7 Spiritual Meanings Of Hearing A Door Close 

Hearing a door close, especially when you’re alone at home can be spooky! It may close softly or gently; however, it may also close with a big bang!

You might even investigate the sound to see what’s going on, open the door and find no breeze or person, and realize the door closed completely by itself!

The following article looks deep into the meaning behind a door closing and what this could mean for you. As you read the seven spiritual reasons for this, you might just be surprised

Door Slamming Meaning

Door Slamming

There are several reasons behind a door slamming that hold special symbolism and spiritual meaning. If a door slams it can be scary and it is a message saying “wake up!” 

It tells you that something is happening around you and you must wake up to it!

You may be living with procrastination and putting something off to do it later.

However, the Universe often slams a door to tell you to get proactive and put plans into action!

Don’t be scared, just do it, and you will feel a whole lot better afterward for taking the time to tend to necessary matters. 

Hearing Doors Closing Spiritual Meaning

Hearing Doors Closing

There are, of course, spiritual meanings behind hearing doors closing.

When referring to spiritual, it refers to everything that is part of the esoteric realm and messages from the Universe.

We will go deeper into that after we look at the following:

At Night:

Hearing doors closing at night can be quite scary as everything is dark and the noise can be amplified.

First, make sure your house is locked so that nobody can get in so that you don’t bring danger into your life. Then there is no need to worry about any intruders that may be in your vicinity.

Then, if you keep hearing doors close at night and it keeps waking you up it means that someone close to you is planning something against you.

It could be someone that recently when to your home. Maybe that person didn’t go inside your home… But your house is being affected by their presence.

Or, it could be someone that you saw right before going home. Try to say away from this person for the next few days.

Their energy is affecting you. This may bring better peace to you

By Themselves:

When doors close by themselves, there is often a spiritual entity within the walls of your home that is closing off their energy to you.

There might also be a message. If the spiritual energy within your home is malevolent, it may bang the door and close it to indicate that it does not agree with your actions within the home. 

If this happens, you should burn sage safely (called smudging) to eliminate negative spirits within the home and cleanse its energy.

Take a look at these smudging prayers to remove negative energy from your home.

In this case, also keep crystals within the home. Place Rose Quartz in all corners of the house and place pink Himalayan salt there too.

Placing a pink Himalayan lamp within the house also helps to promote better energy within your home and attract good spirits.

Light green candles, as this is the color of healing, and visualize the light of the candles pushing negative spirits away and attracting good spirits

In Dreams:

There are so many different meanings to the millions of objects you see in your dreams in your lifetime.

Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud wrote a book about dream interpretation way back in 1899, and that led to breakthroughs in this field of study.

When doors close within your dreams, it means that you’re making the wrong choices in your waking life. You really need to pay attention to this.  

Also, are you hanging out with the wrong crowd? If so, doors closing in your dreams indicate that the people you are around are toxic and not good for your life or soul.

Another message in dreams is if you find yourself walking in your house in your dream and every door closes as you walk past it, it may be time to move house.

The energy within the home doesn’t serve you positively. 

7 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Door Close

7 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Door Close

1) Apply Boundaries

If you keep hearing doors close, the first spiritual meaning behind this is that you need to apply boundaries in your life. It’s very important to learn how to say “no”.

This is an extremely important lesson as so many people find it difficult to say this word when people ask for favors from them.

A closed door is a message telling you to stop others from passing through.

Sometimes, the only way to get through life and all its challenges is to apply boundaries so that others don’t take advantage of you

2) Connect with Nature

If you keep hearing doors close, the second spiritual meaning is connecting to nature.

This is because most doors are made from wood. The sound of doors closing is a reminder to be among the trees and nature and even go on a hike

You might find that after this, you will stop hearing doors close so often around you. You may even place plants within your home.

This provides better energy for your home and will help you bring nature inside. 

3) Protect Yourself

The third spiritual reason for hearing doors closing is to protect yourself.

A closed front door indicates a barrier between you and the outside world. When you keep hearing a door closed, it means that you really need to be careful of certain people you associate with.

This is because they don’t have good intentions regarding you. Think about your social circle:

  • Do some friends drink too much or take illegal substances around you?
  • Do they always complain? Are they angry?
  • Do they like putting you down?
  • Do they carry a gray cloud around themselves and pass on that misery to you?

Then you really need to cut the chord and walk away from these people.

4) Gossip

When you hear a door close, it often means that people are currently gossiping about you. This is the fourth spiritual meaning.

You may also experience a ringing in your ear when the gossiping occurs.

What you can do if both these things occur is stick your finger in your mouth, take it out then press it against your ear lobe (if your ear is ringing).

Learn more about the spiritual messages of when your right ear is ringing.

When this occurs, open the door that has closed, and smudge the area with sage, and the gossipers should stop talking about you behind your back.

However, note that doors can also close if you gossip about others.   

5) Spiritual Entities are Close

If you hear doors close, it also simply means that there are spirits around you that want to interact with you. This is the fifth spiritual reason that a door closes.

They may move things in your house and leave things for you to find them. It doesn’t always mean that they are menacing, they may just be connected to the space that you occupy.   

If you want to test if spiritual entities are nearby, light candles and watch the flames.

If the flames start to rise and move around a lot, then one or many spiritual entities are close by. 

6) Danger

The sixth spiritual reason for a door closing is the fact that you may be in physical danger.

If you are in a toxic relationship with a violent person, it means “RUN!!”. Your guardian angel is watching over you and sending you a warning.

It can also indicate that there may be something toxic within your body that needs to be removed.

It is important to have a mammogram, colonoscopy, or even a full STD test. Just make sure you’re okay. Also, look at your lifestyle.

Are you eating junk food every day and not exercising at all? You may just be walking down a path to destruction concerning your physical health.

7) A Block in Your Creativity

Your creativity may be blocked, and this is the seventh spiritual meaning of hearing a door closed.

Do you love writing or painting? Then, you should definitely take this up and engage in your creative desires.

It’s even more fun to take up classes with other creative people so you can all create together and build up beautiful energy, as that is what creating does.

It is an expression of the Universe, for we were all created.  

Should I Be Concerned?

woman doing yoga

There is only a need for concern if you feel an aggressive energy within your space that keeps closing doors.

Another need for concern is the spiritual meaning that there may be danger around you or some dangerous thing within your body that needs to be removed. 

As I have mentioned above, if doors keep closing or slamming, smudge your area with sage and keep some crystals close by

Before you leave, learn about the biblical meaning of hearing knocking: 2, 3, 4 and 5 times.

Final Words 

Now you know that the 7 spiritual meanings of hearing a door close are to apply boundaries, connect with nature, protect yourself, beware of gossip, that spiritual entities and possibly danger are close by, and that there is a block in your creativity.

You can stop panicking, and stop being so scared when these doors close and be able to get on with your life with more spiritual knowledge.

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