7 Biblical Meanings Of Flickering Lights: Is It Bad?

We have all seen those horror movies where the lights flicker and are followed by some intense spiritual interaction and activity.

For centuries flickering lights have been tied to (outside of faulty wiring) supernatural phenomena.

There are many different ways to interpret the biblical meaning and message behind flickering lights.

This article will explore and break down 7 of those ways, whether or not it is a bad thing, and what it could mean for you

What Do Flickering Lights Mean?

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights could mean a number of things. However, as this article will show it usually means that the energy around you is doing something interesting.

It could either be a message, warning, reminder, good omen or sign of bad luck.

So, it is important to take the time to dive deep into yourself through prayer, faith, yoga, meditation and other healing practices.

Flickering lights are a great indication that you have a powerful gift. You can harness and tune it into connecting with the spirit world if you choose to.

Wherever there are flickering lights spiritually, high vibrational energy is most certainly related to it.

It is up to you to discover whether it I good or bad. Either way, it is powerful. 

Symbolism Of Flickering Lights

Symbolism Of Flickering Lights

As a spiritually inclined person, when you are attuned to the energy around you, you may experience a shift in electrical energy, particularly electronics around you. 

When you see a light flicker, a bulb goes out, etc. pay very close attention to how you feel in that moment. This is one of the most common signs of the presence of a spirit and powerful energy. 

If you experience flickering in your dream, it may mean that you need to focus your energy on actively connecting with the spiritual realm.

Dreams are a powerful, easy gateway for contact, connection and messages to be spread and decoded. 

When you experience flickering lights keep the following in mind to help guide you towards the answers you’re looking for:

  • You are receiving communication from the spirit realm;
  • You are sensing spiritual activity;
  • You are in the presence of metaphysical energy;
  • You are undergoing a spiritual awakening;
  • You are channeling and hemorrhaging powerful energy ;
  • You are being warned of dangers;
  • Signs of hope and change;
  • Your loved ones are near/communicating.

It is always important to note how we feel.

Are you scared or are you calm? Are you nostalgic? What or who was on your mind? Physically, do you feel warm or cold?

These can be truly important in order to help you understand what it is you’re experiencing.

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Can Spirits Communicate Through Flickering Lights?

Spirits Communicate Through Flickering Lights

 In many cultures, belief systems and paranormal contexts it is believed that spirits and the spiritual world have the ability to affect and influence lights and energy in the physical world.

Light is a type of electromagnetic energy, and spirits are a form of metaphysical consciousness and energy.

In that way, they have the ability to interact with and influence energy in the physical world by causing disruptions and disturbances.

One of the most well-known tools used to detect spiritual activity in a space is an electromagnetic meter which measures any changes in electromagnetic energy in a specific area.

So, it is safe to assume that with the right motivation, spirits could most definitely use lights to send a message, get your attention, or make their presence known. 

7 Biblical Meanings Of Flickering Lights: Is It Bad?

7 Biblical Meanings Of Flickering Lights: Is It Bad?

1) You Are Being Protected

Flickering lights may be a sign that you need to proceed with caution.

Be very careful and alert to any dangers that may be around you or approaching you in order to protect yourself.

It could also mean a spirit is letting you know that they are protecting you.

Trust your gut as there is a very good chance you will be able to sense what’s wrong when it comes. 

2) Communication From The Spirit World

Spirits are energy and so is electricity, therefore it is easy for them to use flickering lights to get your attention and communicate with you.

Don’t be afraid to meditate on wanting clear communication as well as simply just asking.

If it is indeed an angel or a loved one paying close attention, being more aware of their presence could help you understand what they need to tell you.

Interestingly enough, many believe that you can ask the spirit to talk back to you through the lights

3) A Spiritual Awakening

In this way, if you are about to undergo a spiritual awakening of some kind.

You are most likely giving off extremely high, powerful energy vibrations and may be feeling a lack of control. Try not to be scared.

At this time your energy is tied to your emotional state and your spiritual awareness.

So, align with your intuition and inner voice. Understanding this power will allow you to unlock higher levels of peace, success, connection, healing and personal development.

4) Signs of Spiritual Activity

Different to spiritual communication, here you should pay attention to:

  • Location: Where are the lights flickering? In one room? In your dream? Throughout the house? It can help you understand who is the spirit that is trying to communicate;
  • Connection: Does this energy feel familiar? Are you feeling safe or scared? Your intuition is going to tell you if it’s a good or evil spirit, or even a loved one.
  • Other phenomena: For example, buzzing sounds gusts of wind, shadows, or smoke. Did your grandparents have their windows open all the time? Very specific cold spot in your body or house?

For example, many people have reported also smelling cigarette smoke when there is none and then remembered a deceased family member who used to smoke.

All these factors could give you a better understanding of where or what the energy is around you and the nature of the interaction. 

5) Guidance/ Intervention

Is an automatic response to lights flickering, we automatically pause and acknowledge the energy in the stillness around us. This could be a sign to redirect and change your path/journey.

Think about your current life plans and trajectory as well as whether or not this is where you want to be.

Whether it is your intuition or your guides, something is reaching out to you to guide you in a different direction and intervene on your current path. Heed the warning and embrace the help

6) Transitions

This could mean a number of things.

  • You are about to experience a journey of personal growth, change and transformation.;
  • You may need to adjust your mindset and the lights are an indication to take a step back for a change in perspective about something

Flickering lights may indicate a beginning or an end with a shift.

Be it a spirit transitioning into the spirit world or the end of a life cycle or chapter or a symbol for needing or receiving closure.

7) It Is Time To Reflect

Reflect on your current emotional state, as well as the triggers and emotions you are currently experiencing.

So, if you are experiencing a difficult change in your relationships, grief, in your job or even in your mind and emotions take the time to understand what it means and how it is affecting you.

You are craving emotional clarity and insight. Take the time to do the inner work in order to heal. 

What Does The Bible Say About Flickering Lights?

many lamps effect

From a biblical, faith perspective flickering lights are a symbol and sign of the presence of God and the Holy Spirit.

In some instances, God uses light to send messages to his disciples to indicate his power, guidance, assistance and presence around them.

Although the Bible may not make any specific reference to flickering lights, light itself holds many symbols and meanings within the bible.

The Lord is a guiding light. Throughout the Bible, light appears as a message from God.

So, a flickering light may mean you need to pray, invest and devote yourself to your faith. As straying away could have unfortunate life consequences. 

Trust in God as he is the light of your life. A flickering light could be an indication of his presence and love in your life. In this way, it is a reminder to not be afraid

Light in the Bible is also a call to be good. To be proud of your faith and the teachings of the bible.

Believers will be delivered from darkness into life and should live their lives in the light of their faith.

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Should I Be Concerned?

changing lamps

Not necessarily, it could simply mean faulty wiring or that your bulbs need a change.

Spiritually, it is a great indication of your connection to the spirit world and ability to connect with the spirit world.

Pay close attention to how you feel in the moment as well as if there are any other phenomena attached to the experience.

But, as a powerful person, your intuition is the most powerful guide.

Trust in your inner voice to show you the way and embrace these gifts and powers. 

Final Thoughts

When the lights flicker it is an opportunity to explore, enhance and discover our connection to the spirit world. As mentioned above, it could mean a message, warning or so much more.

Actively seek communication and connection and open up to receiving energy and messages.

Even if it was just a weird electrical charge, for a moment when the lights flickered you paused and for a split second, you already believed it could be spiritual, be inspired by this.

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