Spiritual Meaning of Braided Hair: Will it Protect Me?

Our hair has always been a vital spiritual energy source and braids enhance this power. Attracting mostly good to those that adorn and believe its guidance.

Braids have great symbolic and spiritual significance, and opening your heart to them will make you safer and happier and attract you to the right people.

Where Did Hair Braiding Originate From?

Hair Braiding Originate

Braid origin can be traced back to Africa, roughly around 5000 BC, where it was more than just a hairstyle.

It was adorned by the Himba people of ancient Namibia and helped establish identity, social status, and rank.

Braid styles at the time determined families, groups, wealth differences, power, strength, and age.

These distinctions spread across Africa, holding the same significance across different cultures and becoming a way of establishing personality.

However, the oldest evidence-based record of braid is that of the Venus of Willendorf, a statue estimated to be up to 30,000 years old.

The short hairstyle symbolizes fertility and is a notable feature of the red statue.

The origins of braid and its significance then point to its spiritual significance in this current dispensation.

Across different religions, cultures, and tribes, it symbolizes many positive qualities you can benefit from when you form a deeper connection.

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Symbolism Of Braids

Symbolism Of Braids

There are different types of braids with distinct symbolism. From experience and intense study, similar braids styles typically have close symbolic and spiritual meanings.

The more diverse braids are in looks, the more distinctive their symbolism becomes. It is essential to know the major distinctive braids and how they affect your inner being and mind.

Essentially, there are three categories of braid with distinctive symbolic inclinations.

The Whole Head:

The Whole head styling is the most obvious form of braiding and is often passed off as just a beautiful hairstyle choice.

However, the whole head braid is much more than just beautiful styling. It symbolizes strength, unity, and peace.

Just as it is physically beautiful, you are bound to attract mostly positive and beautiful energy.

Do not be too surprised when you experience an upward elevation in your pursuit of success and happiness when on full braid.

You also enjoy better enthusiasm to achieve your goals, accompanied by an inner peace that success is sure.

When on a whole head braid, you feel the strong urge to unite with the right people. But watch out, as your positivity will attract all sorts of entities, including secret stealers and joy spoilers.

So it is essential to be selective with new friends and acquaintances.

Single Small Braid Under Hair:

The single braid hidden under hair styling attracts good luck and seeks to lead you to meet the right people at the right time.

This single braid is often hidden under flowing hair out of the notice of most people.

Hence it is no wonder that its physical feature directly compliments its symbolic inclination: To keep you above the radar of energy sappers, who want you to believe you won’t make a difference.

When fixing the single small braid, focus on what you intend to gain from it and work towards it. You will experience more good luck than you imagine.

Protection Braid:

The protection braid is hidden just like the single small braid. However, it can be more than a single braid and could be up to 3 strands, all hidden under your flowing hair.

Protection braids are highly revered because you can cast protective spells with them.

If you want protection from energy vampires, destructive people, bad situations, and unpleasant events, you only need to state these audibly as you fix the braid.

These whisperings are spells that get acknowledged as you braid the strands.

You could also tie the braid with colorful small bands for extra protection. Red highlights courage, orange highlights wisdom, and white highlights protection from the unknown.

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5 Spiritual Meanings of Braided Hair

5 Spiritual Meanings of Braided Hair

Braids are a force in the spiritual realm that can influence events in your life. The symbolisms of braid choices discussed above are enhanced when you allow them to resonate with your inner being.

Braids can spiritually trigger many positive influences and traits in your life. You only need to be careful about the people you allow to interact with these influences.

Some will enhance the traits, while most will try to extinguish them. Here are five major spiritual significance of braided hair.

1) Strength

The most obvious spiritual significance of braid is strength. Mentally and physically, you become more in control of your life, achieving the impossible.

At this point, all you need to get things done is to set your mind to it; the will and strength naturally follow. But be careful, as you will attract those that want to sap your strength, asking for your secrets.

Often, their aim is not to become special like you but to make you ordinary like them.

Hence, learn how to throw excuses to avoid discussing the source of your strength and willpower.

2) Protection

Braids offer protection, guiding you so you do not entangle with the wrong people. It is essential to listen to your guts when on braids.

If you strongly feel that a person, group, or event will not have a positive outcome, then you are likely right.

Avoiding the wrong company keeps you and your secret safe, making you happier and more fulfilled. So don’t force relationships, friendships, and bonds if they don’t feel right.

3) Focus

Braids are one of the neatest hairstyles that never get in your way.

You can focus easily on your work or engage in important activities without them falling all over due to their strategic arrangements.

As such, when you see yourself wearing braids in a dream, understand you are on the right path regarding a vital event of your life and should focus on winning.

Try all you can not to deflect from the already established goal, and you will be alright.

4) Patience

Wearing a braid in a trance or dream simply means staying patient with your life trajectory.

If you dreamt about a child braiding your hair, it signifies that you will meet challenges in your pursuit. However, they will not overcome you if you remain steadfast and patient on your goal.

5) Wisdom

In Africa, where braids originated, it is strongly perceived that the hairstyle symbolizes wisdom, a belief that now has spiritual significance.

If you see yourself making more mature decisions when on braids, it is best to keep wearing it as your talisman.

In a world where people rarely stop to think, those who are more deliberate with applying wisdom in their actions are set to end up happier and more fulfilled.

Should I Braid My Hair?

showing off braids

Braids are beautiful and powerful and will not influence any negativity if you respect and harness their spiritual and symbolic significance.

You will likely enjoy many positive influences, including protection and safety if you braid your hair. However, it is important to connect with it to maximize the good luck and protection it brings.

Also, you must be sensitive to spiritual admonitions to avoid hurt and sadness.

Ultimately, braiding your hair is a good spiritual and physical choice as it makes you and your life beautiful. But you must be active and deliberate about wanting it to guide your path.

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Final Words

Braiding has positive spiritual significance, and harnessing it by keying into its power is recommended. You will get protection from this royal hairstyle if you listen to its messages and urges to get more in touch with your soul.

Just keep your secret to yourself so ill-intending people do not rubbish your belief and sow seeds of doubt in your heart.

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