9 Blood Clots Spiritual Meaning and Superstitions

Trust me, you don’t want to miss what I am about to unveil about blood clotting. There are 9 spiritual meanings surrounding the blood clots, and I am talking about them straightaway. Therefore, hang in there.

A blood clot can happen internally and externally. It is described as a condition that exists when proteins, platelets, and cells in the blood stick together. Now, science terms it as non-harmful – as long as it dissolves by itself.

A blood clot can form in your arteries or veins (internally), and it can form on wounds to stop bleeding. Science has done justice to the physical side of blood clotting. 

However, there seems to be more about blood clotting than meets the eye. When you have an injury and see blood clots all over its surface, do you know that the universe can speak to you through this condition?

Additionally, if you visit a doctor, and you are diagnosed with blood clotting in your veins or arteries, do you also know that it can be a message from the universe?

Well, this is why I talk about spirituality on my blog. This is why I focus on the not-so-obvious side of life that controls the obvious.

I love doing the hard job of investigating certain difficult spiritual matters for my audience, and this is one of the difficult spiritual topics that only a few have spoken about.

9 Spiritual Meanings of Blood Clots

Spiritual Meaning of Blood Clots

Whenever you see a blood clot on your body, what does it mean spiritually? Well, you have 9 answers in this section. All you have to do is select the one that fits your situation.

1) You are strong

Seeing a blood clot on your body is a sign of strength. This means that you can go through any situation without giving up. This is a message of encouragement and revelation.

With this message, the universe is showing you the different potentials you have. 

Personally, this is a message I love to focus on whenever I have a blood clot. It suddenly makes me feel like a superhero. Having a blood clot on your body is a spiritual sign of strength.

2) Healing

If someone around you is sick, dreaming of a blood clot on the sick person is a sign of healing.

Science explains that a blood clot will cover a wound to stop the bleeding and speed up the healing process. This is why blood clots are attached to healing.

When you see your sick loved one with a blood clot on his/her body, it means that healing is guaranteed.

Have you given up hope of getting healed?

Then, seeing blood clots on your body is an assurance that you will be healed. Whenever you dream of having a blood clot on your body, this means that the universe has set everything in motion for your healing to be actualized.

This is a message of faith and hope.

3) Mark of protection

In the bible, it is said that God’s children bear a mark of protection on their bodies, and this looks like a scar in the spiritual world.

There is an example of this in the Old Testament.

God told the children of Israel to use the blood of an animal as a sign of protection. 

Therefore, a blood clot can be used as a mark of protection.

  • Are you a Christian?
  • Do you believe in Jesus Christ?

Then, seeing a blood clot means that you are under his protection. It means that you have a mark of protection that evil spirits cannot touch or remove. Therefore, be confident.

4) Ask for God’s salvation

Salvation was accomplished by the blood of Jesus. It was his blood that washed man from sins. Therefore, seeing a blood clot in the dream can be a spiritual reminder of the love of God over you.

It means that you should believe in Jesus Christ and ask for his salvation.

As you do this, the stronghold of sin will be broken over your life, and you will begin a new life in Jesus Christ.

5) Stop thinking about the past

If you remove a blood clot that has formed over a wound, the injury will start bleeding all over, and you might feel pains.

In the spiritual world, there is something to get from this. Whenever you see yourself removing a blood clot from your wound, it means that you have refused to let go of the things you suffered in the past.

This is a warning sign from the spiritual world that you should stop thinking about the evil things that were done to you. This is a message to inspire emotional healing.

6) You have strong entrepreneurial skills

When you dream of having a blood clot on your right arm, it can be a directional message. Have you been confused about what to do with life? Take this dream as a direction.

Seeing a blood clot on your right arm means that you have strong business skills. This means that you have the creativity, pragmatism, and relational skill to build a business empire from scratch.

Therefore, this is a clear-cut path for you. With this type of message, you don’t need to struggle about what to do. All that is left is planning and ruthless implementation.

7) Pay attention to your intuition

Were you diagnosed with a blood clot in your veins or arteries?

Don’t be scared; it is not a terminal disease.

Sometimes, this might come as a sign, and dissolve after you have paid attention to it. 

Having an internal blood clot means your intuition is active. Therefore, pay attention to it from this moment.

Always learn to consult with your inner self before making any decision. Doing this will save you from external pressure or confusion. It will also help you to build spiritual sensitivity.

8) Your life is not over

Seeing a blood clot can be a sign that your life is not over. In movies, bleeding means damage or loss of life. Sometimes, people give up at this instant.

However, blood clots bring a different message.

It reminds you that everything is going to be alright.

Have you been contemplating giving it all up? Then, a blood clot is the best place to seek refuge and motivation. Seeing a blood clot is an encouragement that you can bounce back from any round of failure you have gone through.

It is a sign that you can start afresh.

9) You are in the process of growth

A blood clot is believed to be a major trigger for healing and development (to a faulty external body part).

Now, with the clot over the wound, it is impossible to tell if the injury is healing or not. You have to wait until the clot falls off by itself.

The period of waiting for the blood clot to fall off is a spiritual message of patience.

It teaches you to go through the process of growth patiently. Things might not be happening on the surface; but when the process is completed, you will appreciate who you have become.

Blood Clots Superstition

Superstitions in spiritual world

A blood clot has several superstitions. Before we go into this, I must say that superstitions are based on traditional beliefs, myths, and folklore.

They don’t have to be true or realistic. However, one thing to take away from this is that there is something spiritual to blood clots.

  1. In Africa, a blood clot is believed to be a sign of punishment – especially if it appears on the skin of people without any underlying injury. It is believed that the individual with the blood clot has committed a heinous crime in his past life, and is suffering for it in this life.
  2. The Igbo culture believes that a blood clot can be a gift from the universe. For example, when a barren woman sees a blood clot on her lap, it is a sign of fertility and childbearing. They believe that a blood clot will bring a promise to you. Which the gods will fulfill in their time.
  3. A blood clot is also associated with Jesus Christ. Whenever you see a blood clot, it is associated with Christianity and its tenets of faith. It is associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ for the sins of mankind.

Are Blood Clots a Spiritual Sign?

About the blood clots

Yes, blood clots are a spiritual sign. In the invisible realm, blood is powerful. Witches use blood, wizards use blood, and spirits also respond to blood.

Therefore, it is a powerful object in the spiritual world.

This is why a blood clot carries the same power.

When you see a blood clot, it is a spiritual sign, and you must pay attention to the message it brings.

Final Words

Do you have an injury? Have you walked around with a blood clot lately? Have you dreamt of having a blood clot on your body? Then, the information in this article is for you. Everything you need to know about blood clots has been treated in this article. Let this enlighten you further.

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