Fruit Fly Spiritual Meaning And Why They Are Attracted To You! 

How often do you see fruit flies around your home, especially in the kitchen? How about some of them flying aimlessly around you?

Well, if fruit flies seem to love your home even after trying to get rid of them, stick around to the end!

Yes, fruit flies go bananas when they come across overripe or fermenting fruits and other sweet scents.

So, do fruit flies persistently visit because of the overripe or fermented fruits, or the perfume you wear? NO!  The aspect of persistence changes everything.

Listen to your inner voice or intuition whenever the fruit flies come around, and you might just be among the few to experience spiritual awakening through the fruit fly. Be enlightened! 

Fruit Fly Spiritual Meaning

fruit fly on leaf

Fruit flies have gained favour in the eyes of several spiritual explorers because of their lifestyle and uniqueness. 

Many believe fruit flies are a spiritual representation of growth and transformation. Why? Fruit flies go from being an egg to a larvae, a pupae, and finally a mature house fly. 

Such a lifecycle highlights the intricacies required to go through a transformation with the hope that you will achieve your goals.

Moreover, believers refer to the fruit fly as the “sacred guider.”

The fruit fly is seen as a spiritual messenger capable of guiding you so that you can navigate life effectively.

Just like fruit flies have gained favour in the hands of researchers, especially in genetics research, so can it spiritually facilitate guidance from your guardian angel and other spiritual entities. 

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Biblical Meaning Of Fruit Flies

fruit fly

Besides being spiritually endowed, fruit flies also hold Biblical meanings. However, there are no direct quotations about fruit flies in the Bible.

The two primary Biblical meanings are derived from Bible verses talking about other insects with closely related traits such as ants and other types of flies. 

Proverbs 30:24-28 talks about the prowess of small yet outstanding creatures in the world. Among the creatures is an ant.

It is small yet strong enough to store up food for itself. In the same way, fruit flies are so small and vulnerable but sustain our ecosystem, especially in research. 

Four things on earth are small, yet they are extremely wise: Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer;

Proverbs 30:24-25 (NIV)

In addition, Exodus 8:20-32 talks about the plague of flies. In this situation, flies seem to be linked to negativity.

However, if you observe further you realize that it was the Lord using the flies to punish Egypt for not following His demands. 

So, with reference to the Exodus verse, seeing a fruit fly biblically means you are going astray. Therefore, the Lord is warning you and requires you to repent and seek purification. 

Fruit Fly Symbolism

black fruit fly

In most cases, when you see a fruit fly, you desire to swat it. But you might want to reconsider your options next time.

Why? Other than being linked to various Biblical and spiritual meanings, fruit flies are a symbol of critical aspects of our lives. 

So, when believers see a fruit fly around, they begin analysing their current life situations to determine what their meeting with the fruit fly meant.

In short, they believe the fruit fly is a symbol of:

  • Perseverance and survival;
  • Transformation and growth;
  • The impermanence of life;
  • Self-acceptance.

Why Are Fruit Flies Attracted To Me Spiritual?

black tiny fruit fly

Now, let me elaborate the spiritual meaning behind fruit flies seeking your attention.

You might think they are attracted to you because of cologne. But that’s not the case when it comes to spirituality.

From the spiritual aspect of things, the fruit flies desire your attention. 

They want to let you know that they have sensed positive energy around you and the spiritual realm recognizes it too.

So, they are there to show you that there is no need to hold back whenever you feel blessed:

  • Enjoy your blessings;
  • Share your blessings with others;
  • Embrace your newly found package of joy and fun.

If the flies are buzzing, it means you will experience spiritual growth. Just like fruit flies are a natural part of the lifecycle of different types of fruits, so is spiritual growth a part of life. 

And, just like fruit flies facilitate the passage of fruits to their state of revealing the seed for another life cycle, so will you begin seeing mesmerising changes in your life. 

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Why Do Fruit Flies Follow Me Spiritual?

fruit fly up close

Sometimes, in addition to seeking your attention, fruit flies might trail you.

Observe the path the fruit flies take while following you. Also, check whether they prefer flying ahead of you or behind you. 

  • Spiritually, if a fruit fly moves past you and seems to know where you are going: the spiritual realm is guiding you. There are unseen spirits or forces working to assure your safety, including, warning you about any impending danger;
  • If the fruit flies are behind you and buzzing constantly: take it as a sign to listen to your inner voice and intuition. There might be something you are missing in life despite it being plainly evident. 

The spiritual realm needs you to reconsider your choices and look back into your past to correct the mistakes you might be making. 

What Does It Mean When A Fruit Fly Is Always Around You? 5 Signs!

What Does It Mean When A Fruit Fly Is Always Around You? 5 Signs!

Sometimes, a fruit fly might decide to stick by you. It might be buzzing or displaying other actions such as circulating specific parts of your body.

Observe the actions of the fruit fly to determine which of these signs apply to you. 

1) Work on your focus and mental clarity

If the fruit fly lands on your head, it means you have been losing mental clarity or focus.

Perhaps you have been having scattered thoughts and getting overwhelmed with life’s tasks.

The divine one is urging you to ground yourself, appreciate the present, and allow your intuition to connect to Him so that he can guide you. 

2) Pay more attention to your inner voice

Seeing that fruit fly buzzing near your ears is a sign that you need to pay more attention to your inner voice.

The spiritual realm communicates with you through your intuition.

That is why it is critical for you to pay attention so that you can capture life-changing moments and opportunities.  

3) You are on the right spiritual track

If you have been moving from one room to the other only to realize a fruit fly is doing the same, it is a sign of being on the right spiritual track.

The universe is urging you to keep moving forward while embracing various transformations. 

4) There is a blockage within your heart chakra

When the fruit fly lands on the left side of your chest or slightly close to the centre, right above the heart, it is a sign of a troubled heart chakra.

Maybe you have been housing unresolved issues, questioning your existence, or suppressing your feelings. It is time you worked on resolving these issues.  

5) A new phase on your spiritual journey

If the fruit fly disappears and reappears after some time, it means you are about to begin a new phase of your spiritual journey.

Take this as a hint to begin preparing for greater challenges. Why? The spiritual realm will definitely challenge you to prepare you for what’s ahead.

So, why not start preparing as early as possible

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In Conclusion…

When you feel like that fruit fly is bothering you and want to swat it, pause for a while and think. Why is the fruit fly even considering getting close to you despite the risks? Think about it!

Why would a fruit fly persistently visit your place or even be around you? Isn’t that spiritual?

Well, I have revealed what there is to know about the spiritual significance of fruit flies.

Now it is up to you to decide how to use this profound knowledge. Take your time and listen to your intuition. Soon enough, you’ll have a satisfactory answer. 

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