6 Prayers To Say When Saging Yourself: Remove Negative Energy

The act of saging is an ancient spiritual practice. It has been used for centuries to protect people and the environment from negativity, evil spirits, and spiritual attacks. Others call it smudging

This is done by burning dried sage leaves and allowing their smoke to flow and crawl around you, or the environment. 

When you perform this ancient spiritual practice, you are doing something powerful.

However, there is an additional element you should add to this. You should add prayer to the act of saging yourself

Prayer with saging is powerful. You cannot imagine how strong your prayers will become with the smoke of sage. Sometimes, people feel it is best to pray with candles.

As true as that sounds, I believe that the smoke of sage is stronger and highly spiritual than the smoke from candles,

Well, in this article, I will discuss more on this concept. I will be explaining the 6 different prayers to say while saging yourself. Let’s get into this right away.

1) Prayer To Say When Saging Yourself

Prayer To Say When Saging Yourself
Prayer For Printing

“I command all the negativity, discomfort, low forces and non-benevolent beings present in this space to go. May all of the negativity banish from my body. May it be replaced with positive light and good vibes.

Lord, touch my body and purify it. Sanctify my body and mind so I can continue to walk in the path You wrote for me.

Keep me clean and bless me so that the negativity, fear and evil spirits are banished from my environment. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Whenever you are saging yourself, there might be several things you desire.

Apart from the protective power of this spiritual act, you can attract other things like:

  • Good luck;
  • Prosperity;
  • Good health;
  • Clear mind. 

Keep all of these in mind even as you say this prayer to God.

When saging yourself, keep your mind on the spiritual practice and create an intention in your heart concerning what you intend to accomplish through this spiritual act. 

Doing this automatically activates the spiritual world on your behalf. It brings your desire to pass and releases the power of God into your environment.

You can say this prayer at any time of the day.

However, I mostly recommend morning prayers to people. So, say this prayer before you go out in the morning.

You should also say a saging prayer to remove the negative energy from your home. So the environment around you is all cleansed.

2) Strong Prayer To Remove Negative Energy From The Body

Strong Prayer To Remove Negative Energy From The Body
Prayer For Printing

“Father, remove this negative energy and toxins from my body. Help me find strength, peace, clarity and wisdom. May the forces of evil be removed through Your powers.

Cleanse and fill my body with purity and let the positive energy enter my body. Let Your presence be felt in every step I take and You shield me from any negative energies.


Because of the people we relate with, it is normal to be exposed to negative energy.

Now, the danger to this is when we allow this energy to linger for a long time in our body systems. 

Let me tell you what happens — Negative energy will block your chakra points, and this can lead to the following:

  • Depression;
  • Body pains;
  • Sickness;
  • Bad luck.

This is why you need to pray against negative energy in your body. As you burn dried sage leaves for purification, say this strong prayer

Both spiritual weapons go hand in hand and work perfectly together.

Most times, performing this spiritual activity at night is the best time. It purifies you from the negative energy you have been exposed to during the day. 

You can also say this Bible verse after the ritual:

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” — Psalm 139:14.

3) Powerful Prayer To Stop Negative Thoughts

Powerful Prayer To Stop Negative Thoughts
Prayer For Printing

“Almighty Father, these negative and terrible thoughts keep running through my head. I’m struggling to fight against them.

Set me free from these thoughts that torment me. Remove the enemy from my mind, my life and my body. With You by my side, there’s no attack or contamination that can affect me.

Lord, touch my body with Your miraculous hand and shield me from these negative energies. In You I trust to protect me, Amen.”

As you smudge yourself, say this prayer for more cleaning and purification from negative thoughts. 

Have you been battling with negative thoughts in recent times? Well, this is the best time to say this powerful prayer.

God is a powerful being who rules our thoughts as well. However, negative thoughts can kick him out. When this happens, we often become vulnerable to spiritual attacks. 

Therefore, take preventive measures by saying this powerful prayer.

You can also say a prayer for protection from evil spirits!

4) Saging Prayer For Self-Love And Protection

Saging Prayer For Self-Love And Protection
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Father, I’m trying to follow my life by Your command, as You said us to love ourselves. But I’m struggling to feel worthy of Your love and the love of others.

I know this is not the path You chose for me. Please, help me find a way to change it and help me love myself again. Protect me from this negative energy that has been around me.

Bless my body and shield me from the manipulative people that keep dragging me down and questioning my faith in You. Amen.”

This prayer specifically affects your self-esteem.

For those battling low self-esteem, this is the best way to pray. You need to ask God to heal you emotionally and mentally.

The things you have suffered in the past might be a contributory element to how you feel about yourself.

Beyond the prayer for self-love, this also ensures that you are protected from the harassment and manipulation of the people around you. 

5) Smudging Prayer For Cleansing Your Soul

Smudging Prayer For Cleansing Your Soul
Prayer For Printing

“Heavenly Father, take away all the worries, illnesses, depression, and sadness. Walk by my side and watch over me. Cleanse my soul from any filth and uncleanliness.

Please bless and sanctify my body. Soften my heart and shift it towards You and Your love. May my life be filled with joy and light. I ask for Your power to purify and remove all the negative energy and evil spirits around me.

I pray this prayer in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.”

The cleansing of the soul is an everyday affair. It is something that we need to do at any given moment in our lives. 

This means that the smudging prayer for cleansing the soul should be a part of our lives EVERYDAY.

Through this prayer, we bring God into the situation and he cleanses our souls from filth and uncleanliness. 

This prayer should be said immediately after smudging yourself.

6) Beautiful Prayer For Health And Wisdom

Beautiful Prayer For Health And Wisdom
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Father, thank You for Your presence in my life every day and for showing me that with You by my side nothing is impossible.

Bless me with health, wisdom and protection so I can continue to live my life according to Your plans. Thank You for answering my prayers and for Your presence in the life of those I love.

Help me to stand in faith and to always keep my focus on You, even when things get tough. In You, I trust to walk with me and shield me from any harm. Amen.”

Saging moments are the best moments to say this beautiful prayer to God. Because the energy around you is heightened and your prayers will be answered speedily. 

Ensure you also ask for divine health and wisdom. 

Beyond protection and negativity, you also need to be healthy and full of wisdom for life

You can also say a prayer for guidance and wisdom in this ritual.

How To Burn Sage The Right Way?

If you’re performing a saging ritual you need to do it the propwer way, otherwise it won’t work.

First of all, you need to be alone. Otherwise, you won’t feel the real power of this method.

Leave a window open from the moment you start until you finish. It allows the smoke to escape and take away all the negative energy with it. Then, do the following steps:

  1. Hold the sage at a 45º degree angle with your left hand and light it;
  2. Blow out carefully if it catches fire and let me smoke fill you up;
  3. Direct the smoke around your body and space — allow it to linger on the body parts you’re trying to focus this ritual (mind, heart…);
  4. Say a prayer while you’re doing this;
  5. Use a feather to scatter the smoke all around you or your environment;
  6. Once you are done, take a moment to express gratitude.

One of the most important steps is to also have faith in God and the power of sage.

What To Say When Burning Sage?

The words you say while burning sage depends so much on the reason for burning the sage. Therefore, there are no general words to say. 

The prayers in the articles have enough words. Use them for different purposes for burning your sage. 

However, when you are done with this spiritual practice, express gratitude by saying these words:

“I express gratitude for this cleaning process and thank the sage for its power of purification. May this environment and myself be filled with light, positivity, and luck”.

Will These Prayers Remove The Negative Energies Around Me And My House?

Yes, these prayers will remove negative energies from your environment. Trust in God to make this happen.

Coupled with sage, you can be guaranteed that negative energies will be expelled from your environment and from within the core of your being. 

Therefore, say these prayers right now

Final Thoughts

Let nothing threaten your peace of mind. The moment you begin to feel vulnerable, smudging is the best practice to build positivity around yourself and your environment.

By adding these prayers to it, God will be involved and every evil thing will be expelled.Expect good luck, health, and abundance to come. 

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