Seeing A Praying Mantis Spiritual Meaning: 9 Signs and Messages

The name itself counts as evidence of the spiritual significance this intriguing insect holds. A name born out of the way the insect walks with its forelimbs in the prayer position.

This unique and interesting phenomenon might leave you staring if you come across the praying mantis. Guess what? You getting a chance to stare is a rare occasion. Why?

Traditionally, praying mantis prefer camouflaging and hunting quietly. They rarely show themselves to humans.

So, if you have been blessed with the rare presence of a praying mantis, take note of the possibility of a spiritual message reaching you later

To prepare you for what is coming, here is a piece covering the spiritual meaning and messages of seeing a praying mantis and more.

Nourish your spiritual aura with an early dose of understanding and wisdom. 

Seeing A Praying Mantis Spiritual Meaning

green praying mantis

There are different types of praying mantis out there. Nonetheless, they spiritually represent:

  • Introspection;
  • Trust;
  • Spiritual connectivity;
  • Embracing novel perspectives.

The spiritual meanings are, in most cases, linked to their traits. 

Even though they are vulnerable to different predators, praying mantis have developed astonishing traits over time through consistent adaptation.

How do they do this? By trusting, embracing new perspectives, introspecting, and connecting to the spiritual world to request for help whenever trouble knocks. 

Having been blessed with varied spiritual gifts, praying mantis selflessly deliver varied spiritual messages in varied contexts.

Also, learn what it means when a praying mantis is at your door.

Seeing A Praying Mantis Meaning: 9 Spiritually Messages From Heaven

Seeing A Praying Mantis Meaning: 9 Spiritually Messages From Heaven

To best understand the message you receive, listen to your intuition. Better yet, you can meditate and trust your inner voice to guide you in deciphering the spiritual messages. Dive in! 

1) Prosperity and good luck are coming your way 

Who would not want a prayerful friend looking over their spiritual sphere? Well, even though the praying position slows the mantis down, it is still capable of successfully hunting prey.

The mantis believes and pursues its goals with utmost determination, eventually getting what it wants. 

Sometimes, you might be feeling like you have not been getting what you deserve from your hard work.

Due to this, a praying mantis might land on you to signal you about the good luck and prosperity moving towards you.

Once your intuition alerts you regarding this, you are supposed to keep going in readiness to collect your reward

2) Embrace patience 

The praying mantis receives praise for its outstanding quality of patience.

Not only can a praying mantis wait patiently for its prey to approach, but it also stays still and concentrates deeply to avoid missing the opportunity.

For a praying mantis, missing the opportunity to capture prey may mean going hungry the whole day. Why? It is slow and is highly dependent on being still and camouflaging to capture prey. 

If you have been stressing because of how things are dragging, seeing a praying mantis is the cue to start practicing patience.

The praying mantis is trying to educate you about the positivity that comes with embracing patience.  

3) Take this chance to access wisdom and insight 

Whenever you feel lost and see a praying mantis, that could be your chance to seek or gain access to insight or wisdom

A praying mantis can easily look around without having to turn their heads. This is possible because they have eyes with close to a 360-degree view. Some people call the praying mantis all-seeing

So, whenever you feel disoriented only to set eyes on a praying mantis, look out for the chance to access insight and wisdom.

And when it presents itself, dig deep into various solutions and keep moving ahead. 

4) Put your trust in your intuition and trust the universe to deliver

Due to its vulnerable size, the praying mantis has evolved to possess a heightened capability to sense its surroundings.

Through advanced sensing, the mantis does not have to move around much. It can strike its prey precisely by trusting its sensing abilities

In the same way, the mantis treasures its environmental detection capabilities, so can it also listen in on your intuition and let you know when you doubt yourself the most.

It is up to you to start trusting your intuition and letting the universe deliver your desires. 

5) Embrace and seek change to transition in life

A praying mantis makes changes in its life, including camouflaging to survive. Sometimes, you might walk around and pick up a small stick, only to realize it is a praying mantis.

Even though you might be scared or spoked, that is a sign that you should start seeking change and transition in life

Rather than running away from change, move closer. You do not want to face the consequences of denying change because that is how many species get to survive. 

6) You can gain balance in life even when you feel troubled 

Without balance in life, you are likely to experience issues in your relationships, at work, or even with your inner self. It does not take long before you lose yourself and fall deep into a pit hole of troubles

Surprisingly, when you are off balance in life, a praying mantis can show itself to guide you to a complete life-balance structure

Keep in mind that the praying mantis is so calm and still when moving around. Even when the winds blow strongly, the praying mantis still keeps its balance.

So, trust in its spiritual guidance to find balance in your life

7) Your cracked spiritual sphere is healing 

If the mantis were to focus on negativity, it would likely be non-existent.

First, it is quite small and easy to squash. Second, it does not even know how to run from danger. It drags along without caring much about the possibility of harm due to its spiritual confidence. 

Using its spiritual confidence, a praying mantis can heal your cracked spiritual sphere. All you have to do is focus on the instructions your intuition receives, and you will not keep suffering. 

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8) You are spiritually guarded 

Did you know that a praying mantis can tap into the spiritual world through prayer? Well, now you know.

Sometimes, you might be on the verge of a spiritual attack only for a praying mantis to appear and protect you. 

At times, you might notice the unseen battle or miss it completely. However, the mantis keeps on shielding you until its mission is done.

After that, you will see it gait away or camouflage into the environment because it is no longer needed there. 

9) Stop despising your power and strength 

You might think the mantis is too small to stand its ground, only to be surprised by its confidence.

The mantis can stand tall using its hind legs and face even the toughest predators because, for them, there is no escaping. They must defend themselves

Whenever you feel powerless or low, the mantis might reveal itself to you to help you believe in your inner power and strength.

This way, you can stand tall, just like the mantis and face most of the challenges in your life. 

What Are Praying Mantis A Sign Of?

praying mantis on a rock

The praying mantis is a sign of the spiritual connection between the earth and the spiritual world.

It can easily move between the two worlds, delivering your messages and sending you some.

So, when you see one, remember you can also send a message to loved ones who died due to various reasons

Also, the praying mantis is a sign of lost souls seeking a way home to peace or resolution. That is before they are given a clear way into the underworld.

Therefore, some people prefer saying their forgiveness prayers when they see a praying mantis to release the lost souls and allow them safe passage into the spirit world.  

Praying Mantis Spirit Animal 

praying mantis close up

Having the praying mantis as your spirit animal can have a significant positive impact on both your spiritual and life journey.

Many associate the mantis with several admirable qualities that come into play in one’s life.

If you have these qualities, the mantis could be your spirit animal:

  • Awareness and focus: A praying mantis rarely mises a strike due to its high degree of focus and awareness. It also has strong forelimbs to grasp strongly to prey despite being small in size;
  • Patience: When hunting, the mantis does not run after the prey. The mantis takes time and waits until it is the right time to strike. And when it strikes, it does so with a high level of precision;
  • Balance: Even when the winds blow strongly, the mantis stays calm and still, allowing it to keep going despite the wind’s bother;
  • Heightened intuition: Sensing one’s environment, feeling for delicate changes, and making decisions diligently has allowed the mantis to live for so long. Such calculated moves sum up to two words only, heightened intuition. 

Praying Mantis Symbolism 

yellow praying mantis

The praying mantis is a symbol of spirituality and supernatural powers.

The praying position the mantis takes makes people believe it is a creature tasked with various spiritual tasks. Most people view it as a divine being for this reason

On the other hand, the unique facial features of the mantis, including a triangle-shaped head, different colored bodies, and huge eyes, make it seem like a creature from another universe.

Many believe it has been sent to this earth on a special mission to help guide us spiritually alongside other animals. 

Praying Mantis Totem 

praying mantis on branch tree

Sometimes, the praying mantis can be your totem animal and not your spirit animal.

This means your connection to the spiritual impact or symbolism of a praying mantis can be traced back to the group you hail from. 

When you discover that the praying mantis is your totem, review the past lives of your extended family to know how they lived.

By doing so, you’ll know how to make use of your totem’s gift and show your allegiance to the current generation’s mission. 

If the praying mantis is your totem, you’ll notice key traits among you and your family members, including focus, balance, and patience. These are clear indicators that you are one. 

White Praying Mantis Meaning 

White Praying Mantis

The white praying mantis is quite special when it comes to spirituality. It holds positive spiritual meanings, including:

  • Enlightenment and purity;
  • Spiritual guidance;
  • Blessings and spiritual protection;
  • A strong connection to the sacred one.

But, before you leave, also read the spiritual meaning of the eastern eyed click beetle.

Final Words

Seeing the praying mantis is quite a rare occasion, one you should pay attention to if a mantis reveals itself to you.

Sometimes, it could be a coincidence, but once you feel a spiritual tingle, take action to tap into the spiritual message coming your way. 

To heighten your understanding of the spiritual significance of the mantis, this piece highlights all there is to know.

Take your time to enlighten yourself about the mantis’ spiritual role in your life. 

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