Three Moles In A Triangle Spiritual Meaning: 3 Dots? Sign!

On average, nearly everyone has about 10-40 moles. Go ahead and count the moles on your body. However, even though having moles is common, having three moles in a triangle is rare. Why? Let me enlighten you!

Three moles in a triangle is a phenomenon strongly linked to spirituality. If you have this unique alignment of moles, listen up!

The spiritual world recognizes your outstanding spiritual purpose. The spiritual entities overseeing your daily activities are always on alert to ensure no negative energy derails you. 

Due to the spiritual significance of three moles in a triangle, those without them are now artificially getting the triangular three-dot alignment to share in the spiritual benefits.

To expound your understanding further, here is what you need to know about the spiritual relevance of three moles in a triangle. Read on! 

Three Moles In A Triangle Spiritual Meaning

Three Moles In A Triangle

Since the three moles in a triangle mean that you have been tasked with a special spiritual purpose, it further serves as a sign of the innate gifts you possess.

Here are the gifts the spiritual reams has granted you to ensure you successfully execute the tasks assigned to you:

  • Innovation;
  • Intelligence;
  • Creativity
  • Stability;
  • Harmony;
  • Balance.

Triangles are associated with the number three, which is a sacred and powerful number. The number represents the principle of manifestation, expression, and creation.

It serves as the number of the triangle, triad, and trinity. So, the three moles in a triangle are a spiritual sign of your capability to bring novel solutions and ideas into the world. 

Triangles are geometric shapes with three angles and sides. This makes them the strongest and simplest polygon. Hence, they represent the unity of the mind, spirit, and body.

That is why having three moles in a triangle means that you have a harmonious and balanced life. You are in tune with the divine and your inner self

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3 Dots In A Triangle On Skin Meaning

man with melanoma on back

Having three dots on the skin can take different forms. If you do not have three moles in a triangle, you might have three freckles or birthmarks. 

Spiritually, having either of the three dots means you have a special connection to the spiritual world.

So, when people see these dots, they understand that you have specific traits that demonstrate your level of connection to the spiritual world.

These are the traits that differentiate those with these dots

3 Moles In Triangle Formation Meaning:

Three Moles

Possessing three moles in a triangle formation means:

  • You are trustworthy and loyal;
  • You are enthusiastic and optimistic;
  • You are adventurous and curious.

You value loyalty, integrity, and honesty in others and yourself. This makes you a dependable family member, partner and friends.

And you are always looking for opportunities to broaden your perspective and expand your horizon. 

With your positive outlook on life and cheerful attitude, you are capable of achieving more than others. You are always confident and hopeful about the future.

Due to this, you are less depressed and discouraged by the difficulties and challenges of life because you believe you can overcome them and move forward.  

Whenever you get the chance to learn new things, explore new places, and enjoy different experiences, you go for it. You are not afraid of taking risks and trying new things

Triangle Freckles Meaning (3 Freckles):

Triangle Freckles Meaning

Having three triangle aligned freckles means:

  • You are charming and charismatic;
  • You are artistic and creative;
  • You are energetic and passionate.

There is a magnetic personality in you and a radiant aura that pulls people towards you. The people find you generally lively and entertaining. 

There is a natural flair and talent for music, drama, art, or any other form of creative expression in you.

You are more of a person who follows your own inspiration and intuition compared to being restricted by rules. 

You have an innate drive to pursue your dreams and goals. This means you are not afraid of expressing your desires and emotions.

Three Dot Triangle Birthmark Meaning:

Three Dot Triangle Birthmark

Having three dot triangle birthmark means:

  • You are mysterious; 
  • You are dreamy and imaginative;
  • You are empathic and intuitive.

The possibility of people predicting your next move is close to zero. This is because you have taken the time to understand yourself deeply and know your hidden strengths.

Your imagination is vivid and rich, allowing you to explore different scenarios and create views far beyond what the rest can see.

You are less bound by facts because your imagination helps you see beyond the horizon.

The connection between your inner self and the spiritual world is solid. So, you are less limited by reasoning and logic because your instincts and gut feeling can serve as your guide any time, any place.

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What Does It Mean To Have Three Moles In  A Triangle?

girl with mole on face

As stated earlier, having three moles aligned in a triangle shape means you are spiritually elevated.

The universe has assigned you a greater spiritual purpose compared to the rest. And in doing so, the universe is working to ensure you fulfill your purpose by guiding and protecting you. 

Where are the three moles situated on your body? The location of the three moles in a triangle determines your level of connection to the spiritual realm.

If the moles are on your face, it means that your spiritual connection to the universe is far much stronger than other people

Moreover, the shape and size of the moles say a lot about your level of spirituality.

Relatively large and dark colored moles indicate spiritual strength beyond what those with light-colored and small moles have. 

On rare occasions, some people with three moles in a triangle have claimed to have visions from God. They believe God has marked them for a greater purpose.

However, keep in mind that with greater spiritual connectivity and access comes greater responsibility.

I Have 3 Moles Forming A Triangle. Did God Mark Me?

birthmark three dots

Having three moles forming a triangle does not necessarily mean that God has marked you.

Nonetheless, many believe that is the case because of how special it is to have 3 moles arranged in a triangle. 

The 3 moles in a triangle are a sign that you have a personal and unique relationship with God. He wants you to discover your true purpose and potential in life.

o help you succeed, He has placed talents and gifts inside you to serve others and Him.

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What Do Three Dots In A Triangle Mean? 5 Spiritual Messages

What Do Three Dots In A Triangle Mean? 5 Spiritual Messages

Due to the spiritual significance of the three dots, the spiritual realm can also deliver these messages to you through them:

1) You are connected to a universal consciousness

The triangular alignment represents your connection to a universal consciousness with a larger sense of unity with all beings. 

2) Change is coming into your life

You are about to experience change in your finances, lifestyle, spirituality and more.

These changes are meant to help you keep moving forward

3) The divine one is protecting and guiding you

The three moles in a triangle are a reminder that the divine one is watching over you.

He has put in place guardian angels to watch over you

4) Your life’s purpose has been determined

You have been tasked with fulfilling a more crucial life purpose. It is critical that you work diligently to bypass all the trials and challenges you might face. 

Those are not just birthmarks; that’s your purpose. There is a mission that you have to fulfill on Earth.

That is why God gave you that mark. So, this is your time to accomplish the mission.

5) Spiritual entities will be sent to help you out with your creativity

Since you are working a life purpose destined to impact several people, spiritual entities shall be sent to help you out. 

This is also a sign that you are going to exceed certain barriers in life.

The best way to break barriers is by standing out of your comfort zone and doing away with anything that holds you back. 

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Final Words 

I want to believe you have seen and heard of the coveted three dot tattoo, especially the triangular shaped one.

Well, that was as a result of some people strongly believing that having three moles in a triangle means someone is strongly linked to the spiritual world

So, do you have the these coveted moles? If you do, I believe this piece has provided you with the insights you need to keep pursuing greatness while traveling through your spiritual journey. 

19 thoughts on “Three Moles In A Triangle Spiritual Meaning: 3 Dots? Sign!”

  1. My name is Udula Rashmika, 15 years old, I am from Sri Lanka. May I know the meaning of the three spots on the waist, triangular in shape? It has been there since childhood

    • Hello Udula,

      It means that God has marked you for a reason. Unfortunately, it is up to you to find out about that mission. But, since the birthmark is on your waist, it’s related to financial success. Maybe it means that you will have a wealthy future but you need to use some to help others in need. Maybe if you if you start charity work you will be blessed with wealth.

      Seek God’s clearance and guidance to help you figure out your mission here.

  2. Hi my name is Lin. A year after my husband passed away, I noticed these 3 moles on the middle of my right arm in a triangular shape. May I know the meaning of these 3 moles?

    Thank you.

    • Hello Lin,

      If you didn’t have those moles before, it could be a sign from your husband. Those 3 moles appeared as a sign that he is watching and protecting you from above. Whenever you are feeling lost or miss him, just touch the moles and ask for a sign from him and guidance, he will listen to you and help.

  3. I’m having a huge spiritual awakening this year. I just turned 60. I feel like a butterfly just broke out of her cocoon. I do have 3 dots on my face, if I connected the dots with pen, it looks like a triangle. At this time I also recall a poem I wrote about the eye in the triangle after a dream 30 years ago.

    • Hello Darlene, it’s never too late to follow your spiritual journey.

      I’m glad to hear that you’re opening yourself up to the universe and the heavens. I promise you that good things are waiting for you!

  4. Hi my name is Samuel and I have a three dot in triangular shape at the back of my left arm shoulder please may I know the meaning as I noticed it a years ago and just ignored it but today I decided to explore what it means

  5. Hi i am Shanuka, a boy.
    I have 3 dots of triangle shape on right side of my chin since my childhood. Can i know what does it really mean ?

  6. Hi,

    My name is Helena, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Canada . I have 3 triangular dots on the left side of my face. One on my nose, one on my upper lip, and the other on my lip. They’re very apparent on my face but the one on my lip is smaller. I’ve had the one on my nose since I was very small and I developed the other ones later in life. I have 3 more on my neck and they’re also very apparent. But they’re not triangular, rather it’s a straight diagonal ligne. Could you give me a personal view on what this all means?

  7. Hi I was born with the 3 dots in the shape of a triangle on the back of my arm siding with my armpit on my left arm. I have always been told I have a light about me from people I don’t even know. ..

  8. Hi, My name is Yunus. I am a student of age 16. I am from India. I don’t know why but I got a 3 dots forming a triangle since last 4 months on my chin. Can you tell what it means?

  9. I frequently have a three circle triangle bruise that appears on the underside of my left upper arm. Three small purple circles in the formation of a perfectly symmetrical triangle. I can find nothing in my clothing or bedding that could account for this, nothing I could be lying on, it just appears.

  10. My name is abhinav, from india.i have three birthmarks on my left arm’s center part(between the joint and wrinkle).it represents an isosceles triangle when i connect it.i would like to know what it means

  11. I’m Joan I have the three marks of triangle in my hand and I found another one yesterday on the back of my right ear what does it mean

  12. My name is Taida and I don’t have 1 but 3 triangles one on my left eye and 1 on each arm what dose it mean to not have one but 3 and maybe more that I can see

  13. Hi , my name is Priya and I am 16 I want to know what is the meaning of having 3 moles in triangle manner on over left shoulder I have it seems I was 6 … It’s colour is brown light


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