Why Does A Cat Keep Coming To My House? Spiritual Meaning

Have you ever seen a cat coming to your house regularly without any particular reason? Have you been wondering what those reasons could be?

Apart from the obvious ones like food shelter and company, there could be other more spiritual causes as to why a cat would decide to enter your house

This article will help you find out why this animal would do such a thing. So, if I were you, I would read the rest of the article to find out more.

Let’s now see why a cat keeps coming to your house.

Why Does a Cat Keep Coming to My House? Spiritual Meaning

Cat Keep Coming to My House

Here are some of the most important meanings that you can glean from having a visit from a cat at different points in time.

We hope that you will be able to further understand the behavior of the feline after reading this section.

At Night:

Most animals seek shelter, especially at night. If a cat keeps coming to your house at night, perhaps you are offering the same kind of protection.

It would be good to pay attention to any stray cat that comes into your doorway. This way, you will be blessed for sure.

Aside from the protection you may offer, stray cats may also be searching for food or just seeking attention if he or she goes to your door at night. Give it some food and water.

God is watching and probably sent that cat as a test!

During The Day:

If a cat goes inside your house during the day, it may mean that he needs help. This holds for stray cats and lost ones as well.

If this happens to you, try to look for any identifying information on the cat’s collar so that you might be able to return him to his owner as soon as possible.

Spiritually speaking, it could be that the cat is about to bring luck into your home. So, there’s no need to be afraid of this event.


If a cat approaches your house and enters it while meowing, it is seeking your attention. Perhaps it is asking for help or trying to warn you about something.

In any case, you should follow the animal’s lead to try to figure out what it needs exactly, it may need some help.

If the cat is pregnant, this brings a blessing of fertility to your home!

Some cats also meow while looking for shelter when they are about to give birth. If in case you encounter a meowing cat at your doorstep, it would be best to prepare yourself for kittens.

And also, your own pregnancy… Especially if you have been trying for a long time, this is a blessing.

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What does it mean when cats hang around your house? 5 superstitions

What does it mean when cats hang around your house? 5 superstitions

There are also other reasons why a cat could seek shelter in your home. Some of it could be connected to your spiritual well-being as well as those inside your house.

Here are some spiritual reasons for a cat to enter the house.

1) Prengnacy

As mentioned earlier, this animal entering the house could be a lucky sign for you. So, you should celebrate.

If you have been trying to get pregnant but without success, this is a blessing from the heavens. God is sending that cat as a messenger to prepare for an upcoming pregnancy.

Whatever it may be, you should gather your family and celebrate.

It may also mean that all of your goals will be met for sure. This being said, you should always try to do your best in anything that you want to do. By having this mindset, you will never go wrong for sure.

2) A Good Omen

In the past few years, people realized that even though black cats are said to bring bad luck, it’s actually the opposite.

A black cat is all about good things and positivity. It brings protection to your house and your family.

So, if a black cat keeps coming to your house, it means that an evil presence was trying to attack your household. But, God sent this cat to protect you! This way, no evil can enter.

This happened to my mother a few years ago. A black kitten came to our house every night and for some reason, she felt like she needed to adopt the cat (and my mom isn’t a big fan of cats).

Our kitten is now 14 years and healthier than ever! My mom said that she had been feeling this heavy energy in our home and, when our cat appeared, it felt like that energy would vanish.

So, I believe you should consider adopting that cat as well.

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3) Pleasant Surprises

This is one of the more positive meanings attributed to cats inside the house.

If a cat suddenly enters your house without warning, some elder teachings say that people who encounter those animals inside the house may be in for a pleasant surprise

This surprise may refer to a blessing. So, it would help you to be prepared for anything that might happen. And pray to thank God for this blessing.

So, you shouldn’t be mean to any animal that comes into your house. Remember that the energy you put out will come back to you tenfold.

This is why you always have to do good to receive the good in the world. If you keep this in mind, you will have nothing to worry about.

4) The Cat Will Get Rid of The Negative Energy Inside the House

Another reason why cats enter the house may be that he or she is attracted by the strong negative energy inside the house.

According to the ancient Egyptian faith, cats are representative of divine energies from the Gods. They were even venerated and worshiped for a time in this country.

In this regard, they can serve to purify negative energies from a space they occupy.

If they decide to enter your house, it could be one of two reasons. They are attracted to the negative energy inside your house, or they like you as the owner of the house.

Either way, you should always feel lucky to have a visit from a cat, even if it’s a stray.

5) They Will Infuse Your House with More Positive Energy

After purifying your space, cats can also serve to give you more energy.

If you feel depressed or lonely, having a cat or any other animal inside the house can give you a boost for sure.

They will also remind you of the importance of taking care of others and what fulfillment it brings.

With all the information that you will learn from this article, why don’t you try adopting that cat? I am sure that you will gain a lot of positive experiences and lessons from taking care of pets. You will surely not regret doing it.

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What Does It Mean If The Cat Won’t Leave?

small orange kitten

Usually, cats approach people mainly because they feel comfortable with that person.

It may also mean that they feel matching energies with anyone they approach. If a cat won’t leave your side, it’s either it is comfortable with you or it feels your energy and it’s concerned for your safety.

Some animals also decide not to leave their owner’s side because they feel impending disaster coming and would like to protect their owner.

In this case, you have to be aware of how your pet cat behaves or even a stray cat. Observe how it moves around you.

If it is restless, it may mean that it feels something wrong about to happen, but if it is affectionate, it just most likely wants attention.

Should I be Concerned?

cat sleeping ground

The answer to this question depends on the behavior of the cat.

If it is in distress, it may mean that it is injured and wants your help. This could be a cause for concern especially if the animal in question is pregnant.

However, if it just clearly wants your attention, you should welcome this animal inside your home. It will serve to protect your house from negative energies as well as people who just seek to harm you and your family.

The key here is to watch what the animal does.

For all you know, they might end up teaching you a lesson that you will never forget. You just have to be open to all the possibilities that having a pet would bring.

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Final Word

Much like any other pet, cats should never be neglected. They should always be protected and taken care of.

So, if you see a stray cat approach you, try to look for any physical signs of trauma or damage before thinking of any spiritual meaning attached to it.

Remember that the most important thing is to help the poor animal before giving any of its physical attributes meaning. Being helpful and altruistic even towards animals will most definitely bring you good luck.

It is also important to have faith in the creator of these animals. If you have faith in God, most of all, you will never go wrong in life and your decisions.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and adopt that cat now! Doing this will bring you bountiful blessings for sure. 

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