Biblical Meaning Of Snake Bite In A Dream: Is It Good Or Bad? 

Did a snake bite your left or right hand in a dream? You must be startled and scared, but you shouldn’t be. In fact, you should be worried about what the dream means. 

This is a common dream, and there are people who have this dream frequently. We all know most snakes are venomous, and seeing them in our waking lives brings fear and worry. 

Well, snake bites in dreams have Biblical and spiritual meanings attached to them. Biblically, snakes are mentioned in various verses as a serpent, Satan, and the devil.

So, why did this serpent bite you in your dream? Let’s find out.

Biblical Meaning Of Snake Bite In Dream 

Dream About Snakes Biting You

Biblically, snakes are also referred to as serpents and are a representation of the devil and demon. Revelation 20:2 says:

“And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years.”

Revelation 20:2 (KJB)

In most cases, their appearance in dreams is not a good sign. However, the interpretation changes when you look down at what the snake does in that dream. 

Generally, a snake bite in the dream is a sign that your luck and blessings have been stolen. There are some changes that have invaded your spirit, and the results may come after if you do not make amends.

Most snakes are venomous, and this venom causes death. So, this can be the end of some aspects of your life. 

When a snake bites you in the dream, you will definitely wake up because it seems real.

Well, that is how you sense something is wrong somewhere. So, spiritually, there is a reason for this bite, and we will discuss it later in the article. 

But even if it’s evil, you can overcome it through prayers because God has given us the capacity to defeat evil. 

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Snake Bite In A Dream: Is It A Good Or Bad Sign? 

Snake Biting Someone

Generally, a snake bite in a dream is more of a wake-up call. So, it can a good or bad sign. The biting is a reminder that you need to get out of your comfort zone. 

The snake bite reminds you of some aspects of your life. It may be because of the decision you made or a path you chose. This has led you away from your purpose here on earth.

It may also be you keep looking down on yourself. You have even let those in your surroundings look down on you. 

The biting is a sign to work on your self-confidence.

So, yes, a snake bite in a dream can be a good or bad sign. What you need to do is self-reflect, seek God’s forgiveness, and pray against evil. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of A Snake Biting Someone? 

Snake Bite Meaning Christianity

When you see a snake biting someone in a dream, it means that person needs your attention.

In most cases, it’s because you have abandoned them and taken time to reach out to them. Or, it could be you are not supporting them as you should. 

Maybe you are the help they need; you just don’t know that yet. There are times when you can offer to help someone, but you do it unwillingly.

When a snake bites them in your dream, it’s the universe reminding you to help them.

Another reason could be the project you had committed all your time to has failed, and you feel disappointed. So, the biting in these dreams represents your disappointment.

It could also mean:

  • You will soon receive healing;
  • You should be cautious of the decisions you are making;
  • You should be cautious when and not trust strangers;
  • Your loved ones will soon receive healing or get hurt.

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Dream Of Snake Biting You On Hand 

snake bite on hand

Generally, the dream of a snake biting on your hand symbolizes failure. What you touch or do is bound to fail.

It also symbolizes spiritual challenges. If you are struggling spiritually and you don’t know what to do about it, you may dream of a snake biting your hand. 

You could be struggling because of the past sins you committed. Even if the wages of sin is death, remember, God is always ready to welcome back those who need Him. He cleanses us away from sin. 

You may also be feeling betrayed by your loved one, which is why it is manifesting in your subconscious. 

A snake biting your hand in dreams can also mean you are under attack. This attack can be betrayal, spiritual, deceit, or temptation. But, it is possible to prevent such attacks through prayers

“I  have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”

Luke 10:19 (NIV)

You have the power to overcome any form of evil, so be prayerful and turn your ways to God. 

Now, those are the general meaning of dreaming of a snake bite. However, the meanings vary when it comes to the type of hand. Let’s discuss them below.

Snake Bite On Left Hand In Dream:

The left hand is also known as the receiving hand. So, when a snake bites your left hand in dreams, it means you are afraid of receiving something from someone

Your subconscious is shifting your focus to something you never knew about yourself.

It could be that you have problem-solving skills that you never knew you had. This is the wisdom that God has given you, and you have just not exploited it.

Snake Bite On Right Hand In Dream:

If the bite is on the right hand, it means your subconscious is shifting your focus and energy to something you have never experienced before.  

Whatever you face, it’s going to affect you in person. So, you should be ready for what is coming, which could affect you positively or negatively. 

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What Does It Mean When A Snake Bites You In A Dream? 5 Messages! 

9 Spiritual Meanings Of Snake Bite In A Dream: Good Or Bad

Dreaming about a snake bite has both good and bad spiritual meanings. But this will depend on what you felt or happened after the bite in your dreams.

So, let’s look at some of the most common spiritual meanings associated with snake bites. 

1) You should listen to your inner self

Dreaming of a snake bite in dreams is bound to happen if there is a choice you are supposed to make in the coming days. You are experiencing this because the decision or the choice you are about to make affects thousands of lives out there. 

Before making a decision, there is this part of us that always tells us to rethink our ideas.

In fact, we even share what we think with our dear friends, and we end up ignoring what we really want. So, a snake biting you is a reminder you should trust your instincts

Remember, God also tries to communicate to us through our thoughts. So, when you trust your instinct, you will achieve what you want.

2) You feel low spiritually

When you feel low spiritually, it becomes difficult to fulfill your purpose and God’s wish here on earth.

So, whenever you dream of a snake bite, it shows how low you are spiritually. 

Our spiritual levels go down because of our sins. And when we allow our past to affect our present, it becomes difficult to move on. So, this dream is a sign you should look at the inner you.

Have your actions been in line with Biblical teachings

However, when you are willing to change and follow God’s teachings, you will overcome. Even interpreting that dream won’t be a problem.

3) It symbolizes temptation

Temptation exists, and it’s all rooted in the Bible. It started with how the serpent tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, and up to date, it’s difficult to avoid temptations. 

The snake biting you in your dream symbolizes temptation, and you should try to avoid it.

See, many people are tempted to use drugs and even influence others negatively. When you fall into such temptations, it becomes difficult to prevent it

But someone led you into this path. So, take this as a sign to walk away from temptation, and it all starts with avoiding negative influences and toxic people. 

4) You need to work on self-confidence

A snake bite in your dream could also be a message that you should work on building your self-confidence.

The words of the mouth are so powerful, and when you keep talking negatively about your character and self, it becomes the reality.

So, in this case, you need to be attentive to the types of thoughts that make you look down on yourself. If this is associated with your past choices, ensure you make peace with your past

At times, it is those around us that make us speak negatively. If so, this dream is a sign to stay away from such friends and surround yourself with those who give you a helping hand and show you love.

5) A sign of betrayal

As mentioned above, snakes are used to symbolize betrayal in the Bible.

So, whenever a snake bites you in a dream, this is a sign someone may be trying to betray your plans. It could be they plan to sabotage your business, career, relationship, and all that.

What you can take from this dream is that you should be aware of those close to you.

As much as you trust them, do not share your secrets with them. They can turn against you anytime with that information.

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Final Words

Generally, snakes biting you in dreams is a good and bad sign.

Though snakes in dreams are often associated with bad things, this dream may be warning you against something, and you should be careful how you interpret it. 

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  3. In my dream the snake bites me then I catch it strangling it with my hand and forcing it to release me. As the loosens its grip I start shouting for help calling out my friends name for help.
    The snake looses its grip and is almost dying with lack of breath then I let it go. I also make a video of the event and then let it go instead of killing it.
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