7 Prayers for my Ex to Come back to Me: Very Powerful

There are 7 prayers to pray when you miss your ex and desire his/her return and come back into your life. These prayers are failure-proof. They have generated consistent results over time, and it is time for you to get yours as well.

In every marital or romantic relationship, mistakes are inevitable. However, there is a possibility to undo certain mistakes by offering prayers, and one of the mistakes that can be rectified is in getting your ex back. The universe cares about how you feel; therefore, your request will be granted to you whenever you offer prayers.

Praying for your ex to come back is going to restore the love and joy in the relationship. Furthermore, the bond that was shared between both parties in the past will become stronger and almost unbreakable. Therefore, if you desire a reconciliation between you and your ex, the 7 prayers in this article carry a strong love power that will knit your souls together and rekindle the lost love.

If you have been bothered about your broken relationship, the worry is over because you can restore what was once broken in the relationship through these 7 powerful prayers.

1) Prayer for my Ex to come back to Me

Prayer for my Ex to come back to Me
Prayer for printing

“May the powers of Saint Cyprian and all the good spirits who are listening to this prayer come into my life and help me right now.

May Saint Cyprian and all his spiritual helpers enter the heart of (ex name) and fill him with love for me. I ask that you make him want to return to my arms, very sad, crying and desperate.

I ask despair to enter the heart of (ex name), I ask sadness to enter on the heart of (ex name), and I ask regret to enter into the body, heart and soul of (ex name).

With Saint Cyprian and all his powers it will be possible.
So be it, now and forever.”

Finding your lost love might seem difficult and unattainable – most especially when the relationship was dissolved as a result of irreconcilable differences. However, there is a way to fix the broken relationship. The best way to fix this relationship is through prayer.

Praying for your ex to come back to you is going to generate a strong love power, which will cause the heart of your ex to burn with love, passion, and desire for you. The result has remained constant for several years, and this is going to be your experience as well.

It might take a few weeks to get the result, but the prayer for your ex to come back is a powerful type of prayer that rekindles the lost love in a relationship, and fixes what has been broken in the past.

Therefore, you must always offer this prayer for your ex to come back to you. 

2) Powerful Prayer to get your Ex-Husband back

Powerful Prayer to get your Ex-Husband back
Prayer for printing

“I ask with all the strength of God Our Lord that my ex-husband (Ex-husband’s name) think about our life, our relationship and our marriage.

I ask him to see that he is doing something wrong and I ask that he understand that he is making a mistake. And I just ask that he come back to me, to my arms and to my life and home.

(Ex-husband’s name) come back to me! You have to go back to my arms! You need to regret running away from my life. I need you, here and now, to be happy and to be able to live my life.

With the help of God Our Lord I will get you back. With the help of Our Lord, (Ex-husband’s name) will come back to me. I know you do. I believe so. Amen.”

This is for a marital relationship. The vows of marriage are powerful. Therefore, when they are broken, the marriage will collapse. However, this does not mean a permanent dissolution. There is a possibility of fixing that marriage and starting over again.

This can be done by offering the powerful prayer to get your ex-husband back. If you are going to get results with this prayer, you must have a picture of your ex-husband with you. In addition to this, you must have a powerful memory in your mind that is strong enough to release love energy into the atmosphere.

However, by offering these prayers, you will get your ex-husband back.

Therefore, don’t give up the hope of getting your ex-husband back. Make use of the powerful prayer to accomplish this feat. Your desires will be granted and your marriage will be rebuilt through this prayer.

3) Powerful Prayer to get your Ex-Boyfriend back

Powerful Prayer to get your Ex-Boyfriend back
Prayer for printing

“God Almighty, I love my ex with all my being. But today I do not know if he/she feels the same way about me. God, I ask you to put the same love that is in me on her/him so that we can enjoy the joy of love together again.

Thank you, Almighty God, for allowing me to fall in love and for incorporating the love of my ex into my heart.

Now I need you to put this feeling of love in his heart as well.

The possibility of fixing a broken romantic relationship is high.

Therefore, you should not give up the hope of fixing what was broken. If you desire to be with your ex-boyfriend, then you can bring your desires to pass. The simple trick is to channel your desires in the right direction. 

The best way to rightly channel your desire is to offer the powerful prayer to get your ex-boyfriend back. The intensity of energy that emits from this prayer will bring your wishes to pass. The love will be rekindled, and you will have a beautiful love union, which might lead to marital bliss and a graceful family.

This powerful prayer has generated results for countless people all around the world, and it is time. Therefore, if you desperately want your ex-boyfriend back, it is time to pick out the powerful tool called prayer. It works like magic.

4) Prayer to get Someone you know back

Prayer to get Someone you know back
Prayer for printing

“Our Lord, I am suffering. God Our Lord, I’m sad, not knowing what to do and not knowing what to think. I’m sad because (person’s name) ran away from my life forever.

Without (person’s name), my life is meaningless. That’s why I pray this prayer, to have (person’s name) back in my life.

Our Lord, I don’t know who to talk to, I don’t know who to ask, I don’t know who to pray to. I only remember You, God Our Lord.

I remember You because I know You will help me and I know You will help me bring (person’s name) back into my life today.

Our Lord, I believe in You, in Your powers and in Your strengths. Amen.”

This does not have to be a romantic relationship. It might be a casual friendship.

Whenever you miss someone, you can offer prayers to get them back. This is not manipulation; it is simply channeling your desires in the right direction, and causing the same desire to spark off in the heart of the other individual. 

Whenever you offer the prayer to get someone you know back, the universe will give you a sign. This might come in the form of a vision or a spirit animal. This sign will assure you that all of your prayers are answered. 

Therefore, don’t waste any more time. You have missed this person for too long, and it’s time to get him/her back. Get into this powerful prayer, and you will be amazed at the powerful result it will generate within a short time.

5) Prayer for Someone you Love to come back

Prayer for Someone you Love to come back
Prayer for printing

“Saint Helen, I found someone who makes me very confused and disturbed, but I don’t know how to approach and manage to defeat this human being.

That’s why I turn to you, venerable deity, who can help me to be knowledgeable, patient and find out how to get that man’s love (say love’s name), and be happy with him for the rest of our lives.

I want to make him mad with despair, but also meek so that he can think of us in peace for the rest of his life.

I know it may seem a little selfish what I’m asking, but only I can make (say love’s name) happy in love.

And I want him to run after me, and I trust your powers this day to make it happen.

There are several ways to get someone you love to come back into your life. However, the most potent way is through offering prayers to the universe. Whenever you offer this prayer, it is a show of desperation and desire.

The universe will grant your deepest desires – especially when it is a matter of urgency. Therefore, to make this prayer effective, you must be desperate enough in your heart and create a picture of the beautiful memories about the person in your mind while offering the prayers.

This prayer has generated results for close associates. Therefore, there is no doubt about its potency.

Have you missed the beautiful times you shared with such individuals?

Do you desire to have this person in your life?

Then, offer this prayer right now. The results are explosive.

6) Prayer for my Love to Return to me Today

Prayer for my Love to Return to me Today
Prayer for printing

“Oh my God the creator of love, the maker of relationship, and the owner of virtue, I thank and appreciate you for all that I was, am, and will be. I need to pray to you to bring back to me the love that was my only companion.

My love has left me and made my life difficult. Guide my ex to choose a right rode in her/his life and help her/his to realize how precious she is to me.

Guide him also into the good behaviors and to avoid keeping this separation any further. Amen.”

This is an early morning prayer that must be offered before sunrise. 

Therefore, you must be sure to get the timing right. The reason for this is that the sun will carry your prayer to the person involved when it rises. However, you must release the prayer into the atmosphere before the sun rises.

Therefore, if you want your love to return to you today, offer prayers before sunrise, and you see your desires come to pass. 

The results might vary due to a lot of reasons:

  • The distance between you and your lost love.
  • The desire of your lost love.

Once each of these is intact, then you should expect the perfect answer to your prayer before the end of the day.

7) Prayer for Someone to come back into your life

This prayer can be offered in the morning and night, and it is powerful enough to re-establish a lost connection with someone you miss dearly. This might not necessarily have to be a physical connection. It might happen through a message or chat, but the prayer is going to connect both parties again.

In addition to this, the prayer to get someone to come back into your life will lead to a fruitful relationship between both parties. Therefore, rather than feeling regret about losing someone important to your life, you can bring back those times through prayer.

When you offer prayer to the universe, power is released to bring your desires to pass. Therefore, go and offer spiritual prayers to bring that person into your life again. You will feel joy, peace, and great fulfillment when the result shows forth.

Does Praying for Love work?

It works every time you offer the prayer.

Offering prayers for love works every time it is carried out because of the power in prayer. Across several religions and faith, the power of prayer has been an emphasis for centuries. Therefore, there is nothing beyond prayer. Your desires will come to pass within a short while whenever you pray for them.

Therefore, praying for love will bring love into your life. Praying for love will attract love into your life. This can be achieved by helping you find true love, or rekindling the love between two ex-partners, and making it blossom and become fruitful.

Can I Light 1 Red Candle while Praying?

Red candles are powerful for love prayers, spells, and magic. 

Therefore, it is necessary to have the red candle around you while praying. In the spirit world, the red candle releases a strong atmosphere of love and sexual passion. Therefore, it is best to have this candle around you whenever you want to offer love prayers.

The red candle will release the love fragrance into the atmosphere, which will locate the person involved, and fill his/her with the same passion you have.

How long should I wait?

After offering prayers for love, there is no specific time for you to wait.

The results are always instant and can take within 1-3 months on special occasions. This might be due to distance or the amount of damage that was caused in the past relationship.

Therefore, the waiting process will depend on the situation of things in the broken relationship.

Final Words

Final words about the prayers

Don’t give up on love. You can reclaim your lost love back by offering the 7 prayers in this article. This will fix what was broken and build a stronger bond between you and your ex.

So, what did you think about the prayer for your ex to come back to you today? Please, feel free to share all the prayers with your friends or with someone in need of spiritual help.

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  1. I praying for Felicia come back and give a chance for our love long last no matter what we went through thick and ice situation. I precious her and I love her so much. I couldn’t life without her my life is difficult to being without her. Help me please

  2. im praying brandon comes back to me so we can enjoy the joy of love together again. im praying that he comes back to me, and we can stay together this time. in jesus name amen.!!!

    • Hello,

      We’re all praying for your husband Brandon to come back.
      Sometimes it may take a few weeks for these prayers to work because some evil spirit decided to manipulate your husband to go away.
      God is doing all He can to help you and your relationship. He will bring your husband back.

      Thank you for your comment,
      Guardian Angel.

  3. Need prayers for reconciliation of my ex Pia Maria Macari, Lord I ask you to put my name in Pia heart, put my number in Pia heart and open her heart lord and put my name in it lord, I need this girl lord, and I’m asking you lord to help me with what I need lord in Jesus name and Jesus will amen

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    thank you

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