Sunny Side Up Baby: 12 Spiritual Meanings And Superstitions

Have you given birth to a sunny side up baby (baby born face up)? This is quite unusual. I’m not talking about a breech baby. 

Medically, you must have heard or seen the word occiput posterior position after an ultrasound scan. It means your baby is head first but facing upwards. 

My second child was in that position, and it became a medical problem. I was even pushed to opt for a C-section delivery. 

Up to date, it has left me wondering why delivering a sunny side up baby was difficult.

The things I learned are all discussed in this article. So, keep reading to understand the spiritual and superstitions surrounding sunny side up baby

What Is A Sunny Side Up Baby?

Sunny Side Up Baby

A sunny side up baby is when a baby is facing down with the chin lifted and the back extended along the mom’s spine.

The medical term commonly used in ultrasound scans is occiput posterior position. Well, there is nothing serious about this baby’s position in the womb. In fact, so many babies have been delivered in this position. 

While it’s not a serious medical condition, the meaning differs in the spiritual world. This position is spiritually related and not a coincidence. There is a reason behind it

The delivery and the baby’s position in the womb is associated with your child’s future. This is also a spiritual message to you, the parent. So, you should instead focus on your sunny side up baby. 

A sunny side up baby:

  • It is designed for a purpose on earth;
  • Will grow depending on God;
  • Has remarkable qualities;
  • Will be strong.

Sunny Side Up Baby: 7 Spiritual Meanings

Sunny Side Up Baby: 7 Spiritual Meanings

Now that you understand spiritually, children born with distinct features will be born differently. Don’t let your emotions and what others think about your baby affect your upbringing. 

1) Baby is coming for vengeance

Some traditions believe that these types of kids are coming for vengeance. They associate it with the return of spirits

It’s said that if a spirit is coming back for vengeance on earth, it will be born differently.

So, one way associated with this unique appearance is a baby being born face up. So, these kids are special

2) The baby will be an explorer

Some superstitions associate a baby born face up with being an explorer. This means that the baby will live exploring new things

Some myths even say that the baby will always have new inventions and ideas that can change the world.

In fact, people who have invented new things are believed to be born sunny side up. So, you can expect great and new things that will impact the world from your baby.

3) Can confront treachery

There are these kinds of people who always find solutions to problems, even in chaotic situations. Spiritually, these people are believed to have been born sunny side up.

They are blessed with unique skills that help them deal with any deceit. They can navigate through various situations and restore peace and order.

Because of this trait, they are loved by everyone because they can protect their families from harm.

4) Delightful Surprise To Your Family

Having a sunny side up baby comes as a surprise to a family.

Do you know that feeling of joy and laughter when a family member arrives after being out for years or months?

Well, this new family member could bring you the same feeling. Additionally, a sunny side up baby views the world differently because they have a special purpose.

This can have a positive impact on your home.

5) They can help with emotional stress

As mentioned earlier, a sunny side up may have been sent to you by God to assist you.

There are beliefs that a baby born face up can help their parents with emotional stress. They will help you heal

Remember, we mentioned they have unique skills that help them in life. So, they can use the same skills to overcome sadness, pain, and fear that may be affecting you. 

6) Baby is an Angel

Some traditions, like African traditions, believe a baby born face up is an angel. The main reason is that the baby is looking up.

Some also believe that these types of kid will one day leave you and go far away to embrace their destiny the same way Jesus did. So, when this time arrives, don’t stop them.

They bring along blessings of love, prosperity, and good luck. If you welcome such kind of a baby, you are fortunate to experience this. 

7) Baby is blessed with good luck

Some people are born lucky. They don’t strain to find success and wealth in the world.

It’s like they have everything at their fingertips. Whatever project or job they do, it always succeeds. Some belief links it to being born face up.

This kind of people can overcome challenges in life with ease. Better still, it’s believed someone watches over them. So, welcome this luck to your home with an open heart.

Baby Born Face Up: 5 Superstitions

pregnant woman happy

These are the superstitions surrounding abbacies born face up. If you have one, pay attention to the following;

1) They will be easily betrayed

Another superstition surrounding a sunny side up baby is that they will be betrayed in the future. As mentioned earlier, your baby is an angel, and they will find their destiny at one point in life. 

This kind of people are easily betrayed, especially by those whom they trust wholeheartedly. Why is that?

  • They aren’t emotionally stable;
  • They cry easily;
  • They trust easily;
  • Can get hurt easily.

Your responsibility as a parent is to train them to be emotionally stable. That’s because their weakness can be a target for bullies, and this will destroy their self-esteem.

2) You were not ready for a child

It’s also believed that having a sunny side up baby means you are not ready for a child.

This occurrence often happens, and it may take time before the universe finds someone to possess it. 

So, if the universe has chosen you, you are going to have these baby without expecting. This is going to be a surprise baby.

So, whatever you do, receive this child as a gift from a higher being and nurture them.

3) Brings about bad luck

While a sunny side up baby brings about good luck spiritually, there are some superstitions that view it as bad luck. 

They believe these babies bring unfortunate events because of the difficulty that arise when giving birth to such a baby. 

But, even with this superstition, it is a medical issue and cannot be used in determining a child’s life

4) A sign of financial troubles 

Also, there are beliefs that if a baby is born face up, it symbolizes financial hardship in the family. Well, these are just superstitions, and there is no such evidence. 

5) Sign of bad weather 

Some people also associate the birth of a sunny side up baby with disastrous weather. 

They believe there will be bad weather like hurricanes and floods.

Though it’s mentioned that these kids have unique skills and can predict some unusual things, it’s not true

Is Sunny Side Up Baby Dangerous?

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Sunny side up baby is not dangerous. Many myths and traditions associate a sunny side up baby with being special.

A sunny side up baby has been send with the universe to accomplish a mission. They have a purpose.

Also, you can determine whether or not they are dangerous through their spiritual meanings and superstitions above. 

Should I Be Worried?

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Spiritually, you should not be worried if your baby is facing sunny side up.

As we have mentioned earlier, there are numerous positive meanings and superstitions surrounding this happening.

Your only concern as a parent is that your child was born with good luck. They have a special purpose on earth

Forget about the myths that these kids cause havoc. That’s not true. They bring good luck no matter their gender. 

Medically, if your baby is sunny side up, you should be concerned. Research shows that it’s difficult for sunny side up babies to go through the pelvic, and causes labor dystocia. 

That is why you hear of some people undergoing a caesarian section, which also contributed to other things. But there is nothing to be worried about if your baby is sunny side up. 

Final Words

Generally, there is nothing to worry about if a baby is born face up. You can receive this blessing as a gift from the universe. 

Sunny side up baby are rare and if you are lucky to have one, they have a purpose which they have fulfil. 

So, after receiving your baby scan report, take time and meditate on it. Then, start planning how you will lead and guide this child to their destiny. Your baby is a spiritual person, so don’t ignore this fact, guide them to their path.

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