7 Prayers For My Ex To Come Back To Me: Very Powerful

The power of prayer cannot be overemphasized. Whatever situation you find yourself in, through prayer, you can solve it all. 

For example, if you have issues with your relationship, there are prayers to say concerning this situation. 

This article is focused on that. We will discuss the 7 miracle prayer that will bring back your ex.      

If you recently had a breakup and you desire to restore the relationship then, read this article to discover the prayers to make for such a situation.

1)  Miracle Prayer To Get My Ex Back

Miracle Prayer To Get My Ex Back
Prayer For Printing

“May the powers of Saint Cyprian and all the good spirits who are listening to this prayer come into my life and help me right now.

May Saint Cyprian and all his spiritual helpers enter the heart of (ex’s name) and fill it with love for me. I ask that You make this person want to return to my arms, very sad, crying and desperate.

I ask despair to enter the heart of (ex’s name), I ask sadness to enter the heart of (ex’s name), and I ask regret to enter into the body, heart and soul of (ex’s name).

With Saint Cyprian and all his powers, it will be possible.

So be it, now and forever. Amen.”

It takes a miracle to get back your ex. Especially when the relationship ended on a very bad note. However, this does not mean that the situation cannot be rectified

With prayer, you can restore your relationship and get back your ex. 

This special miracle prayer works effectively. With faith and a strong determination in your heart, anything is possible. 

With this prayer, God will begin to work on the heart of your ex

As you stay consistent with this prayer, your desires will be granted and your EX will come back to you. Start praying NOW!

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2) Prayer For Someone You Love To Come Back

Prayer For Someone You Love To Come Back
Prayer For Printing

“I ask with all the strength of God Our Lord that my ex (ex’s name) think about our life, our relationship and our marriage.

I ask him/her to see that he/she is doing something wrong and I ask that he/she understand that he/she is making a mistake. And I just ask that he/she comes back to me, to my arms and to my life and home.

(Ex’s name) come back to me! You have to go back to my arms! You need to regret running away from my life. I need you, here and now, to be happy and to be able to live my life.

With the help of God Our Lord, I will get you back. With the help of Our Lord, (ex’s name) will come back to me. I know you do. I believe so.


  • Do you want someone badly but the person does not love you in return?
  • Do you love someone badly and the person left you suddenly?

I sympathize with you! The feeling and hurt that come with this experience are beyond explanation.

Do you also know that it is possible to get someone your love to come back to you? Trust me, this is possible. 

Through this special prayer, someone you love will return to you

Write your desires on a white paper before saying this prayer. It keeps your focus and helps you channel your spiritual energy in the right direction. 

3) Powerful Prayer To Get Your Ex Back

Powerful Prayer To Get Your Ex Back
Prayer For Printing

“God Almighty, I love my ex (ex’s name) with all my being. But today I do not know if he/she feels the same way about me.

God, I ask You to put the same love that is in me on him/her so that we can enjoy the joy of love together again.

Thank You, Almighty God, for allowing me to fall in love and for incorporating the love of my ex into my heart.

Now, I need You to put this feeling of love in his/her heart as well. Make (ex’s name) feel the immediate desire to be with me again and reach out to me.


From the name of this prayer, it is powerful enough to get your ex back

To make this prayer effective, you can burn a red candle, which is a symbol of love and affection. Also, using rosemary incense works best with this prayer. 

When you say this prayer, the heart of your ex will suddenly begin to desire you, which becomes the basis and foundation of rebuilding the destroyed relationship. 

Nothing is impossible with God. through this prayer, your lost relationship can be restored. You can get your ex back within a short while. 

I believe you should also say a prayer to destroy your enemies, as someone can be trying to keep your ex away from you.

4) Powerful Prayer To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Powerful Prayer To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back
Prayer For Printing

“Our Lord, I am suffering. God, my Lord, I’m sad, not knowing what to do and not knowing what to think. I’m sad because (person’s name) ran away from my life forever.

Without (person’s name), my life is meaningless. That’s why I pray this prayer, to have (person’s name) back in my life.

Our Lord, I don’t know who to talk to, I don’t know who to ask, I don’t know who to pray to. I only remember You, God, my Lord and protector.

I remember You because I know You will help me and I know You will help me bring (person’s name) back into my life today.

Our Lord, I believe in You, in Your powers and in Your strengths.

I say this prayer in Your name,  Amen.”

This special prayer can be made if you desire to get back your ex-girlfriend

Irrespective of what happened between you and your ex-girlfriend, God can restore what was lost and broken

Take the issue to him through this prayer and stay consistent.

For effectiveness, it is recommended to write the name of your ex on a white piece of paper using a red pen, which is a sign of love. Doing this helps you to stay focused on the prayer exercise.

5) Short Prayer For My Ex-Boyfriend To Come Back

Short Prayer For My Ex-Boyfriend To Come Back
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Lord,

I found someone who makes me very happy and full of love. Unfortunately, we went our separate ways, but I can’t stop thinking about him.

That’s why I turn to You, God, I know You can help me to get back with (say ex’s name), and be happy with him for the rest of our lives.

I want to make him mad with despair, but also meek so that he can think of us in peace for the rest of his life.

I know it may seem a little selfish what I’m asking, but only I can make (ex’s name) happy in love.

I want him to run after me, and I trust Your powers to make it happen soon.


Saying this short prayer gets your ex-boyfriend back to you. It prompts his heart to suddenly begin to desire and pant after you

You can say this prayer in the early hours of the morning or late at night

Through this short prayer, your relationship will be restored and everything will return to normalcy.

6) Prayer To Get Ex Back

Prayer To Get Ex Back
Prayer For Printing

“Oh my God the creator of love, the maker of relationship, and the owner of virtue, I thank and appreciate You for all that I was, am, and will be.

Today, I pray to You to help me bring back to me the love that was my only companion and joy in life, my true love (ex’s name).

My love has left me and made my life difficult. Guide my ex to choose the right path in his/her life and help him/her to realize how precious he/she is to me.

Guide (ex’s name) also into the good behaviors and avoid keeping this separation any further. I know that I will only be happy with this person by my side.

You made us cross paths once and I ask You to make it happen again. Make our hearts and bodies desire each other. Bring (ex’s name) into my life right now.

I ask this in Your name, Lord, as I know that nothing is impossible for You. Amen.”

When you say this special prayer, you will get your ex back. 

Any damaged relationship can be repaired through this prayer. With faith in God and a strong determination in your heart, your ex will return to you. 

Start this prayer by expressing gratitude to God for your relationship.

Afterwards, start saying this prayer with desperation. Mention the name of your ex repeatedly and make your desires known through the words of this prayer.

Also, take a look at these prayers for depression and loneliness.

7) Miracle Prayer For Reconciliation With Ex

Miracle Prayer For Reconciliation With Ex
Prayer For Printing

“Heavenly Father,

You are a God of love and mercy. I know that You only want to see Your children happy, but I am not happy.

I miss (say ex’s name) so much and I need this person back in my life. Without him/her my life is not complete. So, I ask You to help me right now and bring (ex’s name) back to my path, as You once did.

Touch his/her heart and let him/her know that we can be happy again as we once were. Helps us to heal from wounds of our past and restore the love we have for each other.

I ask this in Your name, Amen.”

Do you desire a reconciliation with your ex? This is a miraculous prayer to say for such. 

Firstly, let your intentions be set before engaging in this spiritual exercise. Afterwards, continually mutter the words of this prayer. 

Through this, your ex will suddenly begin to feel drawn towards you. This sudden spark will begin the healing process of your relationship. 

Can I Pray For My Ex To Come Back?

Yes, you can pray for your ex to come back

This spiritual exercise is potent enough to restore every broken relationship. 

No matter what transpired between you and your ex, you can be assured of getting good results through these 7 miracle prayers. 

Can I Light 1 Red Candle while Praying?

Yes, red candles are a good way to increase the power of your prayer. They are the candles of love and passion.

You can light one every time you pray and let the power of that candle and your words reach God.

In the spirit world, the red candle releases a strong atmosphere of love and intimate passion. Therefore, it is best to have this candle around you whenever you want to offer love prayers.

How long should I wait?

After saying any of these prayers, there is no specific time to wait.

The results aren’t always instant, because God takes His time to reach your ex’s heart and fill it with love for you. But don’t worry and don’t lose faith.

Some people say it happened in a week, while others said it took about 3 months. Why? Because their relationship was so damaged that it takes time for God to heal their heart and mind.

Therefore, the waiting process will depend on the situation of things in the broken relationship.

Before you leave, take a look at these money prayers that work immediately.

Final Words

When you say this prayer, the restoring power of God will begin to work on your relationship. Within a short while, your ex will come back to you. 

Don’t doubt the power of God! There is no impossibility with God. Concerning your relationship, miracles will happen. 

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