Spiritual Meaning Of Wind Chimes: 7 Spiritual Benefits

Have you ever wanted to buy wind chimes for your house, but do not know exactly what they are for? Yes, they may be good decorations.

But have you ever wondered if they have another purpose or meaning attached?

Today is your lucky day because we will try to help you understand what is the spiritual meaning of wind chimes and also what it means to hear one.

You will appreciate the décor much more if you understand why you should get it in the first place.

Spiritual Meaning Of Wind Chimes

ceramic Wind Chimes

To understand the purpose of these metal implements, we have to first know the origins of this particular house décor

Wind chimes hail from ancient China and have been known to appear in recorded history in 1100 BC.

Chinese scholars and healers say that this tool was used to drive away evil spirits during that time.

It is usually placed at the entrance of every household to welcome the blessings and bar demonic energy from entering the house.

In modern times, it is said that collecting wind chimes and having them can bring prosperity, wisdom, and serenity to the house.

It promotes harmonious relations within the family and allows positive energy to enter and flow much more freely in the house.

If you would like to understand the symbolism and meanings behind this tool even more, continue reading. You will not regret your decision.

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Hearing Wind Chimes Spiritual Meaning 

Hearing Wind Chimes

As mentioned earlier, wind chimes are tools that are used to ward off evil spirits and welcome positive energy into a home.

If you hear a wind chime, you should relax knowing that no harm will come to you inside any building that has it. 

Even if there’s not a wind chime near you, this is a way for the universe to let you know you are protected.

Now, does this mean that an evil spirit or entity is near you or your home? Yes. It doesn’t mean necessarily that it was trying to attack you but it was definitely passing near you.

What Do Wind Chimes Symbolize?

wind chime on tree branch

This particular tool represents compassion, wisdom, and prosperity.

If you have this in your home, it will not only attract positive energy but also wealth and a multitude of blessings for you and your family.

This is why you should not hesitate to build a collection of wind chimes if you can.

It is also important to note that differently colored wind chimes can represent various elements of nature as well.

Here are some examples of how the colors of the wind chime affects different parts of your life:

  • Brown and yellow wind chimes: refer to the earth and the control that it brings to the environment. If you have this in your living room, you will get to have stable relationships and a stable family life as well;
  • Black wind chimes: On the other hand, water is represented by the color black. It means that you are longing for insight and peace in your life if you have black wind chimes at home;
  • Blue and green wind chimes: you will be closer to nature and be able to attract compassion and prosperity in life as well. You will also be able to get a lot of blessings if you have a chime at home.

In the next section, we will discuss some of the most popular benefits that you can get from having wind chimes at home.

We hope that through this section, you will be able to understand the use of the tool even more and how you can further harness it to your advantage.

7 Purposes And Benefits Of Wind Chimes 

7 Purposes And Benefits Of Wind Chimes 

1) Healing Properties 

According to Feng Shui, the sound of wind chimes can bring about immense healing for anyone who hears it.

The serene clinking sounds attract positive energy that might seep into the body and soothe aches and pains without difficulty.  

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2) Purification 

According to spiritual healers, wind chimes can also be used to get rid of negative energy around any given space.

As mentioned earlier, it will protect you from evil spirits and will not allow any impure energy to enter your home.

This is the reason why most people opt to use wind chimes instead of doorbells. Especially if the house is small enough for the chimes to be heard all over the place.

3) Good Luck 

This metallic tool was specifically designed to attract positive energy and good luck.

If you want to prosper in any kind of business venture that you have in mind, try to place wind chimes in your office. It will lighten the mood because of this for sure.

You will not feel any pressure when you work if you have wind chimes around you.

4) Prosperity

Wind chimes are also known to attract prosperity and even more blessings if placed in specific areas of the house.

If you’re going to follow Feng Shui:

  • Metal wind chimes: should be placed in the west, north, or northwest corners.
  • Bamboo wind chimes: should be placed on the south, east, or southeast corners of the house. 
  • Ceramic wind chimes: they should go to the northeast, southwest, and central parts of the house.

It will attract good vibes and blessings all around.

5) Beauty

This is one other purpose of a wind chime.  Aside from providing spiritual healing, prosperity, and good luck to anyone who uses it, it also brings about and enhances the existing beauty of any given space.  

Since we are talking about bringing about positive energy into the home, having wind chimes in any part of the house will certainly enhance the aesthetic value of the space.

But also, attract much more positivity into the environment.

6) Protection

Aside from laying off evil spirits, it protects the owner from unknown entities that might enter the house inadvertently.

The clinking sounds that these chimes produce usually have a louder volume for non-corporeal entities. Something that would irritate their ears to hear.  

So if you want to ward off evil spirits, you should purchase a chime and bless the house sooner rather than later.

7) Balance

This decor was specifically created to bring about balance in any given space

As mentioned earlier, it allows you to relax and enjoy yourself even if you are alone in the house. 

The sound of the chimes reduces tension which can bring about eternal bliss and happiness to anyone who hears it.

It is also safe to say that chimes can bring us closer to God. Particularly if we use them during prayer and meditation.

Is It Good To Give Or Receive Wind Chimes As A Gift?

wind chimes in market

Yes, it brings about balance and tranquility of mindThese things are rare in this modern world.

If you ever give a wind chime to someone as a gift, it will be a welcome gesture for sure.

You can give this implement as a gift to your loved one or war family member. That would be no problem.

However, be careful when giving it as a gift to anyone who just lost their loved one. It is said that the sound of the wind chime usually indicates that the spiritual entity is near.  

If you don’t want your loved ones to be reminded of their relatives who passed already, you should think twice about giving a wind chime as a gift anytime soon. 

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Final Words 

With these pointers, we hope that you come to a better understanding regarding wind chimes and their specific purpose and spiritual meaning

The wind chimes are symbolic instruments. It holds a lot of meaning so you should be careful when handling such delicate objects.

Otherwise, you should be ready for the consequences of damaging a wind chime not only to you but your family as well.

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