Santa Muerte Protection Prayers (In English)

Believers have prayed to Santa Muerte for years for various needs.

However, there are a lot of myths and assumptions regarding praying to this Mexican goddess.

Being associated with death, many believe that it’s inadvisable to make your requests known to her, while others view her as an object of blessings. 

The truth is Santa Muerte is a source of greatness, and you can confidently pray to her. One of the everyday blessings linked to her is protection against evil forces and misfortunes. 

This article will offer you five powerful Santa Muerte prayers for protection.

Keep reading until the end as I’ll also explain how to pray to Santa Muerte!

1) Santa Muerte Protection Prayer

Santa Muerte Protection Prayer
Prayer For Printing

“Holy Santa Muerte, 

Thank you for being my light. Today, I pray that you may protect me from the plans of the evil one concerning my life. I speak against all dangers, whether materials, words, or thoughts. 

I believe my family and friends are shielded from harm through your power. Cleanse whatever may attract opposing forces into their lives. 

So be it. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

Protection is a crucial requirement in everyone’s life. Many dangerous things happen around you, and you may not even realize some of them.

That’s why you should always pray to Santa Muerte to guard you, even when you feel safe around everything. 

The first step in seeking this goddess’s mercies is believing in her powers. Your prayers may not be effective if you doubt that she will help you with your concerns. 

Furthermore, you must state your needs clearly, both verbally and mentally.

For instance, you shouldn’t pray for something while your mind is thinking of the contrary.

In fact, you should establish an image of what you’re praying about alongside what outcome you desire from Santa. 

Also, take a look at these prayers to Santa Muerte for love, forgiveness and guidance.

2) Santa Muerte Daily Prayer for Protection 

Santa Muerte Daily Prayer for Protection
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“O, Santa Muerte, 

I am in your presence this hour, praying for protection. Go before me in everything I do so I may be covered against evil. 

I pray for wisdom and guidance to evade situations that may endanger me. May you bless my daily errands so that neither harms my life. 

Santa Muerte graciously hear me. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

We can easily forget to pray for protection for our daily activities often because we think we are all safe since it’s something we do every day.

Santa Muerte protection prayer should be a daily dose regardless of how often you’ve been to that office. 

Ask the goddess to shield you from even the pettiest dangers, like being knocked on by the door.

The above prayer works for minor and substantial security threats, especially if you’ve put all your faith in her. 

3) Santa Muerte Morning Prayer 

Santa Muerte Morning Prayer
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Santa Muerte, my Angel, 

Thank you for blessing us with a new, fully protected day free from chaos. We do not take it for granted that we can see another beautiful day adorned with good health. 

As we prepare to start the day, may you bless, protect, grace, and guide this day. I believe that this will be a day of favor, happiness, and success.

So be it. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

It’s early morning, and you’re just getting ready to start the day’s business. You shouldn’t forget to dedicate this period to the glorious Santa Muerte, seeking her blessings and protection. 

Besides protection, you can acquire plenty of benefits from saying this prayer. Many believe that it can streamline your day by eradicating evil luck from your way.

Make this devotion part of your morning routine and watch how positive your life transforms spiritually and physically. 

But, if you are looking for protection from your enemies, you should take a look at these powerful prayers to destroy your enemies.

4) Short Prayer to Santa Muerte for Protection

Short Prayer to Santa Muerte for Protection
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“My Dearest Santa Muerte, 

Thank you for your endless favor over my life. Today, I ask you to please build a wall of protection around me so I may be kept away from all possible dangers and aggressions. 

Do not allow anything to hurt your child or hinder me from achieving my best when serving you. Let my enemies feel your presence every time they try to send an arrow my way. 

I ask this with deep faith. Thank you, Santa Muerte. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

Prayers to Santa Muerte invoke her grace and mercies to love her children more. You can use the above sample to counteract different forces, including:

  • Setbacks;
  • Conflicts at work;
  • Insecurity;
  • General disturbances. 

You can offer various offerings in the name of the Holy Saint Death to please her, including possessions, alcoholic beverages, altar preparation in her honor, and candles.

Not all offerings are tangible, as you can sing praise songs, let go of an ungodly habit, or reconcile with a friend/ family you aren’t on good terms with. 

5) Santa Muerte Prayer for Strength

Santa Muerte Prayer for Strength
Prayer For Printing

“My Santa Muerte, 

It is you whom I call to for constant strength to go about my daily duties. You know when I am in darkness or light and happy or sad, hence you can protect me better. 

Clear any distractions lying on my path to success. Please come to me with your never ending grace, love, and strength so I may remain encouraged as the years proceed. 

Graciously hear me, Santa Muerte. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

Believers started praying to Santa Muerte hundreds of years ago as a blend of pre-Columbian beliefs surrounding death and resurrection and Mexican culture.

You can offer several types of protection prayers to this deity concerning protection. 

The most common examples relate to:

  • Legal issues;
  • Traveling;
  • Fertility issues;
  • Bad luck;
  • Enemies;
  • Business success;
  • Financial stability;
  • Health.

Therefore, you can focus on a particular request or say all eight when necessary

As said earlier, a few assumptions and misconceptions about this death saint aren’t accurate.

Some believe praying to her may attract more bad luck than good luck or may not receive any help. You should know that this is not true.

Just remember that prayers made to Santa Muerte are practical. You can better connect with her spirit by studying her origin, benefits, ways to pray, offerings, etc.

Also, I believe you will enjoy learning these prayers for house blessing and protection.

How to Pray to Santa Muerte?

Praying to Santa Muerte is so easy.

It would be best to set up an altar full of the godhead’s offerings like the above.

You can also include statues or images representing her, like skeletal figures or skulls. When the altar is ready, you can pray with candles on. 

Reciting various Bible verses or your preferred religious texts is also advisable during prayers. This, however, depends on what type of requests you are making to Santa Muerte.

Once done with the recitation, you can end the prayers with “So be it,” “Graciously hear me,” or “Thank you, Santa Muerte,” and lastly, an Amen.

What Is Santa Muerte Prayer Used For?

Santa Muerte prayer is primarily used for protection. Nevertheless, as highlighted earlier, you can be as broad as you wish with what you want to be protected from. 

You can seek her protection regarding relationships, work or career, fertility, parenting, traveling, financial wellness, legal matters, spiritual well-being, and many others of your choice. 

While you say these prayers of protection for different aspects, it’s essential to maintain strong faith in the saint, and she will soon answer them.

Remember to pray for others; you’ll be blessed for your thoughtfulness. 

Will These Santa Muerte Prayers Keep Me Protected?

Why wouldn’t she? If you believe, these Santa Muerte prayers will indeed work for you.

She has been a blessing to many for years, and you’re no different. Just say the prayers faithfully and accompany them with positive actions to experience her goodness. 

Additionally, eliminate the misconception that Santa Muerte will harm or not listen to your prayers.

This goddess satisfies the needs of all her dedicated followers, including you.

But, before you go, also take a look at these prayers for protection from evil and spirits.

In Conclusion…

Hopefully, you’ve understood how to pray to Santa Muerte for protection and other helpful details.

Having read the blog, it’s finally time to grab the shield and armor against several misfortunes.

You can learn more about Santa Muerte and her beautiful deeds in spiritual books, both online or in hard copies. 

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  1. Thank you Santa Muerte for your powerful protection and breaking any hexes/curses that someone keeps trying to send me constantly. It was so bad that I felt suicidal, so thank you Santa Muerte for miraculously stopping it.


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