meanings in mind: 

  • Release control and anxiety over your life and path to the universe and trust in it;
  • Turn to your faith and beliefs for guidance;
  • The universe is letting you know that you are being divinely protected;
  • You are about to undergo a powerful spiritual transformation;
  • Explore your creative abilities;
  • You are about to be blessed with luck and abundance;
  • You may need to shift your perspective in order to gain greater insights (take a step back and see the bigger picture).

When the universe sends you an Eastern Eyed Click Beetle it is trying to encourage you to step out of the shadows, into the light and elevate yourself.

Let it be a reminder that you are being protected and watched over.

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Eastern Eyed Click Beetle: 5 Spiritual Meaning

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle: 5 Spiritual Meaning
Source: Wikipedia

Now, let us have a look at five different spiritual meanings of the Eastern Eyed Click Beetle with references from different cultures and belief systems around the world.

1) A Symbol of Good fortune and Luck

For many reasons, the beetle is a symbol of good luck.

Firstly, due to its incredibly long lifespan, the beetle can symbolize durability. It has the ability to adapt, overcome various obstacles and display resilience.

This is why throughout literature they have been written in reference to strength and luck and a reminder that you can achieve any goal.

Secondly, in many cultures, the Eastern Eyed Click Beetle is associated with fortune by carrying abundance messages to you.

In Chinese culture, it is even connected to the Chinese character symbol for luck and fortune. In African culture, a beetle is tied to receiving gifts and indicates positive, incoming change

If you see an Eastern Eyed Click Beetle its striking appearance makes it stand out and attract attention when noticed, often seen as a positive omen. 

2) A Visit From A Loved One Who Has Passed On

In African cultures, if you have a beetle in your house or yard this usually indicates that someone has/is visiting you, particularly someone from the spirit world.

It is a widely accepted belief that when a loved one has passed away their spirit comes back to visit you in the physical form of a beetle.

It is a way to bring you a message in your time of loss.

You are not alone and must stay strong and have faith. Your loved one is watching you from above.

The continuous appearance of these beetles is also known to indicate that the ancestors are trying to get you to acknowledge and embrace that you have an ancestral calling. A spiritual gift bestowed upon you by the ancestors.

You have a higher, divine, spiritual purpose as a healer that must be grown, cultivated and acknowledged. Not doing so could have negative implications on your life

3) A Reminder Of Your Strength

Beetles are known to be the toughest and strongest insect in the world. Mostly, because of their ability to carry objects many more times their own weight.

This can be a message to you that you are able to take on and carry any obstacles or challenges.

This is further reinforced by their physiology. Beetles have hard, protective exoskeleton which protects them from any predators and dangers they may face.

In this way may you be reminded that you have the ability to withstand anything and protect yourself fearlessly. 

If you have been feeling weak or low physically or emotionally and you come across an Eastern Eyed Click Beetle take this as a sign and message to be strong.

You have an abundance of strength and power within you to draw from to be able to keep going on.

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4) A Symbol Of Wisdom and Insight

The beetle’s symbolism as a reminder of wisdom and insight comes from its unique qualities. In Native American cultures.

It is believed that the beetle carries the ability to connect you with your inner wisdom by providing you with direction.

The Eastern Eyed Click Beetle further provides evidence of this.

Its unmistakable appearance whereby its large black false eyes can be found on its back strategically, are placed to be able to give the illusion of the ability to see what’s coming and to see from different perspectives.

In this way, it is a powerful reminder of the importance of viewing the world from different angles and perspectives.

This way, you’ll gain greater insight to be able to better yourself, your relationships and the world around you.

Like the beetle try to see what others cannot and be open-minded to different messages

5) Spiritual Transformation

Seeing a beetle can be a sign that you are about to go on a strong spiritual journey and transformation.

Beetles go through a process called metamorphosis whereby they go through a physical or developmental transformation of their form in stages.

Similarly, you are about to experience an intentional spiritual transformation, wherein you may not know the outcome.

The Beetle is a lesson that change is an important part of growth and transformation. They hibernate in winter and emerge in spring, a metaphor for new beginnings and rebirth.

Many cultures interpret its habits as the encouraging ability to let go of one’s past and step into a new form. 

Take these lessons and the sighting as encouragement to make changes in your life and trust in spirit to uplift, elevate and carry you.

Is Seeing An Eastern Eyed Click Beetle A Good Spiritual Sign?

man praying

Yes, it is considered to be a sign of good luck. Why? Because it forces us to look at the bigger picture.

As it is also a symbol of earth and nature. So it is important to keep in mind that when you are rewarded and blessed you have to stay humble, grounded and alert to your intuition and surroundings. 

It could be a message from your ancestors and guides. So, it is important that we take the time to connect and communicate with them. It can be through practices such as:

  • Meditation;
  • Prayer;
  • Gratitude rituals.

Once you begin to do so you will know that you are on the right path.

If you encounter the Eastern Eyed Beetle during a difficult time, it is a reminder of your own strength, resilience and abilities

As always, it’s important to understand the circumstances surrounding an encounter with a spiritual symbol as well as our thoughts, energy and feelings around it.

If you are unsure turn to your beliefs, family and elders to learn new information. Gain greater insights into your spiritual journey

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Final Thoughts

When you encounter a beetle or even more specifically, an Eastern Eyed Click Beetle it may be carrying a deeper spiritual message.

As explained in this article they are a powerful symbol for positive omens such as strength, resilience, adaptability, fortune and luck.

As well as spiritual such as wisdom, intuition, a calling or even a warning.

Open yourself up to being able to communicate with nature, yourself, your angels and your guides. As you are about to exit this phase in your life and could greatly benefit from some guidance.

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