Spiritual Meaning Of Having Sex In A Dream With A Stranger

Dreaming of having sex with someone can be quite weird. I know this as I once dreamt of this and spent hours wondering why it happened.

I was confused about why I dreamt of having sex especially when it was a stranger involved.

Then, I thought of how I spent my hours before bedtime. I guess I was finding clues on why I dreamt of having sex with a stranger.

I argued to myself that I didn’t watch any sex scenes or porn before sleeping. Neither did I consume any media like books where characters were having intercourse.

A few weeks back I met up with a friend who is much like me, meaning this person spends time thinking and analyzing spiritual meanings.

I discussed with my friend my dream of having sex with someone I didn’t know and together we discussed what the dream means.

In this post, I would like to share the fruits of that conversation.

Making Love in Dreams: What Does That Mean?

Making Love in Dreams

When you dream of making love with someone this is because the heavens are reminding you of the Lord’s words in Genesis.

In this book, the Lord said to go forth and multiply. He told men to multiply so that men can have dominion over other living things in this world.

Dreaming of making love with someone is heaven’s way of telling us to honor God’s wish for us to multiply.

This may then prompt you to reflect on your current romantic relationships.

  • If you are in a romantic relationship: you may want to ask yourself if this is a serious one that might lead to marriage. Would the person you’re with make a good partner or mother or father to your kids?
  • If you are already married or living together: you may want to reflect on whether it is already the perfect time to have a baby. Are you ready to become a parent? Likewise, can your partner handle bringing up a child into this world?
  • If you have been trying to conceive: then perhaps reflect on whether it is time to consider other options. You may want to check other fertility options that can help you have a child or consider going for adoption so you can give a child a better future.

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Sleeping With a Man in a Dream Spiritual Meaning

Sleeping With a Man

Dreaming of sleeping with a man can be a reflection of your need for masculine energies.

You may be at a point in your life where you are wishing to have logical skills and the ability to think clearly.

You may be getting frustrated with how your mind works, which tends to jump from one point to another.

Instead, you would like to process your information in a more linear fashion until you reach a conclusion

You may also wish to be more independent. You may be feeling that there is little you can do on your own or that you need the protection of others in order to get things done or to thrive.

Thus, you wish you can do things your way and accomplish tasks without much help from others.

Also, it can mean you wish to be admired and appreciated all the time. You are likely feeling unappreciated for your efforts.

You won’t be admired for your work ethic, accomplishments, and even good fortune much like most men. This is likely because you don’t feel appreciated by family members and even people at work.

Sleeping With a Woman in a Dream Spiritual Meaning

Sleeping With a Woman

When you dream that you are sleeping with a woman, then this is a sign that you need to be more respectful of the women in your life.

It does not matter what your gender is, the heavens are letting you dream of a woman in this situation to make you reflect on your relationship with the women in your life.

You may want to think hard about how your relationship with your mother or sisters is. Do you see them or talk to them often? Do you care for them and attend to their needs?

The dream could also be a wakeful call to be a better partner to your significant other, especially if your partner is a woman. Are you loyal to your partner and are you faithful? 

Examine how you treat the women in your life and your partner when you dream of sleeping with a woman.

7 Spiritual Meanings of Having Sex in The Dream with a Stranger

7 Spiritual Meanings of Having Sex in The Dream with a Stranger

So, as you could read until now, having sex in a dream with a stranger carries a deep spiritual meaning.

Our dreams play a huge role in our lives that we tend to ignore. God and the heavens can communicate with us through dreams. Our subconscious can also do it.

So, whenever you have a dream that seems “stupid” or strange, don’t ignore it. It has a message for you, I guarantee it!

1) You are lonely

If you dreamt of having sex with someone you didn’t know, then this could be a reflection of your loneliness.

You may not have noticed it but you are becoming extremely lonely that it already manifests in your dream.

Maybe this is because you have been without a romantic partner or lover for some time now. Aside from the sex, you are missing the companionship of being with someone.

The loneliness could also be caused by your isolation as you have not been socializing much lately.

Your dream could also be due to your loneliness after a breakup.

It is possible that your feelings of loneliness are due to losing your partner recently and you may be entertaining thoughts of being with anyone just so you don’t feel alone.

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2) Not ready for a commitment

It could be that you are dreaming of having sex with a stranger because you dislike commitments.

If you are contemplating getting into a serious relationship with someone, then you dream of having sex with someone then step on the brakes.

Reconsider your resolve to get involved with someone seriously

Your dream is probably a sign that you are not ready for something serious with someone. Perhaps subconsciously you know that you prefer playing the field to being with someone.

3) Suppressed feelings

When you dream of having sex with a stranger, then you may be suppressing some desires or feelings.

Rather than acting out based on your feelings, you try to bury them to the point that they resurface in the form of a dream.

You may be dreaming of sex with a stranger because you do want to know what it feels like. 

You may be feeling adventurous and want to try sexual intercourse with someone you just met, whose name you won’t remember. But you never tried it. Instead, you simply dream of having sex with a stranger.

Perhaps there is someone you have been lusting for some time now but you never really got sexually involved with this person.

You may often be wondering how it feels to be in his or her arms but the opportunity to be with this person never materialized.

4) A desire for a baby

A dream of having sex with someone you don’t know could also carry the meaning that you want a baby so badly.

You want to procreate and it doesn’t matter who the father or mother of your baby is as long as you get to bring out a child in this world.

Your desire could likely be caused by your belief that you are on earth to become a mother or a father. You want to make good with the Lord’s order to go forth and multiply

Your want to have a baby can also be driven by your love for kids and raising them.

5) Think pure thoughts

If you are dreaming of having sex with a stranger, then this could be because the heavens are scolding you for your thoughts and actions.

It could be that your thoughts are filled with less desirable ones, like thinking of sex all the time and other body pleasures you can engage in.

Maybe having sex all the time has become a pastime and the heavens know this.

The dream could be a rebuke from the ones above. It could be heaven’s way of telling you to go easy or slow in thinking of sex or anything related.

If you are promiscuous then it could be a sign from the heavens to honor your body by not sleeping with just anyone. 

6) Honor your marriage vows

If you are married and have dreamt of having sex with a stranger, then the heavens have this to say: honor your marriage vows.

You are likely dreaming of this because you are attracted to someone sexually even though you are married.

You may not have acted out on your desire but the heavens are already reminding you that you are already sinning by thinking of having sex with another person.

The dream is a reminder to honor the marriage vows and not to go astray by having sex with others.

7) A spiritual attack

Dreaming of having sex with someone you know can also be a sign that you are under a spiritual attack.

Having sex with just anyone is more associated with heretics or non-believers and hinting at the possibility of engaging in such an act can cause you to sin.

Maybe evil forces are pushing you to sin and even become impure.

You can counter this by praying fervently should you find yourself tempted to commit sins that are sexual in nature.

Before going to sleep, say these prayers to Archangel Michael for protection against evil.

These will keep the devil away from your dreams and mind, especially while you are sleeping, which is when you are the most vulnerable.

What If You Dream of Having Sex With a Stranger While In a Relationship?

couple smiling

When you dream of having sex while in a relationship, then it could be a sign of deep unhappiness in your relationship. 

It could be that there are various aspects in your relationships that are making you unhappy. Your dissatisfaction or unhappiness isn’t purely sexual, instead, it can cover other areas of the relationship.

You may be feeling ignored by your partner or you find your significant other too domineering. 

You can be harboring ill feelings towards your partner and this is manifested by dreaming of having sex with strangers. It could also be sexual, like feeling that your lover isn’t meeting your needs in bed.

Is It a Bad Spiritual Sign to Dream of Having Sex with a Stranger?

couple in bed

It can be a bad sign when you dream of having sex with a stranger. But don’t despair as sometimes the dream is simply heaven’s way of telling you to mind your thoughts and actions.

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Final Words

Arguably, dreaming of having sex with a stranger isn’t as common as other dreams.

Nevertheless, there is an important meaning or message behind this dream. Take the time to do a deep reflection so you know what the heavens are trying to tell you with this dream.

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