What Does the Lion Represent in the Bible? 11 Symbolisms

Have you ever wondered what lions can mean and represent in the bible? We’ll talk about the lion and its different meanings in this article. Starting from the prophetic significance to the symbolism in the bible, we’ll go through a brief discussion.

Strength, power, ability, and some other relative meanings are standard in the case of lions. However, in the bible, we see the mention of a lion in different ways. We all know about the story of the Lion of Judah.

We’ll discuss the lion symbolism in detail. So let’s start the following section by talking about the bible and lions.

Are Lions mentioned in the Bible?

Lions in the Bible

Lions are mentioned in the bible in different contexts. For example, Genesis chapter 9 mentions Judah as a lion’s cub. In the Psalms, young lions are said to have hunger and needs.

However, the inner meanings of mentions of lions in the bible can get critical at times. For example, horses have been compared to lions in different bible parts.

Fierce and strength are two different meanings we get from the bible related to lions. In the bible, they’re considered mighty. Also, lions not retreating from any calamities are there in the bible.

However, as we move on with our discussion, we’ll talk about different lion symbolisms in the light of the bible.

Prophetic Meaning of a Lion

Prophetic Meaning of a Lion

Well, the prophetic meaning of a lion can be many. For example, courage and strength are two strong meanings. When lions face any adversaries, they show courage.

Also, they’re predators and continue to hunt for food. When they finally meet their prey, they apply strength and force to seize for food.

However, lions are prophetically related to the merciless intuition of human beings.

Many aboriginals believe that human beings have inner merciless emotions like the lions. However, we can take these meanings metaphorically.

It’s worth noting that victory and glory are two essential spiritual meanings of a lion. Some believe that when we dream of lions, it can indicate our inner will to achieve something.

What does a Lion symbolize?

Lion symbolism

The lion’s symbols range from courage and power to knowledge, family, etc. However, their most common trait is that they rule over the animal world with strength and courage.

Because of how they act, they have been called “King of the Jungle.” It’s natural for them to look for other animals and eat to survive. A lion has too many symbols linked to it if you think about it.

One of the best things about lions is that they can work together. Hunt in groups and protect each other.

Another thing that comes to mind when you think of lions is family. So as we move on to the next part, we’ll look at eleven different types of lion symbolism.

What does a Lion represent in the Bible? 11 Symbolisms

What does a Lion represent in the Bible

So, we already know some of the exciting symbols of lions. However, in the light of the bible, we’ll talk about eleven symbolisms related to lions. We suggest you read each of them and find out what lions mean.

1) Courage

Staying alert and showing courage are two relevant symbols of the lion in the light of the bible. According to the book of Peter, chapter 5 and verse no.8, devils are called enemies and roaring lions.

So, we’re told to stay alert and courageous against our enemies. However, we face several difficulties during our life. At that time, we need to be brave and bold.

Since a lion shows bravery when needed, they’re often associated with the symbol of courage. But, if we consider the bible, both courage and being alert is necessary.

2) Symbolism of Success

The success symbol is associated with lions for their ability to prey. When they need food, they become fierce and active. However, they catch the prey and use it as a food source with all their agility.

But, it’s not easy to catch another animal to eat. So, the lions wait for the right time and capture their target when they’re least expecting. Thus, the survival of lions by eating other animals in a forest is related to success.

Lions fight for anything they feel it’s worth it. So, we can take heed of this success symbolism and apply it to our life.

3) The Domination

Lions come with their attitude of fierce and dominate the whole animal kingdom. A person with an attitude like a lion can also do the same.

Lions might not be the largest animal, but they can dominate in the jungle with their patience, wisdom, and ability to catch prey.

We already know that lions have courage, strength, wisdom, etc. However, these characteristics are why lions dominate the animal world. Thus, lions are a symbol of domination.

Lions are also a symbol of God’s power, which we’ll discuss next.

4) The God Power

We know that God is divine and has control over the whole universe. However, at times, they might be confused about how to express the power of God in words.

God shows off his power in unique ways in the bible. So, a lion is often considered a symbol of God’s power and ability. Yet, Christians don’t understand how God differs from other people at times.

Because of this, the bible uses symbolism like the lion to prove how strong and tough God is to save people. So overall, lions roaring in context with God’s power have been mentioned in the bible a few times.

5) Protection

Protection or safeguard from the evils and over-powered beings is another lion symbolism. According to the bible, we get divine protection from the above that’s as effective as a lion’s power.

As a Christian, you can rely on God for strength and security, knowing that he will protect you. A lion in a dream or vision in a Christian context conveys a sense of security and safety.

The dream represents the heavenly forces watching over and protecting you. Here, the divine powers are compared to a lion’s strength. Thus, a lion’s protection symbolism comes into the sense.

6) Symbol of Patience

Patience is necessary for human beings and other creatures as well. But, we might think how a fierce animal like a lion can symbolize patience.

Well, lions hold their patience while hunting for food. It’s because they rely upon the flesh of other animals for their survival. However, they have patience and perseverance when they spot their prey until it’s the right time.

When they pounce on their target and have them as food when the time comes, also, guardian lions feed their cub, which indicates the unity of lions.

So, we’ll talk about unity and togetherness in the following section.

7) Symbol of Unity

Unity comes into the discussion when we talk about family. Even though a single lion is strong enough to fight adversaries, they fight together in need.

Thus, lions are a symbol of unity. The fight between lions and hyenas has a long history. Hyenas always hunt for lions in a group of many. However, when a lion falls into the trap of hyenas, his mates come to the rescue.

Here, the symbolism of unity comes into the sense. However, biblically, a lion needs no one as they’re powerful. We’ll talk about that next.

8) A Lion is Good Enough When Alone

Because the lion represents kingship and the universe in the bible, it means the ability to put your trust in the universe. It’s because we need to have the ability to provide for our necessities.

The lions call out to God, who provides them with their sustenance in search of prey. — Book of Psalm (Chapter 21 verse no.104). So, we see that biblically lions call out to God when they need food. So, they’re enough even if they’re alone.

From this symbolism, we can take heed and pray to God for our sustenance. In that way, we’ll also be good enough to take care of our needs alone.

9) Symbol of Solutions

Solutions to problems are always necessary instead of escalating challenging situations.

It’s all about believing that God will find a way out even when we see no way. However, according to the bible, Jesus was saved from the lion’s mouth (metaphorically).

During times of hardship, God gave Jesus the strength and power to overcome problems. Hence, lions are related to solutions biblically.

Also, if we consider the life of lions, we see that they don’t fret around when they don’t find food. Instead, they wait for the right time and hunt accordingly. It’s their Lord who gives them food and sustenance.

10) Power of Evil over us

The enemy, Satan, is powerful, strong, and capable of wreaking havoc. Thus Christians are urged to stay on watch both physically and spiritually.

Here, Satan is like a lion when he goes on the prowl. He moves with elegance, strength, and stealth. But, with a lion, you have almost no choice but to die.

When the essence of destruction is animated in the bible, it shows how ferocious lions are. It helps Christians understand what type of resistance or conflict they can expect and how to hide or prepare for it.

Overall, the essence of the symbolism is that we should be aware of the evil among us. Next, we’ll talk about one last symbolism related to lions in the light of the bible.

11) Powerful in a Crowd

If we consider the example of hyenas and lions, we can understand what it means to be decisive in a crowd.

When hyenas encircle a lion to hunt, a lion feels the power and fights the group of hyenas. A lion might find it hard to resist a lot of hyenas, but they show strength and agility.

However, due to the unity of lions, other family members might come to rescue a lion from the bunch of hyenas. But it’s all about the initial lion being attacked by hyenas or other predators.

According to the bible (book of proverbs), lions are the animals that walk with pride and stride. Also, it’s mentioned in the book that they don’t turn aside for anything.

And, we’re done with discussing eleven different symbolisms of lions from the bible.

Jesus and Lion Picture Meaning


Jesus and lions are mentioned in the bible many times. However, what does the picture of these two entities together mean?

Jesus has been mentioned in the bible as the lion of the Judah. Thus, many depict the picture of Jesus and the lion together. It mainly means the light of the world (justice) and the end of the darkness (injustice).

When Jesus came to the tribe of Judah, the intention was to rule the tribe. In the revelation, chapter 5 (verses 1-5), it’s mentioned that Jesus came to the tribe as the lion of the Judah.

So, we can understand the essence of the picture having Jesus and a lion together. We’re now at the end of our discussion and end our topic with some parting words.

Final Words

As we can see, lion mainly means strength, power, and courage. However, from eleven different symbolisms in this article, we can find several other interpretations.

Jesus is called the lion of the Judah, which is one of the key mentions of lions in the bible. Apart from that, lions are associated with the symbols of protection, unity, wisdom, and many more.

Although lions are sometimes associated with some evil traits, we can take the positive side. For example, showing alertness and courage in times of adversity are two great symbols of lions.

So, we can take heed of the lion’s symbolism and be alert in our lives. Also, it’s seen that lions are a symbol of solutions and patience. So, when we face problems, we can look for solutions with patience.

Overall, if we can apply the positive part of lion representation in the bible, it can benefit us personally. However, we look forward to any additional symbolism from the readers. So, feel free to let us know of anything extra.

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