Itchy Elbow Spiritual Meaning: Right and Left 

Over coffee with an old friend, I noticed how he had wounds on both elbows. I asked what happened to those. My friend said he had been scratching his elbows hard for the last few days.

He could not help himself, his elbows seemed to be just so itchy and he didn’t know what was causing it. He had tried putting more lotion or moisturizer on his elbows as the itch might be due to dry skin but nothing happened.

But, he has been disinfecting it with soap and water often and even used alcohol despite the pain but the itching did not stop. He was already at a loss for what to do.

Have you thought about the spiritual meaning of the itchy elbow, I asked my friend. I then explained that the causes of his itchy elbow may not be medical but rather spiritual.

I am sharing what we talked about in this post so that those who may be experiencing the same will have an idea of what the spiritual meaning of itchy elbows may be.

Itchy Right Elbow Spiritual Meaning

right itchy elbow

When your right elbow is itchy, then this is a spiritual sign that you’ll be making a big decision soon.

This will put your decision-making skills to the test and will require you to be more analytical and look at facts and data before making this big decision.

You need to prepare to think thoroughly about the pros and cons of your decision. This thing needs your utmost attention and may even be urgent.

You may need to do some research to know what the next steps are and the best course of action.

At the same time, the heavens may be reminding you that you need to ask for their guidance and pray more before making any decisions.

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Itchy Left Elbow Spiritual Meaning

left itchy elbow

When your left elbow is itchy, then this is a sign from heaven not to be afraid to show your soft side. 

This means letting out your nurturing side to people you care about or even to those you barely know.

It may also mean that you can finally let go of inhibitions about showing emotions in public or being affectionate to others. 

If you have been raised to never show your emotions and affections and you are now experiencing constant itching of the left elbow, then take this to mean that the heavens are pushing you to be in touch with your soft side.

Spiritual Meaning of Itchy Elbow During the Night 

man feeling pain in his elbow

Many times the heavens let us experience itchy elbows at night as a way of telling us to have more faith.

The ones above may have noticed how little faith we have or that we have been questioning the heavens about our present circumstances.

If you are going through some tough times and your elbows seem to be always itchy at night, then the heavens are likely telling us to have faith in the plans of the supreme being.

You may be going through some rough patches but these are all of heaven’s plans.

You may ask yourself how often and what the quality of your communication is with the supreme being.

The itchy elbows at night may be heaven’s way of pushing you to communicate more thoroughly and constantly with the ones above.

The heavens may also be telling you that all is well and that whatever discomfort or hardships you are facing will soon come to an end.

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Why is the Top of My Elbow Itchy? 

touching elbow

When the top of your elbow is itchy, this could be because the heavens are telling you that you are too dependent on others.

It is a sign that you need to strive for independence because many times people won’t always be around to help us. 

This could be heaven’s way of showing its displeasure over your over-dependence on others especially when the creator has given each of us our strengths and talents.

When the top of your elbow is itchy, then you may reflect on these things:

  • Do I always ask for help even when I can do the task on my own?
  • Am I capable of being decisive or am I waiting for others to simply tell me what to do?
  • Am I financially independent and can I live on my own or without asking for financial help from others?
  • Do people find me reliable or will they ask for help from someone else rather than me because I am incapable of delivering on my promises?

4 Itchy Elbow Superstition For You 

4 Itchy Elbow Superstition For You 

1) A reflection of your confusion

For some groups, an itchy elbow is believed to be a reflection of one’s confusion.

This means that your elbows are itchy all the time because there are choices you have to make but you seem to be incapable or unwilling to make a decision.

The itchiness is believed to be caused by the many thoughts running in your mind. For days or even weeks now, you have been thinking of what to do but don’t know how to best proceed

It is said that the heavens are causing you discomfort, particularly itchy elbows to push you to have a clearer mind and to end your confusion once and for all.

You are experiencing discomfort as well so you can seek the help of others in finding clarity.

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2) Learn to be strong

Some cultures believe that an itchy elbow is heaven’s way of teaching a person to be strong.

The ones above may have noticed how weak a person is in mind and body and thus send some discomfort to help strengthen the character of the person.

The itchiness is meant to teach you that sometimes life can throw many discomfort and surprises.

But all these are meant to teach us lessons and so we will become stronger after each challenge.

3) Be sensitive

Some groups believe that the itchy elbow is meant to teach some a major lesson. That is, to be sensitive to the needs of others.

It is believed that the heavens may have noticed how insensitive you have become and so they want to teach you a lesson.

They are letting you experience this discomfort to let you know that everyone may be suffering and you should be sensitive to each other’s needs.

The itchy elbow should also prompt you to think of whom you have offended or hurt by your insensitivity

4) Pray more 

For some cultures, the itchy elbows are a spiritual sign that you should pray more.

It is a sign of heaven’s displeasure that you are not praying or communicating with the heavens.

If the itchiness is almost unbearable then you must pray to be relieved of the discomfort immediately. 

The prayers must be consistent and should be an honest communication with the heavens moving forward. 

In a way, according to superstitious belief, the itchy elbow is like a punishment for not praying honestly, consistently, or properly. It must then serve as a wake-up call.


Itchy elbows may be one of the most uncomfortable and distressing things you may feel.

Many times the itchiness is because the heavens want to tell you something.

But, before you leave, take a look at the spiritual meaning of an itching body. And learn a little more about what each part of our body means when it itches.

As such, take the time to discern what the heavens may be telling you with these itchy elbows.

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