Does Hair Hold Trauma, Energy and Memories? The Truth!

Human hair is one of the most important parts of the body. Women consider it as their crowning glory and men consider it as a status symbol.

If you have a lot of hair, it makes you look younger in age! This is why some people hesitate to cut it off right away.

Does hair really hold trauma, energy and memories? Is there any scientific basis for this belief?

Fortunately, you have this article to answer all these questions and more. Hopefully, you will better understand the importance of your hair as part of your body after reading this article.

Go ahead and move on to the next section to learn more.

Does Hair Hold Memories?

Hair Hold Memories

For the answer to this question, we will go back to biology. Our memory centers are located in the brain.

This means that everything that we remember is stored within our brain cells. Scientifically speaking, hair follicles are not connected to the brain directly.

By virtue of this disconnection, our hair will be incapable of holding memories physically. However, it is connected by nerves so whatever happens to our brain may affect the hair indirectly.

So, I believe that cutting and restyling your hair helps you deal with the problems at hand. This change helps you let go of undue stress, trauma and additional emotional baggage in life. 

There’s even a trend nowadays regarding having a haircut to let go of unwanted memories and problems.

Cutting hair gives people a sense of relief and freedom for sure. This will further be discussed in the next sections.

Also, I believe you should take a look at the spiritual meaning of braided hair and how it will protect you.

Does Hair Hold Trauma?

Hair Hold Trauma

Scientifically speaking, the answer to this question remains unclear.

Psychology experts as well as psychotherapists purport that hair may not physically hold trauma in the literal sense. However, trauma does affect hair as much as it does the whole body.

If you feel depressed or emotionally depleted, you may end up not eating correctly, which can affect your physical health and your hair too.

Spiritually speaking, I can tell you for sure that hair holds trauma. And if you keep feeling this urge to cut it, it’s your spirit letting you know that there’s much energy in your hair and mind.

Your hair is a part of you, an extension of who you are! So, caring for your hair will not only lift your physical body but also your spirit. 

But, let me tell you right away that the longer your hair is the more it the weight of negative memories and traumas.

Does Hair Hold Energy?

Hair Hold Energy

Yes, hair absorbs all the nutrients and energy we put out.

That being said, our memories may still be connected to our hair symbolically and spiritually speaking.

Most women and even some men cut off their hair as part of a transformation and change in their lives.

After all, hair is still a part of our body. So, as I mentioned earlier, it’s not a coincidence when you feel this urge to do something new with your hair. It means that you’re ready for a transformation.

You are ready to embrace and start a new chapter in your life and let go of all the negativity that is holding onto you and your hair.

This moment is about you. Not about what others think of you or what they want you to be like! It’s time to embrace your true self.

Cutting it off will significantly show that you are moving on and letting go of certain baggage in your life.

Cutting off your hair will help you forget the past and move on to start something new. As they say, out of sight, out of mind right?

5 Spiritual Benefits of Cutting Your Hair to Release Trauma

5 Spiritual Benefits of Cutting Your Hair to Release Trauma

1) Moving On

The act of cutting your hair may serve as a sign of you moving on from any traumatic or bad experience that you may have had in the past.

It is a means of letting go of the memories and pain that you may have felt during that time.

Some experts claim that this is highly therapeutic. As it will allow you to be free of all the negative things that have been holding onto your hair.

It will free you from the emotional burden that comes with the hair.

Emotionally speaking, it frees you from those burdens, memories and traumas you have been carrying. It will allow you to have a new start both emotionally and mentally.

Also, take a moment to learn the spiritual meaning of having long hair in dreams.

2) Spiritual Transformation and Change

This is the best way for you to signify change in your life. Usually, cutting off hair may not be too dramatic for some but there are many hidden meanings that could be involved in this simple action.

One of the most obvious meanings would be a change in you as a person.

This holds true especially if you have been so attached to your original haircut before trimming it.

This may mean that you are ready to face any kind of new challenge that comes your way along with your new hairdo.

If you are undergoing a spiritual transformation, cutting off your hair may symbolize wanting to let go of past sins and mistakes.

Your change in hairstyle also reflects any kind of inner peace that you have gained in the process.

3) Emotional Responses

Cutting your hair could also be because it symbolizes a transformation into a version of yourself that embraces your natural hair.

By cutting it, you are showing that you’re better now. You are evolving as a person and spiritually.

You are leaving all of those bad memories, traumas and negative energy behind. This shows the universe that you are ready to receive all of the positivity and good things that are about to come to you.

Also, people claim that cutting their hair after the loss of a loved one has helped them move on.

4) Messages And Symbolism

You can also choose to cut off your hair as a way to communicate with other people.

I remember since I was younger, the only thing that people would notice I changed was my hair, especially if I cut it.

This taught me that you’re sending a message. You are showing that something within you has changed, not only on the outside but on the inside.

But when I was a kid, I would cry so much after a haircut. Now? I feel free. I feel lighter. It feels like a weight has been removed from my shoulders.

This is why I can tell you for sure that cutting your hair is much more than just cutting it.

5) Letting Go of Past Trauma

Your hair can constantly remind you of any kind of pain and heart that you have undergone in your life, chopping it off may be the best way for you to forget everything that happened.

If you broke up with a boyfriend, having a haircut will certainly represent you moving on from the past trauma that you’ve endured with your partner.

A lot of TV shows and movies have shown changes in hairstyle as a symbol for a character’s emotional journey. This holds true for real life as well.

In the next section, we will answer some additional questions that you may have. Are you interested in learning more about these responses? Please continue reading right now.

I Keep Getting the Urge to Cut My Hair. Should I Be Concerned?

man cutting hair

No, you should not be concerned! This means that your hair has reached its maximum capacity for holding bad memories, traumas and energies.

You need to start listening to your intuition. Your mind is trying to tell you that it’s time for a change and new beginnings. Book your appointment or cut it at home, if you have experience!

And, as I mentioned earlier in the article the longer your hair is the more it holds those negative memories and traumas.

Did you know that you could also have a dream of someone cutting your hair? Spiritually, this means that a dead loved one is trying to help you move one.

Or, that they are trying to remove your emotional baggage for you.

Final Words

With all these spiritual symbolisms and meanings, cutting your hair should not be that difficult to understand anymore.

You may end up welcoming it even. Just make sure that your new hairstyle fits your personality or the change that comes with it. Otherwise, it will defeat the purpose.

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