Biblical Meaning Of Seeing A Vulture: You Saw One? Sign!

Did you see a vulture eating carcasses in your dream? Well, luck has finally found you. Are you confused? Don’t be. I will explain all this. 

I understand you have been told so many stories of how vultures associate with death and destruction. You must have also been told that seeing it is a bad omen.

But, even so, God created this creature. And remember, everything has a purpose here on earth. 

In the same way, you know about its spiritual meanings, have you thought about what vultures symbolize biblically?

Though they are scavengers and have so many negative omens surrounding them, there are positive things about vultures, which I’ll also explain in this article. Let’s learn together

Biblical Meaning Of Seeing A Vulture

vulture flying

From a biblical perspective, vultures have both positive and negative connotations. However, this will depend on the context of their mention. 

While some verses associate vultures with being a symbol of death and destruction, some verses associate it with being a symbol of God’s teachings, care and provisions.

So, here is my compilation of the biblical meaning of seeing a vulture:

  • An omen of death;
  • A sign of dishonorable death; 
  • A sign of protection and resistance. 

In most cases, seeing vultures was associated with being an omen of impending death. That’s because vultures feed on carcasses of dead animals. This is evident in Mathew 24:28. 

Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.

Mathew 24:28 (NIV)

Deuteronomy 28:26 also associates vultures with dishonorable death. The Israelites followed God’s teaching and avoided feeding on vultures.

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Your carcasses will be food for all the birds and the wild animals, and there will be no one to frighten them away.

Deuteronomy 28:26 (NIV)

Now, vultures are scavengers that feed on dead animals without getting sick. By doing so, they are protecting other birds and animals from illnesses.

Also, vultures are not afraid to get what they want. So, biblically, seeing this creature is a sign that you are being protected and that you should resist some situations to achieve some things.

Biblical Meaning Of Vulture In Dreams

vulture on tree

Vultures in dreams have both positive and negative biblical meanings.

I’ve heard some people saying that whenever you see a vulture in your dream, it may be a representation of your suppressed rage or anger

Others say it’s a representation of death and powerlessness.

On the positive side, vultures are also seen as a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. They may represent resilience, courage, and strength. You will soon enjoy new things and beginnings.

So, here are various interpretations in different contexts of seeing a vulture in your dream:

Vulture flyingIt symbolizes loss. But, this also means you will soon enjoy new things and beginnings.
Vulture landingThere are vital decisions you must make, and you can’t avoid them.
Many vulturesAn indication that someone you know needs financial support.
Vultures surround youYou may face challenges in the near future. But, know that God is standing. by your side.
Vultures attacking youSomeone close to you is going to betray you. Pay attention to those around you.
Vultures eating carcassesYou are going to find success, but your loved ones will have to make sacrifices for you to succeed.

Vulture Meaning In the Bible 

group of vultures

Biblically, vultures are a symbol of rebirth, death, and renewal.

They also symbolize the power and wisdom from above. Because of their wisdom, they have a clear picture of the world beneath them. 

I’ve already described the biblical meaning of vulture above. You can refer to them again to get a clear picture of this creature. 

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What Do Vultures Symbolize In The Bible? 

vulture eating

From a Biblical perspective, vultures symbolize God’s Judgment. Vultures are mentioned several times in both the Old and New Testaments. 

In Leviticus 11:13-14, God puts some restrictions on the Israelites’ diet by asking them to avoid some birds. This bird included the vulture as it’s considered unclean. 

These are the birds you are to regard as unclean and not eat because they are unclean: the eagle, the vulture, the black vulture, the red kite, any kindof black kite.

Leviticus 11:13-14 (NIV)

This verse stresses the importance of following divine guidance and maintaining spiritual purity. So, the vulture here was used to symbolize divine guidance

Mathew 24:28 is about Christ’s teachings of end times.

So, the mention of vulture in this scripture was to symbolize Christ’s teachings. If you see this creature, then you should always remember Christ’s teachings.

If you study the bible perfectly, you will realize that Christ’s teachings connect with wisdom.

So, vultures also symbolize the wisdom of God. Whenever you spot a vulture flying over you, then you are being filled with God’s wisdom. 

What Does It Mean When You See A Vulture During The Day?

group of vultures

When you see a vulture during the day, one main reason for it is you are not connecting with nature. This may be because of your work and other responsibilities. 

When you deprive yourself of all this, then you may not enjoy what nature has to offer. And this will affect your emotional well-being.

So, when you see a vulture in the daytime, it’s a sign to find time and reconnect with nature.

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Is Seeing A Vulture A Good Sign?

yellow headed vulture

Seeing a vulture can be a good and also a bad sign.

As much as vultures are considered agents of death, they also symbolize God’s caring nature and judgment of His people.

The best verse that describes the real trait of a vulture is in Mathew 24:28. Vultures are seen as agents of death, which symbolize God’s judgment.

As much as so many negativities are associated with vultures, there are some good things about them

From various biblical mentions, vultures are said to feed on the dead and carcasses. This means that this is the only creature that protects others from the scent and sight of carcasses

Ideally, it helps in creating a conducive environment, which is why they are said to take the heavy burden of society. That’s because they deal with death and decay, so we humans and birds don’t have to struggle with it. 

Other good things about seeing a vulture are:

  • A spiritual message to become spiritually sensitive;
  • A sign to be vigilant and ready to handle the attack that is coming to you;
  • You will soon enjoy God’s blessings and favor;
  • A sign of God’s blessing in your life.

So, Biblically, yes, seeing a vulture is a good thing.

In Conclusion…

From various mentions of vultures in the bible, it’s a clear sign that these creatures have long been associated with death and decay.

Though their meanings are negative biblically, vultures are of great importance in our environment. 

Without them, how will we handle the sight and scent of dead carcasses? So, vultures are of great importance, which is why some people associate them with rebirth and regeneration.

But, before you go, also uncover the Prophetic meaning of a lizard in the house.

So, whenever you see a vulture, know they are fulfilling their Biblical and spiritual purpose on earth. 

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  1. This was interesting and uplifting. At this moment, I have 3 Vultures hanging around my house everyday for the past 8 days. At first I was feeling some kind of way because they where tearing things up and running my cats but after reading this and the event s that has happened within the days since they popped up. I just left them alone. First it started out with 2, then it ended up being 3. I said “OMG, they came back with companyso I started researching how to get rid of them from tearing up everything outside my home, then I ran across this site, So I guess I’ll leave them alone and they will leave on their on once things are straight in God’s eye sight. It’s time to get focus on somethings, I guess.
    Sincerely Ms. Cande

  2. Indeed they are powerful birds.I like the part, Spiritual providence.Yes they never struggle or fight like a lion to find food.They are just provided for.Indeed God will provide, amen.

    • Hello Kemotse,

      All birds are known to be messengers of God and always carry something for us.

      I’m glad you knew that seeing a vulture was one way for God to communicate with you.

      Thank you,
      Guardian Angel.

  3. I was interviewed at a college when I saw a cloture walking in the window. It was shocking, specially because it was in the middle of the city. After reading this article I had a clear message on what it meant for me. God was sending me a message, it took me a while to understand but it’s clear as water now. Thank you Jesus!

  4. Gen 15: God had just promised Abraham great blessings for him and his descendents. Then Abraham ask how can I be sure you will bless me. God ask him for a specific sacrifice, which Abraham complied with. Vultures came (birds of prey) which Abraham ushered away. Then Abraham fell into a deep, troubling sleep/vision, but in that was confirmation of what was to come (hardship followed by blessing).
    Vultures came before the blessing.


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