7 Prayers To Release Someone Facing Jail Time

Jail is not easy for anyone, and it can be equally frustrating when your loved one is facing jail time. You may not know how to help or what to say to them while they undergo this devastating experience. 

Jesus taught us how to pray to seek God’s grace in different situations.

If you have a friend or relative facing jail time, you can pray for them to be released. Below are seven incredible prayers for that person, and you will be blessed. 

1) Prayer for Someone Facing Jail Time  

Prayer for Someone Facing Jail Time
Prayer For Printing

“Dear God, 

Thank You for the gift of life and good health. Today, I come before You, bringing (mention person’s name) who is facing jail time. I humbly ask that You may continue keeping him/her safe from all harm. 

As he/she faces a difficult time, may You remind him/her that he/she is not alone. Let him/her know that You will never abandon him/her, no matter the outcome of his/her trial.

May You fill the judges with Your mercies so they can release (mention person’s name) soon. Direct them through the path of righteousness because only in You can they find redemption.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

If you have ever been to prison or heard its stories, you can never wish for your loved one to be there. But it’s the most effective way of punishing criminals, and lawbreakers just have to be jailed. 

As your friend, sibling, partner, or relative faces jail time, this prayer can help them regain their faith in God.

Remember to encourage them regularly, reminding them that it doesn’t mean their life is over. 

2) Miracle Prayer to Release Someone from Jail  

Miracle Prayer to Release Someone from Jail
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“Faithful God, 

Thank You for the blessings of this day. I come to You with a burdened heart, praying for (mention person’s name) to be released from jail. Life has been hard on him/her since he/she got jailed, and now I believe he/she has mended his/her ways. 

I ask in the Name of Jesus that You would lead my loved one to repentance and receive Your forgiveness.

Let Your Holy blood wash over (mention person’s name), making him/her a new being. Surround my loved one with Your blessings and divine protection within the walls of the prison. 

Please grant (mention person’s name) the hope, courage, and strength he/she needs amid these challenges. I know freedom awaits him/her, and You will give him/her a second chance. 

May he/she be set free and blessed in Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

There are many ways to show support to someone facing a jail term.

First, you can visit them often to motivate and strengthen them. Be sure to bring their favorite food or snack to grace their day. 

Another way is by calling or sending them texts full of love and hope. However, none of these ideas outweigh the power of prayers.

Interceding for someone to be released from jail is the best way to uplift and encourage

Like Hebrews 13:3 says:

Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.”

Hebrews 13:3 (NIV)

You can also say a prayer for inner peace and calm as it will help you and your loved one to be calm during this moment.

3) Prayer for Someone Facing Criminal Charges 

Prayer for Someone Facing Criminal Charges
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“Glorious God, 

I bow before Your throne, humbly asking You to make way for (mention person’s name) who is facing criminal charges. Let him/her find a new purpose despite his/her incarceration. 

Ease the heart of the judges and court in general that they may pardon him/her in Your favor. I pray that whatever charge is implemented will not weigh much.

Jesus Christ, You know what it is to face captivity and suffering. May Your mercies prevail over (mention person’s name)’s life to bring wonderful testimonies to everyone facing criminal charges today. 

May they draw closer to You and learn to love You unconditionally despite their unfortunate situation. Keep them safe and heal their wounds as they reinvent their lives

Praise be unto Your name. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

It’s heartbreaking when your close one is facing criminal charges and even worse if it’s for a crime they didn’t commit.

Everything may seem hopeless, not knowing what to do or where to turn it. 

Do not give up because nothing is impossible before our God in Heaven.

“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26 (NIV)

God can miraculously turn things around in favor of your loved one. Remember to glorify and praise His name when they win the court case or get a lower charge. 

4) Prayer for Someone to be Released from Jail 

Prayer for Someone to be Released from Jail 
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“Mighty God, my Redeemer!

I come before You on behalf of (mention person’s name), praying for him/her to be released from jail. I call out for a miracle right now.

As Your Word says in Isaiah 41:10, let him/her fear not, for You are with him/her. May You help and uphold him/her with Your victorious right hand. 

No judge or charge is greater than Your power to release (mention person’s name) from jail sooner. I declare that all charges against him/her are dropped, and he/she is going to be released unharmed and conviction free to join the community. 

May You also fill his/her life with the Holy Spirit so he/she may be guided away from temptations and sins. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray and trust. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

No one ever dreams of being in jail; things just happen. Use this prayer to ask God to grant that friend in jail a second chance by releasing and transforming their life. 

Even though they are guilty, that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve our support and prayers.

Many have lost hope and given up on life after prison because no one encourages them.

Your prayers will go a long way in strengthening someone behind bars and interceding for their freedom. 

You should also say a miracle prayer for the impossible that will help your loved one.

5) Short Prayer for My Son in Jail  

Short Prayer for My Son in Jail
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“Loving Father, 

Thank You for blessing me with a son. Nonetheless, life has not been easy since he was imprisoned. My days have become stressful and nights longer thinking about him being in prison. 

I pray that You may shower Your grace upon the government to pardon him sooner. I believe (mention son’s name) has learned his lesson and would never repeat the same mistakes. 

Please take care of my son and give him strength. Take away negative thoughts that cause depression and low self-esteem. Let his eyes remain fixed on You and remind him of Your everlasting love.

May he be patient and steadfast as he waits upon You to fulfill Your promises for his life. Even when he is downstricken, let him know that You have great plans for him.

In Your precious name, I pray. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

What’s more devastating for a parent than their child in prison? Some people might misjudge you for poor parenting, and that’s why your son is behind bars.

Stop beating yourself and turn to the Lord with a prayer for him to get released earlier. 

Constantly rebuking and questioning their crime while serving jail time might not be wise.

Instead, ask God to fill their minds with the right guidance so they never set their feet in jail again. 

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Romans 8:28 (NIV)

6) Prayer to Release a Loved One  

Prayer to Release a Loved One
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“Lord God, 

I come to You today, praying for the release of my loved one from jail. I know that You have the power to break all the chains and set him/her free again. 

Please work in this situation by guiding the legal team to make the right decisions regarding (mention person’s name). Above all, may You let him/her turn to You and ask for forgiveness and restoration for his/her crimes. 

Father, remember Your children who are detained in jails around the world. Shine Your light upon them so that they may turn their lives around and start living for You.

Thank You for hearing my cry. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

When Paul and Silas were imprisoned for preaching and living for the Lord, they sang and prayed to the Lord at midnight.

God opened the doors of prison for them through His unbeatable powers, and everyone’s cuffs were loosened, in Acts 16:24-30.

Through faith, God sent a great earthquake to open the doors.

“Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everyone’s chains came loose.”

Acts 16:26 (NIV)

Therefore, as you pray for your loved one to be released from jail, you must have steady faith that God can and will work for them.

You can also accompany the faith with actions like preparing to pick them up and getting ready for their ‘welcome home’ party. 

7) Prayer for Deliverance from Jail 

Prayer for Deliverance from Jail 
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Loving God, 

Nothing supersedes Your love to set free, redeem, and embrace a child that has gone out of the way.

Holy Spirit, intercede right now for Your beloved child, (mention person’s name), so that he/she may be released. Let him/her walk out of the prison walls and never enter them again.

I ask You to deliver (mention person’s name) from jail so he/she may experience life’s freedom again. Continue strengthening him/her to face this scenario confidently and positively because You have great plans for him/her.

Lord of Grace, I also pray that You may free (mention person’s name) from the things that have enslaved his/her mind and spirit. Surround him/her with Your love and help him/her live righteously once released. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

Anyone can find themselves in prison, whether short or long-term. The best thing for those facing jail is to pray and not judge or criticize them.

They will be comforted, encouraged, and even delivered sooner through your intercession. 

As you pray, set a positive example by preaching and obeying the law.

God has anointed you to bring hope to prisoners, captives, broken-hearted, and the oppressed (Isaiah 61:1). 

You can also say a prayer for guidance in making the right decision as it will help your loved one while in jail and after.

Will These Prayers Help My Loved One to be Released?

Yes. If you pray believing that God will perform that miracle, He will, especially if your loved one is innocent.

Keep your intentions pure as you pray, and the God of justice will find you faultless in His sight. 

What Does the Bible Say About Visiting Prisoners?

As mentioned above in Isaiah 61: 1, The Lord has appointed us to take the news of hope to the oppressed, and prisoners.

Therefore, we should visit convicts because they need all the encouragement they can get. Even if it’s just once a month.

After all, we should put ourselves in their shoes. Can you imagine being locked down in a place full of strangers? Especially if they haven’t done anything wrong…

Should I Pray for God to Reach Those In Jail?

Oh yes! Many prisoners face issues of unforgiveness, addictions, slander, sandals, murder, robbery and many other issues.

It’s not God’s wish for them to perish in their sins but to forgive them and lead them back to Him.

Your prayer for those in jail will cause God’s intervention and delivery. 

Final Thoughts 

Since the dawn of time, jail has been the common consequence of criminal charges that are punishable by law.

Many believers forget that even when jailed, one still needs to be supported and encouraged until their term ends. 

We strengthen, redeem, and set free prisoners from bondage through these heartfelt prayers. Continue lifting your voice in devotion, believing that the Lord hears and answers at any time.

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