What do Spiders Mean Prophetically? 11 Biblical Meanings

For centuries, spiders have been known to be spiritual creatures. However, we have not paid enough attention to their biblical and prophetic messages.

Understanding the prophetic meaning of spiders is important. It opens our eyes to see hidden secrets about spiders, and it also helps us to properly channel the spider’s energy.

  • What do spiders mean prophetically?
  • How can you understand the biblical meaning of a spider?
  • What does it mean when a spider appears to you in real life?

All of these questions will be answered in this article.

What does a Spider Mean?


In the spiritual world, a spider is an opportunist.

It learns to always take advantage of opportunities when it sees one. Spiders are always looking out for opportunities everywhere they go.

This is why they can cast their webs anywhere without feeling bad for it.

Why? It is because they saw an opportunity, and took advantage of it. This is something we should learn from.

Just like a spider, people should learn to see opportunities everywhere. Even when others don’t see it, you must be vigilant enough to see the opportunities that lie around you.

Another meaning of a spider is wisdom.

How is it possible for a spider to walk past you without notice? It is because of its divine wisdom. It has a cunning ability that makes it walk past predators without getting caught.

In addition to this, its eight legs or tentacles are a symbol of wisdom and intuition.

Therefore, seeing a spider should inspire your creativity and wisdom as well.

It has to be a constant reminder that you possess the ability to proffer solutions to issues. Furthermore, a spider teaches you how to avoid the traps that people have set for you.

The Biblical Meaning of Spiders in real life

Biblical Meaning of Spiders

Spiders in real life are scary. I am scared of spiders and met a lot of people who share in the same plight.

However, we need to agree with the fact that we cannot do without seeing a spider. At one point or the other, we are going to encounter a spider. Whenever this happens, the bible gives us a clue about its meaning.

  1. The bible talks about spiders as a creature of spiritual attack. In African Christianity, spiders are seen as omens of bad luck, spiritual attacks, and sicknesses. This is why they always pray against the spirit of spiders. They believe that seeing spiders in real life means that you are under attack. 
  2. Another biblical meaning of spiders in real life reveals a spy. If you see a spider looking at you intently, it is believed that evil spirits are spying on you, and getting ready to attack you at any given chance.
  3. On the positive side, a spider reveals the wisdom of God. When you look at the makeup of a spider, you cannot help but wonder at the awesomeness and wisdom of God. this spurs a heart of commitment to God and reverence for his commandment.

Apart from these biblical meanings, we are going to talk about the 11 messages that come from spiders later on. Before we do that, let us answer other important questions.

The Biblical Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

Spiders in dreams meaning

Seeing spiders in dreams is a different ball game. Unlike seeing them in real life, spiders can perform several spiritual activities in dreams than in real life.

The bible has something to say about this. What are the biblical meanings of spiders in dreams?

  • Seeing a spider in your dream speaks about expressing yourself. One thing you should know about spiders is their freedom of expression.
    • The spider does not hold back. It takes every moment to express how it feels, and what it desires.
    • Therefore, if you see a spider walking around in your dream, God is telling you to also express yourself without holding back.
  • A spider will come into your dreams to speak with you because you have failed to pay attention to it in real life.
    • Whenever this happens, make sure you pay attention to that dream. Don’t lose a single message because it might never come again.

The Spider Web Meaning in the Bible

Spider web in the Bible meaning

Biblically, seeing a spider web speaks of a trap. This is what early Christian fathers believe. Just as the spider web traps its prey, this is how the devil is planning to trap you.

Therefore, you must be watchful.

Seeing spider web talks about carefulness, and a sharp sense of discernment to avoid the traps of the enemy. 

Another meaning of spider web in the bible speaks about stagnancy.

The spider web keeps people fixed on a spot. Therefore, anytime you see a spider web in your home, ensure to remove it to prevent negative consequences. This is what the bible believes.

Are there any positive biblical meanings for spiders? Find out in the next section.

What do Spiders Mean Prophetically? 11 Biblical Meanings

What do Spiders Mean Prophetically

In prophecy, spiders carry 11 biblical meanings. What are these meanings?

1) The power of choice

The spider is a creature of strong will. It chooses to act based on how it feels without ever feeling bad for its actions.

Biblically, this is a message to you. The spiritual world is saying that you should pay attention to spiders and let them teach you the power of choice.

This is necessary because of the future.

In the future, you are going to be faced with confusing situations, and the only way to get out of them is to use the power of choice.

Therefore, learn this lesson from the spider before that kairos moment.

2) Patience

No matter how much we desire to be great, our desires cannot push us beyond our timing.

This is why we must embrace patience.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be patient. The reason for this is not far-fetched. One of the causes of impatience stems from unhealthy competition and comparison.

People want to be like others and don’t want to wait for their own time.

This is not how the spider lives. The spider slowly builds its web with the right materials; it takes its time to study its prey before attacking, and all of these have brought great results.

Therefore, God has sent the spider to encourage you. The spider has come to teach you the power of patience. Prophetically, this message is necessary to avoid loopholes and traps in the future.

3) Confidence

One of the traits of spiders lies in the ability to live alone.

Spiders walk in groups, but they mostly live alone on their web. Unlike humans, they can survive solely without other spiders’ support.

This is a sign of strength and confidence.

Biblically, seeing a spider encourages you to be confident in yourself.

Even if it means you have to journey alone, don’t ever feel attached to other people. Staying confident garners the respect of people, and it stops people from seeing you like a leech.

4) Process

God loves process. He wants all of his children to learn the power of process. Starting from the creation of the world, it is clear that God had to go through the process of creating one element after another before the whole world was formed as we know it.

Therefore, he desires that his children will also embrace that quality of life.

However, whenever we find it hard to understand the power of process, spiders will show up in our lives.

You will suddenly dream of seeing a spider construct its web slowly and strategically. This will instantly teach you to follow the process of life whilst striving to get to the peak.

5) Wisdom

Wisdom is the ability to see things from different perspectives, proffer solutions to issues, and approach things from a higher standpoint.

This quality of life can only be given by God.

One of the ways God gives wisdom is by spiders.

Therefore, if you dream of seeing spiders falling from heaven, this is a sign that God is blessing you with wisdom.

Prophetically, this wisdom is meant for the future because a difficult situation will arise in your life that only wisdom can solve. So, the dream is only equipping you for that moment. 

6) Spiritual vision

Anytime you see the eyes of a spider, God is reminding you of your spiritual vision. In the bible, we will see a lot of people who saw visions and had encounters with angels.

This was made possible by the divine ability to see beyond the physical.

The best part is that we all have that same ability. However, skepticism or fear has robbed us of the benefit of spiritual eyes.

God can help us out, and spiders can be the instrument.

Therefore, if you suddenly become attracted to the eyes of a spider, it is telling you to pay attention to your spiritual vision because there is a lot to see in the spirit world.

7) Answered prayers

After saying a word of prayer, seeing a spider means that the answer has come.

God can use spiders to speak to us about answered prayers. This is why you should always look out for this creature after prayer.

Once you see a spider in your room or around you, this is a prophetic sign that your prayers have been answered by God.

This message stirs up faith in your heart and helps your expectation to be channeled in the right direction.

8) Keep moving forward

Spiders are progressive creatures. They are not known to be stagnant for long. After a while, they make movements here and there to prove that they are alive and active.

Therefore, whenever you see a spider moving slowly or running, God is telling you to keep moving forward.

This message is to encourage you and tell you to not give up. If you don’t stop making efforts, what you desire will eventually come to pass.

9) Spiritual attack

Seeing 4 black spiders at the midnight is not good. In the spiritual world, this is the sign of an attack. Y

You need to get up and kill those spiders. If you are scared of killing them, say a word of prayer. Ask God to protect you from the attacks of the enemy. Especially if the black spiders were not there before midnight.

This is why you should wake up at midnight to look out for spiders. Anytime you see 4 black spiders around you, it is a bad sign.

10) Stagnancy

Whenever you are walking and suddenly get caught in a spider web, this is a sign of stagnancy.

This means that you are not making progress as you should. The reason for this is that the spider demon has stopped you from making progress.

The bible recommends going for a deliverance session.

Therefore, book an appointment with a deliverance minister to cleanse you. In addition to this, always keep your house clear of spiders. 

11) Distraction

When a spider suddenly jumps on you at work, it is a spiritual sign of distraction.

Biblically, the spider has come to distract you from focusing on what is important. This distraction can come from friends, co-workers, or yourself.

Ensure to avoid every form of distraction.

Stay focused and get the job done. In real life, after a spider jumps on you, yank it off and focus on your work. This sends a signal that you are not willing to be distracted.

It shows a readiness to stay focused.

Are Spiders a good Prophetic sign in the Bible?

About the spiders in the Bible

Spiders are a good prophetic sign in the bible. They speak about wisdom, confidence, progress, answered prayers, spiritual vision, taking advantage of opportunities, and spirituality.

Although, there are bad signs like stagnancy, distraction, and so on.

However, the good omen of spiders outweighs the bad.

Should I fear spiders, according to the Bible?

Spiders and good luck

No, don’t be scared of spiders.

The bible speaks against fear.

Once you allow the fear of spiders, you open up yourself to spiritual attacks.

Therefore, don’t be scared of spiders. Simply pay attention to the message it brings, and move on.

Final Words

We believe that this article has helped in understanding the prophetic and biblical meanings of spiders. Now, you know what to do anytime you see a spider in dreams or real life. Therefore, make use of the information in this article, and let us know if it helps.

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  1. I am arachnophobic and was bitten twice by spider 2 weeks ago. Since then I have encountered 4 spiders, 3 within a few minutes and 1 today. Because I have been awakened to the spiritual world, I started to worry about the sudden presence of spiders around me and did some research which led me to your page. It has helped me to understand a little bit more, but I’m confused with whether this is a good omen for me or an evil attack. But going forward I know now what to look out for and I will figure it out as I go, so thank you. God bless

  2. While praying today on a mountain I saw a spider running directly towards me at that time I got scared jumped up and it disappeared then I moved away from the area cause I wasn’t aware of the meaning but I must say I’m relieved to know the prophetic meaning I believe God has answered my prayers. The last time I saw a praying mantis during midnight prayer


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