11 Biblical Meanings of Seeing a Vulture: Meaning in The Bible

In the bible, vultures have special messages, which you need to know. The reason for this is tied to the intent of the universe through the vulture. In this article, I will unveil the biblical meaning of seeing a vulture

Vultures have had a bad reputation over the years.

The reason for this is closely linked with their affiliation with carcasses. Vultures are known to flock around dead things. This is a major reason behind the detests of many people concerning vultures.

Although not everyone will be privileged to see a vulture in their lifetime, we must understand the spiritual meaning of seeing a vulture. Whenever you see a vulture, several emotional signals run down your spine. Mostly, these signals are based on the things you have seen in movies. 

However, vultures have more spiritual messages and significance beyond what you see in movies.

This is why you must be open in your mind to understand how to interpret the presence of a vulture. Across several religions, cultures, and tribes, vultures mean different things. However, our focus is on the biblical meaning of seeing a this amazing bird. 

This will answer the questions in your heart about the energy from a vulture, the message of a vulture, and the omen of a vulture. Therefore, read this article till the end for clarity concerning vultures in the bible.

What do Vultures Symbolize in the bible?

Vultures symbolism in the Bible

All over the bible, vultures are believed to be mentioned once, and this was during the teachings of Jesus concerning the end of the world.

Therefore, vultures are a symbol of the teaching of Jesus. Now, this might be shocking to you. However, it is one of the spiritual symbolism of a vulture. Whenever you see a vulture, the first thing that must come to your mind is the teachings of Jesus.

Now, apart from the teachings of Jesus, vultures are also a symbol of wisdom.

The teachings of Jesus are also connected with the wisdom of Jesus. Therefore, whenever a vulture flies over your head, take it as a sign of wisdom.

Take it as an impartation of wisdom from God. Many people have not enjoyed this virtue because of their preconceived idea about vulture and its supposed meaning.

These are 2 symbols of a vulture in the bible. However, these 2 symbolisms are not all there is to a vulture. Therefore, read on to find out other amazing messages from the bible concerning vultures.

The Spiritual Meaning of Vultures

Vulture spiritual meaning

One of the common activities of a vulture is feeding on dead things. Now, don’t be in a haste to associate this with death. You need to focus on the benefit of this type of event, and how it can bring great spiritual wisdom and virtue to you. 

One of the spiritual meanings of vultures is cleaning your spiritual environment.

Whenever a vulture feeds on carcasses, there is a lot to observe beyond the feeding. When vultures feed on carcasses, they also clear the environment of smell, rot, and decadence.

Bringing this home, you can say that a vulture is a spiritual cleanser, which removes every negative energy from your spiritual environment.

Although, we cannot trivialize the warning and caution signal of the vulture as well. therefore, apart from the cleaning activity of a vulture, it also brings warning and caution. It is a sign to prevent you from making mistakes, which can affect you in the long run.

Vultures are amazing creatures. They have a lot of untapped potential, which will be revealed in the 11 biblical meanings of a vulture.

11 Biblical Meanings of Seeing a Vulture

Biblical Meaning of Seeing a Vulture

Whenever you see a vulture, the following biblical meanings can be gleaned from its presence.

1) The message of Jesus

While Jesus was on earth, he was known to be a teacher. He spoke to the Jews in parables, which were written in the bible.

One of the animals used by Jesus is the Vulture.

Therefore, whenever you see a vulture, a major biblical message points to the teachings of Jesus. A vulture can be a reminder to read your bible and focus on the teachings of Jesus for your spiritual development.

2) The wisdom of Jesus

When you focus on the teachings of Jesus, you will also be reminded of the wisdom of Jesus. A vulture can remind you of both.

Therefore, whenever you see a vulture, always be reminded of the wisdom of Jesus. The beautiful part of this meaning is that you can be imparted with that wisdom as you pray to Jesus.

The Bible reveals that God will give you everything you desire. Therefore, whenever a vulture comes to show you the wisdom of Jesus, always ask for it, and God will give it to you.

3) Spiritual cleaning

Whenever you have a contaminated spiritual atmosphere, God can send a vulture to you as a spiritual cleanser. Now, this might not be a physical experience. It might be a dream (it will mostly be a dream).

If you dream of a vulture eating a carcass, it is a message concerning your spiritual atmosphere.

This means that God is clearing out all the unholy energy in your spiritual atmosphere, which has affected your connection to Him.

4) Opportunities are coming

A vulture is a sign of opportunities. Therefore, whenever you see it, take it as a positive message that a major opportunity is coming into your life.

This message has a lot to do with your career.

It is a sign from the universe that several opportunities are going to open up for you in your career.

This message will come based on the desire to upscale your career.

5) Learn to take advantage of opportunities

Apart from the promise of God concerning opportunities, a vulture is a message from God to inspire urgent action concerning opportunities. The Bible encourages people to take action while the opportunities last.

Therefore, a vulture has come to physically represent the biblical message.

Whenever an opportunity shows up, you must be ready to take advantage of it as soon as possible. Having this attitude will contribute to your success.

6) Abundance

When you see more than 1 vulture in a dream, it is a sign of abundance. This means that you are going to enjoy God’s blessings and favor.

It is an indication that you are going to enter a season of financial abundance.

Seeing 4 vultures mean that your breakthrough is around the corner. Therefore, let your mind be expectant and hopeful.

7) God’s providence

When it comes to God’s providence, the commonly used animals as symbolisms are ravens and vultures. A vulture does not work for its food. This is a sign of God’s providence.

Therefore, seeing a vulture is a message of God’s provision. It means that you will enjoy God’s blessing in your life. Therefore, let this inspire faith in your heart.

8) An attack is coming

Now, this is a common message that everyone resonates with. Whenever you see a vulture at night, take it as a sign of an attack.

The bible tells us to be vigilant and ready to quench the fiery darts of the enemy.

Therefore, take this as the biblical meaning of a vulture. When next you see a vulture at night, it is best to say the prayer of protection against spiritual attacks.

9) Spiritual sensitivity

Vultures are highly sensitive animals. They can perceive carcasses a long distance from their location.

This is a spiritual message to you as well. With a vulture, you will learn to become spiritually sensitive. With spiritual sensitivity, you can communicate with God, and receive his messages.

10) Stay away from distractions

The bible teaches about focus. This is similar to a vulture. Vultures are never distracted by the things around them. This is why they are always able to identify an opportunity.

Therefore, whenever you see a vulture, it sends a spiritual message of focus. With the vulture, you will hear God’s voice instructing you to stay away from distractions.

11) A change is coming

Another biblical message of a vulture speaks about change.

No matter how inconvenient a change is, you must be willing and ready to embrace it. You must be ready to adapt to changes, learn from them, and take advantage of them. This is a message from the vulture to you, which is important.

Are Vultures related to God in the Bible?

Vultures and God

No, vultures are not related to God in the bible. Whenever you see a vulture, it talks about wisdom and the teachings of Jesus. However, it is not related to God.

Are Vultures a good sign in the Bible?

Seeing a vulture and good luck in the Bible

Yes, vultures are a good sign in the bible. When you see a vulture, the bible speaks about them in a positive light. The 11 biblical meanings in this article also confirm that. Therefore, there is nothing to fear about a vulture sign.

Final Words

With vultures, you can learn basic lessons about life and spirituality. Therefore, keep your mind open.

Furthermore, the biblical meanings in this article will help you to discover the message from God through the vulture. Therefore, take advantage of the presence of a vulture for your spiritual awareness.

So, what did you think about the biblical meaning of seeing a vulture in dreams, at nigh or during the day? Please, feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below!

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  1. This was interesting and uplifting. At this moment, I have 3 Vultures hanging around my house everyday for the past 8 days. At first I was feeling some kind of way because they where tearing things up and running my cats but after reading this and the event s that has happened within the days since they popped up. I just left them alone. First it started out with 2, then it ended up being 3. I said “OMG, they came back with companyso I started researching how to get rid of them from tearing up everything outside my home, then I ran across this site, So I guess I’ll leave them alone and they will leave on their on once things are straight in God’s eye sight. It’s time to get focus on somethings, I guess.
    Sincerely Ms. Cande

  2. Indeed they are powerful birds.I like the part, Spiritual providence.Yes they never struggle or fight like a lion to find food.They are just provided for.Indeed God will provide, amen.

    • Hello Kemotse,

      All birds are known to be messengers of God and always carry something for us.

      I’m glad you knew that seeing a vulture was one way for God to communicate with you.

      Thank you,
      Guardian Angel.

  3. I was interviewed at a college when I saw a cloture walking in the window. It was shocking, specially because it was in the middle of the city. After reading this article I had a clear message on what it meant for me. God was sending me a message, it took me a while to understand but it’s clear as water now. Thank you Jesus!

  4. Gen 15: God had just promised Abraham great blessings for him and his descendents. Then Abraham ask how can I be sure you will bless me. God ask him for a specific sacrifice, which Abraham complied with. Vultures came (birds of prey) which Abraham ushered away. Then Abraham fell into a deep, troubling sleep/vision, but in that was confirmation of what was to come (hardship followed by blessing).
    Vultures came before the blessing.


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