7 Prophetic Meanings Of A Lizard In The House (Biblical) 

This article focuses on the prophetic and as spiritual meaning of a lizard being in your home.

If you have ever thought about whether it may mean more or you feel spiritually connected to the presence of a lizard in your home then read on and let’s find out what it may mean.

With special mention of what this may mean across multiple cultures, this article will provide you with great inspiration and insight into that feeling, sense or curiosity you may be experiencing.  

What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Seeing A Lizard At Home?

Seeing A Lizard At Home

Seeing a lizard in your home may mean a number of things. They carry good and bad omens. So, how do you know it? It all depends on how you feel when you see the lizard.

They may appear to you as a warning against negative energy and events coming into your life. But, they can also carry a great omen of positivity in the form of good luck, abundance and regeneration. 

Spiritually it could be linked to the following: 

  • Heightened intuition and spiritual abilities;
  • The inability to sleep due to past trauma weighing heavily on you;
  • Adaptability and Transformation and how you may need to embrace these in your life;
  • Something new is coming into your life and you are about to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired;
  • With their ability to shed skin, they are a great symbol for renewal and regrowth.

Lizards represent our emotions as well as our relationships. Take a moment to think about what this means for you spiritually as well as who it may be tied to/in relation to.

It could allude to past relationships — with those who have passed away, in the present or even future ones.

When it comes to your emotions, stay open to receiving new information and messages. You want to be able to tap into past traumas and hidden emotions.

Liston to your intuition in order to deepen and enhance your connection with the spirit realm beyond just your normal senses. 

Biblical Meaning Of A Lizard In Your House

Lizard In Your House

People use lizards in the Bible to show things that aren’t clean or holy. Lizards can be a sign of reptiles.

You should pay attention to this sign of religion in your home. But, the message depends if it was a baby lizard and its color.

Let’s now explore more, as the type of lizard will help you understand more about this event.

Baby lizard:

Baby lizard

In many cultures, a baby lizard entering your home is a great symbol and sign for abundance, luck and fortune.

It is believed that it means that your life is going to change in a positive way.

This could be in the form of great news, a new job, or answers you have been seeking.

Stay optimistic and open to receiving messages from the universe in the form of great opportunities. 

White lizard:

White lizard

Biblically, the color white is often tied to spirituality. If a white lizard visits your home assume it is associated with a spiritual awakening or some form of enlightenment.

Take the time to invest in your spiritual journey by asking your angels, guides and ancestors for clarity and growth.

Use this time and sign to explore your beliefs and faith. Think about what they mean to you and how you can implement those teachings in your everyday life. 

Also, take some time to read the prophetic meaning of seeing an Owl.

Black lizard:

Black lizard

In many different cultures, a black lizard visiting your home is often associated with ‘death’, this could be interpreted in many different ways:

  • The end of a relationship or severing of a spiritual connection/tie to someone you care about;
  • A call to end terrible behavioral patterns that are negatively impacting your life;
  • The literal passing of someone you care about or are connected to;
  • The need to explore and remove traumas ;
  • Your grief presents itself to you, symbolizing the need to reflect on those emotions.

Brown lizard:

Brown lizard

A brown lizard in your home is a message from your ancestors and the spirit realm.

It means that you should expect a visitor or are in the presence of a visitor to your home.

The color brown in particular is often related to grounding and anchoring. So, it may also be a sign that you need to focus on grounding yourself in your spirituality, faith and spiritual connections.

From this point onwards focus on stability and what changes need to be made in your life in order to achieve it.  

Green lizard:

Green lizard

The color green on an animal usually represents abundance and sometimes fertility.

In addition to this, a green lizard entering your home is carrying with it messages and symbols of growth, renewal and regeneration.

Reflect on what this may mean for you, your goals and your dreams. You have the power to manifest any life you want!

In some cultures, green lizards are related to money and finances. Money may flow into your life and you need to be prepared.

Alternatively, the outflow of money in your life may be a concern and you need to pay attention to that. 

What Do Lizards Represent In The Bible? 

lizard in rock

The bible makes many references to Lizards in it, as they hold a variety of different meanings and symbolism.

Leviticus 11:29-30 speaks to how they are seen as unclean and a symbol of impurity

Of the animals that move along the ground, these are unclean for you: the weasel, the rat, any kind of great lizard, the gecko, the monitor lizard, the wall lizard, the skink and the chameleon.

Leviticus 11:29-30

In other parts of the Bible, lizards represent deceit and cunning. This could mean a warning against people or situations that may bring deceit into your life.

Use this as a sign to be cautious and alert in your interactions with other people. 

Proverbs 30:28 speaks to how lizards symbolize weakness.

“A lizard can be caught with the hand, yet it is found in kings’ palaces.”

Proverbs 30:28

It tells us how our own vulnerabilities and weaknesses can influence and infiltrate our lives in our most powerful phases, whereby we may be blocking our blessings and opportunities.

A powerful reminder to never underestimate yourself. Practice humility and introspection in order to tap into your potential and powers. 

 It’s important to know that they are not always mentioned in a negative light.

Lizards can also be a metaphor for resurrection and renewal, as they have the ability to regrow limbs and shed their skin.

This is a reminder to us of the power of God and his ability to bring new life into our lives and restore balance and harmony to us.

They are a powerful reminder to focus on your physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

So, God is telling you to shed and outgrow the negativity in your life (behavioral patterns, thoughts and emotions) that may be harming you.

Whatever you lose and whatever difficulties you may face you have the ability to overcome, transform and make room for new growth and transformation. 

7 Prophetic Meanings Of A Lizard In The House 

7 Prophetic Meanings Of A Lizard In The House 

So far, we’ve talked about lizard spiritual meanings and baby lizard symbolisms. Also, we discussed lizard meaning in the Bible.

But, now, we’ll talk about eleven different prophetic (spiritual) implications of a lizard in the house.

If you find any meanings related to your life, you can ponder upon the purpose of the prophetic signals.

1) Restlessness

It is believed that a Lizard being in your home is a sign of restlessness and insomnia. It is said that when you see lizards in your home it is because they are seeking your company.

You are dealing with a lot and allowing unresolved trauma to filter into your life. Healing from unresolved traumas and emotions can help you sleep better and feel better at night.

Take the time to journal and meditate on your mindset and mental health

I believe you’ll also enjoy reading about the prophetic meaning of having flies in your house.

2) You are in the presence of a loved one

In some cultures, when someone has recently passed away and you are at the beginning of your mourning period, a lizard in your home may be a sign of the physical presence of your loved one.

They are comforting you with emotional support and happy emotions. Your loved ones are with you in spirit.

As a symbol of guidance be comforted knowing that your loved ones are guiding you on your personal and spiritual journey.

Embrace this spiritual connection and move through life knowing your loved one is at peace. 

3) Good Luck and Fortune

In many cultures, a lizard in your house is a great sign of prosperity and great fortune

In Egyptian Culture, the lizard is often represented and used as a symbol of abundance and prosperity. And in Celtic traditions, the lizard is also a sign of wealth.

lizards can be a sign of upcoming changes and chances in our lives that will bring success.  Prepare to put in hard work and persevere in order to grow and adapt to reach your goals. 

4) A Call to Be More Alert in Your Life

A fun fact about lizards is that they actually possess very high sense. They have a great ability to be in tune with and attuned to their surroundings.

Their presence in your home may be a call to you to trust in your intuition. They are warning you that you will need to be very aware of your surroundings.

Pay attention to the people you encounter and will be around in the next period of your life. 

5) New Beginnings, Change and Opportunity

Lizards have the ability to shed their own skin, regenerate limbs and adapt to their environment.

So they are a great way to think about fresh starts and your own ability to transform and take on new opportunities.

Look out for new positive changes and experiences that will greatly impact your life.

Be open to anything that may come your way. Take advantage of anything and everything that may come up.

On the other hand, this may mean either positive or negative changes may be coming your way. So, it’s important to be prepared. 

6) You Need to Cleanse 

Because in the bible they are seen as unclean animals, a lizard in your home may be a sign that you are in need of clearing and cleansing yourself, your space and your mind.

The need for cleansing can also refer to our spiritual, emotional and mental well-being as well. Remove anything that may be blocking or hindering your growth and well-being. 

7) You Are Being Protected

This could be a great spiritual sign and meaning for protection. Lizards are known as a guardian for unlocking hidden knowledge and inner power.

So, seeing one may be a sign that you are being greatly protected from and by the spirit realm.

Remember, they have the ability to ward off negativity and evil spirits and make you aware of them.

You may need to tap into your courage, strength and inner power in order to help you through any difficulties you may face. 

Lizards In The House Are They A Good Or Bad Sign? 

two lizards

Depending on your beliefs and the circumstances of your life at the time, having a lizard in your house can be both a good and bad sign.

In some cultures, lizards are known to be symbols and messengers of good luck and great fortune.

They are seen as creatures that bring blessings, protection, and positive energy into your home.

Their presence can ward off evil spirits or negative energies. And, at the same time create a sense of harmony and balance in the household.

But, if you have recently experienced a loss, a lizard visiting your home is the spiritual manifestation of your loved one being in your presence.

They come to show you that they support you, are thinking about you and will always be with you. Especially in the period right after they have passed and you are at the height of your grief.

On the other hand, some individuals may view lizards in the house as an unwelcome presence or a sign of impending misfortune.

This perception may stem from superstitions or cultural beliefs associating lizards with bad luck, illness, or negative omens.

Keep in mind that there is a lot to consider such as the type of lizard, it’s behavior, the energy and different events around you at this time. 

Before you leave, you should also take a look at the superstitions of having your right or left foot twitching.

Final Thoughts 

When you see a lizard in your home, take the time to reflect on how you feel at this moment.

But, as explained in this article, some of these messages might bring warnings. While others might be positive omen as well as inspirations and insights. 

Open your heart, spirit and mind to these messages. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your angels, ancestors, and guides; ask them for guidance and clarity!

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