7 Biblical Meanings of Hearing Knocking: 2, 3, 4, and 5 Times

Have you ever heard a knock on the door so clearly that even though no one was there you could’ve sworn it was real? Did it affect you in some way?

This article will explore what it could mean for you spiritually and biblically. You need to understand the difference in the number of knocks and what they could mean.

Hearing a knock is and can be a powerful spiritual message. Let us have a look at why. 

What Do 2 Knocks Mean In The Bible?

knock on door

the Bible itself does not make specific mention of’2 knocks’.

However, there are many references and lessons that can be taken from the bible to understand how and why 2 knocks could hold biblical significance.

The number 2, in the bible, is usually used and understood with two meanings.

First, in reference to unity, a union, balance, or harmony. The second meaning refers to differences or divisions.

Take a look at the messages that two knocks in the Bible bring to you:

  • In reference to the union, it could mean that you may meet new friends or make new connections or even meet a significant love interest. Either way, in whatever form love will be coming your way;
  • God is speaking to you and trying to communicate an important message look out for any signs, miracles and messages;
  • Two knocks indicate some kind of awakening, usually spiritual;
  • God is seeking your attention;
  • You need to be alert and spring into action in order to take control of your life and spiritual growth and journey. 

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Spiritual Meaning Of Hearing A Knock At The Door

opening door

Whenever you hear knocking on the door, it is a spiritual sign that should not be overlooked.

Now, to be specific about the messages of the knock, you must consider the frequency of the knock. That is, how many times did you hear the knock?

Therefore, let us look into the different spiritual meanings of knocks on your door according to the frequency of occurrence.

2 Knocks on the door meaning:

Spiritually, the number two refers to alignment and is a positive omen for peace, balance and harmony in relationships.

Hearing two knocks at the door is a sign that positive changes are coming in to your life.

Two is also the number that indicates twins and the twin flame (soulmate). Many people believe that in this way it represents love and friendship entering your life in a powerfully profound way.

Also, it is a great sign about your social life. New connections are about to enter your life.

If you have been looking for love then this is a great sign that love is about to come your way. Everything is about to line up for you exactly as it should

3 Knocks on the door meaning:

Three knocks are tied to the afterlife. Hearing three knocks is a powerful sign of a spiritual presence and essence.

This can be interpreted in a few ways. It represents the support of your spirit guides, ancestors, angels and loved ones. But, it could also represent communication from the spirit world.

Pay attention to how you feel in this moment and what the energy is trying to communicate to you.

In the Bible, Jeremiah 33:3 says:

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

Meaning this is a call to you to open yourself up to allow yourself to be guided spiritually in order to grow.  

4 Knocks on the door meaning:

The number 4 can represent many different things such as protection, awareness, stability, and being blessed with a gift.

Let’s unpack what that means in terms of hearing knocking on your door:

  • Protection and awareness: Hearing four knocks is a protective warning to you that you need to pay more attention to your surroundings and yourself. Your mental health, spiritual practices, growth and development are falling through the cracks and you need to invest in yourself;
  • Stability: Stay grounded and consistent in your routines and dedication. Let your faith guide you and belief in yourself;
  • Spiritual Gift: A special gift or opportunity is coming your way and needs to be taken advantage of. It could be a reminder to remain open and receptive to the gifts the universe has to offer.

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5 Knocks on the door meaning:

Hearing five knocks at the door is a spiritual sign of transformation and change.

This can be interpreted in a couple of ways:

  • You need to release and let go of the past: Some memories, emotions and feelings you have been suppressing and ignoring are weakening you spiritually and emotionally;
  • Be hopeful and optimistic: Uplift the energy around you. Use affirmation to attract positive changes and manifest greater outcomes and growth. This is a great opportunity to focus on things that will improve your lifestyle;
  • Reminder to pray: It is an invitation to reflect on what change is needed in your life through meditation and prayer. 

7 Biblical Meanings of Hearing Knocking

7 Biblical Meanings of Hearing Knocking

In the bible, there are 7 spiritual meanings to glean from hearing a knock with no one there.

Therefore, if you need further proof about the spirituality of hearing knocking on the door, below are other messages from the universe about this act.

1) It’s a Form of Communication 

Whether it is a sign from God, angels or a deceased loved one, hearing knocking is very clearly a form of communication. Someone or something is trying to get your attention.

Biblically, it is a sign from God that he is trying to communicate with you. 

Revelation 3:20 says:

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

It means that you have been missing the signs and communications from the spirit realm. God or your guides are trying to get your attention to convey an important message to you.

Listen, open your eyes and heart. Seek guidance and clarity. Open yourself up to receive the message. 

2) Recommit Yourself to Your Faith

Just as the knock has your attention, it serves as a reminder to reflect on where we are on our spiritual journey. You have been straying away from your own spiritual growth.

Have you been struggling with your faith and devotion? Then, the knocking represents a unique opportunity for you to grow in your spirituality and connection.

It is a wake-up call that you are allowing yourself to be distracted.

So, take the time to invest in spiritual practices such as prayer, reading scripture, giving back and engaging with like-minded individuals who can relate to your struggles as well as support you.

Never underestimate the importance of keeping people around you who carry the same values and beliefs. John 10:9 says:

“I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.”

3) Time for self-introspection and self-awareness

Hearing knocking but no one is there is a very important wake-up call about your life.

You may have emotions, thoughts and feelings that you have been suppressing. Now is a sign and call to you to process them so you can release them into the universe.

You are knocking on the door to your own mind, heart and soul. It is important to introspectively pay attention to our thought processes. 

In terms of self-awareness, you need to make sure that you are more aware of and sensitive to the energy around you.

You need to gain a better understanding of your weakness, strengths and what motivates you.

By doing that, you will be able to see and overcome any influences and tap into any beneficial energy. The Bible encourages us to always seek spiritual growth

4) Sign For Change and Transformation

Hearing knocking can be a sign of changes and transformations about to enter your life.

Biblically, it could refer to the idea that God is trying to intervene and enter your life. He is trying to bring a shift, change and transformation for you.

So, if you have been looking for, or expecting a change then this is a great sign that it is knocking on your door.

Look into the different areas of your life, such as relationships and finances. In order to see where that change is being highlighted or where you can make room for positive changes to enter into your life.

But, on the other hand, you need to prepare yourself for the chance that these changes can be painful and we will have to endure a difficult time

How do you know that? It will depend on how you felt at the moment you heard the knocking.

If you felt happy, something good will happen. But, if you felt scared or sad, it means that you need to be careful.

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5) Good Luck

Hearing knocking when no one and nothing is there could be a great omen for you. A sign that something good is approaching and going to happen in your life.

If you have been praying on something or for something then hearing knocking can be a positive sign that God has heard your call.

He is presenting you with a sign that your prayers will be answered very soon.

It’s important to practice gratitude and keep a positive mindset. Uplift the energy around you and manifest it through the law of attraction.

Ask for it, pray for it, then believe it is already yours. As Luke 11:9 says:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

6) Take Action/ Live Up to Your Potential

This is also a sign that it is time to move forward in your life. You need to take control of your circumstances and go after what your heart desires.

God is showing you that you have been given unique abilities and gifts that you only need to ask for guidance to be able to learn about and enhance them. Matthew 7:7-8 says:

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Remember, faith without action and implementation is incomplete.

So, this knocking is a call for you to get up, stand up and open the door to the endless possibilities waiting for you.

By living up to your potential, you are spreading the Lord’s message and power throughout the world. 

7) It’s A Warning

Hearing knocking can be a sign and symbol of danger as well as a caution. Particularly in cases where you are hearing the warning in your sleep.

It could be a call to you to be more aware of your surroundings, your actions and the people you allow into your life.

Also, it may be a warning to call attention to your own carelessness.

So, think and reflect on what this means for you and what you may have forgotten that could prove to be harmful to you.

Move very carefully for the next few days. Ask God for love, protection and stability in your life. 

Hearing Knocking in Your Sleep Spiritual Meaning: Is It a Bad Sign?

opening inside door

Hearing knocking in your sleep can mean a number of things for you spiritually.

It can be both a good and bad sign depending on the context and events surrounding the experience.

A warning or danger, something is trying to pull you out of the dream world to warn you about something potentially harmful happening around or to you.

Someone or something is trying to get your attention. It could be a loved one, God or your guardian angel.

You are supposed to take notice of important signs and messages being conveyed to you.

It can also mean that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. When we are sleeping, we are more open to the energy that surrounds us.

In this way, we are more in tune with our own spiritual and psychic abilities.

It is believed that when we hear knocking in our sleep, we are opening portals and gateways to other spiritual realms.

At the end of the day, how you feel and the energy you feel in the moment is a great indication as to what message or lesson you are supposed to unpack from the event.

Rather than focusing on whether it is a good or bad sign, focus on the energy and emotion and trust your intuition to guide you.

Always remember you can ask your angels and guides for clarity and help to make things clearer. 

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Final Words

However we choose to interpret it or whatever messages we take away from it, hearing a knock is most certainly a powerful, clear way to get someone’s attention.

Open yourself up emotionally and spiritually in order to be able to receive the message and implement the necessary actions and changes. Walk through the doorway to greater understanding, spiritual growth and enlightenment. 

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  1. So it could be anything, and it’s relegated to interpretation. This was written fairly at least because it doesn’t have the worst case scenario answers. Like something very bad will happen. So it what more positive than your average explanation of possible paranormal activity. I liked the thoughts shared here.

  2. I’ve heard at various times, night & early morning 3 knocks that wake me out of my sleep. I’ve 3 quite knocks while going to bed with my granddaughter who has also heard the same knock as I did & was surprised she did, she’s 3yrs old

  3. Hello, on 11/1/2022 around 1:30pm as I was watching tv and working on my photographs and all of a sudden there were three loud knocks on my window,
    I looked out my window to see who was there. I even went outside to see if someone was playing a joke, and no one was there and there are no trees near my house.
    This gets stranger, this morning when I went out in my driveway there was a blue jay’s feather laying near my car and also, I have been seeing pennies 3 in a row all the time.
    even gets weirder as I was driveling there were 3 knocks as my girlfriend heard also.

  4. Before going to bed tonight, I felt a bit discouraged this evening, so I prayed for uplifting, I prayed for the lord to to show me my assignment and purpose on earth. I then thanked him for life and family. 11:55pm 3 Loud Steady bangs was heard at the door, scared the children and alerted me out of bed. I was puzzled but I knew.

    • Hello Kamia,

      God will send you as many signs as you need. He knew you’d understand His sign.

      Our lord and savior is always grateful for those who are thankful to Him and His power.

      Thank you for your comment,
      Guardian Angel.

      • I thank the good Lord every night for his love and caring of my loved ones, family and friends…Also for the roof over our heads, the food that we eat and the clothes on our backs…I thank Him for good health, and for keeping us all safe from harm. I thank him for all our many blessings, and I ask him to keep in my mind the many people who are so much worse off than we are…

  5. Out of 6 siblings, i am the last one left living, i am 62. I am also the youngest. I miss my brothers and my only sister…I feel so lonely without them…Is it wrong to just to want to see them one, last time? to tell them each that i love and miss them and pray we will all be together again one day? My folks are both gone as well…Dear Lord, i miss my family….Best wishes to all, Faith.

  6. In the mid morning during my online live lecture class, I heard a knocking on my closet wall (the closet has no door). It was quite loud and consistent and lasted roughly 30-45 seconds. The first time I heard it, I thought it was an old pipe, the second time, I ran to the garage to see who was knocking (no one was there), the third time I figured it must be the furnace. However, after testing these theories that it might be a pipe or the furnace, neither of these made this knocking sound. So therefore, it must be a sign from the spirit world.


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