Spiritual Meaning of Colors in Dreams: God’s Message

In our waking life, we encounter various things and people who can affect our emotions and mood. 

Sometimes, we get irritated in the workplace because of jealousy, hatred, envy, etc. This emotion gets expressed in dreams and can manifest in any color

You may wake up saying everything was dark in your sleep. Well, it was not dark; everything was black

You are depressed and lonely, so everything appearing black in your subconscious is not surprising. 

But what does it mean if gray, purple, pink, or white color appeared in your dream? Let’s learn what these colors mean spiritually.

What Does Dreaming In Color Mean?

Dreaming In Color Mean

Dreaming in color is associated with our emotions and carries numerous symbolism since ancient times.

In our waking life, colors can symbolize anything from love to mourning, sadness to pain, etc. There are positive and negative meanings associated with this color in dreams.

Dreaming about a specific color is associated with your chakras.

Besides that, colors are symbolic depending on your culture and traditions. When you think of healing, blue becomes the ideal color, and when it comes to red, love it is.

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Generally, the meaning of the color depends on what you experienced during the day.

It goes hand in hand with your emotions. So, the color you see could mean pain, sorrow, fear, passion, anger, new beginnings, or depression.

Here is a quick summary of its meanings:

  • You will receive love from others;
  • You’ll receive a message about your situation;
  • Financial gains and prosperity await you;
  • You may experience slow growth and still fulfill your purpose with time;
  • You’ve found balance and healing.

So, determine the effects of these colors in your waking life before interpreting their meaning.

Spiritual Meaning of Colors in Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of Colors in Dreams

Now that you clearly understand what colors mean in dreams, here is what each color symbolizes and means


Psychologically, yellow represents intuition. Spiritually, yellow is a significant color as it brings positive energies and happiness to our lives. 

When you see the color yellow in dreams, it’s a sign of delay in life. There are certain delays you will experience. Sometimes it’s because of your low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence.

Besides that, the color yellow in dreams can also signify a period of unparalleled happiness. So, you should be ready for what is coming.

Yellow in dreams can also symbolize wisdom, happiness, harmony, and positive energy. However, there are also some negative interpretations of the color yellow.

It can be a sign of sickness, betrayal, envy, and cruelty. In fact, the dream journal associates females who dream of the color yellow to be jealous type. 


Green is a cool color and always appears naturally. So, green symbolizes peace, tranquility, and harmony with the environment. 

Spiritually, the color green symbolizes positive changes, growth, and new beginnings.

The color green means you have the potential of making thins right. You just need to play your cards right

This also means you have a strong attitude. You don’t get shaken by minor things because you are patient. You are an independent person. 

If green is the color in your dreams, it means you love dearly and don’t give second chances to people who break your trust. The first chance you give is also the last. So, remain true to yourself. 


Red has various meanings. The meaning you use depends on the contents of the red you saw in the dream.

In most cases, red symbolizes love, which is why red roses are used during Valentine’s and happy occasions.

Red symbolizes romance, desire, passion, lust, and intimacy. Some people also associate red with violence, anger, or blood. 

When you dream of red, you can also take it as a warning sign. It is the color of death, warfare, cruelty, horror, and violence. If there is a decision you were to make, put it on hold at this time. 

Dreaming of red also means you are bold enough to make choices in life. This dream happens when you have a desire to overcome your challenges. These colors associate with positivity

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The color blue is a cool color associated with healing. If you have visited a healer, you will always see this color in their auric. 

In dreams, the color blue symbolizes religion, peace, and ideals. Like the color of the sky, blue is symbolic and means anything is possible. 

Now there are various blue colors with different meanings; dark blue, sky blue, or navy blue. Generally, blue is a positive color, and its appearance in your dreams shows you positive aspects of your life

So, whether you dream of blue color, or the ocean or blue sky, it symbolizes calmness, wisdom, creativity, truth, and openness. With blue color, your inner peace and balance will remain intact


The color purple combines red and blue colors. Purple is considered a majestic and spiritual color. This creative and inspiring color is associated with good judgment and royalty.

Now dreaming of the color purple symbolizes a mystic connection that you have with someone in your waking life. 

This dream is a representation that your wishes will soon get fulfilled. If you wish for a job, you may soon get one. This is just a confirmation in your subconscious.

You could also be dreaming of anything purple because of your intimate desire towards someone else. So, don’t be afraid of what you feel

Additionally, the color purple in dreams is a sign you should work on your self-image. You are also being respected for being truthful to your opinion and respecting other people’s opinions. 


Traditionally, the color orange was associated with trying new things. This color symbolizes balance, positive energy, enthusiasm, and communication.

You can also take this as a symbol of compassion to progress in life.

Also, the color orange in dreams associates with emotional warmth and joy. It can be you may be going through a difficulty.

That’s because some religions interpret the orange color in dreams as a sign of stability, anger, yearning, lightheartedness, happiness, force, inferno, and superiority


The color white is mostly considered the opposite of black. We all know white is a sign of peace. That is why it appears in most flags. 

Well, white has positive connotations. It symbolizes love, acceptance, purity, brightness, knowledge, and peace.  

In most eastern cultures, white color symbolizes mourning

Spiritually, you will see the color white in dreams if you are not ready to handle something or you feel isolated. 

If it’s a dream of a white dress, it means you are ready for new beginnings. So, this color appears in your subconscious as a reminder to focus on your inner voice. Besides, your intuition is never wrong.

So, when you see white in your dreams, it’s time to rethink your choices and clear your mind. 


This is the darkest color you will ever get. The meanings associated with this color include loneliness, depression, emptiness, or mourning. 

Black symbolizes the unknown or mysterious things. Other meanings include hatred, anger, fear, and darkness. 

Though black is associated with unpleasant elements and death in the bible, there is also some positivity.

Black is a representation of hidden spirituality and balance between the bad and good sides of yourself. 

So, spiritually, the black color in dreams represents determination, possibilities, and potential. It’s a sign your determination and potential overpower your vulnerability. 

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Pink is a bright color and my favorite color for females. Dreaming of the color pink represents a covered passion, lust, or intimacy

Maybe you have an interest in someone else’s wife or property. Dreaming about pink means you should be careful how you act around others

Some even believe it’s a sign someone is eager to receive your love, but it may create problems. You may become obsessed with someone who doesn’t care or can’t sacrifice to be in a relationship with you.

Seeing the color pink in dreams also represents your spiritual connection. Spiritually, the color pink represents unconditional love, kindness, caring, and any other good thing. 


The color gray is a mixture of black and white colors. Gray symbolizes confusion, uncertainty, indecision, lifelessness, isolation, or dullness

The appearance of this neutral color in your dream could mean you are not interested in something or someone. Ideally, you are emotionally attached to anyone.

Another thing is an indication of an upcoming slow period in your life. Yes, you are going to experience new beginnings, but it will become difficult to move ahead after a while. 

But, still, with this color, there is still light at the end. You will experience joy, happiness, luck, and achievement in the coming days. 

Should I be Concerned To Dream of Colors?

Dream of Colors

If you are a dreamer of colors, you should be concerned. You may dream of seeing a specific object of a certain color. These dreams have specific meanings and symbolism.

The color you see in the dream is associated with your past life or choices or something you did in your waking life.

Also, the color appears because of how your nervous system reacts to a specific thing and your emotions

So, you should be concerned about colors in dreams as these colors have a particular effect on your life. If you can determine its effect, it becomes easy to understand its meaning.

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Final Words

From the information above, colors have a significant effect on our lives. While pink brings about healing, orange focuses on your intuition.

If you have a dominant color in your dreams, you need to focus on its energy to find your purpose. Whichever color it is, listen to your instinct and be open to new beginnings. 

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