Ringing in the Left Ear: Spiritual Meaning and Superstition

Ringing in your ear is probably one of the most uncomfortable and even facial sensations you may experience.    

A cousin of mine had this sensation for a while and it forced him to see a doctor after a few days of hearing some sound on his left ear.

His doctor told him that it could be caused by different things, including stress. To cut this story short, it turned out to be stress-related.

The ringing in the left ear sound was gone after a few days when my cousin learned to relax and handle his anxiety and stress better. He also took a break from work and got enough rest.

I told him the ringing in his left ear probably was because the heavens were imparting to him some important message.

His story then prompted me to write about both the superstitions and spiritual meaning of ringing in the left ear.

What Does It Mean When Your Left Ear Rings?

Left Ear Rings

There are two types of rings you can hear, high-pitched ringing or low-pitched ringing. Both have different meanings and messages.

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The heavens use different frequencies to send a message specific to you, which is why you are the only one experiencing that sound. Let’s now see what it could be:

High Pitched Ringing:

When you hear a high-pitched ringing sound in your left ear, this is likely the universe telling you to shape up. 

Experiencing this ringing sensation in your left ear should prompt you to ask some questions regarding your life such as

  • How am I using the gifts and talents bestowed on me?
  • Am I a kind person?
  • Will my actions and treatment of others give me a special place in heaven?
  • Do my actions reflect my integrity and spirituality?

This high-pitched ringing sound in your left ear could be a wake-up call from heaven to do better in life.

If you are not using your talents well or for the greater good, then the ringing sound is an alarm for you to do better

The universe is telling you to reflect on whether you are living a spiritually-pleasing life by sending you a high-pitched ringing sound in your left ear.

Low Pitched Ringing:

A low-pitched ringing sound in your left ear may mean great news is coming your way.

The heavens are telling you ahead of time that some of the things you are praying for are likely to come true soon.

The good news could pertain to your personal life such as getting pregnant, someone close to you coming for a visit, or healing someone you care about.

You could also be receiving positive news about your finances such as an upcoming promotion, a win in some raffle or lottery, or an unexpected inheritance. 

The good news could cover various aspects of your life.

The heavens are letting you experience some low-pitched ringing in your left ear as a sign that good things are coming soon. Be ready to embrace them and handle this news well.

Left Ear Ringing: 3 Superstitions

Left Ear Ringing Superstitions

There are many superstitions around the ringing in your left ear, but let’s talk about the most important ones that you need to know:

1) A face-related illness is coming

In some cultures, it is believed that the left ear ringing sensations you feel are a sign that you soon would be experiencing a face-related illness.

You could, for example, have an ear or eye infection. The illness could be about your facial skin such as excessive pimples or even boils on your face.

Your tongue could also be burned so badly leaving you unable to talk for some days.

In some groups, it is believed that face-related illness is caused by the misuse of facial organs like lips, eyes, or ears.

Are you using your mouth to spread nasty rumors? Then the heavens are likely to send you some face-related illness.

You will be warned of this coming illness by letting you experience some left ear ringing sounds.

2) Someone’s obsession

Some people believe that the ringing sounds you experience in your left ear are an indication that someone is obsessed with you. Perhaps this person is:

  • Daydreaming of you all the time;
  • Checking your social media accounts almost every day or even every hour;
  • Asking people you know about you;
  • Looking at your picture frequently or for hours.

Your left ear ringing can be a warning that a person is obsessed about you and that obsession could go over the top.

3) A necessary break

For some groups, the ringing sounds on the left ear are a sign from the heavens to slow down a bit, or else you might get sick.

This may sound like medical advice, but when you are experiencing some ringing sounds in your left ear, it could be heaven’s way of telling you to relax and take a break.

If you are working long hours, spending practically every day building wealth, and neglecting your health, then the heavens want you to put a break on this.

The ones above want you to know that there is more to life than just working. Spending time to rest, sleep and reset is always a good idea.

There is more to living than living such exceptionally busy lives.

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Ringing in the left ear: 5 spiritual meaning

Ringing in the left ear: 5 spiritual meaning

If you keep hearing a ring in your left ear, it’s time to try to understand what the heavens are trying to warn you about.

This is not something you should just ignore! Trust me. It won’t go away.

Let’s now see 5 spiritual meanings of hearing ringing in your left ear.

1) Be in the present

When your left ear seems ringing, then ask yourself whether you live in the present or not.

The heavens have likely noticed how absent-minded you are all the time, preferring to think of other things rather than focusing on what’s in front of you.

It could be that you mostly have difficulties focusing on the tasks at hand. You could, for example, be attending meetings, but your mind is somewhere else.

This reminder to be in the present could also pertain to your habit of living in the past or worrying about the future.

You let your past dictate what you should be doing now. Rather than assessing your current situation to know what’s best at this time.

The heavens want you to be mindful of the now by sending buzzing or ringing sounds in your left ear.

2) A spiritual awakening

When you have your left ear ringing, this could be because you are about to experience some spiritual awakening

This means that you have heightened consciousness about your faith. There seems to be a renewal of some sort to your commitment to live a spiritually pleasing life.

In the coming days or weeks, you may find yourself more eager to hear the words of the supreme being.

You may also find some peace in your heart that makes you want to reconnect with nature and the heavens. This is a feeling of peacefulness you’ve never experienced before.

The ringing in your ears is a sign of some deeper connection with the universe or supreme being in the next coming days.

3) A signal for change

If you are experiencing ringing in the left ear, this could be a signal from the heavens that change may be coming soon.

This could be a major change like the loss of something important like a loved one or a job. It could also be something positive like a new life joining you soon.

A family member may be asking to live on your couch for weeks or months or a new pet is coming.

Whatever the changes may be, the universe is already sending you a warning about it with the ringing of your ears. Open your heart and mind to this possible change.

4) A visit from the angels

If your left ear is ringing, it could be because you are being visited by the angels.

Sometimes angels would stop by and stay with us for a bit before going back to the heavens. 

Angels visit as it isn’t enough for them to merely see us from the heavens. This visit is probably the closest thing to being near the angel.

Our left ear is ringing because the angel who visited us is whispering in our ears. We cannot hear the words but our hearts are likely feeling what the angel is telling us

If there is a ringing sound in your left ear and an unusual feeling of peace in your heart, then this was likely because of the angel’s visit.

5) An unhealthy connection

When you hear ringing sounds in your left ear, then take the time to reflect on your relationships.

After all, the heavens send warnings of unhealthy connections by allowing a person to hear some buzzing sounds.

Think of how your relationships are and if there are toxic ones. The ringing sounds you hear could be the heavens’ way of telling you to let go of unhealthy connections as they can lead you spiritually astray.

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Why Does My Left Ear Keep Ringing? Is It A Bad Sign?

covering ears

If your left ear keeps on ringing, this is probably a reminder from the ones above about a promise you made in the past but never delivered on.

You may have bargained for something and promised something in exchange.

For example, you could have asked the heavens for healing in exchange you promised to take care of your body. But you may have been healed but continue with your vices like smoking or drinking.

The heavens are then reminding you of your promise by sending continuous ringing sounds in your ear. This is a bad sign as you are not keeping your word as you should.

Final Words

The ringing sounds in your left ear can be quite annoying and uncomfortable.

Make sure to reflect on what the possible message is being sent by the heavens as you may need to do something to make the ringing stop.

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