9 Prophetic Meanings of Seeing an Owl: Bible Meaning

We’ve got an exciting topic on our hands. It’s all about the nine prophetic meanings of seeing an Owl. This article shall discuss different signs of an owl by spirituality. Also, we’ll discuss if owls are evil or not according to the bible.

Many people ask if owls are excellent or bad spiritually. At first thought, it seems like owls are signs of misery, destruction, etc. But, owls are the representation of both good and bad.

So, let’s talk about owls in the light of the bible. Stay tuned, and let’s learn about owl spirituality and prophetic meanings.

Are Owls mentioned in the Bible?

Owls in the Bible

Yes, owls are mentioned in various books and chapters of the bible. Some of the examples are Isaiah and Leviticus. In the Leviticus book, owls have been called the night hawk.

Furthermore, according to Leviticus and Deuteronomy, owls are classified as unclean animals and instructed people not to eat owls. Overall, owls are mentioned several times in the bible.

Some portions of the bible even consider an owl the companion or brother of jackals. In short, the owl is a type of nighthawk who likes to visit places that have been destroyed.

So, the owl is often seen as an icon of sadness, loss, misery, and isolation in the bible. Next, we’ll talk about what owls represent according to the bible.

What do Owls Represent in the Bible?

White owl

We already know owls are mentioned in one too many places in the bible. But what do they represent? Let’s analyze three such examples from which we can understand the representation of owls in the bible.


Many people from the past, especially in Palestine, consider owls a sign of loneliness.

If we consider the bible a source for this representation, the book Psalms, verse 102:6, is the perfect example.

The verse in short is – During this time of loneliness, the psalmist calls himself “a small owl from the solitary places.”

So, loneliness in compliance with living in desolate places is a significant representation of the bible’s owls.

Ruins and Destruction:

In the book of Isaiah, there’s a prophecy about the destruction of the city Edom. And the Prophet also mentioned that owls would live in the city’s ruins.

So, owls also represent ruins and destructions, according to the bible.

However, these creatures can also represent uncleanliness. We shall talk about that in the following section.


In the Leviticus book, owls are often mentioned as unclean, and they’re forbidden to eat by the Jews. Hence, the owl’s unholy or not clean factor is another representation by the bible.

A law in the Mosaic Law says that owls and likewise animals are unclean, which means that Israel couldn’t eat them as food. “These are the creatures you should not intake due to their uncleanliness.”

Mainly, owls were thought dirty since they were exploitive animals that eat flesh with blood.

Now, we know about three different representations of owls from the bible. What about symbolism in light of the bible. Find out in the following section.

The Owl Symbolism in the Bible

Symbolism of owls in the Bible

The owl was seen as a symbol of the wild spirit in Christianity during the Middle Ages. Also, owls represent the resurrection of wizards and magicians through their appearance in myths and legends.

According to the bible (Isaiah’s book), owls are used to represent the destruction of the city of Babylon. So, the symbolism of owls differs from age to age in Christianity.

Similarly, the destruction of the city of Edom is also represented by owls in the book of Isaiah. Overall, owls symbolize ruins, destruction, misery, and loneliness.

Let’s look at nine different prophetic meanings of seeing an owl next.

9 Prophetic Meanings of Seeing an Owl

Prophetic Meaning of Seeing an Owl

We’ve talked about owl representation and symbolism in terms of the bible. Next, we plan to discuss nine prophetic or spiritual meanings of spotting an owl. Some of them can be good, and others can be negative meanings.

1) Change the way you see things

Changing the way we handle or consider different situations is necessary. For example, in many cultures, when a person sees an owl flying over their head, it tells us to view things from a new perspective.

At times, we need to think above others. Thus, when we see an owl over our head (flying), it’s giving us a signal to have a “bird’s view” of any situation we’re facing.

2) Fix the Problems in Life

As owls can represent sadness and misery, they can also tell us to fix problems. But unfortunately, sometimes, we fall into a vicious cycle of sadness and depression. As a result, we don’t solve our problems but rather make things worse.

Spotting an owl can tell us that we’ll face depression, loneliness, and misery if we don’t solve the problems. Hence, we should take a moment and try to find the solution to all the hurdles in our lives.

3) Get Aware and Stay Alert

We often try to find the meaning of seeing an owl while awake. But what if we see owls in our dreams?

Seeing owls in our dreams represents our intuition and inner mentality. To discover yourself, you must delve into the deep of your mind and face your most fearful aspects.

Owls are ensconced in mystery, enchantment, and esoteric wisdom. These dreams can be a sign to improve your intuition. When we stay alert, we can always know what can cause problems and avoid them accordingly.

So, awareness and alert are two similar prophetic meanings we can get from seeing an owl.

4) End of Something

The end of something can be near when we see owls. It could be the end of good or bad things.

Some people who have problems and see an owl can think that it means the problems are over.

On the other hand, a person having good times can see an owl, which means good times are over for him. People believe that owls can mean the end of something, but this isn’t always the case.

It can also mean something new will begin. Next, we’ll discuss owls having such meaning.

5) Start of Something New

So, a sudden vision of owls can mean we’re about to embark on something new. Maybe, we’ve been going through some tough times. But, owls can represent the end of the hard times and the start of good times.

We all need a breakthrough to improve our lives. When we spot owls, it can prophetically message us to look for new opportunities.

Only when we take advantage of the new changes around us, we can develop our lives into something better. So, a new beginning is a positive prophetic meaning of seeing an owl.

6) A Warning of Misery

Spotting an owl during the night can be a prophetic sign of misery. It’s a warning that we need to ponder our lives.

Sometimes, we go on with our lives without thinking about what’s happening. So, we should take some time and think about our life. Then, when we find the underlying problems, we can avoid upcoming problems.

In Indian cultures, people believe that owls are a sign of misery and isolation. As a result, people usually leave us alone when we’re in difficulty. So, we should take a warning when we see an owl during the night.

7) Presence of Enemies

We have to deal with enemies in our life at some point. Some enemies are open, while others are secretive.

We meet different people during phases of our lives. Not all people want good for us. Some might be plotting against us while we don’t know.

When we spot owls suddenly, it can have a prophetic or spiritual meaning of the presence of enemies. So, we shall act with patience and be alert to people who might be our enemies.

Owls often represent open and secret enemies. Especially, enemies in secret can cause us to harm in ways more than one. Hence, we should act alert and keep our distance from certain people.

8) Good Things may come

Humans go through difficult periods in their lives from time to time. As a result, we require a break from all of the difficulties and the enjoyment of pleasant experiences.

Spotting owls have been associated with the arrival of good things in different traditions. However, this meaning has little to no basis. Mainly, several individuals from other belief systems associate good things with owls.

In general, owls usually don’t associate with the good things in our lives. So, it’s up to you to believe this message. Moreover, most religions represent owls as evil or a sign of misery and isolation.

9) Isolated life will prevail

Isolation has been associated strongly with owls. However, if you spot owls, it might signal the coming of an isolated life.

Owls, by nature, live in isolated places and ruins. So, they can give us a message to prepare for such a life.

Misery and isolation are two things strongly linked with owls. When we face misery, we get almost little to no help from others. As a result, we feel isolated from society and the whole world.

Thus, misery and isolation can be strongly associated with owl spotting.

So, that would be all on the nine prophetic (spiritual) meanings of seeing an owl. Next, we’ll talk about owls being evil according to the bible.

Are owls evil, according to the Bible?

Owls and evil spirits

According to the bible, owls are usually seen as bad things. For example, in Isaiah and Leviticus, owls are thought to be animals that live at night in empty and ruined places.

Babylon and owls have been talked about in the bible, too. As these cities are destroyed, it has been said that owls will live alone in the middle of them.

However, it’s essential to know that owls aren’t harmful animals. They are just linked to the wrong parts of our lives. According to the Bible, there are many bad things about them.

Another negative thing about owls is that they are linked to being dirty. The book of Leviticus says that owls aren’t clean.

Owls aren’t evil, but they’re linked to many things that aren’t good in our lives.

Should I be afraid?

Owls and danger in prophetic world

There’s no need for immediate fear or worry upon seeing owls. But unfortunately, it seems that owls can mean something evil. But, the negative signs aren’t necessarily there to impact our lives.

However, fear is an instinct of human beings. So, upon the sudden presence of owls around you, it’s normal to get scared. But, it’s preferable to get over the fear and stay calm.

If you believe that owls will bring something evil into your life, take a moment and think about what wrong things are in your life. Then, try and solve those things. It will only make your life better.

Owls warn us of some evils among the different symbolism and prophetic meanings. So, there’s no necessity for fear. Instead, we should be alert and stay focused to face the problems with sheer courage.

Final Words

So far, we’ve had an intense discussion on the signs and symbolism of owls. The topic was based on the bible and different cultures around the world. As a result, we’ve given different prophetic meanings and symbolism.

However, the evil nature and owls are strongly linked according to the bible. Owls’ primary prophetic or spiritual meanings are isolation, ruins, and destruction.

Overall, owls are mentioned in the bible in the stories of the destruction of several cities. So it means owls can mean something negative in our lives.

But, as we understand, owls aren’t evil creatures. They can only represent or signify something negative. So it’s up to us to stay alert and focused on our lives.

We can always take heed of the signs mentioned in this article and try to change any evil that might be coming our way. But, note that all the meanings aren’t necessarily there to be applied in our lives.

So, what did you think about the prophetic meanings of seeing an owl according to the Bible? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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