Spiritual Meaning Of Coming Full Circle: Is It A Good Thing?

Have you ever found yourself in the same situation you once had? There are so many instances of coming full circle

A good example is doing the same job you had previously left for another work. Or, you got wealthy at some point but reclaimed your previous status after some time. 

Well, any situation with the same ending as the beginning is coming full circle. So, is coming full circle a good thing? 

In this article, you will understand that coming full circle is a good thing, but it comes with mixed feelings. Let’s learn more!

Circle Of Life Meaning

Circle Of Life Meaning

The circle of life is a reminder of life’s wholeness, unity, and continuity. It’s a symbol of balance, safety, and protection

Having numerous connotations in different cultures, the circle represents eternity and never-ending life. It means that what happens at the start will come back again

The circle of life is a sign that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and the circles are unfolding in our lives. 

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Spiritual Meaning Of Coming Full Circle

Spiritual Meaning Of Coming Full Circle

The spiritual meaning of coming full circle means you are done with the period of growth and development. This is a sign that you have completed an important circle in your life. 

Coming full circle has its roots in American culture. They believed that everything grew and evolved as time went by. 

If someone passes away peacefully and they lived a fruitful and long life, their spirit goes back to where it came from. Now, this is the circle of life itself. 

This is also a metaphor. It symbolizes the completion of something and also your relationship with people. 

Life Comes Full Circle: 5 Benefits

Life Comes Full Circle: 5 Benefits

Life comes full circle is the life returned to you. So, when life comes full circle, there are benefits involved.

1) You’ve finally found your courage

Your life coming full circle means you‘ve finally found the courage to walk or stay away.

You now understand why certain decisions were made in your life. So, you are getting your life back because you deserved it.

The other chapter is currently closed

2) You appreciate where you come from

Sometimes, we wish to have more than we can; little do we know that what we have is all we need

You can choose a path for yourself, but when you come full circle, you will appreciate what you have and where you come from.

You’ll also understand what you need to stay in that environment. 

3) All wellness components are intact

There comes a time when you try fixing various aspects of your life. Today, you correct this one, but tomorrow, you have to address something else

Generally, there is always something. So, when life comes full circle, you will already know how to address different things

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4) You will find a way through

When you try everything to succeed in life, but you find yourself on the same path again and again, it comes with great lessons

You now have the strength and are ready to face whatever challenge comes your way. This way, it becomes easy to maneuver through days and weeks.

5) You’ve taken control

When your choices drive you back to your beginnings, you must learn control. We all learn from the mistakes we make.

You take control if you experience the same outcome every day. So, when life comes full circle, you will have control onwards

Does Everything Come Full Circle?

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Yes, everything comes full circle. As earlier mentioned, coming full circle means you are done with the circle of learning and growth. 

This is a sign you have finally completed your journey, and you have learned a lot about your path. You may have walked through all your problems with your close friends.

When something comes full circle, it means it has reached its natural completion.

For as humans, everything comes full circle after a realization that there is no beginning and an end of things, but everything exists in its moment. 

So, whichever meaning you choose, it depends on your experiences. All this is personal to everybody

Is Coming Full Circle A Good Thing?

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Coming full circle is a good thing because it’s about closing one chapter and opening the other. 

If you experience this, you will have deeper meanings about this phenomenon for years or a lifetime. 

The same where springs ends to welcome summer, everything has its time and purpose. So, coming a full circle is a good thing, depending on your experiences. 

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Final Words

Coming full circle is a good thing in your life. Most people try to find the main reason or cause of their problems, but they die or age without finding the answer. 

Whatever happens in life shapes us for the future. So, coming full circle will definitely help you learn more. It will help you find time and peace. 

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