Asé Spiritual Meaning: Why Is It So Important?

You might have heard someone shouting Asé at an event or after prayers and wondered what it meant. 

Well, Asé is an affirmation like the word “Amen” after prayers. Its origin is based in Africa, Yoruba Nigeria specifically.

African traditions believe in Asé as it’s taught to be a source of all creations. Ideally, if some words touch your soul, say Asé! Bring all these words into reality.

I once did say it loud after an older person blessed the money I offered. Since then, I have never struggled financially because I took the blessing at heart. 

With so many spiritual meanings surrounding this word, there are some unique ones. So, continue reading to understand this Yoruba word, and say Asé after reading

What Does Asé Mean Spiritually?

Asé Mean Spiritually

This African-originated concept, Asé, means connecting with the divine and tapping into your inner power. 

In the African tradition, Asé plays a major part in the human experience. This is what brings about your uniqueness and vitality

It’s believed that being in touch with Asé brings about harmony and balance with the universe. 

Ideally, Asé is believed to be a source of all creations. Most African traditions believe Asé is the force that holds the universe together.

It is also one way of promoting healing. When your Asé blocks or get disrupted, you may experience emotional, physical, and spiritual illness.

But, embracing rituals such as mediation unblocks your Asé.

It promotes community and unity. African spiritual leaders use storytelling to share wisdom and pass their knowledge to the young.

And, this is also considered a tool of self-discovery through mediation. By tapping into your Asé power, you will be able to unlock your full potential. You will find insights about your true self. 

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Asé Yoruba Meaning And Pronunciation

Asé Yoruba Meaning

Asé is a Yoruba word that can be interpreted as energy or power. It’s associated with Orusha- the Yoruba deity.

In African spirituality, Orusha is a powerful divine being with the power to control what happens in our surroundings.

Asé is of Nigerian origin, specifically Yoruba. It is NOT pronounced Ashay. The “ẹ” in Àṣẹ is pronounced like the e in egg or the first e in elephant.

Phonetically, it is the ɛ sound. E is pronounced in different ways in Yoruba. So, the wrong pronunciation or sound changes the meaning.

Asé is also an affirmation word meaning yes, right on, I go it, I will make it, etc. Ideally, it’s similar to statements like Amen after prayers. 

Ase also means life energy. All of us have a specific amount of life energy. This energy can increase or decrease depending on the choices you make.

While positive thoughts increase our life energy, negative thoughts decrease it. 

So, in Yoruba, it’s believed the ancestors brought us the Asé. They generated and left it behind for us some gravitas that became our Asé in life.

The same continues with those who come after us. They increase our Asé because they increase our bloodline.  

Asé Spiritual Meaning

Asé Spiritual Meaning

Now that you understand what Asé means in Yoruba let’s find out Asé spiritual meanings. Though there are numerous messages, we have focused on three spiritual meanings. 

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1) A Sign of Faith

Asé symbolizes faith. As earlier mentions, it is an affirmation of the word yes.

So basically, it agrees with the message from the spiritual world

So, when you hear these word or use it, it awakens your spirituality. It brings about faith in believing God’s message. Besides, your hope remains alive.

So, when you use Asé, you will experience spiritual awakening and have faith to deliver God’s purpose in your life. Biblically, these affirmation is also supported in Mark 11:22-24:

“Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

2) Have Faith in Yourself

Asé brings about your hidden potential to light. So, whenever you say this word, it awakes your consciousness of wealth.

You will become very confident and remain unbothered or have any self-doubt in your activities. 

Ideally, Asé can be viewed as an inspiration from the universe. It inspires you to be confident in your abilities. 

For this to manifest, you first have to understand you are special. So, it’s necessary to bring about your hidden abilities to life. 

This is the best way to reach your full potential. Just have faith in your skills and capabilities. 

3) A Sign of Spiritual Awakening

If you feel your spiritual sensitivity has decreased, you need to recharge it. It’s believed that when you say Asé seven times, your spiritual sensitivity will get restored. 

Mentioning Asé brings about divine power. Meaning this work can awaken your spiritual sensitivity.

So, stay conscious of the energies around you. When you concentrate on the spiritual realm, you will easily understand what purpose you have spiritually. 

Should I Say Asé?

praying hands

Yes, you should say Asé because it is a powerful and strong affirmation, not a retiring word.

So, whenever someone says anything you like, shout Asé and be proud of it. You can say it loud after prayers or an event because it’s surrounded by positivity

If something said touches your soul, and you wish to manifest the same thing by bringing it loud into existence, you should say Asé.

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Final Words

As mentioned earlier, Asé is a powerful and positive affirmation. All African traditions accept this concept, which is why they make good use of them in prayers. 

So, when you use Asé after prayers, it’s one way to make all your wishes come true. Because whatever you desire touches your soul, and you have brought it into existence through the affirmation. Asé!

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