11 Meanings of Preauricular Sinus in the Bible: Hole in The Ear

Have you ever heard of the word preauricular sinus? What is the meaning of preauricular sinus in the Bible? What is the spiritual meaning of this hole in the ear? Let’s find out!

Well, if you don’t know, here is the definition. Rare-disease defines as thus:

Preauricular sinus is a common birth defect that may be seen during a routine exam of a newborn. It generally appears as a tiny skin-lined hole or pit, often just in front of the upper ear where the cartilage of the ear rim meets the face. It may occur on one side (unilateral) or both sides (bilateral) of the ear.

Therefore, medical science sees the preauricular sinus as a birth defect. Does this mean the same in the spiritual world? Is this a defect in the spiritual world? Well, you will find out in this article.

Who is this article meant for?

  • Those who have the hole in their ears.
  • Those who have a relative with a preauricular sinus.
  • Those who have a friend with a preauricular sinus.
  • Those who have dreamt of having a preauricular sinus (but don’t have it in reality).
  • Those who have seen someone with a preauricular sinus.
  • Those who are curious about the spiritual meaning of a preauricular sinus.

If you fall into one of the following categories, then, this article is meant for you. Therefore, stick around and enjoy the ride.

Spiritual meaning of a hole in the ear

Spiritual meaning of a hole in the ear

Having a hole in the ear or preauricular sinus has several spiritual meanings. However, this is largely based on the position of the hole. Therefore, we need to observe all of the spiritual meanings attached to the position of the preauricular sinus. 

The 3 positions to observe are as follows:

  • On top of the ear;
  • Above the ear;
  • Inside the ear.

Therefore, let us get into this right away.

Hole on top of the ear

Whenever you have a hole on top of the ear, it is an indication of a spiritual gift of hearing. Unlike other people, you are blessed with the ability to hear spiritual sounds.

This is why you will mostly hear your name out of nowhere.

Now, the voice might sound familiar, but you will not see anyone.

Having a hole on top of the ear is a sign of the spiritual gift of hearing. It means that you have been blessed by the universe to hear spiritual sounds. This means that you are a special kind of person. 

Hole above the ear

Having a hole above the ear is a sign of leadership. Whenever things stand above an important item, image, or body part, it is an indication of leadership.

People with a hole on the top of their ears are believed to be blessed with leadership qualities.

Therefore, if you fall in this category, take this as a prediction of your future. Having a hole above the ear is an indication that you are going to be very influential. It is an indication that you will be a great leader in the future.

Furthermore, having a hole above the ear is a sign of spiritual connection. It is believed that the hole above your ear represents a passage through which the spiritual realm can communicate with you.

People with preauricular sinuses are believed to have a sixth sense.

If you have the hole above your ear, it means that your spiritual senses are highly heightened. As you stay conscious of this fact, you will discover several spontaneous spiritual signs and communication signals around you.

People with the hole above the ear are connected to the universe and closer to the spirit realm than others.

Hole inside the ear

Whenever the hole is inside the ear, it is a sign that you are a highly sensitive person. This is not a spiritual sensitivity. It means that you tend to react to everything around you.

Now, this describes excessive emotional energy, which can be a bad sign if you fail to curb it.

People with the hole in the ear are believed to be concerned about the things people say about them. They always want to hear everything and are ready to react to everything around them.

Another spiritual meaning of having a hole inside the ear is attention to detail.

Seeing a preauricular sinus is a sign that you love paying attention to details. It is a sign that you are meticulous with the details of your life.

If you have a hole inside your ear, it means that you find it easy to understand people. You find it easy to detect the different spiritual messages around you (through items, objects, and animals).

These 3 positions should be checked. Whenever you detect the position of the preauricular sinus, the abovementioned messages are for you. It is pertinent for you to pay attention to everything listed above.

Now, can you get a biblical message from a preauricular sinus? Read on to find out more about this.

Preauricular sinus in the bible

Preauricular sinus in the bible

Can you find a preauricular sinus in the bible?

Well, the answer is no. You will not find a preauricular sinus mentioned in the bible. However, certain traits can be gotten from the bible, which points to the preauricular sinus. This is why you should pay attention to the 11 biblical meanings of the preauricular sinus. An accurate understanding of this will be beneficial.

The bible is a book from God, and it communicates divine truths to our consciousness. From daily life activities to our relationships with people, it is easy to understand what God wants from us by reading the bible. 

  • Therefore, what does God want from you?
  • What message is He trying to pass across to you through the preauricular sinus?
  • Are there any spiritual messages to get from a preauricular sinus?

Read on to discover the answer to these questions in the 11 meanings of a preauricular sinus.

11 Meanings of preauricular sinus in the Bible

Meaning of preauricular sinus in the Bible

The bible has a lot to say concerning preauricular sinuses, and they are classified into 11 messages. 

1) Spiritual understanding

One of the messages surrounding the preauricular sinus in the bible is spiritual understanding.

Through a preauricular sinus, you will find it easy to understand the spiritual truths of the bible. God desires all of his children to understand his word.

Therefore, having the preauricular sinus is a sign that you are blessed with the divine ability to understand the mysteries of God from the bible. 

2) You are in union with God

Having a preauricular sinus is a sign that you are in union with God.

The hole in your ear is not a defect according to science.

It might indicate your uniqueness, but it is not a strange thing to the universe. In the bible, this means a union with God. It is a sign that you are in perfect harmony with the divine presence of God. It is a sign that you are closer to God.

3) A prophetic gift

The hole in the ear is a sign of a prophetic gift. Whenever you have the preauricular sinus, it is a sign that you are blessed with a prophetic gift.

It is a sign that you have a prophetic ability to see into the future and predict events before they come to pass.

It is believed that several prophets of God in the bible had the preauricular sinus in their ears. This was how they could hear God.

4) Spiritual attentiveness

God desires all of his children to pay attention to him. Whenever you see someone with a preauricular sinus, take it as a sign of spiritual attentiveness.

It means that God desires to communicate with you, but you have to be ready to receive the message from him. If you find it hard to understand this, you might not be able to get the divine signals from God

5) Confidence in God

Having a preauricular sinus can be intimidating. There is a way this condition can make you feel less of yourself.

Therefore, God encourages you to be confident in Him.

As you look to God, your self-esteem will be heightened, and you will discover tremendous power in your uniqueness. The preauricular sinus in your ear should inspire confidence in God much more.

6) Stop paying attention to men

In the bible, God says that “enmity with God is friendship with the world”. Now, those with the hole in the ear are believed to be highly attentive to the things said about them. If you have a hole in the ear, God is encouraging you to stop paying attention to men.

Whenever you pay too much attention to men, you will always seek to please them, which will prompt you to disobey God.

7) Be on alert

Having the hole on top of your ear is a sign that you should be alert.

All over the bible, you will find instructions like “be sober”, “be vigilant”, and so on. This is the meaning of the preauricular sinus. If you find your relative with this sign, God is prompting you to be on alert. This might be due to an impending danger, which can be averted if you are careful.

8) You have a spiritual ability

If you dream of having a preauricular sinus (which you don’t have in reality), it is a sign that you have a spiritual ability, which is not obvious on the outside. This is a sign that God wants to make use of that ability for his glory. An example of such ability can range from seeing things to hearing sounds. 

9) Good luck

Those with preauricular sinuses are believed to be attracted to good luck. The reason for this is because the hole represents a spiritual eye that looks out for good luck energy and calls out to it.

10) You will find love

Having a preauricular sinus in your ear is an indication that you will find love. People believe that the preauricular sinus is a sign of attraction to the opposite sex (well, we have no proof of this yet). 

11) You are special

A preauricular sinus means that you were specially made by God for a purpose. Therefore, you have a responsibility to discover what you were made for, and fulfill it. 

Superstition about hole above the ear

Superstition about hole above the ear

In Nigeria, the hole above the ear is considered to be a sign of good luck, abundance, and great prestige. It is believed that people with the preauricular sinus will be great leaders in the community.

In Asia, the hole above the ear is considered to be an additional sense of hearing. It is said that the hole is a spiritual passage through which sounds can be communicated to the people around. Therefore, people with the hole above the ear can hear spiritual sounds more than everyone around them.

Generally, people with a hole above the ear are special people that have a specific purpose and destiny.

Am I different spiritually?

Spiritual message

No, you are not different spiritually. Having a preauricular sinus means that you are special; however, it does not mean that you are different from other humans.

In the spirit world, the same signals and messages will be sent to you just as others. However, your ability to pick divine signals promptly and act on them will be the difference between you and others.

Furthermore, having a preauricular sinus also means that you can hear messages from God. Unlike other people, you have a special spiritual ability to hear in the spirit world

All of these talents and spiritual abilities make you special, but not different.

Could it be a sign from God?

Spiritual and biblical sign

Yes, a preauricular sinus is a sign from God. It is a sign that you were born with a special purpose on earth. You have the responsibility to discover why you were born and fulfill it. 

Final Words

With the information you have from this article, you should understand the spiritual powers you have with the preauricular sinus.

Furthermore, you should know that God has several duties for you to accomplish. Now, if you don’t have a preauricular sinus, this article will help you to guide people with this body condition into the light. 

So, what did you think about the meaning of Preauricular Sinus in the Bible and in spiritual world? Please, feel free to leave your opinion below!

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  1. Hi my name is serah. I just read the article and everything else makes sense to me now. Couple of people I know. have suspected that I practice witchcraft because of my ability to dream and predict future. I am so blessed to have come across this article through my husband. I thank you for this article and I will try to use t for God’s glory.

  2. God is great, am so much happy
    Reading this article, i have the tiny hole at the top of my both ears, but in what ways can i discover this as a sign that i was born with the special purpose on earth,? i really want use it to fulfill God plan in my life

  3. I have dreams and visions and I can see and hear in the spirit realm. I have seen heaven in the sky, I have heard God through telepathy, I have seen spirits caught in limbo and I have seen the darkness they roam in. I have seen creatures without limbs, with burns, without eyes, but they weren’t all bad some where protectors that pulled me out of scary places in these dreams and took me back to green meadows with shiny sunlight. The evil spirits/demons are never in the light, although I have seen some souls in the day but not as many as I have seen roam at night that are clearly sinners, drunks, gays, etc. I have seen the demonic spirits turn from spirits to demons the moment I mentioned heaven and/or Christ. They look like they are black and white, I don’t recall seeing any color on them, some look like they are decaying. They listen when I command them with the word of God. They run when I mentioned Christ, exit or vanish. I have been visited by family members that have passed. One of my favorite family members that use to be in a wheelchair here on earth since the age of 14 came to me a year and a half after she passed, she came in my dream 2 days before my birthday, she was healed and it was one of the brightest days I had ever seen in my life, like the way the sun shines in the carribean or in places where the sun is closer to the equator. She let me know she felt better, and she was everywhere, this dream was full of bright light and pleasant colors to the eye. I recently experienced feeling my cousin come to me in prayer as I dozed off at night about 2 days after her passing. I couldn’t see her that time but I knew it was her, I prayed for her the moment I felt her touch my hands as I slept. As soon as I finished my prayer, and said Amen she let go of my hand and left. My mother told me to pray for her more. I was so tired that night she came like 5 minutes after I fell asleep. Then like 2-3 weeks after that we went to her wake, then like 3 days after that that same cousin who passed away came running into my room then disappearing the moment she noticed I saw her as I was waking up because my husband had rang the doorbell. I saw her disappear into a million little shiny sparkles all at once, I was waking up but I saw it in color she had a white dress, and I could see her curls. I can sense and walk around like I am in another dimension within the same space for as long as I can remember. I am aware of what is around me when I sleep and how to remove any spirits that shouldn’t be in my space. I live in a old building but built between the late 1940s-60s, it is a huge gated community. I have been closer to God these last couple of years, I was always really close but I can feel God in my life more than before especially after I had a life and death experience. I know God is with me, to lead me, guide me, and protect me. I am grateful he is always with me and my family and bloodline. I thank my family members for all the prayers, because we stay in prayer. Some spend whole days praying all the time since as long as I can remember and I thank them for all their prayers and for always letting me know how important God is in each of our lives and how he has saved us many of times and how real God truly is.

  4. I can now understand l have a small whole on top of my left ear l could usually feel and hear voices whenever l was in a situation which l can’t control l would ask God to show me a sign or talk to me l would hear the voice of the Lord and l could also get the signs some times l thought I was like it’s an illusion l form untill to date l stilll communicate to the Lord l thought l was mad to think like that but if it’s true l wanna know my Purpose l was created for and glorify the Lord my Saviour l can hear voices of people who are not there physically when am at Work l would hear some one call me out of no where they would say l am just Tired l would predict different things to happen in future and they would say l am a wizard .Things would happen and l would also be amazed l didn’t know l was thinking they were jokes but today my girlfriend went and made research about that whole on my ear what it means l actually couldn’t tell not untill I came to this site Thank You so Much now I know l am God’s vessel l am willing to do God’s will

  5. I too was born with a hole on top of my ear, left side only. Now I don’t believe the comments saying all these crazy things about seeing shadows and ghosts, but I do believe that Christ the father has always been guiding me back into the right path when I am in the wrong. I am a heavy sinner I will not post the things I done because it will scare all of you, but being that black sheep, god has always gone out of his way to bring me back. I have a lying tongue, but please stop all the bs that misleads people in the comments. I will not believe men but only in the father and his words in his Bible, you should all live by his words. When I mean by that is, if you get angry at anyone family, coworkers, friends… don’t be quick to anger but go somewhere and pray for understanding.

  6. My tiny hole is in my left ear I have seen in the future many times , just recently I heard a voice say , that I am a daughter of God , some people I know that passed will visit me , in dreams , In the day time I’ve seen people walking in a different demention then they disappeared in the day time , if any one is with me they will see it what I see I also see angles , I’ve seen a lot of stuff other people can’t see WOW!!!


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