Spiritual Meaning Of Moles On Face: Chinese Reading

Did you know moles on the face have significant meaning in our lives? You may not have heard of moles, but you know beauty marks. 

Well, they are the same thing, especially moles on the face, because of social standards. But what do they mean? Does it tell us about our destiny?

When I was young, I was told the black marks represented the number of uncles I had. But, I was never told that the size and location mattered. Besides, I took it as a myth.

But I had to find out what the moles on my nose and eyebrows meant. So, in this article, you will find everything you need to know about moles on your face

Spiritual Meaning Of Moles On Face

Spiritual Meaning Of Moles On Face

Spiritually, moles are believed to have spiritual and symbolic importance.

But, meanings vary depending on its location, color, and size. We’ll discuss it later in the article.

For now, here is a quick summary of the meanings.

  • Sign of your personality and gifts;
  • Sign of spiritual connection;
  • Symbolizes Karmic lessons and challenges.

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On Chin:

Moles on the chin are associated with persistence, work attitude, and self-assertion. However, this depends on the color and location of the mole on the chin.

In Chinese mole reading, moles at the bottom of the chin, whether right, left, or middle, symbolize glory and fame. 

  • At the center of your chin: You are a noble person. If it is in the center of your chin, just below your lips, then you have great financial managerial skills
  • On the right side of your chin: It shows your diplomatic, logic, and reasoning abilities. Your words are so powerful and can easily convince others;
  • On the left side of your chin: You speak without thinking, and those around you dislike it. Because of this resistance from others, you get irritated and hot-tempered. However, the beauty side of this is that you are an honest person. 

On Lips:

A mole on your upper lip shows you are kindhearted. You always look out for others and help them. This type of person is so attractive, and if you’re a male, you are going to have problems with females. 

 If the mole is at the corner of your upper lip, you love good things, specifically good food. So, even when you earn a huge salary, be careful not to overeat.

Those with moles on the lower lip love cooking and are good at it. Also, they are family-oriented. However, when it comes to relationships, they may end up in a love polygon.

Also, this kind of person is very involved in theatre arts and acting. 

On Cheek:

Generally, those with the mole on the cheek are always optimistic and easily succeed without help.

Astrologists associate the main traits of moles on the cheek as a representation of hard work, authority, and power. 

  • A mole on the right cheek: symbolizes increased fortune. This type of person is caring to both friends and family. That’s if the mole is a good type;
  • A mole on the left cheek: means you are an introvert and love hanging around with a few people. But, the issue is they don’t consider others’ thoughts over an issue. They are self-centered. So, if you are this type, focus on your interpersonal relationship. 

On Eyelid:

If you have a mole on your eyelid, there are two ways to interpret its symbolism. One can be in either the lower or upper eyelid or on your right or left eyelid.

A mole on the right eyelid is a sign that you may become rich and famous.

On the other hand, a mole on the left eyelid means you are an ambitious and work-driven person. Also, you will be jealous of others around you

Now, if the mole is on the upper eyelid, it means you love your freedom and will be on the move. You are a king of a person who can turn bad things into good.

However, with this personality, you will resist so much and lose more growth opportunities. 

Conversely, moles on lower eyelids symbolize setbacks in relationships. A third party will always be given an opportunity in your love relationship.

On Nose:

A mole on a nose can be either on the right or left side or nose tip. People with moles on the side of their noses joke a lot and are also drift-minded. It’s easy for them to win other people’s trust.

  • Moles on the right side of the nose: mean your hard work will pay off as you earn huge amounts. Generally, you are going to be wealthy without struggling. It also means you are a passionate person;
  • Moles on the left side: It is not a good sign. It means your life will be full of struggles. Your work and plans are not going to work out as expected;
  • Moles on the nose tip: it symbolizes fortune from all sides. Generally, it’s a symbol of good luck and wealth.

On Forehead:

Moles on the right side of the forehead signify prosperity. People of your kind are devoted to God, help those in need, and have a good reputation in their community

Also, moles on the right side of the forehead mean you will have a beautiful and successful relationship/work-life. You may even be more interested in traveling and making more money

Now, moles on the left side of your forehead mean you are selfish. You do not see the need to help others even when you can.

In fact, you can take moles on the left side as not an auspicious sign. You are stingy with money

If the mole is in the middle of your forehead, it means you are a sensitive person with challenges in your relationship. It could be difficulty with your parents or spouse

But this mole makes you intelligent and gives you wisdom.

On Eyebrow:

A mole on an eyebrow is an auspicious sign of wealth and health. It’s a sign you will live long enough to experience massive wealth.

Specifically, a mole between your eyebrows means you will experience immense wealth. 

Conversely, a mole on both the right and left of the eyebrows means you will inherit a great fortune after marriage

People with a mole on the eyebrows are kindhearted, responsible, spirited, and talented. Now, this type of mole can also be good or bad. 

If your eyebrows mole is good, you may receive assistance from others. But, if it’s bad, you will get limited assistance.

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Chinese Mole Reading

Chinese mole reading

Not all facial moles are bad”- ancient Chinese mole studies. 

According to Chinese mole reading, moles have good and bad meanings in a person’s life. While some are warning signs to avoid trouble and protect yourself from harm, some symbolize fortune and success. 

But now, these moles differ in color, size, location, and appearance.

1-3Can’t get along with those who try to give you orders (parents, boss, elder people,…) Keep a respectful distance and don’t be rude.
4Can’t make plans, this will lead to an unstable life.
5May encounter a misfortune brought by a family member or a friend. Also, you may have bad luck with money. Don’t waste money on unnecessary things.
6You are smart, creative, artistic and inspiring. You know how to take care of your finances, this will lead to a wealthy life.
7Tend to have conflicts with those around you, especially family. Also, you may have problems with money.
8You don’t take care of your finances. Prevent yourself from unwanted relationships, especially romantics.
9Also needs to prevent from unwanted relationships or this may lead to a toxic relationship.
10Probably won’t have children or grandchildren.
11Tend to struggle with a long-term and severe illness. Keep a close watch on your health (physical and emotional).
12Probably will have problems related to diet or food, i.e. eating disorders.
13Will always work hard and worry about your children. But, unfortunately, won’t be able to have a good relationship with them.
14High risk of food poisoning, allergy or intolerance.
15Won’t stay in the same place for too long and will tend to move around. If you don’t you’ll have an unstable environment.
16Prevent unwanted relationships. Stay aware of any food issues (poisoning, allergy, diet problems,…).
17Think before you act or you will lose a good reputation because of your actions.
18Tend to travel abroad, but be careful and prepared for any bad situation.
19Also needs to prevent from unwanted relationships or this may lead to a toxic relationship.
20You only live once, so live your life to the fullest. Be careful not to commit any criminal acts.
21Tend to have foot issues, pay attention. Prevent any water-related accidents.
22Also tend to travel abroad, but be careful and prepared for any bad situation.
23Wealthy and good with finances.

How To Identify Lucky Moles?

side view of moles

You can identify a lucky mole through its location and appearance. As earlier mentioned, the mole with hair means it’s alive. 

In mole astrology, the mole with hair is considered lucky. It is said it brings about good luck in a person’s life. 

The Chinese mole reading associates moles that are not easily seen with fortune and good luck, thus “good moles,” while those that are easily seen as a warning sign. 

Usually, moles are darker than the normal skin color, and they can be grey, light black, dark black, red, purple, or brown. The red and pure black facial moles are seen as good.

However, if the moles mix with yellow, red, or white colors, it’s a bad luck sign in relationships.

Another one is a smooth and shining mole that is also considered good. Generally, if the mole has hair, it means it’s alive, making it a good mole.

If it’s three moles in triangular shaped, you can expect anything. You may enjoy the good side, but your deeds may also lead you to the negative part, so beware.

Lucky moles are considered to be in the following body parts:

  • Eyelids;
  • Forehead;
  • Eyebrows;
  • Chest;
  • Ears;
  • On the Lips, above or near;
  • Shoulder;
  • Right-hand palm.

So, if you were considering the removal of a mole on your face, rethink your decision. You could get rid of your fortune, so learn to appreciate it.

Remember, even if you get rid of the mole, your fate won’t change

Final Words

Moles on your face can bring about good or bad luck. But, as mentioned earlier, it depends on location. Though some moles are bigger, they still play a significant meaning in your life.

While some people use facial makeup to hide moles, don’t get rid of it. Because it won’t change your destiny; just understand what benefits and challenges it can have. 

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