Bird Keeps Flying Into Window Spiritual Meaning: Still Alive? Sign! 

How many times has the persistent messenger shown up? Yes, I’m talking about the bird that keeps flying into your window, sometimes distracting or annoying you.

Many believe it to be a coincidence that a bird can just keep flying into a specific window repeatedly.

However, I believe that is not always the case. There is a hidden spiritual significance to all these and I will reveal it to you. 

For starters, did you know that birds can fly between earthly and heavenly realms without hindrance? Surprised! Well, I got more for you.

Here is what you need to know, from the spiritual meaning of a bird repeatedly flying into your window to nine signs God is trying to show you through the bird, and more. 

Bird Keeps Flying Into Window Spiritual Meaning 

two birds at window

Spiritually, if a bird keeps flying into your window, it means you are about to go through a transformation.

Unlike you, a healthy bird can comfortably soar into the air without the need for any artificial mechanism, explore varied environments, build homes in different places, and keep going.

Using different nesting and socialization strategies, the bird is capable of adapting to different environments and thriving. Moreover, a bird is well-adapted to the element of air, which is linked to creativity, flexibility, and movement.

From a tender age, the bird lives most of its life striving to understand how this element works, developing a heightened level of creativity, flexibility, and movement. That is why birds spiritually represent change and transformation

So, when one keeps flying into your window, it means you are about to undergo a personal growth process or spiritual awakening.

If you have been ignoring change, take the bird’s visit as a sign to begin embracing change or adapting to new situations.

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What Does It Mean Spiritually When A Bird Hits Your Window?

pigeon at window

Aside from repeatedly flying into your window, a bird can also hit your window, resulting into different scenarios.

For example, the bird might hit the window and fly away or die. So, what is the spiritual meaning of the resulting scenarios?

Bird Hits Window And Flies Away:

When a bird hits your window and flies away successfully, it means you have avoided a bad omen. The universe has reviewed your life path and granted you the blessings to keep going.

In this case, you should trust your instincts and follow your intuition to successfully fulfill your life purpose. 

If you have been experiencing a hard time making life decisions, a bird hitting your window and flying away means the universe has validated and confirmed your decisions.

So, you should go ahead and work on what you have been planning because your spiritual guides have approved it. 

Bird Hit Window Still Alive Meaning:

In this case, the bird is usually alive but does not fly away immediately. It means you are about to face a hardship or challenge in your life.

The challenge will occur due to your current life choices and the level of accountability and responsibility you live by.

So, the best option you have is to shift your mindset to start realizing and correcting your mistakes to reduce the impact of the challenge you might experience

Bird Hits Your Window And Dies Meaning:

In most cases, a bird hitting your window and dying means you are about to lose something or someone dear to you.

The sorrow and sadness brought about by the event is represented by the death of the bird

Moreover, this scenario can serve as a warning about upcoming danger. It is a sign that you are going to face some difficulty or trouble.

So, it is advisable to be vigilant and careful while taking action or making different decisions. 

Why Do Birds Fly Into Windows? Spiritual Meaning 

red whiskered bulbul at window

Birds find it difficult to differentiate the reflections on the windows from the real world, making them fly into windows.

They are even more attracted to the window when they see beautiful flowers through the transparent glass and all they can think about is getting on the other side. What does this tell you?

Spiritually, birds tend to see the beauty of life and less of the ugly part. That is why birds spiritually symbolize harmony, joy, and freedom.

So, when they fly into windows, this is what they are trying to say:

  • Take a deeper look into your life to discover your true purpose and potential;
  • Trust and put your faith in the divine’s guidance and plans;
  • Break free from your boundaries and limitations and begin expanding your horizons;
  • Pay attention and listen to your inner voice to receive guidance from the divine. 

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Bird Flying Into Window Superstition

pigeons by the window

Due to the frequency with which birds fly into windows, many people have come up with superstitions to explain why birds fly into windows.

Some of the superstitions are extremely unbelievable but some people claim they are true. Here are some of the common superstitions you are likely to come across:

  • A bird flying into a window means you are about to receive bad news or a misfortune;
  • If numerous birds fly into the window and die, it means someone is going to die soon;
  • If a beautiful bird flies into the window and lives, it means you are going to get a gift or some money soon;
  • You are likely to have some good luck or blessing soon if a bird flies into your window, survives, and flies and away;

What Does It Mean When A Bird Hits Your Window? 9 Signs From God!

What Does It Mean When A Bird Hits Your Window? 9 Signs From God!

Some people believe that a bird hitting their window is a sign from God.

They believe the signs have profound and deeper meanings in their life because God uses birds as instruments of communication to reveal His plans and will.

Here are nine signs from God you might experience after a bird hits your window:

1) Your trust and faith is being put to the test

God wants to put your trust and faith in him to the test. There is a high likelihood that you have been doubting your life purpose.

So, God wants to challenge you to ensure you do not lose your way and to strengthen your faith. 

2) God is granting you knowledge and wisdom

To help you fulfill your life purpose, God desires to enlighten you and grant you new perspectives and ideas.

He wants to teach you valuable lessons or to show you the reality and truth about specific situations.

This will help expand your wisdom and knowledge base to power your efforts towards achieving your life purpose.  

3) You are safeguarded from evil spirits

God is protecting you and you do not have to worry about anyone harming you. He is sending guardian angels and spirit guides to shield you from negative and evil spirits.

The spirit guides will also be with you in times of need and will guide you whenever you feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges. 

4) God is communicating and connecting with you

The Almighty desires to communicate and connect with you at a deeper level. So, he has sent the bird to pave way and alert you about his presence.

You are supposed to surrender to His will and get ready to do as He desires. He alone knows what is best for you.

5) The universe appreciates your efforts

If a bird hits your window, it is a sign that God is thanking you and showing you His appreciation and that he is acknowledging your contributions and efforts.

He is also reminding you of the need to show gratitude for what He has offered you. For the life span you got and everything you own comes from Him. 

6) God is granting you strength and courage

When God senses that you are getting weak, He is always present to empower you and grant you strength and courage to keep carrying on His tasks.

You are His disciple and He requires you to keep serving Him.

So, every moment he challenges you to improve and grow so does he also supplement your system with the required resources to push your limit and enhance your potential

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7) Your creativity is growing

Through your talents and abilities, God is able to express His powers.

So, a bird hitting your window might be a sign of God working on enhancing your creativity to boost the faith people have in Him.

Just like the bird has a mastery of creativity while flying, so do you get to have a share of the creativity. 

8) God is enhancing your peace and love

When a bird hits your window, it might be a sign that God is expressing His peace and love and showing His mercy and grace to you.

He desires to heal your soul and restore harmony in the relationships you share with different people. That is why birds spiritually represent harmony and joy

9) God is boosting your optimism and hope

Without hope and optimism, you are a walking corpse. Just like the bird that hit your window, you also need hope to keep serving the Lord.

So, a bird hitting your window is a sign of God working on enhancing your hope. With hope, you are more readily going to serve Him. In return, He will have a loyal and disciplined disciple.

What Does It Mean When A Bird Comes To Your Window Every Morning?

yellow bird in the window

If a bird comes to your window every morning, it means that you have a special relationship and bond with the bird. The bird has chosen you as its companion and friend.

It is more than ready to help you fulfill your purpose and to guide you by delivering different spiritual messages to you. The bird is loyal to you and will stand by you and support you in different ways. 

Also, a bird coming to your window every morning might mean that the spiritual ream wants to guide you in a specific direction.

The universe knows what is best for you and what you need to do. So, it reaches out to you through the bird to offer you different solutions and advice. 

Moreover, a bird showing up every morning on your window may mean the universe is trying to teach you something. So, the bird is there to pique your curiosity and challenge your intelligence.

The universe wants to share critical wisdom and knowledge with you about a specific aspect of your life. To do so, it uses the bird as a reminder and a way of shifting your focus to what it wants you to do.

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Is This A Good Or A Bad Luck Sign?

holding little sparrow in the hand

A bird coming to your window is mostly a sign of good luck. It means the bird finds peace being close to your window and trusts that you will not harm it.

In return, the bird becomes loyal to you, providing profound insights to your intuition.

Being a spiritual messenger, the bird would always ensure you are up to date with what is going on in the spiritual realm. 

Moreover, a bird showing up at your window each morning can be a great source of cheerfulness and happiness. The sounds of the bird can serve as a soothing morning alarm.

You wake up to a smile knowing someone somewhere trusted you to the point of sending a guardian to keep an eye on you. This brightens your day and mood

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Final Words 

Sometimes, you might dismiss those continuous knocks of a bird on your window as mere coincidence. What if I told you birds are not just creatures that lose their way and fly into windows on purpose.

When a bird keeps flying into your window, that is a crucial spiritual sign to look into. Why?

The universe uses birds as messengers of critical transformations and changes in one’s life and you do not want to miss out on that single opportunity. 

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