Biblical Meaning Of Hearing Your Name Called (Awake and Dream)

Spiritually, hearing your name being called can be quite a startling experience. Especially when no one is there.

If you have ever wondered what it may mean and whether or not it was also just in your head, let us discuss the significance behind it with spiritual and biblical implications.

Whether you experience it while awake or in a dream, hearing your name being called is a powerful sign and may mean more than you think. 

What Does It Mean When You Hear Someone Call Your Name?

Hear Someone Call Your Name

In whatever shape or form, hearing your name being called in a powerful and communicative spiritual sign.

Think about it, when someone wants to call you, reach out to you or grab your attention what would they do? Call your name.

It could mean quite a few things for you depending on the circumstances around it. Let’s have a look at 3 specific scenarios below:

While Awake:

woman leaning head

If you hear your name being called while awake your spirit guides and spiritual connections are trying to reach out to you.

You are sensing their energy and presence. Your connection to them is manifesting as a voice and a sign of a powerful connection.

Pay attention to how you feel in these moments. Those feelings are key to the message that is being presented to you.

You could have a gift with regard to hearing (Clairaudience). This is a powerful psychic and spiritual ability that extends to sounds beyond this physical realm.

Use it to engage your inner spiritual wisdom and receive guidance to connect with the spirit world.

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While Sleeping:


It’s important to think about the following: 

  • Were you thinking about somebody before you went to sleep?
  • Did they pop up in your dream?
  • Are they calling out to you in your dream?

Hearing their voice calling out your name while sleeping could be a sign that the connection portal between the two of you opened up

This could be a sign that someone you care about or know is trying to reach out to you. Maybe they need your help and protection

As soon as you wake up, it’s important to note down and reflect on how you felt at this moment.

But No One Did:

sad woman

Hearing a voice calling your name when no one is around or no one did can be quite scary to experience. But, don’t worry you’re not making it up.

You are connected to and tapping into a different spiritual frequency. Your intuitive abilities are at an all-time high

It means you are receiving messages from the spirit world. And it depends if it was a female or male voice.

  • Female voice: It can mean it’s time to tap into your feminine energy and softer, emotional side. Practice self-care and embrace your emotions. It is a reminder to focus on your purpose, goals and look at the choices you are making and whether or not they are benefitting you;
  • Male: This is an important message about ancestry and breaking generational traumas, patterns and behaviors. This is a great opportunity to practice self-control and willpower. You may be tested in a way that you will need to be assertive, concise, confident and determined.

9 Biblical Meanings Of Hearing Your Name Called

9 Biblical Meanings Of Hearing Your Name Called

The following 9 biblical meanings will explain what happens every time you hear your name being called.

Furthermore, it will open you up to the different spiritual messages that come from hearing your name being called.

1) You’re Being Divinely Guided

Deuteronomy 4:36 says: “From heaven he made you hear his voice to discipline you“.

So, hearing your name being called usually means that God is talking directly to you. He wants to guide, instruct and help you.

Listen for any further teaching. There is clearly a direction for you.

2) You Are Being Protected

God calling your name can be a great message that will bring you comfort and encouragement.

He knows you have been going through difficult times. He wants to remind you that you are not alone. God is near and providing you with all the strength and support.

If you know the person who called your name, it could be a loved one trying to protect you from above.

It means that someone close to you doesn’t want to see you happy and doing something to harm you.

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3) You Need To Pay Attention

There is a message for you that you need to pay attention to all the areas in your life. You need to work on your goals and your relationship with God and yourself.

There is a warning being conveyed to you in the form of other signs and symbols.

One thing is clear hearing your name is a clear way to call you to alert. You have been neglecting a lot of aspects of your life.

4) You Need To Correct Your Path

You have been going down a path that is leading you away from your faith and beliefs.

God and your guardian angels are reaching out to you by calling out your name. They want to steer you down the right path by watching you and guiding you.

Stay grounded in yourself. Remember your values, your beliefs and what you have been taught. 

5) A Connection To Your Loved Ones

Try listening out for whether or not you recognize this voice. Or if you think about someone specific when you hear someone call out your name.

It means that God is trying to show you that someone needs you. You should reach out to them as soon as possible.

If they are deceased, it may be a sign of their presence or their spirit reaching out to you. Pay attention to how you feel as you will sense the urgency and energy around the matter. 

6) Your Subconscious is Calling Out To You

Sometimes it is your own inner voice that is trying to pull something from your subconscious mind.

But, pay close attention to any thoughts or triggers that pop into your head.

Feel the energies that may come out of hearing your name or present themselves before or after.

Whatever it is this is a sign that you need to face it head on without being afraid. Something is seeping into your subconscious mind and affecting your everyday life. 

7) You Need To Devote Yourself to Your Faith

Throughout the Bible, there are examples of God’s people who are called by God using their names. It happens in order to remind them of the importance of devoting yourself to him and your faith.

Renew your commitment to God and his teachings

Actively seek him out in your life. Remove any dependencies you are holding to material possessions and what may be considered ‘sinful’ behavior

8)  You’re Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening

In these moments, your spiritual abilities are extremely high. Therefore, your connection with the spirit world and those channels are open and clear.

There are many examples in the Bible of people experiencing transformations, blessings and awakenings after hearing God call their name.

Here it is important that you are not afraid to communicate back. Reach out and ask for these doors to be opened for you. 

9) Encouragement Through Affirmations

Hearing your name called is a powerful reminder of God’s love for you and His presence in your life. It’s a sign of encouragement from God.

You are being reminded of who you are, what you can achieve and how you were created in his image. Be confident, unafraid and empowered!

So, this would be a great time to sit and think about your goals, dreams and achievements in order to forge the path towards them!

Remember you have a purpose and all the power to achieve everything you believe and your heart desires. Manifest now. 

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What Does The Bible Say About Hearing Your Name Called?

woman praying with bible

Biblically, hearing your name being called is a great sign. It can mean so many positive things, namely that God is trying to speak to you intimately.

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.

Isaiah 43:1

This is a great sign that means when you are being called by name by God. It is a symbol of hope, redemption, love protection and signifies a close personal relationship with God.

In the Bible, Jesus uses the metaphor of a gatekeeper to represent himself guiding and calling out to his believers and followers by name.

But, those who recognize his voice and his presence follow him. He leads them out to greater paths and greener pastures.

 “The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.”

John 10:3

This a great way to understand that hearing your name is a powerful calling from God to remind you that you are in his flock and you can and should follow his guidance

These are just two examples of what it may mean for you, pay attention as it could be some kind of spiritual reassurance, warning, direction, message and so much more from God. 

Why Do I Hear Someone Calling My Name?

woman covering face

Hearing someone calling your name may mean a few things.

You need to hear an important message or communication from the spirit world. Look out for signs and symbols that may help you decipher what that message is.

You are in tune with the spirit world and your intuitive abilities are increased in these moments.

It means the connection and channel between you and the spirit world is open and strong. Meditate on it and if you feel strong enough communicate back. 

As you become more and more aware of this voice, your intuitive senses are increasing greatly, this is a great sign for your own spiritual growth.

So, stay open and stay alert whether it has to do with your own inner voice calling, a loved one reaching out or it has spiritual undertones.

But, it is clear that it is a powerful way to connect intimately. So, reach back out through spiritual intuitive work if you feel safe enough to do so.  

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Final Words

Our names are such a powerful, personal part of our identity and our relationship with ourselves, hearing your name carries strong meaning and meanings.

Allow the experience to be a tool for your transformation, spiritual growth and increased connection with yourself and with the spiritual energies and entities. 

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  1. Hey my wife heard a voice last night was she was doing a live video. At first she thought it was me, but I was asleep in our bed room while she was on the porch. She came inside and woke me up and she was shocked. So luckily she had a recording of the live video and I played it and listened to it and the voice said her name in a whisper choppy tone behind her. Really amazing but creepy. I’m trying to decipher if we should try to look for signs and how to go about it. It was a life changing experience for us.

    • I clearly heard my husband call my name on New Year’s Day while I was fast asleep in Bed. I popped up straight in the bed, and said “Yes, Honey!” I looked over and he was right next to me fast asleep also because he works overnight in a hospital. That was so weird. However, I heard HIS VOICE clearly, which called my name and woke me up.

  2. I always hear day I was leaving the prison as I was walking across the parking lot in the summer wind crossing me my name rosemary whispered my name sometimes at night as I’m going to sleep I hear a knocking and I would get up to go to the door and nobody was ever there one time I heard loud loud music and as it went on I was waking up and I Heard a Voice say what’s he is to you Rose as I was raising up I started singing he said I was his and he is worthy to be praised.

    • Hello Rose,

      God has a beautiful and special connection with you.

      You’re blessed and protected by God Himself. He is always around you and He will help you in times of need.

      Thank you for your comment,
      Guardian Angel.

  3. 1980 I began to dream even I can see what will happened tomorrow,I saw myself inside the coffin in the house of my sister Minerva,my friends I saw them in the wake,there are many dream in my co members in the church I dream them that they will be given chastisement after 4 years it exactly done what i saw in my dream,the someone plan to kill me that night I saw again what will exactly happened it was again like a replay.until now .I feel like Joseph the dreamer brother of Benjamin son of Jacob.

  4. So, a little over a week ago I decided to take God more seriously and stop being a lukewarm Christian. Well, when I decided I wanted to repent and actually give up my life for God, I heard a voice, but it shouted my name at me, since this was the first time it actually happened I got shocked and kinda started to freak out and asked God if that was okay to hear lol, than I heard my name being called AGAIN when I ended the prayer. Then I for some reason during the prayer felt a presence next to me and wanted to cry a bit for some reason.

    • That was the Lord’s presence beside you and it was him who called your name. I have been hearing my name more lately as well.

  5. I was praying in the day time as I usually do then I feel a sleep just for a few minutes then I heard a voice calling my name and asking me where I am; ” Linda where are you?,” Then I responded ” I am here,” immediately I woke up and continue with my prayers till one hour end. Before I felt a sleep I was asking God that I want to know him more and I want to hear from him, this has been my prayer for the day I became saved and admitted to walk with Christ, 2days before I heard a voice I also heard a strange dream daytime while I was praying then I fell asleep for few minutes I saw 3 candles 2 white candles and one red candle, the red one was taller than the other white candles, red was in the middle and white were on beside eight and left and they were not burning, then got scared and asked myself why these candles aren’t burning then avoice explained for me that, when I was cooking and my gas went off I should have one extra to help me finish cooking my food, I didn’t understand meaning then I woke up to continue praying, a day after this candles in the same room same time I was praying then I laid my head down to because my knees were tired, immediately I felt like my soul left my body I couldn’t move my body or get up then a big blue light struck my eyes it was big rays of light I tried to turn my head so that I couldn’t see it but , my head was heavy my hands and legs were dead then I say to myself let me continue looking at it I hope it won’t damage my eyes, the room was dark because my room is a store room where my boss keeps their things there’s know light when I close the door unless I open light which I don’t do while I pray, I still don’t have a clue about all those things and I have a lot that I can’t write here all.i hope you explain for me if God’s spirit guide you through my comments thank you.

  6. So my grandma died last year and I sit alone in my room listening to music and I feel like I here my grandma say my name and im scared

  7. I was at work when I hear my last name being called. I work in mental health and I do play worship music at work. I also work at night. Sometimes the demonic activity is at work and I pray, and play worship music. One night, I was dosing off to sleep and I heard a male voice call me by my last name. I instantly woke up. It was the voice of a person standing right in front of me. I wasn’t startled or anything. I thought someone had walked up to my desk but these men are behind doors and if someone would’ve came in the unit, I would hear the rattling of keys and the door opening. Upon me hearing the voice call me by my last name, I just sat up. But it was jut so clear as if there was a person standing over me in front of my desk.

  8. I was in the kitchen in my Utility drawer looking for something in the middle of the afternoon when I heard a loud male whisper my name so clear it startled me and I turned around to see who was there. I live a lone and checked to make sure it wasn’t my tv or someone unknown in my house. It was neither. I heard the male so clear say my name it startled me but I wasn’t scared. I truly feel it was a message. It truly made me feel God is with me.


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