What Does It Mean When A Mourning Dove Visits You? 2, 3 Or 4?!

From its uniquely colored feathers to its mourning-like sounds, the grey dove is commonly associated with loss, grief, demise, and sadness.

So, when the dove visits, many people fear for what is about to follow. Have you also found yourself in the same predicament after a grey dove visiting? 

To begin with, I need you to drop your fears and calm down. Yes, the particularly sad “Coo-coo_coo” or “Oo-whoo, ooo-ooo” sounds can be worrying, especially when you think about the spiritual meaning.

How about being visited by more than one dove? Think about it!! Now, relax, let me take you through the other side of this commonly misunderstood occurrence. 

Guess what? There is a positive side to the mourning sound. Surprised? I was too when I took time to delve deep into the spiritual meaning of the grey dove’s visit.

To set oneself apart from everyone else, here is what you need to know from the meaning of a dove visiting you to the meaning of more than one grey dove visiting and more. Read on!

What Does It Mean When A Dove Visits You? 

Mourning Dove

A dove visiting means a higher power has come to offer you spiritual support and guidance. The dove serves as the symbol of the divine entity.

And it does not matter the time the dove visits, including the place it finds you. Why? The dove has a spiritual task to accomplish. 

A dove is more likely to visit when it senses emotional or mental trouble in you. The sight of the dove initiates the release of negative thoughts and emotions, pointing you in the direction of positive ones.

This is a sign of the presence of the divine one and the protection and love He has to offer. 

In addition, a dove’s visit means the universe requires you to portray your genuine character and attend to your inner sense or voice

Just like doves possess wisdom and intelligence to navigate the air and find their way home, so can you have access to wisdom and intelligence beyond your imagination by listening to your intuition and unmasking your true self. 

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Mourning Dove Spiritual Meaning

Mourning Dove Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, the mourning dove carries along the themes of hope, healing, grief, and loss.

That is why I insisted on letting go of any worry caused by the visit of a mourning dove. As you can see, many make the mistake of focusing on grief and loss. 

In essence, the mourning dove represents the souls of the departed. With the aid of the mourning dove, these souls can traverse the spiritual realm into the physical world.

While in the physical world, they have a chance to visit their loved ones. 

Moreover, a mourning dove spiritually represents family, commitment, and love.

Grey mourning doves are faithful and loyal to their mates. Couples mostly spend their time together for life, taking care of the young and sharing the responsibilities of protecting and feeding the squabs.

What Does It Mean When A Grey Mourning Dove Visits You? 

beautiful Grey Mourning Dove

The meaning of a grey dove visiting varies based on the context and number of doves. Here is a breakdown of what it means when a specific number of grey mourning doves visit

Seeing One Grey Mourning Dove Meaning:

When a single grey dove visits, it means a loved one who had died is visiting in spirit. They might be there to communicate with you or check on you.

This serves as a reminder that they are still close and watching you. You might feel a sense of gratitude, joy, warmth, peace, comfort or love once you set your eyes on the dove. 

Sometimes, a grey dove might visit after you lose a loved one. The dove comes along to enhance your hope in the afterlife, making you feel much better.

It also reminds you of the need to set off on your healing journey and seek support. 

Seeing 2 Grey Mourning Dove Meaning:

Two grey mourning doves represent love and compassion.

This means that a loving and harmonious relationship exists between you and a best friend, partner, or soulmate. 

The mutual understanding and connection with either of these parties is true. You guys might be sharing the same passions, goals, and dreams.

So, keep cultivating and watering the relationships because they are lasting and true

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Seeing 3 Grey Mourning Dove Meaning:

Seeing three grey mourning doves means the spiritual realm is watching over you. The number three in this case represents the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (The Holy Trinity). 

The trinity signals the presence of higher power and access to your higher self.

Pray and engage in different spiritual activities to tap into the spiritual transformation and awakening presented by the divine one. 

Seeing 4 Grey Mourning Dove Meaning:

4 grey mourning doves usually visit when the divine senses spiritual trouble around you.

The even number represents a solid block with four pillars, well-grounded to protect what is in the cube or cuboid structure. 

So, when the spiritual realm feels your vibration and realizes you are going through emotional or inner turmoil, it sends 4 grey doves to initiate communication and the healing process.

For example, you might be going through depression, anxiety, or stress. So, the spiritual realm brings along healing to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. 

What Does It Mean When A Brown Dove Visits You?

What Does It Mean When A Grey Mourning Dove Visits You? 

Compared to the grey mourning dove, the brown dove is covered in a pale brown plumage, with a black collared neck and a black bill.

It is a symbol of the material world and the physical realm (earth). That is why the brown dove is associated with hard work, realism, practicality, abundance, security, and abundance. 

So, when a brown dove visits you, it means either of the following:

  • The divine one is supporting you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals;
  • The universe is encouraging you to enjoy the rewards of your efforts;
  • A reward for your efforts and achievements is coming your way;
  • The universe is guiding you to make responsible and wise decisions;
  • Take your time and prepare for potential challenges and losses in your life.

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What Does It Mean When A Dove Visits Your Home?

Mourning Dove on ground

Home sweet home! A place of belonging, safety, and comfort. Yes, this is a place you thrive in, grow, learn and share at a deeper level compared to any other place.

A place where doves visit to leave a message of harmony, love, and peace for the family. They also bring messages of guidance, protection, and blessings. 

Besides the messages, these are some of the spiritual meanings of a dove visiting your home:

  • A joyous occasion or celebration is happening or coming soon to your home;
  • A loved one who has died is visiting to deliver a message or check up on you;
  • A challenge of conflict is occurring or will happen soon at your home;
  • Harmony and peace are coming your way;
  • The divine one is securing your home and protecting the residents from harm. 

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In Conclusion…

The fear of the mourning cries of the grey dove have for long been misinterpreted, especially when it comes to spirituality.

This is because many people believe the voices are linked to the possibility of loss and grief coming soon. However, this is not the case. 

You are now among the few who understand the deeper spiritual meaning of the mourning dove.

So, go out there and share with others, helping them worry less and appreciate the spiritual significance of the grey dove even more. 

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  1. I go for an early morning walk in a forest on mountains regularly. I’ve spotted one a few times. While I’m heading back from the walk, it walks in front of me on way and gets back into the Bush. Why didn’t fly away, a single time?

  2. Every morning they wake me up.. Actualy it can be random times right at front of my window.. That’s when i know i need to get up .
    Also since i been living here there is this *couple * always together an grooming them self’s.. Especially when im outside meditating…
    Nice translation.


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