9 Prayers For Unborn Baby And Mother To Be Healthy And Safe

Carrying a new baby into this world is a miraculous thing. However, sometimes delivery can be difficult and complicated, causing anxiety and worry to the pregnant woman. 

Therefore, it is essential for believers to pray for this moment to be as peaceful as possible because the pregnant woman and the child need to be protected. 

You celebrate and pray for the baby when you hear the news of a new baby. Send prayers for the mother, father, and child. Bless the newborn with a special prayer that can be personalized with the baby’s name and birth details.

1) Prayer For Unborn Baby And Mother

Prayer For Unborn Baby And Mother
Prayer For Printing

“Heavenly Father, I know that children are indeed an inheritance from the Lord and the fruit of the womb is that reward.

Lord, I thank you for the life that is growing inside of this beautiful woman [name], and I pray that you will continue to watch over this child as they are woven together in the womb.

Lord, you are my fortress, rock, and deliverer, so I pray for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery because you are my God and my strength that I will trust.

Thanks in advance, Father. Amen.”

You can use this prayer for the unborn and pregnant women to experience a healthy and thriving birth.

Pray also for the sanctity of life, for hearts to be changed to understand the value of life in the womb.

These prayers will help bring positive energy and wishes for health, happiness, harmony, and prosperity to the family.

You can also say a prayer for new beginnings are they’re about the enter a new chapter in life.

2) Powerful Prayer For Unborn Sick Babies

Powerful Prayer For Unborn Sick Babies
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“O Lord of all, You alone intimately know the little one whom I bear. You are the creator, the author of all life, and your touch can transform, heal and restore.

Please touch now this little life we ​​carry and bring it wholeness and life. A touch from your eternal hand of healing is all we need. We live, breathe, and hope in you.

Dear Lord, in our darkest days, you healed me and protected me without asking you. Today I ask you to heal my inner child who is facing challenges.

I entrust myself to you, and my faith is waiting for a miracle. I believe in your healing. Dear Lord, heal and protect my child too. Amen.”

Life isn’t always easy, sometimes even for unborn babies. The most painful moment for parents is when they hear about complications with the baby during pregnancy.

To do this, repeat these prayers for pregnancy, asking it to end problems and keep the baby healthy.

God will listen to you and your request, as He doesn’t like to see any of us suffering.

He will protect the baby and the beautiful mother that is already putting her baby in front of herself.

3) Strong Prayer For The Mom And Baby’s Health

Strong Prayer For The Mom And Baby's Health
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“Dear Father, look after [name]’s baby. Please give her strength and more wisdom to be calm, and happy to take care of this baby’s health. Watch over this child and her, save them from any misfortune till delivery.

Pardon me if I am questioning your grace on your behalf, but I beseech that you give a little extra love, care, and protection to this child that is about to come into this world.

I entrust myself to your mercy with the baby. Father, please keep them safe and sound. Amen.”

Here are some strong prayers for the mom’s and baby’s health.

Prayer can be the strongest protective shield for mother and child during pregnancy.

My suggestion to those expecting a safe delivery and a healthy baby is to spend as much time with God as possible.

When you keep him in your prayers, your child listens to you more than ever.

You can also say a prayer to remove any negative energy around this pregnancy.

4) Short Prayer To Help With A Safe Pregnancy

Short Prayer To Help With A Safe Pregnancy
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“Heavenly God, I thank you for the gift of life. I pray that you protect this precious life inside me and grant us a healthy delivery.

Merciful God, I entrust myself and my unborn child to your loving care. Please give us the strength and courage we need to make this delivery safely. Amen.”

Pregnancy is a time of enjoyment, expectancy, and anticipation. But it can also be a time of worry and fear, especially regarding delivery. 

The unknown of labor and delivery can be downright terrifying. But as Christians, we know Lord is with us throughout our lives.

This includes the birth of our children. These prayers will help you to have a safe pregnancy.

5) Beautiful Prayer For A Healthy Unborn Baby And Pregnancy

Beautiful Prayer For A Healthy Unborn Baby And Pregnancy
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“Almighty God, You have already created this child to be wonderfully made – a child in Your image. Please, keep my baby healthy. Protect us from miscarriage and health problems during this pregnancy.

Allow the child’s body to grow and develop the way you created them. Give them a strong heartbeat, strong lungs, and a healthy mind. Combine each part of their tiny body uniquely as only you can with your divine hands.

You are good and faithful, and I thank you for this beautiful gift. In your name, I pray. Amen.”

Congratulations on your lovely unborn child! Pregnancy is such a unique season full of all kinds of emotions.

Use these prayers for a healthy pregnancy to raise you and your precious baby before the Lord.

6) Powerful Prayer To Protect An Expectant Mother And Baby

Powerful Prayer To Protect An Expectant Mother And Baby
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“O Lord, I am so thankful for this unborn child, and his mother is safe through all the seasons of pregnancy. May your grace be upon this child as he comes into the world.

Heavenly Lord, dispatch your angels before us into the delivery room. He should protect the child and the mother from any danger.

May the doctors and nurses who will help me bring this baby into the world be filled with the Holy Spirit. Give them wisdom so that they can ensure our protection. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

Pregnancy means that you are blessed with the ability to create a new life and accelerate them.

To do this, the mother needs to be mentally, physically, and emotionally fit.

You can pray this powerful prayer to protect an expectant mother and baby.

You can also say a prayer for inner peace and calm it will keep the mother and the baby in a safer environment.

7) Strong Prayer For The Baby In The Womb To Be Healthy

Strong Prayer For The Baby In The Womb To Be Healthy
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“Heavenly Father, pardon me if I often get caught up in my physical changes and forget the health of my life. I pray that the Lord will keep my children and me healthy and that I will be able to control these changes.

Make me strong to overcome what is troubling me. Dear Lord, I beseech that you will take care of the life that is growing in my womb.

May this child be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. I pray that your light of guidance will shine upon him. Cover the child and protect him from any harm. Amen.”

Many mothers, especially first-time pregnant women, have complained about their health.

It’s essential to accept that you’re living two lives, so physical or mental changes may bother you.

However, it would be better to also focus on the well-being of your baby, who is growing in your womb.

You can use one of these prayers for pregnancy and ask God to protect your baby and keep you both healthy.

8) Prayer For Pregnancy Blessing And Safe Delivery

Prayer For Pregnancy Blessing And Safe Delivery
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“Heavenly Father, Your Word says that children are gifts from the Lord. I have come to thank you today for giving us this beautiful gift. It’s not because we’re good people; it’s because you’re a good Father.

Father, I say a blessing on my child and me. May you surround us like a shield with kindness and love. Each stage of pregnancy comes with its share of blessings. May we be a blessing to this house, Father.

We thank you for the miracle of life and pray that you bless this mother and baby with good health and happiness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

A grateful heart is the most powerful tool for creating more and protecting what you have.

Whether you want more wealth, health, or fame, just be grateful every moment, and more will come to you. 

Whether you’re a first-time mom or you’ve been through it before, it’s only natural that things go smoothly.

You can pray this prayer for pregnancy blessing and safe delivery.

9) Blessing Prayer For Unborn Baby With Problems

Blessing Prayer For Unborn Baby With Problems
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“God, you see my baby in the womb of my wife. You know every detail of him, every muscle, every bone, and every part of his beautiful body, mind, heart, and soul.

No matter how he is made, he is beautiful and your beloved. Give me peace during this pregnancy, that I may surrender every worry or fear to You.

I can take heart, knowing that you have overcome the world and made way for us to be close to you someday in heaven and here on earth.

No matter what comes, stay close, Jesus. Bring peace and comfort, and give blessed assurance. Amen to your name.”

As you patiently wait for your baby to enter the world, you may be anxious or worried about the rest of your pregnancy or your baby’s health.

In these feelings, you can use this prayer to calm any nerves, yet any fears, and surround your unborn child with life-giving words.

God is protecting both of you during this moment, try to say a prayer to calm your anxiety and worry too.

Will These Prayers Keep The Unborn Baby And Mother Safe?

Keeping the unborn baby and mother safe is difficult, even in this era of modern technology.

Yes, these prayers keep them safe. God loves to help people who call Him in times of trouble and need.

Our first and last resort to keep them safe is Almighty God. Sometimes we don’t know the complications that arise, but all-knowing, God has the solution for our every problem and answers for our every prayer.

Can I Pray During The Whole Pregnancy?

Yes, you can say these prayers before, during, and even after the pregnancy.

As we know, prayers aren’t something we should occasionally do. Prayers during times of distress are one thing we must do.

But to stay connected with God, we should always pray before the Almighty.

Sometimes, we feel particular relation with God in times of need. So, during pregnancy, when something is uncertain, we should pray these special prayers to show our faith and love in God.

Can I See These Prayers To Help With A Safe Delivery?

Of course, you can say these prayers for such a purpose.

When we or our loved ones get in this situation, we need a shoulder to rely on. It is very difficult for both mother and child. We need some assurance other than from doctors.

Praying to God for a safe delivery gives us relief to stay on the road of faith and belief.

So, when we pray to God for safe delivery, we are helping ourselves or our loved ones in this difficult situation.

Final Thoughts

Now is the perfect time to entrust your child to our Heavenly Father, who does what we cannot do ourselves. There is no sweeter way for an expectant mother to care for her unborn child than to wrap it in prayer. 

You may already be preparing your body and ensuring your baby gets all those healthy nutrients. And you are doing a great job!

This child is a gift from above, and the best way to thank the Giver is to praise and honor it through prayer. Praying over yourself during pregnancy is just as important as you and your little one are connected, and God’s willing, will stay close for the rest of your earthly life.

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