Spiritual Meaning Of Smelling Cigarette Smoke When There Is None

When you smell smoke, it is usually a clear indication that something is burning, which warrants immediate attention, investigation and resolution.

Has it ever happened to you where the smell of smoke is around or following you and there is no actual fire, burning or smoke present? If so then this is the article for you.

The universe, your guides and your intuition are all trying to send you deep spiritual messages and it could mean a number of things.

This article will discuss what it may mean and the different types of scents you may smell.

Smelling Something Burning Is A Sign Of What? 

Smelling Something Burning

The smell of something burning is a reminder of and an alert to spirituality and the spiritual realm.

Your spiritual senses are heightened. So, at this moment, you are sensitive to the energy around you.

The spiritual world is trying to take advantage of this moment to get your attention.

First of all, you need to confirm the smell isn’t from something burning in your space. Then it’s important to pray and ask for guidance, clarity and protection.

It may be a warning of potential danger or it may be encouragement towards achieving your goals.

But whatever it is, it’s important to remember that the specific meaning behind the smell of something burning can vary depending on the context and circumstances.

Spiritual Meaning Of Smelling Smoke

Spiritual Meaning Of Smelling Smoke

The message the universe is trying to send you will vary according to the type of smoke your smelling. For instance, smelling cigarette smoke and incense has two different meanings.

Let’s now explore more about this and what the heavens are trying to tell you. But first, remember that when we talk about the spiritual world, there are no coincidences.

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Meaning Of Smelling Smoke:

Meaning Of Smelling Smoke

Let’s start by talking about smelling smoke in general.

Smelling smoke is a powerful indication of a spiritual awakening, as well as a powerful spiritual connection to the spirit realm.

When the spirits are trying to send you messages through the smoke it is because they are trying to:

  • Connect with you;
  • Heighten your awareness;
  • Alert you to signs that you have ignored or missed in your daily life as well as within your heart and mind.

Whether it is a warning or guide, if you are experiencing this phenomenon know that you are very spiritually inclined. It means that your senses are extremely heightened.

You have a gift. You need to invest some time into developing, curating and understanding what this psychic ability means for your life and how it can aid you on your spiritual journey. 

Meaning Of Smelling Cigarette Smoke:

Smelling Cigarette Smoke

When smelling cigarette smoke when there is none this usually indicates the presence of a loved one who has passed away who used to smoke.

As a message from the spirit realm, a spiritual entity is attempting to communicate its presence and you are not alone.

In African traditions when you are spiritually inclined smelling cigarette smoke is linked to your ancestors and or a loved one who has passed on. That person is trying to reach out to you.

In this case, one would need to light a cigarette (if possible) to appease the ancestors. As cigarettes are often seen as a spiritual offering before important cleansing ceremonies.

In general, this may be a sign to turn to your beliefs and faith through prayer and meditation in order to express gratitude and respect.

Meaning Of Smelling Incense:

Smelling Incense

In many faiths and practices, incense has many important uses and meanings such as:

  • Purify and cleanse a space;
  • Enhance meditation rituals;
  • Religious practices;
  • Worship ceremonies;
  • Therapeutically. 

Essentially incense is burned when we are trying to connect or cleanse. So, this may be God, your guides or ancestors communicating their support of this to you.

If you are a person who burns, uses or knows about incense smells and can differentiate between the scents pay attention to what you are smelling.

As different scents could mean different things and provide you with greater insight as to what your spiritual needs are trying to communicate with you. Or even what you may need to pray or ask for in return.

Let me give you an example of the types of incense and what the message is about:

  • Frankincense: for protection. You need to protect yourself, someone is planning a spiritual attack on you;
  • Sage: for cleansing and purification. Your space is filled with negative energies;
  • Rose: for love and romance. You’ll meet someone new or your partner will propose;
  • Sandalwood: for peace of mind. You need to stop worrying so much.

If you’re feeling negative energies around you, say this prayer while saging yourself and remove the negative energies.

Meaning Of Smelling Wood Burning:

Smelling Wood Burning

Burning wood is and can be associated with flames and fire. Therefore it has multiple interpretations and meanings.

Let’s discuss a few things smelling wood burning might represent for you:

  • Transformation and renewal: like wood to ash you are ready for a new form and beginning;
  • Strength: the inner strength to persevere;
  • New beginnings: The ability to let go of the past;
  • Passion and ambition: The burning desire to achieve your deepest desires;
  • Creativity: A spark waiting to be ignited;
  • Past lives link: as an element of nature and a connection to the earth, smelling burning wood may be related to past lives and memory recollection. 

You are ready to light a fire in your life and make positive, meaningful change.

Meaning Of Smelling Burnt Toast:

Smelling Burnt Toast

Smelling burnt toast can have various, very serious meanings and signs.

It’s a warning sign against negative energy, danger or harm.

Your guides are trying to communicate to you that you need to pay attention. Or, maybe, give awareness to negative influences in your life including people, habits and emotions. 

Is an indication of growing power psychic abilities as well as high spiritual inclinations and a powerful intuitive voice. 

This is an early warning sign of potential health issues. Especially if it’s accompanied by other alarming symptoms such as headaches, fatigue or dizziness.

If that’s the case, you need to seek medical attention. In this way, you are being guided and protected. 

Meaning Of Smelling Candles Burning:

Smelling Candles Burning

Candles are often used and believed to be a tool to aid focus and connection during spiritual practices, such as prayer and meditation.

They are a sign of hope, healing and devotion.

When it comes to candles, it may not necessarily be about the smell itself but rather the message lies within a candle’s association with light.

If you have been struggling emotionally, financially or personally and have found yourself in a dark place and smell a burning candle it is your sign to communicate with your guides and ancestors.

Ask them for guidance, direction and brighter days.

It may also be a sign to set intentions and manifestations and take action towards your goals.

Above all, you are receiving a message of warmth, reassurance and comfort.

You’re not alone. Someone above is watching you.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Smelling Cigarette Smoke After Someone Dies 

Smelling Cigarette Smoke After Someone Dies

The smell of cigarette smoke after someone dies can mean different things spiritually depending on your personal beliefs, culture and spiritual practices.

Your spiritual abilities are heightened in this moment. 

The cigarette smoke is indicating the presence of your loved one around you and they are trying to communicate with you.

You are remembering and associating them with cigarette smoke, as they used to be a smoker. It is unlocking memories for you as a sign of your connection.

This is also a sign that you need to pay your respects and appreciation to your ancestors and loved ones.

But, if you can both see and smell cigarettes smoke it may indicate someone has just passed away.

What Does It Mean To Smell Smoke At 3 AM? 

Smell Smoke At 3 AM

In the spiritual community, 3 AM is extremely important! As it is known for being a time with of heightened spiritual activity known as the “Witching Hour”.

This time is when it’s believed that the veil between this reality and the spiritual realm is at its thinnest.

Because of this, this is a powerful time for communications and appearances from the spirit world. At this hour we are very sensitive to spiritual activity.

I would highly suggest taking note of how you are reacting to and feeling in response to the sensation of smelling the smoke. As it could mean any of the things we’ve already mentioned above.

Ask yourself:

  • How am I feeling?
  • What am I feeling?
  • What or who am I sensing?
  • What were the circumstances surrounding the experience? Were you sleeping? Awakened? Dreaming?
  • Are there any other symbols or messages that be clearer now than before or that you should be paying attention to?

Use the power of this hour to tap in to greater insights and uncover deeper truths. The spirits may be using this hour to provide better clarity through clearer messages. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s important to pay attention to your spiritual senses.

When we experience phantom smoke, spiritually it is an extremely powerful sign of your spiritual gifts and strength.

It’s a message from the spirit world to connect and acknowledge our guides, ancestors and surroundings. 

From personal experience, I can tell you that this kind of spirit work requires patience and an open mind. Take on this challenge with the courage, intrigue, respect and excitement required.

Ask for true clarity, guidance and the support needed to achieve a greater understanding while expanding your gifts and knowledge base. It is definitely worth it.

Learn about the spiritual meaning of smelling smoke when there is none. Cigarette smoke, incense, wood burning, candles and more…

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