Right And Left Side Headache Spiritual Meaning: 7 Causes

Headaches are not to be taken for granted – both spiritually and medically. When you experience one, the throbbing pain can become unbearable.

Sometimes, it could be a symptom of an underlying sickness. This is why you should seek medical help as soon as possible. 

As you seek medical help, it is also important to check if the spiritual world is trying to communicate a message to you. Is there a warning sign you’ve failed to pay attention to?

Could that be the reason behind the headache on the right and left side of your head?

I have discovered the 7 spiritual causes and meanings of having headaches, which we will discuss in this article. 

If you are suffering from constant headaches, read on to find out what the spiritual realm is trying to say. Also, discover what to do to prevent this from happening. 

Right side headache spiritual meaning

right side headache

Whenever you have a headache on the right side of your head, it is a sign of mental fatigue.

In the spiritual world, you will get a right-side headache when you think too much. It is usually seen as an omen of worry and anxiety. 

The universe wants you to embrace peace of mind. The pressures around your life will soon be over. 

Having a right-side headache could be a sign that your inner creativity is trying to find expression. You have relegated your creative power to mere thinking. It is time to break out of that jinx. 

This headache could also be a sign of an energetic shift. When your energy levels rise, your body might react through symptoms such as headaches on the right side. 

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Left side headache spiritual meaning

Left side headache

In the spiritual world, having headaches on the left side is a prophetic sign. This reveals that you might go through an emotionally traumatic situation. 

You might wonder why the spiritual world is saying that to you! Well, it’s very simple

You need to prepare your mind for the season. Nothing can really be done to stop it from happening. However, when you are well prepared (mentally and emotionally), the effect won’t be as deep as it should have been. 

Furthermore, the left side headache is a spiritual sign of trusting the wrong people.

It is time to weigh the intentions of people you term as friends. Trust in your intuition to identify negative friends from positive ones. 

It is also believed that having headaches is an omen of chakra imbalance. You should practice meditation, or grounding exercises to realign your energy centers. 

Cluster headache spiritual meaning

Cluster headache

Spiritually, cluster headache means unresolved feelings and issues. It represents unforgiveness. 

This is why it comes and goes. 

You might not feel this pain for months. But when it comes, the effect is usually severe. The reason is that you have not dealt with some issues. You have refused to let go of certain emotional issues

Cluster headaches encourage people to forgive. It helps them to let go of the hurts in their hearts. 

Temple headache spiritual meaning

Temple headache

The temple is defined as a latch where 4 points come together. These 4 points are the frontal, parietal, temporal, and sphenoid. 

Spiritually, these 4 points represent the 4 aspects of our lives namely physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental

When we have headaches in the temple, it means that those 4 aspects of our lives are not aligned. It reveals that we have failed to pay attention to them “equally”. 

Temple headache is a sign of divine misalignment

Ensure that your goals are in alignment with your values, and your values are in alignment with your spirituality. 

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Spiritual meaning of strong head pain at night

woman in pain

If you have strong head pain at night, it is telling you to reassess your choice. This sign reveals that you’ve made a wrong decision, which needs to be rescinded. 

This is also a spiritual sign of transformation. Having strong head pain at night means you are going through an inner transformational period. 

The change is taking its toll on your body; hence, the head pain at night

When you have head pain at night, it could be caused by a spiritual message. This means that the universe has an urgent message to deliver to you

What spirit causes headaches?

woman having an headache

In the world of superstition, it is believed that headaches can be caused by certain spiritual entities

Commonly, it is believed that headaches can be caused by demons. When a demon is in your home, it might attack you by sending throbbing pains to your head. Take note of this.

he headache you have might be an indication of the presence of a demonic spirit

Have you heard of a psychic vampire before? 

According to occult beliefs, in folklore, a psychic vampire is a creature that feeds on the life force of individuals. When they do, people will experience fatigue and headaches, and can also suffer from emotional instability. 

Your headache could be caused by a psychic vampire. This spirit might be feeding on your energy centers. 

It is also believed that headaches could be caused by angry ancestors. If an individual refuses to carry out an ancestral tradition or ritual, his/her ancestors can become displeased and strike the person with a headache. 

Migrating spirits can also cause discomfort to the living – such as headaches. These are spiritual entities wandering around. They need to be guided to the afterlife. 

As I said earlier, it is important to not ignore that ache in your head. Seek medical assistance almost immediately. 

7 Spiritual causes of headaches

 7 Spiritual causes of headaches

So far, we have discussed the spiritual meanings of having different forms of headaches. Let’s talk about the spiritual causes. 

What causes headaches spiritually?

When you know this, it becomes easy to prevent headaches from happening to you from a spiritual perspective. Read on to find out the 7 spiritual causes of headaches

1) You worry too much

Mentally and spiritually, over worrying will cause headaches

When you are overly bothered by what goes on in your life and your environment, you might suffer from constant headaches. If not taken care of, it might become a severe medical condition. 

2) You are not on the right track

If you have headaches, it could be caused by distractions or a total loss of track. It means you are doing the wrong things. You are attempting to accomplish what you were never destined for. 

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3) A spiritual attack

Spiritually, having headaches could be caused by an attack on your mind. When a demonic spirit tries to attack you, the resultant effect is constant headaches.

This could be a sign that your spiritual defenses are weak

4) Health issues

A major spiritual reason behind constant headaches is when you have health concerns. This sign was given to get urgent medical attention.

Also, you could get constant headaches when you use your body in an unhealthy manner. It’s a warning sign to take good care of your body. 

5) Unforgiveness

When you have consistent headaches, it could be a sign of unforgiveness. This reveals that you are holding on to hurts, which mount pressure on your mind.

The pressure on your mind is translated as a headache. 

6) You are trying to live like others

If you are unhealthily comparing yourself to others, you will have headaches.

This is to warn you against trying to be like others. Embrace your uniqueness and appreciate yourself for who you are. 

Stop exerting pressure on your mind due to unhealthy comparisons.

7) A warning sign

Generally, having headaches might happen whenever the spiritual world warns you about something. This comes with its specific meanings and messages. You have to figure that out. 

  • What don’t you feel right about?
  • What don’t you feel good acting on?
  • Could this be the reason behind the headache?

Ask yourself those questions to get clarity about the warning sign’s message.

What can I do to prevent headaches spiritually?

woman sitting by the window

To prevent headaches, here are the spiritual actions you should take:

  • Positive affirmation: Learn to speak positively about yourself;
  • Refuse to worry about things;
  • Practice meditation 3 times a week;
  • Spend time praying to God;
  • If your ancestral spirits are angry, then, engage in ancestral rituals to appease them;
  • Smudging sage can clear out negative energy causing the headache;
  • Herbs will also work;
  • Crystal healing is another spiritual way to prevent headaches;
  • Learn to forgive people easily;
  • Embrace your uniqueness.

When you do one or all of these, you will experience a decline in headaches you have; until there is no more. 

Should I be concerned Spiritually?

man in pain

Yes, you should be spiritually concerned about having headaches on the right and left side of your head. 

This is not a spiritual sign to ignore. 

The warning messages from headaches will prevent mistakes and exposure to bad fortune. 

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Final Words

Whether the headache is caused by a spirit, or given to you as a divine message, ensure you take spiritual and medical action.

Combating headaches on both fronts deals a huge blow at its causative factor. 

As we have discussed in this article, headaches are spiritually significant and should not be taken for granted. Thank you for reading. 

Are you having right or left side headache? Learn about their spiritual meaning and spiritual causes. The universe has an urgent message!

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