Hearing An Owl Hoot 3 Times Spiritual Meaning: Is It Bad Luck?

Hearing an owl hoot at night is a normal occurrence because they are nocturnal birds. However, pay close attention when an owl audibly and repeatedly hoots thrice, triggering your inner voice.

The owl might be delivering a spiritual message to you.  

Besides being nocturnal, the owl is a spiritual animal. Its hoots bridge the gap between you and the spiritual world. 

Many believe the hoots provide your intuition with insight, and in response, your intuition guides you in the right direction. Why? The owl is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Even so, not every spiritual meaning points back to the owl’s wisdom. 

Do not get anxious or worried, though, I will enlighten you about the other spiritual meanings, including whether it is a sign of bad luck.

Find clarity and understand why your spiritual aura is guiding you toward a particular path in response to the Owl’s triple hoot

What Does It Mean When You Hear An Owl Hoot At Night Spiritual Meaning?

owl at night

Night-time owl hoots indicate the presence of an impending danger. Someone might be planning to harm you spiritually or physically. Sometimes, it means a negative event is about to occur. 

In response to a message of danger, your spiritual aura will analyze your current life relationships and events and let you in on who or what might be the danger. You are to prepare yourself accordingly

Moreover, owl hoots may spiritually mean that a significant transition is about to occur in your life.

Just like darkness transitions to light and the owl becomes inactive, so shall a change occur. You are required to brace for what is on the horizon. 

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What About Hearing An Owl Hooting During the Day?

owl in tree

It is uncommon for an owl to hoot within the day because it is expected to be inactive.

However, if this strange phenomenon occurs, you should be highly attentive and take action promptly.

It is time you adapt to current changes to keep thriving. Owls are known for their flexibility and adaptability, especially when they have to hunt at night.

So, the hooting serves as a reminder that you should adjust to the current circumstances and be open-minded to grow spiritually. 

An unusual event is about to follow. Just like an owl hooting during the day is unexpected, so are you required to prepare for the unexpected.

The owl is trying to warn you of a hidden force in your life. In this case, you must be on high alert to capture any subtle energy changes around you.

Hearing An Owl Hoot 3 Times: 5 Spiritual Meanings

Hearing An Owl Hoot 3 Times: 5 Spiritual Meanings

Spiritually, the number three symbolizes harmony, balance, and spiritual alignment.

Therefore, when an owl hoots three times, it means it has felt the presence of sharp intuition, established inner wisdom, and divine messages. 

The hooting serves as an awakening, calling on you to tap into the wisdom, intuition, and divine messages. These are some of the meanings and messages you might receive:

1) Be open to the wisdom and guidance that lies ahead

Sometimes, you might be going through a rough time to the point of feeling like giving up.

However, an owl hooting three times during such a period signals the presence of a wealth of wisdom you can tap into

The universe is urging you to trust your intuition and give the wisdom a chance.

Just like the number three represents spiritual alignment, the owl is reminding you of the chance to reconnect to your spiritual aura and find answers to your troubles. 

2) You have forgotten about the existence of divine guidance 

Owls are tasked with delivering messages about the existence of a divine source of wisdom and spiritual guidance.

As humans, we tap into that source of wisdom through our intuition and belief to make life-transforming decisions. 

At some point in life, many forget about the source of wisdom and divine guidance, especially when everything is working out great. They only revisit the source when they need help. 

Well, an owl hoots three times to emphasize the need to keep depending on the higher realms for guidance.

It is critical to hang on to your spiritual energies even when nothing is bothering you. 

3) The universe is strengthening your spiritual shield  

Owls are natural protectors, especially when they have to ensure the survival of their offspring.

In the same way, the vibrations of their hoots hold spiritual powers to protect you further, even when you are not aware of danger. 

Hooting three times reinforces the spiritual energies protecting you. Also, the hoots are believed to fend off evil powers planning to harm you. 

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4) Your current life situation is about to change 

Owls are highly adaptive and flexible birds. They are territorial, adapted to live in different environments and have a flexible diet.

For example, their wing and feather structure have adapted to help them fly silently while hunting. 

When you hear an owl hoot three times, it means your current life situation and spiritual state are about to change for the better.

So, the owl is informing you to ready yourself to tap into the positive changes coming your way

5) Take time to reflect on your inner self 

Owls are adored for their vast knowledge and wisdom, especially because they are adapted to surviving in the dark.

Many believe the owl hoots to share a part of their wisdom and knowledge with us and to remind us of our divine wisdom, too. 

The triple hoots are a signal and reminder for you to start reflecting on your inner self to have a deeper understanding of yourself. The owl is encouraging you to let go of the fear of discovering yourself. 

By examining your emotions, experiences, and thoughts with a deeper self-awareness, you confidently execute so much that you could not before.

That is why the owl hoots three times to boost your desire for the hidden truth and personal development

Is Hearing An Owl Hooting Bad Luck?

howl perched on tree

Not necessarily, it depends on what is currently happening in your life.

If any form of danger is pursuing you or you are on the verge of facing a challenging task, the owl’s hoot would serve as a warning

On the other side, if you believe no harm is upon you, then the owl is spiritually communicating with you to remind you about the essence of using your spiritual understanding and wisdom to win in life. 

It is like Athena in Greek mythology. She was regarded as the god of wisdom and kept an owl companion. 

Should I Be Concerned?

owl hiding

The question of whether the triple hoot of an owl should be a concern is dependent on repetitions and location.

If you happen to dream about owls, you should be concerned. According to the Bible, owls are associated with evil.

How many times does the owl repeat the triple hoot pattern? If you observe a persistent pattern, you should be concerned.

Why? There is a greater chance that an evil energy is looming around, and the owl is insisting you awaken to what is happening around you. 

Sometimes, you might be living in a place where several owls reside. So, hearing one hoot three times does not seem like a concern. 

However, if you are in an area where owls rarely exist and hear one hooting three times, pay attention. That could be your chance to tap into your greater wisdom or save yourself from trouble. 

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Final Words 

Owls hold a special place in the spiritual world as messengers of the existence of knowledge and wisdom.

Therefore, whenever you hear an owl hoot three times, take the opportunity to capture the wisdom in the air for personal and spiritual growth.  

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