9 Spiritual Meanings of Cat Sleeping Above My Head, Chest and Pillow  

Is your cat suddenly sleeping next to you and you feel curious and suspicious about what this new behavior means?

Have you suddenly felt a shift in energy towards healing? Or overwhelmed by a feeling when your cat is on or next to you (either positive or negative)?

Well, in this article we will have a look at how these sweet moments hold spiritual messages.

Learn more about the spiritual meaning of a cat sleeping above your head, chest, stomach or pillow. 

Spiritual meaning of cat sleeping with you

cat sleeping with you

Cats are extremely sensitive to energy. They instinctively pick areas with good energy where they feel safe, protected and comfortable to lie down and sleep.

Many people believe that cats can sense spiritual activity and are usually drawn to these spaces. They carry healing energy and healing abilities.

In some cultures, cats are seen as spiritual guardians. They are believed to have the ability to connect with divine spiritual energy and to help people on their spiritual journeys.

When a cat sleeps with you, it is a sign that they are helping you to connect with your own spirituality. Your cat wants to show you what areas in your life need attention and healing.

It is important to note where the cat is sleeping near you, as the positioning may carry its own message: 

Above your head:

above your head

A cat sleeping above your head is tied to your crown chakras. Therefore, holds the spiritual significance of enlightenment and ‘higher self’ ties.

The crown chakra, located at the top of your head is one of the 7 main chakra. It is associated with your ability to connect spiritually with yourself, others and your environment.

Here’s how it may tie into your life:

  • Your connection to the higher/spiritual realm is strong and the channel is open;
  • You are ready to heal mentally and emotionally;
  • You need to take control of your life, thoughts and direction with regard to your spiritual journey;
  • Your cat is absorbing negative energy and transmuting it into positive energy that will filter into your dreams;
  • It is a great sign of protection.

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On your pillow:

on your pillow

This is a great sign related to intimacy, connection, trust and vulnerability.

A cat sleeping on your pillow is a great sign for you with regard to your energy. It is intimately merging and connecting its energy to yours.

It may be a great sign that your intuitive abilities are heightened. Your energy is calm, safe and trustworthy.

On your chest:

On your chest

Because our chest is closely associated to our heart chakra. It is responsible for our ability to love, generate wisdom, trust, compassion, generosity and inner peace.

A cat laying here is related to healing heart-centered energy — such as heartbreak, loss, sadness and pain.

It is a spiritual message of strength and courage. Allow it to encourage and comfort you.

If you are having difficulty releasing emotions or traumas, you need to stop suppressing your emotions.

Take this time to think about and embrace what you are feeling. Allow for the emotional release of these emotions. Your cat is there to help you heal

On your stomach:

On your stomach

Your stomach is closely tied to the energy of the solar plexus chakra, which is located in the abdominal area.

The solar plexus chakra is associated with your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth. It governs your ability to express one’s true self.

When a cat chooses to sleep on your stomach, it carries the spiritual significance of reminding you of the importance of empowerment, balance, and healing.

It is a call to invest in your well-being and cultivate greater self-love. Your cat is sensing the energy of this chakra and how it may be underperforming or blocked

Cat Sleeping above my head or Chest: 9 Spiritual Messages 

Cat Sleeping above my head or Chest: 9 Spiritual Messages 

Cats are known for their sensitivity to energy and to have a unique way of communicating and connecting with us.

It’s easy to ignore or disregard the spiritual meaning of their presence or where they choose to sleep. But, as loyal and historically praised animals, it’s important we give them the respect and attention their due spiritually.

Let’s have a look at what it could mean for you for a cat to sleep either above your head or chest.

1) Protection

Your cat is sleeping above your head in order to protect you.

Because, when a cat has a spiritual tie to you their nature will take over and a huge part of that is to protect you.

The cat is trying to transfer positive, protective energy to you and ward off negative thoughts, spiritual attacks, nightmares, evil spirits and so much more.

This may also be a sign that they are sensing negative energy around. So, you need to take better care to protect yourself.

Know that you can rest easily, as you are being protected greatly physically and spiritually.  

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2) High Intuitive Abilities/ Guidance

You know they own unique ability to be heightened around high energy environments.

So, your cat may be sleeping above your head because it is sensing high intuitive energy and awareness.

This may be a great time to exercise your psychic ability to connect to higher realms of consciousness and open new portals.

This may also be a message about bringing forth things you are not consciously aware of. Listen to your intuition and focus on those issues. 

3) High Spiritual Activity

If you have been thinking about, or trying to connect with a deceased love one, now is the time to do so.

When we are sleeping, we are more sensitive to and connected with the energy of the spirit realm.

So, your cat sleeping above your head may mean you are open to receiving messages. A loved one is on the other side reaching out to you.

Be comforted in knowing that your cat is protecting you energetically. Therefore, if your cat is feeling calm it is the presence of someone you love and are connected to

4) Mental Well-being

When your cat sleeps above your head it is a sign that you are in the process of healing.

Your head is the beginning housing center for your mental healing and well-being. A sleeping cat is a sign of a rested, calm and tranquil mind.

Now is the time to note the importance of healing and well-being. If you have been struggling with negative emotions.

Reflect on them as you are in the right mindset and space to handle and overcome them. 

5) Journey Towards Self-actualization

It is believed that if your cat loves to sleep above your head, it is a great sign and symbol of your ability to think things through.

It shows your ability to generate new, creative ideas and that you are a problem solver. Now, however, is the time to take action and implement these thoughts and ideas.

You have the ability to fulfill your purpose and achieve everything you have been thinking through. Your cat is there to encourage and highlight your path.

Do not be held back by your lack of faith in yourself. 

6) Emotional Support

Have you been struggling through a difficult time emotionally? Then your cat curling up to your chest is a great sign for you to begin or complete your emotional healing journey.

Your cat is recognizing your need to heal your heart chakra. So, it is bringing you a message of support in your journey.

Embrace this solace and warmth. Allow it to fill your heart space while you process your emotions, in this moment release whatever is holding you backcry, smile, laugh and reflect

7) Good luck

A cat sleeping on your chest is a great sign and indication of good luck and a positive omen.

It is believed that by doing this it is bringing you a message from the spiritual realm that your heart’s desires have been heard and supported by God.

Something special is coming your way. You only need to make room in your life and your heart to receive it.

Alternatively, this could mean it is a great time for you to manifest what is truly in your heart. You are able, right now, to attract positivity and abundance. 

8) Reflect On Your Relationships

As a unique way to express trust, love and affection, your cat will curl up on your chest. It’s a symbolic invitation for you to strengthen bonds and connections that are important to you.

Just as your cat has placed itself in a vulnerable position, this is a call to you to communicate with, appreciate, trust and grow your relationships.

It may also allow you to reflect on who in your life you need to let go of. Adjust your energy and relationship that no longer bring you happiness and joy. 

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9) Self-appreciation

As animals that are sensitive to energy, a cat sleeping on your chest is a wonderful sign for you personally. Your energy and aura are positively radiating out of you.

It is a gentle reminder to honor and acknowledge your worth, embracing your journey and everything you have achieved so far as well as overcome.

Embrace gratitude for who you are, where you are as well as what you have. 

Why is my cat sleeping next to me all of a sudden? Spiritual meaning

hugging cat

Cats naturally and energetically spread wisdom and peace through their very presence.

When your cat, who is connected to you physically and emotionally, all of a sudden chooses to sleep next to you, it could have a range of different spiritual meanings.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Your cat is trying to support you emotionally or protect you from your own emotions building up inside of you;
  • Your cat wants to protect you, when we are asleep, we are uniquely vulnerable both physically and spiritually. Your cat can sense potential dangers you cannot;
  • Your cat wants to help you and inspire you on your healing journey;
  • Your cat is drawn to your powerful and positive energy.

There are just a few examples. Because, if your cat’s sudden choice to sleep with you carries so much spiritual significance. You should take the time to explore and uncover what it could mean.

Trust in yourself and the guidance of higher powers to be able to figure it out. 

Can I have a connection with my cat from a past life?

petting cat

Yes, it is possible to have and feel a past life connection with your cat.

If you feel a massive connection such as a compulsion to adopt them, you share a seamless connection. So, your cat has the ability to sense your moods and anticipate your needs.

That connection might be rooted in shared experiences, emotions and journeys from a previous life.

Here are a few ways you can recognize the past life bond

  • An instant, initial connection, a sense of love and familiarity that affects your spiritually, emotionally and physically;
  • Their behavior indicates a deeper understanding of you and your needs;
  • A unique ability to communicate with one another;
  • Coincidences that align with your shared past life experiences.

And so much more, it’s important to trust in your own instincts and feelings.

Whether you are sensing a past life connection to an individual or animal or energy embrace this connection as you most certainly have a special bond in this life. 

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Final Words 

When your cat begins to sleep next to you, or in your space, it is a great spiritual sign and symbol of so many positive things. As explained in this article, their presence carries high healing abilities as well powerful messages, insights and lessons.

Either way, love this time with your cat and use it to grow and evolve spiritually. 

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