Spiritual Meaning Of Breaking A Mirror: Bad Or Good Luck?

Have you ever broken a mirror by accident? You may not think much of it, but it can raise a lot of meaning.

Some people say that you will have better luck for seven years if you end up breaking a mirror even if you don’t mean to.

In this article, we will find out the spiritual meaning of breaking a mirror and what it means for you.

If you would like to learn more about it, please don’t hesitate to continue reading right now. I am sure that you will not regret doing so.

What Does A Broken Mirror Mean Spiritually?  

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As mentioned earlier, it is believed that a broken mirror can bring about seven years of bad luck to anyone who breaks it.

This is connected to another belief that the mirror is capable of trapping one’s soul.

Therefore, breaking it will release your soul and all the blessings that come with it.

In some cultures, it can even bring about a premonition of death in the family or general misfortune.  This is why you would have to be extremely careful about your mirrors in the house.

Also, learn the spiritual meaning of glass breaking by itself.

Breaking Of Mirror In Astrology

Breaking Of Mirror In Astrology

According to astrology, breaking a mirror can signify both change and transformation for anyone who does it.

This change can either be positive or negative depending on the current situation of the breaker. However, it usually points to evolution and spiritual awakening in general.

It is also important to note that the time of day with which the event happens also plays a role in the meaning of the whole mirror-breaking event.

  • If you break during the day, it may point to bad luck;
  • However, if break it at night-time it can be a good sign for you and the family;
  • Breaking it during sunrise or sunset can go either way.

This is why you would have to be careful when handling a mirror or anything breakable in your house.

Biblical Meaning Of Broken Mirror

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According to the Bible, a broken mirror can be closely associated with spiritual transformation, introspection, awareness, and the need for healing both for yourself and the family.

This phenomenon can also serve as a reminder for everyone to be aware of their actions and to repent for their sins.

Some elders believe that it is god’s way of reminding us that we should ask forgiveness for our sins if we want to truly change our ways.

Spiritual Meaning Of Breaking A Mirror: 7 Messages 

Spiritual Meaning Of Breaking A Mirror: 7 Messages 

Now that we know some of the biblical implications of broken mirrors, we will now focus on the seven messages that can be attached to a broken mirror.

Here they are as follows:

1) Bad Luck

This is the most popular and common spiritual meaning attached to broken mirrors.

If you break it whether inadvertently or on purpose, it could mean bad luck for you for seven years.

Also, if you break an antique mirror, you may end up getting bad luck and even death. For modern mirrors, the timeframe of seven years is usually applied.

But, just because it’s an old superstition, doesn’t mean that it will happen to you. After all, you’ll see that a broken mirror speaks about much more than bad luck.

2) Healing

If you break a mirror or glass in the house, it could mean that you need healing.

On the inside, you are broken just like that mirror.

Something is broken deep inside you, and you would need to take a break from whatever it is that you’re doing to recharge.

It is also a sign that you need to change your life

It is God’s way of telling you that what you’re doing with your life is not very good for you.

I believe you should also read the spiritual meaning of when everything goes wrong.

3) Death

As mentioned above, some cultures believe that breaking any antique mirror can bring about death in the family.

However, that’s not true. It does mean the end of something but not the death of a loved one.

This means that you need to break free from something that is holding you down. So, when the mirror broke, that means that the time has come.

You need to end that chapter of your life in order to start a new one. Otherwise, you won’t be able to evolve spiritually.

This could either be an old habit or a relationship. Take a look at your life right now.

Just because something or someone has been a part of your life for so long doesn’t mean it adds any value to you right now. You need to move one.

4) Change and Transformation

If you break somebody else’s mirror, it could mean that something in that person is changing and that you should watch out for a transformation.

This can also hold if you break glass in your house or your mirror. It just means that it refers to your change of heart and mind in the future.

5) Anger And Resentment

Shattered mirrors could mean that you are holding on to anger in your heart. You are resenting someone for doing something hurtful to you.

This can be symbolic if you see a mirror breaking in your dream as well.

This could mean that you should let go of the past and try to move on as best you can. Otherwise, you might end up not only hurting yourself but others around you as well. 

Forgive yourself first. Only then you will be able to forgive others.

6) Blockage Of Creativity And Spiritual Awareness

If you see broken mirrors whether in real life or a dream, it could also point to something in the way of your creativity and spiritual awareness.

You should make it a point to evaluate your life and the people around you.  

  • Is there anyone hampering your creative expression?
  • Are you being deterred in any way? 

If the answer is yes, then this could be a sign that you should do something about it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will end up stuck for the rest of your life.

7) Letting Go

Mirrors breaking could also pertain to the need to let go and move on in life.

If you are being held back for any reason, dreaming of broken mirrors could be a sign that you should let go of the past and move on to welcome a brighter future ahead.

In this way, you can begin anew without any worries or fears in the future.

By letting go, you will also be able to welcome others into your life without holding on to excess baggage that might affect any future relationships that you might have.

What Does It Mean When A Mirror Breaks On Its Own?

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This could mean that anger is being released towards you or another person.

It could also mean that malevolent spirits are surrounding you and they are manifesting themselves through breaking the mirror.

Either way, you should have your home blessed if this happens.

It is also important that you remove the mirror’s shards from the house and bury them somewhere far away

This will counteract the bad luck that might befall you and your family if the mirror breaks. Try to do this as soon as possible for the desired effect.

But, before you go, also learn the spiritual meaning of hearing a door close.

Is This A Bad Spiritual Sign?

Broken car Mirror

Some cultures believe that it is. However, other cultures believe otherwise.

All interpretation depends on what you believe in and your current situation in life

But, even though there’s this old superstition that breaking a mirror brings you 7 years of bad luck, there’s more to it.

I believe it’s not really about bad luck but the need to let go of something from your past.

It always pays to be extremely careful about handling any object, especially breakable ones. You would never know what might happen in the days to come if you broke a mirror accidentally. 

Final Words

With all these superstitions and spiritual explanations, it always pays to be extra careful about handling anything that belongs to you or two other people for that matter.

So, as you could be, the spiritual meaning of breaking a mirror is not that bad.

It does mean that you need to take care of some stuff in your life, but it doesn’t mean that you will literally face bad luck!

Remember that if you release the energy into the world, it will come back to you a thousandfold. It’s all about the law of karma.

Just be a good person and it will counteract any bad luck that might come from broken mirrors or other relics in the end. Just be good, relax, and enjoy your life. Every blessing should follow that.

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