5 Prayers To Say While Cleansing Your House: From The Bible

From time to time it’s important to cleanse your house and get rid of any negative energies that may have accumulated. There are several ways to cleanse your house.

But, in my opinion, the most powerful one is through praying. With the power and strength of God, your house will soon be filled with positive energies, love, and peace.

In this article, you’ll find 5 prayers to say while cleansing your house. It’s important that you say them at least once a week for a month if you haven’t cleansed your home in a long time.

With these prayers, you’re inviting God to enter your home and also protect those who live in it. You’ll also strengthen your connection with the spiritual world and be rewarded with a blessing path on Earth.

1) House Cleansing Prayer From The Bible

House Cleansing Prayer From The Bible
Prayer For Printing

“Dear God, I renounce all the sins and ungodliness that ever taken place in my home. Any curses or evil agreements that were ever made in or over this house and land are now declared broken and null by Your power and authority.

All of the evil spirits present at this moment shall leave and never return. You’re not welcome anymore.

With the power and the blood of Jesus Christ, I cleanse this home and everything in it. This house is now consecrated and ruled by the presence of the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and God.

I trust You to protect and bless those who live in it and every room, appliance, structure, and infrastructure of this home. Fill this house with joy, love, peace and harmony and build a shield of protection around it.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

This is a very powerful prayer to cleanse your home. It can be used not only to get rid of any evil and sins that ever took place on it but also to protect your family.

If your house is new or old, it also gets rids and cleanses of previous curses or evil agreements that took place in the house or the land itself.

If you haven’t cleansed your home in a long time, it’s important that you use this prayer right:

  • Say this prayer once a week for a whole month — say it on the same day of every week;
  • Trust the Lord’s power — you can’t have second thoughts about your faith while saying this prayer;
  • If you feel an evil presence don’t stop — you might start to feel like there’s someone in the room with you but you can’t stop. The evil spirits will do anything to stop you from banishing them.

You need to be consistent with this prayer, otherwise, it won’t work.

2) Powerful Prayer To Cleanse Your House With Sage

Powerful Prayer To Cleanse Your House With Sage
Prayer For Printing

“Almighty Lord, I pray to You today as I get rid of all the evil presences and enemies attack that my house has suffered. No evil will enter my house anymore as it’ll be filled with the power of our Lord and Savior.

May they get weaker and smaller as I cleanse this home with the protection of Sage. May they never return as the smoke fills every corner with good energy and the love of Jesus Christ.

May those who once fell into the temptation and sins of the evil spirits get protected and blessed by Your miraculous hands, Lord.

Cleanse and bless our hearts, minds and body Almighty God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

This is a very good prayer to say if you feel like your family has been affected by the presence of evil in your home. The power and smoke of sage will make sure to get rid of evil and fill your home with good energies only.

But, how do you tell if there are any evil presences in your home? Here are some ways to tell:

  • Having a bad week: those negative energies will enter your mind and fill it with negative thoughts;
  • Someone keeps getting sick: it can also affect and mess with your psychical health;
  • Constantly having arguments and fights: things may seem fine and everyone’s happy but then, out of the blue, someone starts an argument;
  • Feels like you’re stuck: you feel like no matter what you do and try, your life seems stagnant and stuck in the same routine over and over.

These are strong indicators that there’s a powerful evil spirit in your house that doesn’t enjoy seeing your family happy.

If you can relate to one of the above, you should start saying this prayer immediately! Say it twice a week but use sage only once a week.

You can also learn here more about the benefits of saging your home regularly.

3) Prayer To Protect Your House From Evil Spirits

Prayer To Protect Your House From Evil Spirits
Prayer For Printing

“Heavenly Father, I’m putting all the fears and curses behind me as I cancel them today with the Your help. I choose to stop being enslaved by their presence anymore.

All of the dark forces, anti-Christ spirits, and demon ghosts shall leave my property right now as You arrest them with Your presence and protection.

I renounce all of the negative entities in my house as I choose this house to be ruled and guided by Your holiness and authority. I pray today to protect and shield those on live in it too.

May Your words always be heard and louder than any other presence in this home. In You, I trust to protect us from the demonic spirits the enemies attack.

Thank you, Father. Amen.”

If you want to protect your house from evil spirits and presences, you need to renounce to them first and then ask God to help you.

After all, He is the only one capable to cleanse and get rid of all the demonic spirits that may be living in your home and land. As their presence may be from a long time ago and not recently.

With this prayer, you’re invoking God’s powers and protection. He builds a shield around your home that won’t let any negative energies enter your house.

It’s also important to say focused and have faith while doing this ritual, or it won’t be as efficient as it should be. The power protection also comes from your heart and mind.

4) Sage Cleansing Prayer For Home Protection

Sage Cleansing Prayer For Home Protection
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Almighty Father, enter this home and bless those who live there. Help me get rid of the evil spirits present in this house and send Your guardian angels to protect and bless us.

I renounce all of the evil forces, whether they come from ancient times or from enemies’ attacks. May this house be protected with Your presence during the day and night.

May your infinite goodness enter the hearts of all who live in this house. May peace, kindness and love always overrule anger and arguments.

With You, God, we’re capable of overcoming all the difficulties and problems in our life. May this house be blessed by Your love. Amen.”

This prayer should be said while saging your house. You’ll be getting rid of all of the negative energies surrounding your home, even if they come because of the enemy’s attack.

With the power and strength of God, there won’t be evil forces strong enough to resist this prayer.

You’re filling your home with a powerful protective shield and inviting God to always be around your family.

Even though this is a saging prayer, you can say it as many times as you need. But, sage is extremely powerful and effective when it comes to getting rid of any evil forces.

You should also take a look at these smudging prayers to remove negative energies from our home.

5) Prayer To Say While Cleansing Your Home

Prayer To Say While Cleansing Your Home
Prayer For Printing

“Lord, Creator of Heaven, Earth and all things. Accept this prayer I humbly offer to you today while I cleanse my home. Your presence is needed in this house and my family’s heart.

I ask You to bless and protect my humble home as things haven’t been easy lately. I sense there’s some demonic presence in my house holding us back from succeeding.

Please manifest Your presence for the benefit of those who live here. May You send us Your guardian angels to guide and protect us from the temptations and sins that have been put on our path.

May this house be filled only by Your presence, love, joy, peace, harmony and guidance. Amen.”

Every one of these prayers will help you to efficiently cleanse your home. They all ask God to be present and protect your home.

But this one is my favorite, I use it to cleanse my house at least once a month.

With this prayer, you’re showing God how much you believe in His powers of protection and guidance. His presence alone is capable of changing your house energies.

It’s important that you show Him what has been bothering you and how He can help you deal with those issues. Because God is grateful to those who talk to him daily.

There are no right or wrong ways of praying, as long as they come from your heart that’s all that matter to God.

You can also say a prayer to get rid of evil spirits.

How Can I Cleanse My House?

There are many ways of cleansing your house that can be combined with praying. Here are a few examples:

  • Burning sage;
  • Use salt;
  • Make noise.

Burning sage

Here’s a quick step-by-step on how to burn sage correctly:

  1. Open a window or door so the negative energy has a way out;
  2. Light the sage at a 45-degree angle and let it burn for about 20 seconds;
  3. Put out the fire and already the first smoke will start to appear;
  4. Walk slowly with it in your hand and let the smoke spread in each corner of the house.
  5. You can use it the purify a specific object or room.

Using salt

Salt has been used to get rid of evil spirits since ancient times. Here are some ways to use it to cleanse your home:

  1. Let the salt dissolve in a spray boytle, then spray all over your house or room you want to cleanse;
  2. Place a small amount of salt in your home’s entrance — I like to put it in every entry and window;
  3. Dissolve some salt in the water and use it to clean your floors;
  4. Place some salt in a cup and put it in your bedroom.

Make noise

The power of sound is also known to ward off evil presences. You can use it by saying the prayer out loud as you walk around the house.

You can also clap your hands or use background music as you do it. You’re empowering your words and intentions with the power of sound.

But it’s important that you use the same sound from the beginning. For example, if you which to play music while you say the prayer, it can only use one song.

How Can I Bless My House?

There are also many ways to bless your home, but the most powerful is by praying.

With any of the prayers above you’re asking God to help you get rid of any negative energies in your home and to protect it. You’re inviting God not only to be present but also to be a part of your family.

Blessing your home with a prayer brings you closer to the Lord and the spiritual world. He will build a shield around your home that no evil and demonic entities will be able to break.

You’re also blessing those who live in your house.

Will These Prayers Help To Protect My House?

Yes, these prayers will definitely help to protect your house. You’re asking God to intervene in your life and to bless it with His powers.

But remember that you need to say these prayers at least once a week for a whole month. Otherwise, the spirits will be able to come back after a few weeks.

Praying is something we should be doing daily, not only in moments of need. God is our savior and protector, He will guide us and show us the path when we are lost.

Final Thoughts

With these prayers to say while cleansing your house, you’ll soon get rid of the negative energies and evil spirits that are present in it too. Don’t be afraid to turn to God to ask for protection and guidance.

He’ll be grateful that you believe in His powers to help you at this moment. But, you should also consider saying a prayer after to show how thankful you are for Him to be present in your home.

It’s essential that we cleanse our home and ourselves on a regular basis. You can do it using any of the methods above: burning sage, using salt or sound. As longe as you do it with faith, God will always be by your side.

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