8 Prayers For Someone Facing Jail Time To Be Released

Having someone you care about facing the risk of imprisonment can be heartbreaking. It is much worse if they are facing jail time for a crime they didn’t commit

As you try your best to find evidence to get your loved one released, you can count on God at all times for intervention. The Lord is just and will surely bring what is hidden to the light. 

Say these eight prayers pleading a miracle from our Father in Heaven for someone facing jail time to be released and stay safe while in there.

Pray persistently with faith believing that God is working behind the scenes to perform a miracle for your loved one in despair. 

1) Prayer for Someone Facing Jail Time 

Prayer for Someone Facing Jail Time
Prayer For Printing

“Heavenly Father, I pray for [mention their name], who is facing jail time. I plea for your comfort and peace so that they may overcome this stressful period in their lives. 

Please let them feel Your warm embrace amid their hardship. Let them know that You will never abandon them, no matter the outcome of their trial. 

Direct them through the path of righteousness because only in You can they find redemption.

I ask in Your name, Amen.”

Praying for someone facing jail time is one of the most effective ways to show your love and support.

With this prayer, you’re pleading for God’s help to:

  • Find victory in their case;
  • Protection from the enemy’s evil scheme;
  • Protect your loved one while in prison;
  • Be released earlier.

Prayer is a powerful tool endowed to Christians by God. It is not only a means to thank Him but also offer us comfort and strength when we need it most. 

It says in the Bible in Hebrews 13:3:

Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.

So, pray for them and ask God to help your loved one.

2) Blessing Prayer for a Loved One in Jail 

Blessing Prayer for a Loved One in Jail 
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Lord, I thank You for loving my family member or friend serving jail time. I ask in the Name of Jesus that you would lead my loved one to repentance and receive Your forgiveness. 

Let Your Holy blood wash over them, making them new beings. Surround my loved one with Your blessings and divine protection within the walls of the prison. 

I rest in the assurance that You are working right now to bring a change to my loved one’s life. May they be set free and blessed in Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

You might feel hopeless knowing that your loved one is languishing in jail while there’s nothing you can do. But God says that the impossible is possible with Him.

Powerful things took place within prison walls in the Bible. A perfect example is in Acts 16:16-40, a story about Paul and Silas, who were persecuted and thrown into prison for casting a spirit out of a possessed slave girl.

While behind bars, they prayed and praised God, causing miraculous events. Their prayers prompted God to set them free!

There is great power in prayer. So, when you say this prayer for your jailed loved one, expect to see results. 

You can also say a prayer for inner peace and calm as it will help you and your loved one to be calm during this moment.

3) Inspirational Prayer for Someone in Jail 

Inspirational Prayer for Someone in Jail
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“Lord Jesus, I present [say the name of the prisoner] to You today. I pray that they may experience a renewal of heart and newness only found in You.

Let them find new purpose despite their incarceration. 

Jesus Christ, You know what it is to face captivity and suffering. I pray that those in prison may feel Your presence and find hope and restoration. 

May they draw closer to You and learn to love You unconditionally despite their unfortunate situation. Keep them safe and heal their wounds as they reinvent their lives.

I believe and trust in Christ Jesus, Amen.”

Being detained in prison can make someone feel worthless. This inspirational prayer for someone in prison can help uplift their emotional and spiritual well-being during that tough time

In addition to interceding for them at home, you can visit and encourage them as well as pray together with them.

Prisoners go through lots of struggles. Some deal with addictions, depression, psychiatric disorders and guilt of whatever crime they committed. 

It is our responsibility as Christians to walk with and help them find restoration and God’s forgiveness. The Bible calls us “Christ’s ambassadors” in 2nd Corinthians 5:18. 

As many prisoners are often destitute and hopeless, we should help them see the light of God and find reconciliation with Christ. 

4) Miracle Prayer for a Loved One To Be Released from Prison 

Miracle Prayer for a Loved One To Be Released from Prison
Prayer For Printing

“Mighty God, I call out for a miracle right now. May You work in the spiritual realm and cause my loved one to be released from prison. 

I declare that all charges against them are dropped, and they are going to be released unharmed and conviction free to join the community. 

I pray for mercy upon them and that every charge would have no weight. That Your compassion would reign over their lives. I receive this testimony in Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

As you pray and walk with your incarcerated loved one, be reminded that the law of the land condemns us to physical jail, the same way sin condemns us to spiritual death.

But Jesus sets us free from the imprisonment of sin and death. 

This is a valuable lesson to share with your loved one. As they look forward to being released from prison, they can also be set free from the captivity of sin.

When you intercede for them, remember to pray that God will lead them to repentance

Praying for their salvation will free your loved ones of their negative habits. That way, they will be completely new people when they rejoin society. 

You should also say a miracle prayer for the impossible that will help your loved one.

5) Catholic Prayer for My Son in Jail 

Catholic Prayer for My Son in Jail
Prayer For Printing

“Loving Father, I pray that You help my son in jail. I am distressed and worried because I don’t know about the state of my beloved son and the struggles he goes through in prison.

Please take care of my son and give him strength. Take away negative thoughts that cause depression and low self-esteem. Let his eyes remain fixed on You and remind him of Your everlasting love.

May he be patient and steadfast as He waits upon You to fulfill Your promises for his life. Even when he is down stricken, let him know that You have great plans for him.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

No parent dreams of having their son imprisoned. So it’s normal to feel devastated when your son goes to jail.

You might even blame yourself and question whether you raised your son with the right morals. 

God does not hold you accountable if you are a faithful steward by raising the son He blessed you with in the right way.

The best a parent can do when their child matures is pray that they apply the proper morals instilled in them. 

Another point to note is that your son needs compassion rather than blame while in prison.

Don’t point fingers and rebuke them for their crime. Instead, pray more for and with them and share God’s Word during your visits. 

6) Powerful Prayer for Those in Jail 

Powerful Prayer for Those in Jail
Prayer For Printing

“Christ Jesus, Remember Your children detained in jails around the world. Shine Your light upon them so that they may turn their lives around and start living for You.

Take away their guilt, pain and suffering and lead them towards You. Let them know they can turn to You irrespective of what they have done. And that You are willing to forgive them no matter how big their crimes are.


I applaud you for your selfless act to pray for incarcerated prisoners all over the world, not only your loved ones.

Your prayer will touch and transform the life of a lost soul you may not know or see.

The truth is several prisoners have no one to encourage and stand with them because their loved ones might have deserted them. 

Isaiah 61: 1 declares that the Spirit of the Lord descends upon you. He has anointed you and sent you to take the news of hope to the oppressed, broken-hearted, captives and prisoners. 

We are encouraged to soldier on in intercessory prayers to prisoners. Your prayer will change a convict’s life.  

7) Short Prayer to Release Someone in Jail 

Short Prayer to Release Someone in Jail 
Prayer For Printing

“Lord of Grace, I pray that You may free the convict from the things that have enslaved their mind and spirit. 

Holy Spirit, intercede right now that Your beloved child may be released. Let them walk out of the prison walls and never enter them again. 

In the mighty Name of Jesus, I pray, Amen.”

Say this prayer believing that God is undoubtedly working to get your loved one freed from jail, and you will see the change in no time.

Supporting someone that faced jail time can be incredibly daunting. You might not know how to interact with and help them once released. 

Fortunately, praying for them can help ease the transition and offer a proper foundation for when they come back to the community. 

Apart from praying for the prisoner, you can look into other ways to support them when they earn their freedom. For example:

  • Offering them shelter before they get back on their feet;
  • Help them find a job;
  • Offer to help with groceries and laundry;
  • Call them everyday;
  • Let them know you’re always available if they need to talk.

You can also say a prayer for guidance in making the right decision as it will help your loved one while in jail and after.

8) Strong Prayer for Court Cases 

Strong Prayer for Court Cases
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Father, I praise You for the wonderful things You have done for my loved one. I pray that as they face the court case, You will go before them and grant them a mighty victory. 

Show Yourself strong and deliver them from this unjust case. Let my loved one’s innocence be revealed in the courtroom. Amen.”

Though judges and attorneys decide the fate of our court cases, we are reminded that Christ is our greatest advocate.

Therefore, saying this prayer allows Him to take full control, to defend us in spirit and truth

You might be tempted to use dubious and corrupt means to guarantee your loved one’s victory, but doing so means contradicting your faith, which shows that You don’t trust God to handle the situation. 

God says in Matthew 6:24 that we can’t serve two masters at the same time. We can’t claim to serve God yet still partake in malicious schemes.  

So, as you commit your loved one’s court case to God, remember to keep your thoughts and acts pure and blameless before Him. 

Will These Prayers Help My Loved One to be Released?

Yes. If you pray believing that God will perform that miracle, He will, especially if your loved one is innocent.

Keep your intentions pure as you pray, and the God of justice will find you faultless in His sight

What Does the Bible Say About Visiting Prisoners?

As mentioned above in Isaiah 61: 1, The Lord has appointed us to take the news of hope to the oppressed, and prisoners.

Therefore, we should visit convicts because they need all the encouragement they can get. Even if it’s just once a month.

After all, we should put ourselves in their shoes. Can you imagine being locked down in a place full of strangers? Especially if they haven’t done anything wrong…

Should I Pray for God to Reach Those In Jail?

Oh yes! Many prisoners face issues of unforgiveness, addictions, slander, sandals, murder, robbery and many other issues.

It’s not God’s wish for them to perish in their sins but to forgive them and lead them back to Him.

Your prayer for those in jail will cause God’s intervention and delivery. 

Final Thoughts 

Having a loved one or a friend facing jail time is stressful. Perhaps you are waiting for their fate to be decided in court, which makes you anxious.

These prayers will assure peace upon you and your loved one as you wait for God’s miracle

As you pray for your beloved one, don’t forget to commemorate other convicts as well. It is God’s will that you show compassion to the world’s “rejects” by visiting and praying for them.

God surprisingly transforms those beyond repair and our prayers can bring about this miraculous change. 

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