Dreaming About An Ex You Don’t Talk To Anymore Spiritual Meaning

Most of us have undergone heartbreak after committing even 10 years to it. Nobody wishes to fantasize about a dead relationship. 

It’s even worse if the both of you parted ways in heartbreaking conditions. Some of us don‘t even want to hear their names because of the memories it brings.

Now, imagine dreaming about your ex. Someone who dusted you off as if 10 years meant nothing to them.

You changed your personality, goals, career, and religion, only for someone to treat you like trash.

Then 5, 10, or 20 years later, you are dreaming about your ex you don’t talk to anymore? No way. There is a reason for that dream. It is spiritually related. This is what it means.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Someone You Don’t Talk To Anymore?

Dream Of Someone You Don’t Talk To Anymore

Dreaming about someone you no longer talk to could mean you miss them. This is the most common reason because some people, whether friends, relatives, or family, leave a mark on our hearts.

You are also worried about them; that is why you’re dreaming about them. Maybe, the news of them struggling with life has kept you thinking.

It could also be you guys didn’t settle your issues before partying ways. So, that pain and anger of betrayal is manifesting through the dream.

If you’re dreaming about your ex, then it’s possible you still have feelings for them. Maybe you are not satisfied with your current relationship, and that’s why you keep remembering them. 

Or, it could be you both are having a shared dream. Spiritually, it means your souls are reconnecting in the spiritual world

Sometimes, dreaming about someone you rarely talk to is all about you. The universe is just trying to reconnect the both of you. 

So, if you have some unfinished or unsolved businesses with them, you better fix them first. Find them and try to resolve your issues

It could also be you’re not progressing in life because of the same issues. So, try and set yourself free from this prison.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex?

Dream About Your Ex

A dream about your ex is symbolic. As much as we associate it directly with missing or having feelings for them, it could be more about your actions and feelings.

This is a sign you’re now ready to move on with your life. You’ve come to terms with the outcome of your previous relationship, and you now feel liberated.

It also means you still feel upset about the breakup. If you had committed to your relationship and your partner betrayed the bond, it takes time to heal from that trauma. 

Most people don’t want to hear this, but you may still be in love with them. When you love someone, it gets difficult to forget about them at times. 

Even if they made you go through hell, they still remain the best thing that ever happened in your life. Killing your feelings for them gets difficult at this point.

Other reasons are:

  • You don’t know what you need to move on;
  • You are still confused about why you both broke up;
  • You regret being the cause of the breakup;
  • Your ex is manifesting through your subconscious;
  • Your ex wants you back.

Dreaming About An Ex You Don’t Talk To Anymore: 9 Spiritual Meaning

Dreaming About An Ex You Don't Talk To Anymore: 9 Spiritual Meaning

Now that we have mentioned the possible meanings of dreaming about an ex let’s discuss further.

1) You have a life mission together

People do not just meet. Some are destined to be together. They just don’t know.

You could be dreaming about your ex because both of you are spiritually connected. You both have a mission to accomplish in this world.

So, whether or not you break up, life will always find a way to bring the both of you together because this purpose can only be fulfilled if you are together. 

2) You could be repeating the same pattern

If, in your dream, you see your ex dating someone else, it’s a clear sign you haven’t moved on.

If you remember every detail of the dream, compare it with your current relationship. Are they different or the same?

When you dream about an ex while dating someone else, the universe tells you you haven’t moved on. It could also mean you are in the same relationship pattern as before

Now your current one could even be the unhealthier one. So, use this sign to avoid future disappointments.

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3) You feel lonely

You could be in a new relationship and still feel lonely. Or, you are yet to find a fulfilling relationship like you had. This situation can make you dream about your ex.

Sometimes, it’s only after a breakup that we realize we didn’t actually have other close friends or relatives. 

No matter how many times you think about it, no one can step into the shoe your partner left. This is enough reason to still dream and think about your partner. 

4) You need closure

You are dreaming about your ex because you haven’t found closure. This is the case if you feel your relationship didn’t have to end that way

Maybe you also feel your issues weren’t resolved. You didn’t get the chance to express how you felt, and there are so many things you need to say.

Whichever the case, you need to find closure. This way, you will move on with life smoothly.

So, just talk to them, share your thoughts with them, and scream if you want to just let go of these emotions. 

5) They still love you

You are dreaming about an ex you rarely talk to because they still love you. As mentioned earlier, you both could be spiritually connected. You just don’t know.

If your ex still has feelings for you, they will always think about you and can even try connecting in your subconscious state. 

Now, if this energy can reach you, then the bond between you is too strong. You also have a feeling for them. 

So, be very honest with yourself. What do you feel about them? If the two of you can work things out, even the universe supports it.

6) You have not forgiven them

Another reason for this dream is you are yet to forgive your ex. This is true, especially if they broke your heart. 

You may have been in a relationship, but then pregnancy came. Your partner refused to acknowledge the pregnancy, and because of that, your life completely changed

In most cases, you end up cursing them. The wound left will take time to heal. Some of this pain doesn’t go away. So, it gets difficult to forgive them. 

When forgiveness becomes difficult to give, it can manifest itself through dreams, and that’s what you are experiencing.

7) There are unresolved dispute

Dreaming about an ex you don’t talk to anymore can also mean you have an unresolved dispute. Maybe you both went your ways without solving your issues. 

Ideally, there was no closure in this relationship. What caused the breakup? Why did you choose to break up? The unresolved dispute can lead to sadness, fear, and anger.

Whatever the problem is, meditate on it to find out what exactly happened and look for ways to resolve it.

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8) You still love them

As much as we say this dream could mean your ex still loves you, it can also be you are still in love with them. This can be the reason if you didn’t cause the breakup. 

Maybe your broth ended things when it had just started. But whether you still love them or not, deep down in your soul, what do you feel? 

To get away from this trap, try to focus and move on with your life. Or, you can share with them what you feel. You never know the outcome.

9) You are annoyed with others

Being annoyed with others during your walking life can also stimulate this dream. This means you are surrounded by negative energies, and you are yet to deal with them. 

Maybe your boss gave a promotion chance to a coworker because of your misunderstanding. 

This anger and annoyance is what your subconscious senses. So, your body is just responding to the negative feelings.

Is It A Bad Sign To Have This Dream?

couple laughing

No, having this dream about your ex is not a bad sign. It is a good thing.

Usually, such dreams mean you have finally found closure with your ex.

Your feelings towards them have finally died, and you are now ready for new beginnings. It could be you are ready for your new job or relationship.

This may also mean you are concerned about infidelity in your current relationships.

If your past relationship ended because of infidelity, you will definitely dream about infidelity even in your new relationship.

You can also relate these to your waking life. When you question your family and friends’ honesty, you may dream about your ex cheating. It is because of similar emotions. 

Now, the meaning you use depends on what you feel. What did you dream about your ex? When you woke up, were you angry or stressed? 

All these emotions can help you to understand what the dream means. Mind you, it’s not bad to dream about your ex. It’s just a sign there is a change in certain aspects of your life.

Does It Mean My Ex Misses Me?

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Yes. Dreaming about your ex could be a sign they miss you and are trying to reconnect with you in your subconscious state

Still, it could be the other way around; you miss them. Sometimes life happens, and we don’t even understand why we broke up with the other person.

The both of you could have separated just because you don’t share the same interests, financial instability, etc. But, in a real sense, you had a pure bond. 

So, yes. You both miss each other. If you still can be with them, go for it.

It’s still possible to start afresh. That’s if they have not moved on. You both can still rekindle what you shared. 

But, if you really miss your ex, you should take a look at these prayers for your ex to com back to you.

Final Words

Dreaming about an ex you no longer talk to is a sign you have finally moved on. You are convinced they have moved on, and you can no longer be together. 

Besides, this could be more of what is happening in your current life. If your partner cheats on you, you will have these feelings and may relate them to everyone in your surroundings.

So, dreaming about them could be about your fears of betrayal. You’re afraid history could repeat itself. Or, you feel guilt for causing the breakup. 

When you wake up from this dream, note everything down. From these notes, it becomes easy to interpret its meaning. 

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