9 Prayers To God For Epilepsy and Seizures: Stop and Heal

Epilepsy and seizures can be frightening experiences for both those affected and their families. Despite the difficulties associated with this condition, there is hope.

One way to address this disorder is through prayer. Many people believe that the power of prayer can be a powerful tool for healing and alleviating suffering. 

Prayers for epilepsy and seizures to stop and heal are becoming more popular as individuals seek comfort during distress.

By engaging in prayerful reflection, individuals can reduce stress levels which could lead to improved mental health outcomes over time.

1) Prayer for Epilepsy

Prayer for Epilepsy
Prayer For Printing

“O Heavenly Lord, I pray you will help ensure my loved one has angels to protect him. Let these angels protect my friend as he faces his seizures so he can get the help he needs.

May these angels guide the doctors to the right treatment. Lord, please help my loved one find peace. May God rest their minds, so they do not worry about their illness. I am very grateful for your intercession on their behalf.

I offer this prayer in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.”

It can be a frightening experience for those who have to live with it, as well as their families and friends.

In some cases, it is an unpredictable condition with no known cause or cure, leaving those affected helpless.

However, prayer may provide comfort and strength for those living with epilepsy.

Praying makes sure God is present and protecting those who suffer with epilepsy.

2) Prayer for Seizures

Prayer for Seizures
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“God, we pray for our loved one who suffers from seizures. We pray that you give them the strength to fight these attacks and live life to the fullest.

We pray for our family that we can care for them and love them without fear of losing them. We pray for a cure so that one day they can live without the fear of an attack.

 Dear Lord, We pray that you ease their pain and make them feel safe and at peace. We pray that the medication they take will help them overcome this difficulty and lead a fulfilling life.

We pray that they will be strong in their faith and find the strength to overcome this challenge. Amen.”

Are you or a loved one suffering from seizures? Have you been looking for ways to help ease the symptoms and reduce their frequency? If so, turning to Lord Jesus for help may be an option

Praying for relief is often overlooked as a treatment for seizures, but many have found it can bring them much-needed comfort and guidance.

You may also say a prayer for inner peace and calm, as being calm during these moments will also help.

3) Strong Prayer to the Saint of Epilepsy

Strong Prayer to the Saint of Epilepsy
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“Saint Valentine, You patron of love and those who have epilepsy, I ask you to pray for my loved one who is currently suffering from epilepsy.

I hope you will intercede for them and ask God Almighty to help them. Please help reduce the frequency of their visits. I pray that their visits become less frequent so that they can lead their lives with less worry.

Help their seizures be mild and treatable. We pray to God to reduce the severity of their seizures. Amen.”

A strong saint’s prayer can provide comfort or strength as you, or a loved one manages epilepsy.

For Christians, finding prayers for epilepsy can provide comfort and help in coping with the condition.

Always remember that turning to God will help you through life’s challenges.

4) Powerful Prayer to the Saint of Seizures

Powerful Prayer to the Saint of Seizures
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“Dear Saint Valentine, I come before you today and ask for your help preventing and treating seizures. This terrible disease has caused so much pain to so many people, and we beg you to remove it from their lives.

Lord, we know that you are all powerful and can do anything, so we beg you to please heal those suffering from seizures and free them from their grip. Amen.”

Prayer can be a powerful tool in the face of complex and trying times. It can bring comfort, provide strength, and foster peace.

Saint Valentine’s prayer for seizures is a prayer of great importance.

Any Christian who prays Saint Valentine daily can avoid danger; this prayer has saved many lives.

You can also say a prayer for anxiety, worry, and fear, to help you get through the pain.

5) Prayer to God to Help the Seizures and Epilepsy

Prayer to God to Help the Seizures and Epilepsy
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“Lord, we need a miracle, and we are eagerly waiting to see how you will powerfully move this situation.

We praise you and will continue to praise you and thank you, no matter how serious it may be naturally, because we believe you are working in the spiritual world, and we see not by eyes but by faith.

Write the name of [name] in your Lamb’s book of life in the name of Jesus, and as we all pray in unison and witness the Spirit, we ask you to seal [name] with the blood of Christ. Amen.”

In light of these feelings of fear, many turn to prayer as a source of comfort and hope for better days ahead.

Prayer can be a way to cope with the physical effects of seizures while at the same time finding spiritual strength in knowing there is something greater than themselves out there looking after them.

6) Strong Prayer Against Seizures And Epilepsy

Strong Prayer Against Seizures And Epilepsy
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“Dear Lord in Heaven, I come before you today asking for your healing for all those who have epilepsy. You are the God and Father of miracles, and nothing can stand against your restoring light.

Lord, please heal those who suffer from this condition and deliver them from their seizures and struggles. Pour your healing power over their bodies and minds, and restore them to health and well-being in your love.

Lord, I also pray for the families of those who have epilepsy. Give them strength in this challenging time, and give them your comfort that passes all understanding. Amen.”

Research has shown that patients who engage in religious activities, like prayer, have better mental health outcomes than those who do not engage in such activities.

Prayers also reassure individuals that their health issues will be addressed by someone greater than themselves.

And God will always be present and protecting those who are thankful to him.

7) Beautiful Prayer for Seizures to Stop

Beautiful Prayer for Seizures to Stop
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“Jesus Christ, my Lord, and Savior, please help heal [name] from seizures. Elevate your followers by your grace so they may be cured of this disorder.

Seizures can be terrifying and challenging conditions to live in. We ask you to intervene on our behalf and grant complete healing. Thank you for your mercy and grace. In your name, we pray. Amen.”

The prayer is meant to remind us that there is always something greater than the present circumstances and that God has the power to intervene in our lives.

For those seeking comfort, prayer is an accessible source of solace and hope.

You can also say a prayer for protection from evil spirits, as they can have an impact on seizures and epilepsy.

8) Beautiful Prayer for Epilepsy to Stop and Heal

Beautiful Prayer for Epilepsy to Stop and Heal
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“Father in heaven, I come before you today for help and guidance on behalf of a loved one dealing with epilepsy. Your servant and child [name] is suffering from epilepsy, and I pray you will heal them from this affliction.

Place your holy hands on their shoulders. Lord, we know you are a healing God who can do great things. Please, Lord, have mercy on [name] and heal them.

Give them the strength to help them feel your presence and find peace in this trying time. Amen.”

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects millions of people all over the world.

It can be a devastating condition that causes seizures, loss of consciousness, and even cognitive impairment.

Fortunately, some prayers have been used for centuries to help those with epilepsy

9) Recovery Prayer After Epilepsy

Recovery Prayer After Epilepsy
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“Heavenly Lord, I pray for a miracle in my life now. I pray that you intervene and cure my loved ones’ epilepsy. I know that’s a lot to ask. However, I also know that everything is possible through Your power. I pray that you will increase my faith.

Make my faith so strong that this can be healed, just as Jesus Christ healed many people. I accept your will. If it is not your will for them to recover at this time, I pray that you will give them the patience and perseverance to face this challenge in their life.

I pray that You will stand by them and that they can see Your hand in everything. Amen.”

Recovery prayer comforts those with epilepsy by allowing them to look beyond their physical symptoms in search of spiritual healing

Recovery prayers also allow for the recognition of the emotional burden and give them a way to manage their condition and live life more fully despite its complications.

You can also say any of these prayers to help heal a family member for other conditions.

Who is the Saint Patron of the Seizure?

St. Valentine is the Saint Patron of the Seizures. Epilepsy is commonly known as ‘St Valentine’s disease’ in German-speaking countries.

Still, the connection between St. Valentine and epilepsy was not as strong in other non-German-speaking areas.

In France, for example, it was known as ‘Mal de Saint Jean,’ and in Anglo-Saxon countries, particularly Ireland, as ‘St Paul’s disease.’

Will God Help me Stop and Heal epilepsy?

Yes, God will help you stop and heal epilepsy. Indeed God is very Merciful, and He loves His creation a lot.

Praying alone can bring about tremendous spiritual healing by providing a space for believers to reflect on their faith journey with God.

When you call these prayers, He will surely help you quickly recover.

Should I Pray to God during Seizures?

Yes, you must pray to God during the whole period of seizures.

At that time, we are near to God as He washes our sins, and we feel near to Him more than ever. When we face a specific disease and try to heal against it, prayers are the best way to call for God’s help.

But also, we should pray before Him when we are healthy or recovered from seizures—praying in the days of health show our faith and belief in God that we call Him other than our bad days.

Doing so will draw His utmost blessings upon us.

Final Thoughts


The power of prayer and faith can be powerful tools in fighting against epilepsy and seizures. Through prayer, we can heal and offer strength to those suffering from this condition as we come together to lend our support.

As we support those suffering from seizures, let us remember that prayer is essential to healing. Let us also remember the importance of medical treatment for those with epilepsy or seizures.

This powerful act of faith can help someone struggling with this condition move forward in their journey to wellness.

May our prayers give solace and strength to those struggling with this condition, allowing them to live a life of peace and joy.

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