6 Short Prayers For The Soul To Rest In Peace: Go to Heaven

It can be hard to find the right words to express our feelings when someone close to us is gone forever. Here are 6 beautiful prayers for the soul to rest in peace and express your emotions.

Even though it’s hard to accept, every living being will die someday. But accepting the death of a loved one we care and love some much is for sure the hardest of them all.

We understand how difficult it can be to cope during this moment, so we decided to help you with these prayers. By saying them, you’re helping the soul to rest in peace an guide them to Heaven.

You’re asking God to keep your loved one by His side and to protect their soul so you can eventually meet back with them someday.

It’s also important that you pray for the departed, as it’s a way of making sure their soul finds the right path instead of being lost in purgatory. It also shows God what that person meant to you.

1) Prayer For The Soul To Rest In Peace

Prayer For The Soul To Rest In Peace
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“O Lord, make my loved ones’ affairs easy and light for whatever comes to him/her in the Hereafter. Honer their soul with Your meeting and make the place he/she went better than the one he/she came from.

We thank You for welcoming [loved one’s name] in the warmth of Your arms. We glorify Your name for the good life they’ve lived.

We pray to You, Lord, to grant him/her eternal life in your gardens. May You let Your guardian angels touch him/her as a blessing so they don’t feel any suffering.

Give [loved one’s name] eternal rest, Lord, and let Your everlasting light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace, Amen.”

It’s a catholic tradition to say a prayer for those who pass away.

When a person dies, their soul is either sent to Heaven or to Hell. So, it’s our job as God’s lovers in the living world to pray for them and lead their path to Heaven.

Start saying this prayer as soon as you can, or as soon as you get the news. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your knees or up, as long as you do it with pure faith.

With this prayer, you’re making sure your loved one is welcomed in Heaven by God Himself. Their suffering will end and there will be a brighter star in the sky that night to also light your path.

2) Strong Prayer For The Departed Souls

Strong Prayer For The Departed Souls
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“Dear Lord, give [loved one’s name] eternal rest and may Your everlasting light shine upon him/her. May his/her soul and the souls of those who departed today rest in peace with Your mercy.

Even though we don’t understand why our loved ones are taken away from us through sudden and unexpected death, In You, we trust. As You decided that it was time for him/her to depart and be by Your side.

May his/her sins You forgive. I ask for mercy for this beautiful soul that You’re about to meet.

In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.”

The departed souls rely on our prayers to find their path to Heaven.

With this prayer, you’re showing God that you understand that we can’t question His decisions. He believed that it was time for your loved one to be by His side.

This prayer asks the Lord for forgiveness, peace, and protection for the deceased’s soul. You can say it as many times as you need.

You can also say a prayer for 40 after the death, because that’s the time the souls are all presented to God to decide if their soul is sent to Heaven or Hell.

By saying this prayer you’re also helping those who don’t have anyone to pray for them.

3) Beautiful Prayer For The Soul To Rest In Peace

Beautiful Prayer For The Soul To Rest In Peace
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“Almighty Lord, today I’m not praying to ask anything for myself but for [loved one’s name] who just passed away. In You, we trust to welcome my loved one’s soul by Your side soon.

I renounce to all of his/her suffering, sins, sadness and worries to be left in the living world.

A part of me has left us today to be next to You, our Lord and Savior. In only You I trust to guide this beautiful and humble soul to find Heaven and Peace.

May I once reunite with him/her by Your side, in the gardens of Your humble home. As I believe that until that moment, [loved one’s name] will be protecting me with You by their side.

May they rest in peace, Amen.”

Praying for someone who just passed away can help you to process the grief of losing them.

You can say this prayer with your family or at their funeral, as it will help to express your emotions with the right words.

By saying this prayer, you’ll also make sure that your loved one will always be remembered, as you’re praying for their eternal safety.

God will welcome your loved one and guide their soul to Heaven so they can rest peacefully.

You can also say this prayer for the soul of someone who you believe may lost their way after passing away. It will guide them to te right path to be next to God.

4) Blessing Prayer For The Departed Souls

Blessing Prayer For The Departed Souls
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“God, our Father and protector, Thy power gave birth to us, Thy providence guides our lives, and by Your power, we were reduced to dust.

Today I pray for [loved one’s name], who You’re about to meet. His/her life might have changed but not ended, as their presence will remain in our hearts and minds forever.

May his/her eternal journey be filled with love and grace. May he/she reunite with all of those relatives and friends who are already resting by Your side.

Lord, may his/her soul remain happy and safe in your kingdom as all our tears are wiped away with Your blessings. Bring us back as a family once we’re all ready to rest in Your arms.


Even though it’s hard to understand and accept why God decided that it was time for your loved one to be by His side, you need to say strong and faithful.

With this prayer, you’re asking God to reunite you all once again when your turn to pass away has arrived. He will understand that you’re not questioning is decisions but accepting them.

Your prayers and requests will be heard, as long you remain faithful and follow His words. Your loved one is safe in the arms of God and Jesus.

Praying for those who have departed already will ease your heart and give you some peace and comfort.

But, you can also say a prayer for the lost souls in purgatory. Those are the ones who were forgotten by their closed ones and don’t have anyone to pray for them.

5) Prayer For The Faithful Departed

Prayer For The Faithful Departed
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“Dear Father, I’m praying today to ask for Your mercy. Grant [loved one’s name] peace and mercy as his/her soul is leaving our world and those who love him/her to meet You.

May his/her sins be forgiven and left in this living world. In You, I trust to guide his/her on the right path to join You. May You protect this kind soul and grant [loved one’s name] eternal peace.

May his/her soul find peace, joy and rest before You and Your guardian angels. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.”

It’s tough to lose a loved one, especially when it’s out of a sudden. But you can find comfort in these prayers by making sure you’re guiding your loved one’s soul on the right path.

God will listen to your words and make sure He’s ready to welcome the person you just lost. All you need to do is have faith in Him while you pray.

You can say this prayer 2 to 4 times a day for as long as you may intend. By doing it, you’re grating your loved ones a place by God’s side.

You’ll also be strengthening your connection and relationship with God by praying.

6) Short Prayer For The Soul To Rest In Eternal Peace

Prayer For The Soul To Rest In Eternal Peace
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“Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Like the seed buried in the ground, you have produced the harvest of eternal life for us; make us always dead to sin and alive to God. Amen.”

Praying for the departed souls helps to guarantee a safe passage to Heaven and ensure that they rest in peace eternally.

Any of these prayers is a beautiful gift we can give to our loved ones. God appreciates your gesture as praying for others is very kind and shows your true faith.

By praying this short prayer you’re also making sure you stay connected with your deceased loved ones.

You can say this prayer with your family as a way of blessing and saying goodbye. At night, look up at the sky and you’ll see a brighter star lighting that night. It’s your loved one thanking you for your prayer.

Will This Prayer Work?

Yes, any of these prayers will help to make sure your loved ones’ souls rest in peace eternally.

You’re asking God directly to have mercy and welcome them in His arms in His humble home. Which is a really kind action and way of showing Him how much you cared and loved that person.

All of your prayers will be heard and accepted by God. He will open the doors of Heaven for those you pray for and protect their souls as they leave all of their sins and suffering in the living world.

Those who believe in the power of God will pray not only for themselves but also for the people they care about. So, it’s our job to ask our Lord and Saviour to guide all the lost souls to Heaven.

It’s not our job to question His decisions but to accept them as best as we can. I know it’s hard to lose the ones we care about, it’s like losing a part of ourselves.

But, we need to believe they’re in a better place now. Free of suffering and misery.

Can These Prayers Be Said For Anyone?

Yes, these prayers can be said for anyone who passes away. It doesn’t need to be some related to you, it can be a friend or a neighbor.

After all, we all have the blood of Christ in us, making us all brothers and sisters. The most important part is that we pray to Him with our hearts open.

Praying is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with God, and by praying for someone you care about show God how much that person meant to you.

He will take them in His arms and make sure that you all reunite once more when the time comes.

How Many Times Can I Say These Prayers?

You can say this prayer as many times as you can, there’s no limit. You can pray all day, as long as you do it with good intentions and a kind heart.

Say these prayers before going to bed or when waking up. It doesn’t need to be only the day they pass away.

Because by praying, you’re also making sure your loved one is being remembered in the living world.

He is present in every aspect of our lives, good and bad. So He will listen every time you pray for your loved ones to be protected by His power and love.

God, as our Savior and Father, is thankful for those who pray to Him every day. Your connection with Him will become stronger and more special.

Final Thoughts

Saying a prayer for the souls of your loved ones to rest in peace is a great way to honor them and their hearts. You’re also showing God that they’re present in your mind every day and that He shall protect them eternally.

God’s grace and mercy are all we need in our lives to make sure we’re on the right path. So, praying for those who are already by His side is also asking them to protect and shine their lights upon you.

If you miss them and want to know if they’re looking over you, just look up at the sky that night. I promise you there will be a few brighter stars that resemble your loved ones.

Some people bring so much light into the world that their light remains even after they are gone. By praying, you’re granting that they’re still living in your heart and will rest eternally next to God.

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