Biblical Meaning Of Ring In Dreams: Wedding Ring? 9 Signs!

When I think of rings, I see beauty, power, and authority. Even in the Bible, these were highly regarded jewelry by kings, prophets, and nobles. And this is still the same case today. 

Rings are a good omen in most biblical stories, so when you see it in your dream, something good is coming. God is finally answering your prayers and fulfilling your wishes. 

The changes and transformations happening in your life are because of the ring you saw in your dream. What does that mean? I will explain. Continue reading. 

Biblical Meaning Of A Ring In Dreams 

woman putting on ring

Dreams of a ring can be a good or bad omen in your life because they can be from God or enemies. However, it will depend on the dream source. 

Biblically, a ring In dreams symbolizes wealth, strength, power, commitment, covenant, authority, and favor. Your dream is a positive omen when you get excited thinking about it all the time. 

It can also be a negative omen as it could be a representation of your fears or anxiety about relationships.

Remember, Jesus always spoke in parables, so interpreting the meaning of rings is way deeper. Rings in dream means:

  • Authority and power;
  • A sign of identity;
  • Wealth and abundance.

A ring in a dream symbolizes authority and power. This is why Biblically, rings were worn by kings and other noble people, as seen in Genesis 41:42.

Then Pharaoh took his signet ring from his finger and put it on Joseph’s finger. He dressed him in robes of fine linen and put a gold chain around his neck.”

Genesis 41:42 (NIV)

Rings in dreams are more of a heavenly identity.

You are a loved child of God, so walk in power and authority just like the prodigal son was given a signet ring on his return as a sign of identity. 

But the father said to his servants, ‘Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet.”

Luke 15:22 (NIV)

The ring in the dream also represents God’s blessing upon you. It showed the immense wealth and abundance you will experience in life.

But even with so much wealth, God should remain your favorite. Don’t be lost in worldly things, as all are vanity. 

We’ll discuss more biblical meanings of rings later in the article.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Ring In The Bible 

wedding ring in the Bible

The ring has significant spiritual meaning in life, but these meanings are deeply rooted. For instance, in African tradition, if you wear various rings on your left or right hand, you will be called “evil.” 

Even in Church today, a Christian or man of God should not be seen with rings on their fingers because they will be associated with devil worshipping.

So, why are communities associating it with devious deeds?

If you read Esther 3:10, there is a mention of a signet ring. In fact, this ring is mentioned severally in the bible. Mind you, the signet ring wasn’t worn for fashion. 

So the king took his signet ring from his finger and gave it to Haman son of Hammedatha, the Agagite, the enemy of the Jews.”

Luke 15:22 (NIV)

In biblical times, this ring was worn by government officials, kings, and nobles. This was for a very specific purpose: a stamp of approval

In this case, the signet ring was used to stamp important documents and even passed down to successors as a sign of authority. So, biblically, rings:

  • Were worn for adornment purposes (Ezekiel 16:11-12);
  • A symbol of authority and power (Genesis 41:41-42);
  • A stamp of ownership and acceptance (Luke 15:22);
  • Evidence of wealth and abundance.

Biblical Meaning Of Wedding Ring In A Dream 

wedding ring in dream

Have you dreamed of a wedding dream, yet you are not married? A wedding ring is a symbol of love, commitment, devotion, and partnership for the married and those who wish to be married. 

So, Biblically, the wedding ring you are seeing in your dream is a representation of your relationship with God. 

This is a reminder that you should trust and have faith in the relationship you have with God. Also, it’s more about your beliefs and abilities. 

You are also seeing a wedding ring in your dream because you long to be in a committed relationship. So, if you have been trying to find true love, but nothing worked out, what you want is just around the corner. 

This dream can also be about the bond you share with your loved one, family members, and friends. You need to strengthen this bond. 

And because the wedding ring is a symbol of love, you need to work on your relationships if you have misunderstandings. Work on your trust issues, loyalty, and honesty in this relationship

As much as you are thinking about the immediate person in your relationship, wedding rings in dreams can also be the relationship you have with yourself. 

When you work on these relationships, you will be closer together, especially if you feel drifting away from spirituality. 

Biblical Meaning Of Silver In Dreams

silver ring in dream

 Silver rings are known not only for their beauty and purity but also for their biblical interpretations. 

Silver in dreams symbolizes purification, refinement, and redemption. The silver ring represents a phase of spiritual growth and cleansing. 

Before silver rings are made, they have to be refined by fire. In your path, this is a sign that you will undergo challenges and difficulties in life. Ideally, you are being tested

But, the end result will still be positive, just like the silver ring appears beautiful. This dream may also be a warning sign. You need to pay close attention to your financial status. 

Another meaning of the silver ring in dreams is that you are moving away from your path and Biblical teachings. Why is going astray associated with the silver ring

Remember the biblical story where false witnesses were given silver rings (Proverbs 25:8-18). But, again, the bible mentions the silver of being a witness that will eat flesh like fire

Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days.”

James 5:3 (NIV)

So, in whatever you do, do not let it affect your faith and trust in God. If you do, the silver ring will eat you like fire. 

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Biblical Meaning Of Engagement Ring In Dreams 

engagement ring

Dreaming of an engagement ring is a sign you have an unfinished commitment. You are yet to fulfill the promise you made to yourself or your loved one. 

Remember, life is like a circle, and everything has its own time (Ecclesiastes 3:1-4). Since everything has a purpose and time, the dream of an engagement ring is just a reminder

But, it is also:

  • A representation of your covenant with God;
  • A representation of the dedication you have put into your beliefs, relationships, objectives, and principles;
  • A reminder that you are not alone; your guardian angels are with you;
  • It’s time to let go of your ego (Galatians 3:8).

Biblical Meaning Of Gold Ring In Dreams

gold ring in dream

Gold holds great significance and is often associated with being of great value. Its value has been clear since biblical times, and it’s always associated with good omen. 

Dreaming of Gold symbolizes power, abundance, divine favor, and wealth. So, whenever you see the gold ring in your dream, associate it with every good omen. 

It can be a financial success, salary increment, job promotion, and more. In the bible, Gold is mentioned to represent wealth and success. 

Abram had become very wealthy in livestock and in silver and gold.”

Genesis 13:2 (NIV)

This is a representation of Abraham’s wealth and success in life. So, dreaming about a Gold ring is a representation of your faithfulness and trust in God.

Even when things get harder and difficult, your faith and trust in God still remained intact

It also means you are undergoing a season of immense blessings and spiritual prosperity. You can also define it as a covenant to something greater, like love and faith in your spiritual path and relationship.

Gold rings are also a representation of authority and leadership. God may be entrusting you with higher responsibilities.

Ideally, He has a different purpose for you, that is why He has given you the position of influence. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Someone Giving You A Ring? 

marriage proposal

Did someone give you a ring in your dream? Well, there are positive and negative connotations of this dream.

Also, the meaning of those dreams varies depending on the context of the dream. Were you given a silver or Gold ring? This is what they mean.

Maybe God is giving you a gold ring. It is a representation of the relationship you have with Him.

And since Gold shows how God’s love is imminent even in the bible, then you should continue working on your bond with Christ. Continue being prayerful and follow the path He chose for you.

If it is your spouse giving you the gold ring in dreams, it’s a sign you will have a harmonious marriage. Your partner is going to be more committed and dedicated in this relationship so that it can last. 

If you are receiving a silver ring in this dream, it is associated with the beautiful things you are going to have in life. You may soon experience double happiness. Ideally, the relationship you are in today is going to enter a new phase. 

Generally, a silver ring is associated with your current life situation. The silver ring in a dream is a promise of love and partnership. It may also mean you will soon receive a marriage proposal

What Is The Biblical Meaning Of A Ring In Dreams? 9 Signs! 

9 Biblical Meanings of a Ring In Dreams

We have already mentioned most of the biblical meaning of a ring in dreams. Now, we are going to discuss them in detail.

1) Fulfillment of God’s Promises

If you have been fasting and praying for something specific in life, a ring in your dream is an indication your prayers and wishes are being answered and granted.

So, hold on to your faith and trust in God. Better still, do not question anything He gives to you.

2) A sign of divine protection

Biblically, rings were often associated with warding off evil spirits. They increase your energy so that you can protect yourself.

So, whenever you see a ring in your dream, it’s because God is protecting and watching over you so you may experience no harm. 

3) A sign of spiritual enlightenment

Biblically, a ring is used to increase spiritual knowledge and capabilities.

For instance, King Solomon was given a supernatural ring by Angel Michael. He used the power of this ring to summon demons and take authority over them. 

There are other biblical stories also associated with rings increasing the spiritual knowledge of people, including prophets. So, you may also be receiving spiritual enlightenment.

4) Your relationship with God 

A ring in your dream can also symbolize your relationship with God. It’s a representation of your intimate relationship with God.

So, you should be comfortable nurturing your relationship with God. Just believe and trust in Him and His teachings. Allow him to guide you through every phase of life.

And no matter the difficulties you face, never question His intentions

5) You feel committed

As mentioned earlier, a wedding ring in dreams could symbolize your dedication and commitment to relationships.

So, when you see a ring in your dream, it represents the responsibility and obligation you feel in your waking life. This may also include unresolved feelings you have towards your relationship.

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6) A sign of authority

So many prophets used the ring as a sign of authority and power. So, when you see a ring, it means you should stand up for yourself.

You have the power and authority to make a choice. This is the time for you to be in charge of your life. Your destiny is in your hands

7) A symbol of change and transformation

A ring in your dream may be a sign you are in a phase of change and transformation.

And since rings are associated with success, abundance, wealth, strength, power, and protection, it means the change you will experience is positive.

You will find your true personality and even experience spiritual growth. 

8) A sign of abundance

We have just mentioned the positive changes and transformations that you may experience.

Rings in dreams are tied to success, joy, and abundance. When you dream about a ring, especially a Gold one, then abundance is entering your door through all openings.

So, if there is something you want to do, a business or job, this is the appropriate time to go for it. 

9) A sign of trust

Dreaming about a ring may also mean you should trust yourself. However, this will depend on the context of your dream.

When you trust your instinct, you will not only grow spiritually but also enter a new phase in life.

If, after waking up, you felt bad, then the ring could be a symbol of betrayal. Your friend or loved one may soon betray your trust

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In Conclusion…

As we have seen above, gold and silver rings have a significant biblical and spiritual meaning in our lives.

It can be about trust, change, spiritual growth, authority, commitment, and more. But the context of these dreams varies, so you should be careful how you interpret them.

All in all, your trust and faith in God should not be affected. Pray and meditate over it. 

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