7 Meanings Of The Name Isabella In The Bible: Is It Beautiful?

Names carry extremely important spiritual significance and meaning throughout our lives.

The name Isabella has a number of spiritual meanings and holds a very interesting Biblical understanding and interpretation.

If you are considering naming your daughter Isabella and would like to understand what this may mean or if you are simply finding yourself intrigued by the name, connected to it, and wondering why it is so beautiful, continue to read on below.  

What Does Isabella Mean In The Bible? 

Isabella Mean In The Bible

Isabella is a name that has many origins, in Hebrew it is believed to mean (among other things) “God is my oath”.

It is symbolic of God’s presence in our lives and God’s ability to transform and change people’s lives.

The name Isabella doesn’t appear specifically in the Bible. But, its meaning refers to our devotion to God and the importance of spirituality, faith and beliefs.

Let us try and further understand its Biblical references by breaking the word down and understanding one of its origins.

The name originates from the words “El”, meaning God and “Sheba”, meaning oath or satisfaction.

When combined the name ‘Elishebarepresents the promises and reassurances of and from God to his people.

It is therefore a powerful reminder of the importance of our devotion and commitment to God, our faith and the Bible’s teachings.

The name Elisheba (also spelled Elisheva) appears in the Bible and is used as a reminder of our declaration to follow and believe in our faith in God, follow his word and promise to remain devoted and committed. 

Here are a few more things it could mean

  • If you hear the name, it is a spiritual reminder not to lose faith;
  • A reminder to be confident in your faiths and beliefs;
  • A call to appreciate the beauty of all Gods creations;
  • A reminder of the oath made to God and the importance of upholding his beliefs and practices. 

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Who Is Isabella In The Bible?

Isabella In The Bible

The name Isabella has origins in many languages and has been interpreted and adapted into many versions.

So, when we think of the name Isabella in reference to a person in the Bible, we will need to have a look at a few other variations of the name that.

Alhough not direct equivalents, have and represent parts of the name through different testaments, biblical figures and contexts:


A devout and righteous woman, the wife of Zachariah and the mother of John the Baptist.

Her son became a prophet and preached to the masses in Israel about the coming of Jesus Christ, his word and spread his message to the people.

Elizabeth is also a relative of Mary and her pregnancy is known to be miraculous. She and her son were called upon to confirm and recognize Mary as the mother of Jesus Christ.

Remember Luke 1:42-45, where in a loud voice she exclaimed:

Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear! But why am I so favored, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy. Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!”

Luke 1:42-45


As stories and traditions have evolved, many people believe that the name Isabel was used to refer to the Virgin Mary in the Gospel of Luke.

But, keep in mind that there is no evidence of this in the Bible and it is mainly part of modern-day teachings and traditions.

Elisheba or Elisheva:

The wife of Aaron (who was the brother to Moses). Known as a very pious, religious and devoted woman.

She dedicated herself to God and his teachings and birthed children who would go on to be prominent figures in the Bible. 

7 Meanings Of The Name Isabella In The Bible

7 Meanings Of The Name Isabella In The Bible

As you could see, even though the name Isabella doesn’t isn’t mentioned directly in the Bible, the name where it originated from is.

But, it’s easy to tell that it has a good spiritual meaning and a blessing to be named Isabella.

1) Faith and Spirituality

By meaning an oath to God, the name Isabella is inevitably tied to our faith and our spirituality.

Elisheba (the name from which Isabella originates from) was the wife of Aaron, brother to Moses.

She is understood to be a devout and faithful woman strong in her belief in Christ. Having the name Isabella, thinking about the name or hearing the name is a sign of a connection to the spiritual world

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2) Loyalty

As mentioned above, each biblical figure with a variation of the name Isabella exemplifies a great commitment to God, the faith and the Bible’s teachings.

The name Isabella is a powerful reminder of the power of God and what it means to stay faithful and dedicated.

The word “Sheba” in Hebrew can also be understood to mean ‘God is my completeness’, further emphasizing the importance of loyalty to God. 

3) Devotion and Consecration

The name Isabella reminds us of the importance of devoting and dedicating ourselves to a higher purpose.

It is a symbol of the purity of devoting yourself to God and is therefore extremely popular in Christianity.

It also reminds us of the importance of living a life of righteousness, pursuing knowledge and growth on our spiritual journey

The name reminds us of the importance of our faith in God and trusting our spiritual journey. Live every day with a pure and open heart actively seeking to deepen your connection with God. 

4) Beauty

The name Isabella is a message from God to recognize and embrace the beauty in life, people and circumstances.

It is a reminder to shift our mindset to that of positivity.

The word “bella” in Spanish means beauty. There is beauty in all of God’s creations, beauty in relationships and connections, in ourselves and in having faith.

There is inspiration behind the name Isabella to nurture our relationship with God, our values, and our beliefs.

It is also important to note that all biblical figures with a variation of the name have been described as beautiful both inside and out. The name exudes beauty

5) Confidence

For those who experience doubts and hesitation within their spiritual journey, let the name Isabella be a source of confidence to you that will inspire trust and belief in God.

If you are hearing, thinking about or seeing this name It is a powerful message from the spiritual world of God’s presence and power and how you must be confident in Him.

Other loose translations of the name symbolize how ‘God sees’ all.

Let that be a source of comfort to you that God is with you through every obstacle and challenge you face and there is a plan and path for your life. 

6) Strength

There is so much strength and resilience in having faith and devoting one’s self to God.

A deeper look into the Hebrew interpretation of the name refers to how Isabella can also be applied to God being the source of our strength.

Having faith in itself requires a lot of inner strength in order to resist temptations, maintain hope and belief and persevere through challenges and obstacles.

Throughout the Bible, we can see that women with the different variations of this name carry with them a strong sense of purpose. We too must look for and hold onto throughout our everyday lives.

7) Spiritual Gifts and Abilities

It is believed that people with the name Isabella hold powerful natural gifts including:

  • The ability to inspire others;
  • Hold incredible wisdom, insight and spiritual talents such as easily recognizing signs and messages;
  • The ability to receive and recognize prophetic messages;
  • The gift of creativity.

So, it is clear that symbolically this name, and its different variations, hold a powerful connection to God and the word itself.

It reminds us of the importance of opening ourselves up, seeking clarity, hope and guidance in order to fulfill our potential. 

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Is Isabella A Good Name For My Daughter?

happy little girl

Most definitely! Biblically, naming your child carries strong spiritual and prophetic meaning.

It is believed that the name you give your child will determine:

  • Their wpiritual destiny;
  • Weigh in on their characteristics;
  • Shaping their values and beliefs;
  • Introducing faith into their upbringing.

Isabella is a beautiful and powerful name given to women throughout history and is very popular.

The energy from this name will instill a spiritual sense of confidence, creativity, expression, faith and elegance in your daughter.

Its biblical and spiritual ties will be a source of pride, devotion and fulfillment for both you and your child.

As a religious person, naming your daughter Isabella is a great declaration of your faith and devotion. 

I must add though that, there are many factors that will contribute to shaping your daughters’ identity. It’s important not to place any pressure on her based on her name alone.

Spiritually, I believe names hold powerful significance and can resonate with and through us. But, how you choose to raise your child is important too. 

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Final Words

There are many different translations, interpretations and meanings behind the name Isabella.

It carries heavy spiritual significance and serves as a reminder to all of us of the importance of devoting ourselves to God, faith, and spirituality.

Choosing the name Isabella for your daughter has so many positive associations. With all the biblical figures associated with it having so many positive qualities.

Anyone would be inspired and hopeful for themselves or their own child to be able to embody and resonate with any one of them. It means so much more than just beauty. 

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