7 Smudging Prayer To Remove Negative Energy From Home

Smudging with sage is a famous way to clear negative energy and invite positivity into your home. It’s an energetic healing practice

Smudging prayers can help you remove negative energies from your home and give you a sense of peace and light up your soul. The spiritual method empties and clears past energy. 

Smudging typically involves wafting the sacred smoke of various dried herbs such as cinnamon sticks, sage, and palo santo around the home and furnishings.

People use smudging prayers for many spiritual reasons, such as seeking protection or blessings.

1) Smudging Prayer To Remove Negative Energy From Home

Smudging Prayer To Remove Negative Energy From Home
Prayer For Printing

“I command negativity, bleakness, discomfort, low vibrational force, and non-benevolent beings present in this space to go.

I command all the negativity to vanish and empty my house for positive light and lively vibes.

God, endow my body and keep it purified. Sanctify my hands that they will do Your work. Bless my feet that they will walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Keep my thoughts concentrated on Jesus and His works. Keep me clean. Bless this house so that it will remove negativity and fear and burn all evil spirits.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

It is essential that when working with cleansing energy, we first ground within our body.

Then, we must be strict with our application. You’ll desire to open your windows for this one to let out the negative energy.

This prayer is very powerful, so you need to have a way for the energy to go away. Otherwise, it will stay in your house.

Learn the benefits of sage in the spiritual world.

2) Short Sage Cleansing Prayer For Negative Energy

Short Sage Cleansing Prayer For Negative Energy
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“Dear God, Please encourage this energy to move and remove any negative energy and toxins from this house. Please help me find strength, peace, and clarity.

Drive away the forces of evil through your power.

Smoke, wind, fire and earth, cleanse and fill this house with your purity. Remove all negativity, pain and fear, and let only positive energy enter this house. Amen.”

When doing a smudging prayer for a house to clear negative energy, you need to think about what you want to achieve – the more specific you can be, the better.

Do you want to be more productive? Do you want to eliminate negative energies after an argument? Has it been a challenging time for you and your family? Or it’s part of your daily ritual or to welcome the Equinox.

It’s essential to remember that every situation is distinctive, so the more you can feel and adapt the prayer to your intention, the better it will be.

You can also try these prayers to get rid of evil spirits.

3) Powerful Prayer To Say When Saging Your House

Powerful Prayer To Say When Saging Your House
Prayer For Printing

“May you clean your hands to create beautiful things. May your feet get clean, so they can take you where you need to go.

May you have a clear heart to listen to the messages it conveys. May you clear your throat to speak appropriately when you need words.

May your eyes remain open to see the wonders and signs of the world. May this place and this person be cleansed of this smoke of these plants. May this smoke carry this prayer.”

This sage cleansing prayer for negative energy is a good choice when cleaning your home.

Saging your home is a great way to bring more positive energy to your home, but you may need to learn how to start this spiritual and beneficial practice.

You can say this prayer when saging your house. You don’t need to say a sage cleansing prayer to eliminate negative energy.

However, prayers for cleansing and protection often make it easier to focus on being positive and having only good thoughts during the ceremony itself.

4) Strong Smudging Prayer For Your Home

Strong Smudging Prayer For Your Home
Prayer For Printing

“I pray and ask through my relationship with the Divine Spirit that my home be cleansed of all negative thoughts, suggestions, influences, and energetic debris that can reside here on all energy levels.

I ask that all of these be sent to be reborn into positive healing light and that there be no adverse side effects for any family members of the home itself.

I ask that the Universal Source of energy allow my home to be filled with only positive healing light and sealed on an energetic level with triple protection.


You can say this prayer to remove all stagnant, harmful, and unwanted energy and send it to a loving, healing ball of light not to return.

It would help to enter positive energy into your home and eliminate negative energy. 

The process of smudging is planned to cleanse, purify, and get rid of negative energy. The smoke is considered a purifier; as it rises, it takes your wishes into the heavens and the Gods.

5) Prayer To Cleanse Any House With Sage

Prayer To Cleanse Any House With Sage
Prayer For Printing

“Heavenly Father, take away all the worries, illnesses, depression, and sadness. Walk through this house and watch over its family.

Please bless all of the spirits present. Bless and sanctify them. Soften our hearts and shift them towards You.

May this house be filled with joy and light. We ask for your power to purify and remove all the negative energy and evil spirits from this house.

We pray this prayer in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.”

If negative energy and harmful influences have entered your life, it is essential to invite God to mend and purify you

Via the power of Jesus Christ, God can cleanse your soul and energy; these protective prayers for soul cleansing do just that.

Inviting God into your life will give you a greater sense of peace and joy.

These prayers will help you cleanse any house with sage and ask God for help and cleansing power. Submit them humbly and see how God works in your life.

6) Smudge Prayer For House Blessing

Smudge Prayer For House Blessing
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Jesus Christ, I know my life has been full of many sins. Pardon me for all the sinful things I have done. Cleanse my house and protect us from evil souls by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I request the Holy Spirit to come into this place, my heart, and my soul, forever and ever. Jesus, bless this house and all who enter it in this house.

Bless every room, every closet, and every corner. I pray that your blessing is upon this home because it is a place of peace, love, and joy.


These prayers for home blessing and protection invite the Lord into your home to bless and protect you and your family.

They pray to God to watch over the coming and going and bless the family with peace, happiness, and abundance.

7) Beautiful Cleansing Prayer For Home

Beautiful Cleansing Prayer For Home
Prayer For Printing

“Holy Lord, we come before you seeking your praise and purpose in our home. We are praising and worshiping you within the walls of our home.

Purify our hearts, minds, and our homes to reflect Your holiness. Renew us, protect us, and bless this home as we seek to know and serve you better.

Lord, we thank you for the home you have provided for us. Sanctify this house so that we may set it apart to be used for Your glory.

May this house become your holy temple, and your name be glorified day and night within these walls. We pray with devotion that you will fulfill this house. This house and household will serve you all our days.

Thank you, God, for blessing this house. Amen.”

Beautiful cleansing Prayer for the house is essential.

Whether it is a new home or an existing one, we encourage everyone to bless their homes through prayer.

You can say these beautiful prayers for cleansing your home or anyone’s home.

How To Burn Sage To Get Rid Of Negative Energy?

Once you are ready to light your sage, hold the sage as close as possible to the end you are burning.

Hold the sage at a 45-degree angle, light the sage, let it burn for about 20 seconds and then gently extinguish the flame so that you see orange embers at one end.

Then you can start the process of cleaning your space.

Loosen the ribbon around the sage, take the tip you’re lighting, and break it flat to give it a little breathing room. 

If you also start to see glowing embers, you can lightly blow on the end that is lit, and remember to do it gently; otherwise, you send sage ash flying onto your clothes or carpet.

How Many Times Can I Smudge My House?

You can smudge your living space every time it has been contaminated by negativity or foreign energies.

There are no complicated and fast rules regarding how often you should sage yourself or your space. 

We are our best guides when identifying negative energy—so pay attention to your intuition.

If you feel overwhelmed by stress or anxiety, that’s a good sign that a cleanse is in order.

But it’s a good idea to do a complete smudging of your home four times a year when the seasons change.

How Long Will It Take For These Prayers To Work?

These prayers are related to your faith in God. As you start praying for the purpose, the result will begin to feel by you. Prayers work depending on our beliefs

We should always believe that He Almighty will answer our prayers whenever we pray to our God.

Our work is just praying to God; it is His work to accept our prayers and award us what we ask for.

The Negative Energy Won’t Return To My House?

No, negative energies won’t return because you have prayed.

We must believe that when we pray to our God, He will surely listen to our prayers and banish these negative energies from coming back.

He is our beloved God; only He knows what is best for us.

He will provide peace and positivity against these negative energies and He will never let these evil energies come near us.

Final Thoughts


Many people choose this procedure after significant life changes, such as losing something or moving to a new home. We’ve covered you if you’ve never tried a ritual cleansing before and don’t know any smudging prayers.

Burning of sage for ritual cleans means that you are creating a positive environment.

You are actively choosing to “cleanse” yourself of negative thoughts, traumas, bad past experiences, and more.

Setting and committing to this intention can be the spark you need to change your mindset and life on your journey to self-improvement.

You can also burn sage to cleanse objects such as second-hand items and souvenirs, which can help clear any negative energy or history associated with the object.

Burning sage is a powerful ritual in indigenous communities that have used for thousands of years to eliminate negative energy. If you are going to burn sage in your home, make sure to do this safely and with respect for the origins of this sacred practice.

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