8 Prayers For Unborn Baby And Mother To Be Healthy And Safe

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time in a woman’s life! But it’s also common to feel anxious or worried for the mother’s and baby’s safety and health.

If you are an expectant mother or someone seeking to support a loved one, you can turn to God to seek guidance and protection during the pregnancy.

You can say any of these eight powerful prayers for the unborn baby and the mother to be safe and healthy as many times as you need.

These prayers are a great way to connect with God to bless the entire pregnancy. He will keep the both safe all time and make sure the baby will grow healthy even in the womb.

1) Prayer For Unborn Baby And Mother

Prayer For Unborn Baby And Mother
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Father, today I come to You with a special prayer. I’m asking You to watch and protect our precious miracle baby and [mother’s name].

Please keep them protected throughout the whole pregnancy and ease any pain or discomfort that the mother may experience. Grant her with a blessing and beautiful pregnancy.

May the baby grow strong and healthy with a strong beating heart.

Almighty God, shower and bless this family with love, guidance and protection. Let them feel Your presence. Amen.”

This is absolutely one of my favorite prayers. We’ve been saying this prayer in my family since a long time ago!

With this prayer, you’re asking God to protect and watch over the unborn baby and the mother.

You’re showing Him that you recognize the importance of His presence in our lives, even from the moment we’re in the womb.

This prayer will also bring comfort and support to the expectant mother — as there can be physical and emotional challenges throughout the pregnancy.

It really is a beautiful way to connect with a higher power and to show your baby that he or she can always turn to God for everything.

You can also say a prayer for new beginnings are they’re about the enter a new chapter in life.

2) Powerful Prayer For Unborn Sick Babies

Powerful Prayer For Unborn Sick Babies
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“Oh Lord, I come before You today with a heavy heart. Our dear unborn baby [baby’s name] is facing some health issues. In You, I trust to heal and cure our precious miracle.

Please God, touch [baby’s name] with Your healing hand, give him/her strength and ease his/her pain. Have mercy on my family as we’re facing such a difficult time.

May You bless this unborn baby and guide the hands of those who will take care of him/her. Show the doctors the best ways for our little one to be healthy.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

It’s never easy to hear from the doctors that your unborn baby is facing some health complications. But, in God we must trust as seek His guidance during these hard moments.

This prayer shows to God that you trust in His healing powers and He will make sure the doctors will find a way to cure and restore your baby’s health.

We must trust in His plans! He won’t let you or the baby suffer. It’s important that you don’t question His choices and show Him that You know He has the power to cure your baby.

Remember to say calm during these moments and to trust God, because the stress won’t help the baby too. Take some time for yourself and do something you enjoy — reading, watching your favorite movie…

3) Strong Prayer For The Mom And Baby’s Health

Strong Prayer For The Mom And Baby's Health
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“Dear Father, today I’m praying to You not for me but for my family. As You know, [mother’s name] was blessed with the miracle of pregnancy and I’m so happy for them.

I ask You to show her and the baby Your mercy and grace. May she have a peaceful pregnancy, so give her the strength, health and comfort she may need, as pregnancy can be difficult and challenging.

I pray for her and the baby’s health. May her body be strong and healthy enough to nourish the miraculous life growing within her.

Lord, in only You I trust to care of [mother’s name] and her baby. Shield them from any harm and any health issues. Amen.”

This strong prayer will for sure keep the expectant mother and her baby shielded from any health issues.

You’re showing Him that you only trust in Him to protect and take care of your loved ones. It also shows God that your family has been blessed by Him with this pregnancy, which He will appreciate.

There’s no need to worry anymore as God will follow the entire pregnancy and intervene if necessary.

I also find it important during pregnancy to say a prayer to remove any negative energy. Because you never know if everyone around the mother is truly happy with this pregnancy.

This will help to keep the baby and the mother even more protected!

4) Short Prayer To Help With A Safe Pregnancy

Short Prayer To Help With A Safe Pregnancy
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“Almighty God, creator and protector of all mankind. I pray to You today to seek Your blessing and protection for [mother’s name] to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

May her and the unborn child be always shielded from any harm, danger or envy. Grant her with the strength to overcome any challenges and issues in this journey.

May [mother’s name] pregnancy be showered with Your joy and hope, show her Your presence in every step she takes.

Thank You for blessing our family with the miracle of life. Amen.”

At first, you’ll only think about the good things and how the family is growing. But, suddenly, you’re faced with the reality that something could go wrong during the pregnancy.

That’s why we must turn to God to ask for His help and protection during this journey.

God will make sure the mother and the baby are protected and safe from any harm. Even from those who aren’t very happy with the pregnancy!

The Lord will make sure the soon-to-be mom enjoys every phase, He will make sure she feels strong and healthy enough for the baby to grow healthy.

You can say this prayer as many times as you may need during the whole pregnancy.

5) Beautiful Prayer For A Healthy Unborn Baby And Pregnancy

Beautiful Prayer For A Healthy Unborn Baby And Pregnancy
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Lord, thank You for this miracle baby and for blessing our family with a little one. Let us feel Your presence throughout this pregnancy.

May You be here to comfort, encourage and strengthen both of us. I ask You to touch this baby being formed in my womb with Your hand of blessings.

May he or she be healthy and strong enough until it reaches the time to meet us. Protect him or her from any sickness or disease. Give him or her a strong heartbeat, strong lungs, and a healthy mind.

Thank You again, Lord, for blessing us with this miracle. Amen.”

This beautiful prayer will bless your unborn child during the entire pregnancy.

This one is very powerful because you’re also thanking God for blessing you with the miracle of carrying a life in your womb.

You’re also already bonding with your little one. You’re showing to Him that even before we take our first breath, God is already protecting and watching over us.

As it says in the Bible in Psalm 139:16:

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.”

Which shows that God is present in our lives even while we’re in the womb.

6) Powerful Prayer To Protect An Expectant Mother And Baby

Powerful Prayer To Protect An Expectant Mother And Baby
Prayer For Printing

“Almighty God, I’m praying today for protection and guidance over my baby’s life and mine. May You be with us throughout this pregnancy.

Keep my baby safe in the warmth of Your love. Give this baby strength and keep him or her healthy. Let us feel Your presence in any moment of stress or worry.

Thank You for blessing our family with the miracle of life and bringing this joy into our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

This prayer is very powerful to keep the expectant mother and baby protected.

It’s a true blessing to be pregnant, especially if you’ve been trying for a long time. So it’s important that you pray and ask God to protect you and the baby.

Also, remember that it’s important to not stress too much as it can affect the pregnancy. Take some time for yourself and do something you enjoy.

It’s important that you also enjoy this journey of carrying your child and enjoy this time to connect and bond with him or her.

You can also say a prayer for inner peace and calm it will keep you and the baby in a safer environment.

7) Strong Prayer For The Baby In The Womb To Be Healthy

Strong Prayer For The Baby In The Womb To Be Healthy
Prayer For Printing

“Lord, You are the creator of all mankind and only You I trust to protect this baby that I’m carrying.

I ask You to watch over this tiny life as he or she is forming. May the brain, every organ and every part of his or her body grow as healthy and strong as possible.

Show our little miracle that even in the womb You are the one we should reach out to in moments of need. As You were the one who blessed us with the possibility of growing our family, first of all.

May our little baby be safe while in the womb and after birth. Amen.”

This strong prayer is for a baby who hasn’t been born yet to be healthy. It asks God to watch over your little one even after birth.

As it says in the Bible in Psalm 22:9-10:

Yet you brought me out of the womb; you made me trust in you, even at my mother’s breast from birth I was cast on you; from my mother’s womb you have been my God.”

God is our protector and guide from the moment we’re in the womb. And it shows we can always trust Him.

It shows Him that you only believe in His powers to protect your baby. God is very thankful for those who pray and talk to Him daily.

And saying a prayer for your unborn baby is a very beautiful way to introduce your child to faith and God. Your baby will always have a guardian angel watching over him or her.

8) Prayer For Pregnancy Blessing And Safe Delivery

Prayer For Pregnancy Blessing And Safe Delivery
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Father, my due date is getting closer and I can’t stop to wonder if something goes wrong. But in You, I trust to guide and provide the medical staff with wisdom.

Thank You for helping and blessing me during this pregnancy. I can’t wait to welcome my baby into our home but may he or she come just at the right time.

Bless my labor and delivery and may it be free of any complications. Help me to be strong as I can as I bring this life into our world.

Be with us through every moment of our day and life. Let Your presence be felt in each step we take. Amen.”

Praying is one of the most powerful tools we have. God is always ready to hear us and to answer our prayers.

If you’re getting closer to your due date, you must say this prayer. It’ll help you with a safe and quick delivery!

Our Lord will make sure to provide the medical staff and guide them as your child comes into our world. He will be present so nothing goes wrong.

In this prayer, you’re also asking God to watch over your baby’s life and every step he or she takes. Your baby will create a special bond with the spiritual world as he or she will always be guided and protected.

Will These Prayers Keep The Unborn Baby And Mother Safe?

Yes, these prayers will help to keep the unborn baby and mother safe during the whole pregnancy.

It also helps your baby to be connected and bonded with God from the moment he or she is in the womb. Which will make sure the little one will always be guided and protected by a guardian angel.

You don’t need your baby to be sick or have a problem to pay. You can always pray to be thankful for the blessing of pregnancy and for God to be present in your life.

Can I Pray During The Whole Pregnancy?

Yes! You can and you should pray during the whole pregnancy.

This way, if something ever goes wrong, God will be right there to help you and to heal you or the baby.

He will make sure the baby grows healthy and strong in the womb, and that every organ and part of the body develops normally.

In each prayer, you’re also asking God for a safe delivery and for the baby to be protected even after birth.

Can I See These Prayers To Help With A Safe Delivery?

Yes, you can. And these prayers will for sure help with safe delivery.

God will make sure to guide the medical staff during labor and that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Your baby will be born as quickly as possible and you’ll be soon holding him or her in your arms.

Praying gives us relief, comfort and peace. Which are three things you need when you’re about to deliver your baby.

Final Thoughts

Praying for an unborn baby and the mother to be healthy and safe is a very beautiful attitude. It shows God that we trust Him even from the moment the baby is in the womb.

These prayers will help to bless the entire journey of pregnancy. God will make sure the baby grows strong and healthy until the moment of labor.

Pregnancy and a child are gifts from the above. The best way to thank God is to say a prayer while you’re pregnant and to recognize that He was the one who bless you with this baby. May God be with you throughout the entire pregnancy.

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